So funny!
They say what everyone else is thinking while we watch these shows, and I love it. However, I am seriously deprived of some love after lockup reviews/recaps - bring back the life after lockup!
Kim and Kyle are awesome
Jenna Say Kwass
Listen to whatever they offer - these two are hilarious together. Thank you!
Love y’all Kyle and Kim
First time listener And will be a forever listener. The best!
These two are so annoying now and a little xenophobic. Ranting on for 15 minutes because of a photographer is so dumb. Can’t listen to this bs anymore.
Love this podcast
my name is michele
I don’t like paying for things because I’m cheap, but I subscribe to their Patreon, it’s the only Patreon I subscribe to because they are so entertaining!!!! I only subscribed to the podcast right now to give the 5 star review because they deserve it! I’m new to iPhone and never cared about reviews but I’m gonna figure out how to review the Patreon next. I love their evidence examples and personal takes on the cast. Great listen if you watch 90 day and LAL!!!
LOVE them!
Thank you for this podcast....there are so many out there that cover 90 Day Fiancé, but nobody does it like you two! #savesyngin btw...Have you ever thought of reviewing Married at First Sight? I would live for that!
5 star for real!
This is NOT a accidental 5 star review! Lol 😂 you both keep in tears of joy!
Polish father-in-law
Great podcast! They are so down to earth and funny. I feel like polish father-in-law would never give anyone more than 3 stars. “Can always do better.” I can hear Kyle’s impression.
I love you guys but
This would be five star but Kyle is too crass.
Why doesn’t this podcast have 1,000 reviews yet? The hosts are amazeballs. They’re so funny and thoughtful and have the good tea. Many 90 Day podcasts degenerate into jokes about the participants’ appearance and xenophobic comments. Kim and Kyle are like your co-workers who you actually like and occasionally have to drag yourself away from so you can both get work done. We need a K&K HH. I give Apple ONE STAR for not making sure podcast gets FIVE STARS. ONE STAR APPLE...YOU’RE ON NOTICE!!!
My favorite podcast to listen to
Kim and Kyle are the best! I look forward to the episodes every week and enjoy every minute of content you guys put out - including Kim's laugh so don't ever stop!
Laura H. B.
Thank you so much for this podcast. Being a stay-at-home mom can be lonely, but listening to Kim and Kyle makes me feel less alone.
What questions??
Kim and Kyle are awesome! Strongly recommend subscribing to their Patreon and joining the FB group!
Not enough content
Detective Anita
I love this podcast but the quality has gone down. I’m disappointed because they share so much of their own stories they don’t tell the story of the show. You have to pay to hear the entire recap and some of us don’t have money for patreon but want to hear the entire episode and evidence. Super bummed.
Terrific fun!!
Love them so mach!! Just wish I could afford their Patreon content too. :(
Love love love Kim and Kyle
Wish they had a daily podcast about life because I would be there for it. Kim and Kyle keep it real and don’t give into all the BS. Love you guys.
You are THE BEST podcasts out there!! SO FUNNY
Mr Blind
Stop shilling. It’s enough already with the shilling.
You guys are awesome!
Love you guys!!! I look forward to each new episode!!!
I love you guys!
I am always so happy when there is a new episode!!! Thanks!!!
Best Podcast Ever
Bucaramanga Lady
Couldn’t get through my commute without Kim and Kyle!
5 Stars
Debbie McFadden
Great Podcast! Kim & Kyle work very well together! They are funny, formative and look at both sides of the story! I look forward to their podcast each week. Highly recommend
Best 90 day podcast! And Love After Lockup!
Nail Polish 💜
I love, love, love this podcast! I would listen to it at home or anywhere -but listening on my commute is a bonus. It makes my long commute fly by. Thank you!! Kim and Kyle give such great summaries and insights and it they are so, so funny! 💯
Fairly entertaining and they usually stay on topic. Not quite as funny as they think they are. Kim’s “evuhdunss” doesn’t sound at all like Dinyell. It’s more Forrest Gump. I also don’t get why Kyle’s accents are supposed to be funny — is the joke that they’re all the same? Like how Blue Steel is Le Tigre and Magnum all over again? Other than the accents, Kyle is usually okay, but Kim is the most excruciating know-it-all, and half the time she’s not even right! When she’s being smug, she starts clenching her jaw and speaking with exaggerated sibilance and under-enunciation. It’s like her smug “tell.” She criticizes everyone else’s Spanish but never offers a demonstration of how it should sound (and her pronunciation of Lin “Manual” Miranda makes me wonder if she has even heard Spanish, ever). She talks like she’s the only American who has traveled the world *correctly*, invented the entire concept of the “Ugly American” as cultural criticism (hot take from 1956!), and she’s here to tell all of us hicks what other countries are like. They have sympathy for some really awful cast members and come down way too hard on more likable ones. Kim performatively praises all the foreign customs and derides anything American. So woke! So cosmopolitan! But at least they talk about the show, which is the point, and Kyle made me laugh once, so I’m giving them a passing score.
grammar police
i love you kyle, but you can't allow yourself to start speaking the way the 90 day fiancees speak. you actually uttered the words "kim and i's......" who says i's?! cmon honey.
Holy crap. HOLY. CRAP. Kim and Kyle are the best hosts of one of the best podcasts for 90 day fiancè and all the spin offs of that insane universe. Kyle’s character accents, Kim’s anecdotes and summaries are perfection. They dish up Evidunce, what ifs, current news, and general hilarity and hijinx.
Dude, you’re accents are garbage.
Fighting round the world!
What a great podcast, I can’t say it enough. All of my friends and boyfriend hate me because I love talking trash tv and luckily I have Kim and Kyle or I might go Cray Cray. Y’all are the best at what you do and I still find myself laughing out loud in the car whilst commuting all day around town for my awful sales job. Thank you for keeping me sane !
The ONLY 90 Day/Love After Lockup Podcast-ee
Awesome Podcast Alert
I have listened to ALL of the 90 Day/LAL podcasts available and Cray Cray is the best HANDS DOWN. The comical banter between Kim & Kyle never disappoints. Kyle’s sarcasm and witty disposition literally makes me LOL and spew my beverage on a regular basis! Kim’s infectious laugh warms my heart and it is truly a bright spot in this dark world. I feel like I “know” Kim and Kyle (lame, I know) but their podcast makes me feel at home. Keep up the good work, guys! I would gladly pay the Bride Price for you all to stay on the air.
Love it soo soo mach!!
This podcast is so so beautiful. I love it so mach. It’s so mach entertaining. Kim’s laugh is so beautiful and Kyle’s impressions are so mach funny. Bride price
I am now a Patreon subscriber because I can’t seem to get enough of this podcast. These 2 have not only added joy to my life, but have convinced my husband that he too, enjoys hours of reality trash content. Thanks K&K!
Love it!
I love this podcast! It makes work so much better when I get to listen to Kim & Kyle. People I work with give me funny looks because I laugh out loud all the time while listening. Thanks for making life more entertaining!
I love this podcast! Quickly became my favorite and I look forward to it every week.
Great podcast!
I love this podcast, can’t stop listening to it! Found it shortly after they started podcasting about 90 day fiancé (thanks to the hilarious memes on Instagram). I was a 90 day fiancé myself back in 2010, so I was hooked on that show from season 1. Kim and Kyle also got me hooked on Love After Lockup, another great trash TV show! Keep up the good work guys!
Best reality podcast ever!!!
You guys are the best! I want to have a beer with you and hope someday you’ll show yourselves and have a meetup!
Best podcast ever
I truly don’t know what my morning commute would be without Kim and Kyle. The only two I wanna look like a maniac laughing with by myself on the bus every morning.
So Mach Beautiful Podcast
I LOVE Kim’s laugh and the uninhibited effusive discussion of foreign food. Oh and the eviduns is top notch. I just wish they’d take my advice on how to make the TLC show 90 Day Fiancé better and put me on Pillow Talk even though I was never on 90 Day Fiancé or any of the spinoffs.
Kim and Kyle give me life
Seriously. These guys are great, highly entertaining and make watching this trash television even more entertaining.
Excellent Podcast
Love listening to Kim and Kyle!!
The only reason I have Patreon.🔥
Son Braddock
If you miss having people who understand your taste in tasteless tv then Kyle and Kim are the friends you need.
k&k make my day
Call me Clint because this podcast is like crack to me, I legit cant get enough!! When it’s over I find myself listening to older episodes just to get my fix!!!
Good vs Evil
Good represents what this podcast used to be. More research and effort was given to present thoughtful and informative observations. Evil represents what happens when you purposefully limit content so that people will have to buy it. Listening now makes it me wonder even if they even watch the show for the free podcast or do they wait to watch for Patreon paying subscribers?
Love love love
I’m sorry I took so long to write a review! I listen weekly and I am a Patreon member. You two make me laugh and are so great together. I enjoy Kim’s geographic knowledge and Kyle’s knowledge of drinking. Lol. Keep up the good work! Cheers
I definitely like this podcast more than 55%
Wow what a podcast. Martha Stewart time travels to the past and teams up with her best friend Seth Rogan to confuse search engines everywhere and expertly analyze bidets, red makeup bags, dancing with just fingers and shoulders, and random hard-ons shoved into cargo khaki pants.
mrs. rob pattinson <3
You will not be disappointed when you listen to Kim and Kyle! BEST 90 Day and Love After Lockup podcast out there!
My best podcast find out there! 😉
Who Dat Melissa
Best coverage of 90 Day Fiancée and Love After Lockup. Hilarious coverage of trash TV. And if that’s not enough for you you’ll love Kim’s infectious laugh and Kyle’s sultry tones. 🤗
Laughs and cocktails!
5 stars for Kim’s infectious hilarious laugh! and 5 stars for sometimes intoxicated Kyle! I have learned so much from these two! They are witty, smart and so personable.
My Fav!
Got a long commute and Kim and Kyle make it bearable with their podcast. Always entertaining and sometimes even educational! Love Kim’s laugh and Kyle’s impressions-and sometimes he even knows things! Just don’t expect him to know about salaries or cars and you’ll be fine. Kim can always be counted on to work the google machine and tell us the distance between someone’s hometown in Tunsia and where they did a glamping weekend trip. Not to be missed!
Cray Cray 4 Life
Stitched panda
I’ve been a fan of this podcast since before Kyle was on Instagram. My husband and I listen together and discuss your podcast episodes. Some points we agree with and some we don’t but that’s the fun of a podcast about reality tv. Also, I’m pretty stingy with my entertainment budget, but I gladly allotted five dollars a month for all the quality content that Kim and Kyle work hard to put out. Keep up the amazing work guys and I’ll catch you in the group. PS: Kim keep laughing. We need more laughter in the world.
Best Podcast out there!!
My favorite podcast. I love Kim and Kyle. Great friendship chemistry. They are hilarious and real. My kind of friends! I listen to every episode multiple times because they are so entertaining. Their Patreon episodes have great content that the regular podcast doesn’t have. Well worth the few bucks. Plus no commercials. But the best part is their private Patreon Facebook group. It’s like a family. All the dirt we love and want to share. Thank you for making each day at work enjoyable.
Cutest recap duo
Love Kim & Kyle
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