Big Fan of Behind the Scenes!!!
Mamma of 3 boys
This podcast is great!!!!! They provide such great knowledgeable and useful content!!! Thank you Audrey and Jermey.
Episode 59 was amazing!!!
Hey Jeremy & Audrey! I LOVE your podcast! Episode 59 was especially killer, thank you so much for all the hard work you did to create such a great episode. Jeff was an amazing guest and I learned so much during the episode. Something I found super interesting about the episode was when Jeff was discussing beauty and art and said “now this is going to sound kinda Catholic..” as if to say “Catholic” is a dirty word. Haha. I’m not offended but as an outsider I wanted to say that there were a TON of Catholic themes throughout the entire episode. The beautiful way Jeff described how humans are fashioned so that what we believe should invade into art (icons, pictures, statues, cathedrals, churches). That is the entire point of Catholic art and symbols. Audrey mentioned in the episode “doing those things help you to remember”. Exactly. Surrounding ourselves with beauty and art that helps us to remember the life of Christ is the entire point. Contrary to popular belief, Catholics do not worship these symbols and art forms. It is exactly what Jeff said: “As you go about your daily life, you are reminded of Him”. That is the Catholic teaching. Here are a few other areas that resonated with me: Jeff talked about being a “God bearer” which in Greek is the word “Theotokos” which in Catholicism is a title for the Mary, the Mother of Jesus because she was the ultimate God bearer to the world. The Daily Divine Office or the “Liturgy of the Hours” that Jeff mentioned is a Catholic daily set of prayers based on scripture which marks the hours (morning/evening) to thank God and remind ourselves of His presence and work in our lives. Henri Nouwen, who Jeff quoted, was a Catholic priest. Jeff also mentioned “doing small things” or as Mother Theresa said “do small things with great love”. She was a Catholic nun. :) The “Prayer of Examine” or “Examination of Conscience” is an originally Catholic prayer and exercise that is still practiced today. It also resonated for me when you started talking about silence and the necessity of it in our lives. Monks, nuns, and religious orders within the Catholic Church literally have people that choose to spend their entire lives in silence praying for the needs of others and the needs of the Church. The Catholic Mass begins in silence and prayer as a time for preparation before the holiest hour of the week begins. Doing a “Holy Hour” is a Catholic tradition where we go before the Eucharist and pray in complete silence (doesn’t have to be a whole hour) to put ourselves in His presence and be still. Lastly, I absolutely loved how Jeff mentioned that Jesus chose to have the the last supper the night before He died, over anything else He could have done and that was where He chose to offer bread and wine and in Jeff’s words “make it sacred”. This institution of the Eucharist is what Catholic’s hold in highest esteem and do in memory of Christ’s sacrifice (“do this in memory of me”) every single day in the Catholic Mass. Thanks again for sharing the episode - I love your story and everything that you guys are doing! (Especially that Audrey shares on Insta about Carly Jean Los Angelos, my fav brand ever!) Take care, Laura
Top 3
Definitely in one of my top 3 favorite podcasts. I would just like to say that it is frustrating when you both talk over each other or your guests. Let the other person finish their thought that they started, as it comes off pretty rude/disrespectful (in my eyes) when you don’t.
I normally am not a big fan of podcasts, but I can’t get enough of this podcast. It’s soooo good. I love the conversations and topics, they’re very interesting. Great podcast! Definitely recommend.
Interesting topic
Interesting talk about slowing your life down. It was funny, the author talked so fast I had to check the speed of the podcast. Sometimes I accidentally hit the 1.5 or 2 speed. I thought it was an ironic moment.
Listen every week
I listen to this podcast every week on my drive to and from work. I love the variety and gives great conversation topics for my husband and I.
Here’s the thing...
I enjoy this podcast sometimes, and I do think Jer and Auj are smart people. If they want to reach a wider audience and not immediately alienate listeners, maybe consider either a) having on folks not in their small circle of couple-entrepreneurs, or b) swaying the talking points of their episodes to sometimes address secular listeners who will definitely not be using the teachings of Jesus to combat the hustle mentality in their life. Great concepts, totally alienating delivery.
Wisdom, inspiration and fun
Nicole Idaho
Listening to Jeremy and Audrey is fun and encouraging. I find myself wondering how such a young couple can have such wisdom. They are real and you can hear the passion in their context. It’s like sitting at the table and having a great conversation with friends. What a great calling.
Intentional Living
The Happy Barista
I am so inspired by how intentional these two are about every area of life. These podcasts really inspire me, especially in the areas of career + marriage. I love this podcast!
my favorite podcast ppl
I love love Audrey and Jeremey. They are so real and truthful and they have impacted my life tremendously through their podcast and A Love Letter Life!!!! Not only do I keep up the podcasts from week to week but I also go back and and listen to their very beginning ones. They are so good and I highly recommend for anyone needed encouragement and for people who have questions about dating, marriage, parenting, friendships, and more!!!!
My favorite podcast
With some of our favorite people! Always great conversation and honored to be guests on an episode. XO
Overall good!
Overall I really love Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast and who they are as people! I have been listening every Tuesday on my way home from work since the first episode aired. Initially, it had become one of my favorite parts of my day. But recently I have started to take a break. I can’t get passed how many times Jeremy interrupts Audrey and doesn’t let her finish her thought. I get there are time constraints but it’s rude and is very distracting when listening. The “Pumpkin Season, Fall, and Other Favorite Things” episode what especially bad. On both side there you could tell there was stress and they were annoyed at one other. It is awkward for the listeners and at that point if I were them I would have just paused on recording and restarted when I wasn’t so annoyed at the other person. I am still a big fan and they have great conversation overall but something’s gotta change....
Love the different topics!
Love this podcast. The varying topics and guests are always inspiring and thought provoking. However, I agree with other Reviewers - it makes me cringe when Jeremy cuts off and interrupts Audrey. I would really love to hear her thoughts and stories! That’s where I glean most of the good stuff in this podcast.
Absolutely love!
I am a bit behind on episodes; so I listen to at least one episode in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work. Listening to this makes my morning so great and makes me feel so empowered! Thank you Audrey and Jeremy!! Keep empowering us!
Greatest book/podcast
I love your podcast but I LOVE the love letter life book!! It’s been so great learning from you guys and gaining relationship wisdom!
Sometimes a bit too much behind the scenes for me
Some episodes are better than others, I like the self-help vibe most have and then they throw in a fun one like the most recent where they talk about their fave fall things, great variety of content. What I dislike is the bickering on some episodes. I listen to be inspired and although it’s supposed to be an inside look “behind the scenes” of their lives, I could do without Audrey making fun of Jeremy’s intro to the podcast and other times where she won’t let him finish a sentence. I get that no relationship is perfect and we all have moments where we say things we shouldn’t and are critical when it’s not appropriate but I don’t want to tune into a podcast to hear couples pick at each other. I’ve been uncomfortable enough to turn off episodes when they start with the mild arguing over trivial things.
Review ✨
I have started back at #1 and am really enjoying listening so far! I was skeptical about who Audrey and Jeremy were but after reading their book I fell in love with their heart after God! The podcast is so easy to listen to and feels like I’m just hanging out. I feel encouraged and sometimes enlightened after listening.
careless sock collector
This podcast offers great advice on all things relationships. I always end an episode encouraged to continue my walk with Jesus, and with food for thought. I have been listening since the beginning and suggest it to others! My only complaint is I often hear Jeremy cut off Audrey as she’s sharing a thought multiple times an episode when there is no guest on the show. I would like to hear shared thoughts more than debate, and less worry over episode time constraints. Saying this from a kind place not a place of judgement! Will continue to listen :)
Great Podcast
I’m not much of a podcast person, but I love listening to Jeremy and Audrey chat about a variety of subjects. They’re really relatable and real and they make me laugh too! Would definitely recommend! (Already have some of my friends listening to it)
Just one thing
I’m a pretty faithful listener of your podcast, and it’s definitely one of my favorites! Really appreciate the work you guys are doing in our generation! Just wanted to throw one thing out there, hopefully it will come across with love instead of sounding like a criticism. I kinda cringe a little bit when Audrey makes fun of Jeremy on the air. Whether it be his love for old cars or how he starts the podcast. Jeremy handles it really well, but I can’t imagine that he enjoys it all that much. Maybe it’s something you guys have talked about and are ok with, but I always hear it through how my husband would receive it and it makes me squirm. I just know that you guys care so much about building each other up and this doesn’t seem quite in line with all of that. Anyway, love the rest of what you guys do! Keep up the good work!
Inspiring in more than one way!
Juls Marie
I have been following Jeremy and Audrey for years and I was SO excited when they started this podcast. It’s my go-to podcast as I drive to work each day! I recently got engaged and I am always listening to them give me new ways to prepare for my marriage. I even encourage my fiancé and other engaged friends to listen to them! I also love the fun guests and topics they talk about. They are relatable and easy to listen to!
Real people after God
In His Armor
These two are amazing! They speak truth about real issues and they bring other believers in to do the same. Listening to these podcasts motivates me to be a better husband, father, and man after God!
This is the first podcast I have ever listened to and I love it! It is highly encouraging and motivational!! Thank you for being real!!!
Uplifting message
Love this podcast they are always giving positivity and encouragement in this show. Such a change of pace from other online sources.
Can’t believe it.
I have never been a big podcast or audio listener. But I can’t stop listening to their podcast! They are honest and real. You can’t help but love it
Carly Vz
I just recently started listening to Audrey and Jeremy’s podcast and I’m so glad I did! These two are full of such wisdom and their heart for the Lord is incredible. I am recently engaged and am beyond grateful to be able to use them as a resource for building a healthy and God-honoring marriage.
They have so many rules and rituals for their marriage and life. I honestly don’t know how they have time to do anything or how keep track of all the rules they created. It’s crazy. Just live your life. Also all the do is talk about themselves, Audrey is so self absorbed it’s unreal. Bet she can’t go 10 seconds without talking about herself. I really tried to like them but I can’t. They just plug their book over and over and over. We get it. You wrote a book. Sit down.
Really enjoyed, keep up the great work.
Grateful for Audry and Jeremy!
Olivia J Fox
Audry and Jeremy have spoken so much wisdom and love into my life and our marriage. My husband and I have been listening since the beginning of the podcast, we read A Love Letter Life on the plane to our honeymoon, we listen to the podcast on our way to date nights, and do the marriage journal weekly. Our marriage has been BLESSED just by finding them. I also love that they are From the PNW, just like us. My husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary on October 20th and as we listened to this weeks episode about anniversaries he said, “do you want to go to the Roloff farm and try to meet them for our anniversary?” Ahhh YES!? So hopefully we will see you soon!
Best podcast
Kay Jenkins 1003
I started listening last week and instead of binge watching Netflix I feel like I’m binge listening! Love this podcast so much! It makes me want to be a better person, better wife, and better mama. I’ve been distancing myself from Christ after my sister passed and this podcast has made me want to reconnect and feel his love again.
Everyone needs to listen!
I LOVE this podcast!! I began listening to it around the time that my boyfriend and I were starting to make pivotal changes in our relationship. We sought to seek God through all we do and quit hiding behind all the sin society throws in our faces. This podcast has given us the confidence and encouragement to be an inspiration to others about how to love God, love others, and love each other in the most intentional ways. We are so very thankful that Audrey and Jeremy take time every week to share their knowledge and the wisdom of others to young couples like us. We’ve bought marriage journals for a few of our newlywed friends this year and can’t wait until it’s our turn to dive in. Go follow them! Go give them a listen! Go buy their book and marriage journal! Sooooo riveting! ❤️
Great podcast 🎉🌸
I started listening to this podcast in a transitional period of my life. I want to say thank you to Jeremy and Audrey for helping me get closer to God and helping to find little ways to renew my faith. I’ve listened to all episodes, and I look forward every Tuesday for a new one.
Just getting started
I just started listening this week. Going from episode 1 forward. I’m on #9 now. Loving this. Eye and mind opening already. 🥰 Thank you in advance for all your Inspiration!! Always More ❤️😊👍🏼
Loving this podcast! My favorite episodes are the ones where they share about their lives. Jeremy and Audrey are so real and easy to relate to!
This podcast inspires me everyday to be a better person. I love love love listening to it on my commute every morning. It’s always a good self check in and helps me prepare my day to work with the most wonderful students that deserve nothing but my true and honest self. That’s what this podcast has made me do. It makes me think about my actions towards my boyfriend and how I want to have myself represented in this world.
So inspirational
I just recently started this podcast and I’ve fallen in love with it. Not very many things on the radio/tv world are supportive of the Christian world. They also have so many good tips that have helped me and my relationship.
So dang good
I recently (like maybe a week ago) discovered this podcast, and have been listening to it obsessively ever since! I started at episode 1 and already finished the first season and am well into the second season. Jeremy and Audrey are so easy and fun to listen to, and they share so many practical ways to change your marriage and your life. My husband and I have already started implementing a lot of the things they talk about, and we are loving it! So much truth and so many good nuggets 🙌🏼
Great Podcast!
I love this Podcast, the biblical background is so uplifting and informational. They speak on a large spectrum of topics that I truly believe almost everyone can relate too, they are so uplifting and inspirational. I have shown this to every sister possible, anyone that is willing to listen and now all my friends listen to this podcast and they love it too! They’re book is also AMAZING! Episode 55 set my soul on fire. If you’re newly married, engaged or dating they make a great pathway to connect to everyone!
Podcast newby
This is the first podcast I have ever listened to. God has shown me so much through you guys, I am blown away. I have been on a mission to make positive changes in my life and marriage and the content of this podcast has catapulted me forward. There is so much wisdom and practical advice on growing closer to Christ through marriage that just isn’t being talked about in any church setting I have ever been involved in. Seriously, thank you for sharing with the world in such a vulnerable way.
Jennifer Alexander
I seriously love this podcast! First ever podcast I have listened to. Y’all are always laid back, inspirational and really answer the questions of life today! I have ordered your book, and the marriage journal. I am hoping to read the book soon. I can’t wait to listen to many more podcasts!
New Favorite Podcast
I’ve been following Jeremy and Audrey for a while, but just recently started listening to their podcast. It has been so helpful to me during rough times. I also just recently finished A Love Letter Life and can’t recommend it enough! My husband and I have started the Marriage Journal and find it has been helpful to our marriage during busy seasons of life. Can’t get enough of the Roloff’s and what they have to offer!
So Encouraging!
I've fallen in love with this podcast! Jeremy and Audrey always have something of value to say. They bring on great guests and are just so encouraging. As a single female Christian, I have so many questions. Jeremy and Audrey are so great at answering questions I wasn't even aware I had. This podcast is well-rounded and thought-provoking. Thank you!!
Loved this one!
Hearing the story behind 5 Mary’s Farm was so great! I’ve loved them for awhile and recently started ordering their meats so it was fun to listen to how they got their start! Jeremy and Audrey, you both did a great job interviewing them!!!!
Thank you thank you!
Five stars all the way! I found this podcast after reading your book A love letter life. Which truly was life changing for for me. I’ve been a believer for 11 years now, the last couple years got a little lost. After my husband and I had our second child I found y’all on Instagram and thought I give your book a try. Which I couldn’t put it down!! It reopened my eyes and heart in so many ways! I have not felt so fired up about my marriage, parenting, or faith thank you thank you!! Every Tuesday I look forward to listening to what you guys have to share. Alexis :)
Love this!
I grew up watching LPBW but hadn’t watched in years. I watched one of the more recent episodes recently and starting doing some Instagram stalking and that’s how I came across the podcast. I can’t believe how relatable Jeremy and Audrey are to me and my husband. I absolutely love listening to them talk! Highly recommend.
Love you guys and love what you do! If I could offer one piece of feedback out of love, sometimes I get frustrated listening when you interrupt each other. I feel for the person being interrupted! Maybe it doesn’t bother you at all, but as a listener it can be troubling at times. Just food for thought! I love the content and your story changed my life, thank you so much for sharing your life with us!
Lots of energy and great tips from a young couple
I absolutely love listening to this young couple be intentional about life, marriage and their relationship with Jesus Christ!
For Those Giving Feedback
Elli Baker
Hey, Jeremy and Audrey, you guys are pretty cool and have a great podcast. Thank you for the vulnerability and boldness you’ve offered by being transparent and honest with complete strangers. That takes a deep security in God and a lot of humility, and it does not go unnoticed. For those of you leaving comments and reviews, think of it as an opportunity to provide helpful feedback, not letting out whatever emotionally charged thing you feel like saying. These reviews are meant to help them, not hurt them. Remember, you have no obligation to listen to this, or any, podcast, but you absolutely have a responsibility as a human and World Wide Web community member to be kind and respectful.
Real Life Rewound
Refreshing! real life day to day topics unwound and broken down so you get to the core. Whether it’s relationships, parenting, eating, addictions, Faith, etc. this podcast covers it all! Interesting, fun and cozy. They speak the truth of Jesus and live it out. Awesome family! Well done!
Five Mary’s Farms
Enjoyed this episode so much! Loved Brian and Mary’s story and how they are raising their girls on the ranch. I’m happy they are having happiness, fulfillment and success in what they do as a family. Love the Behind the Scenes Podcast!
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