Best podcast EVER!!!
I have listened to every episode as I do my hair in the mornings and the uplifting stories have changed the outlook on my day every morning!!! Man these stories are soooo Good!!! I tell everybody to listen and so far everyone has thanked me for telling them about This is the Gospel!!! Thank you for the amazing stories!!!
This is the gospel
Shauna Warnick
I can’t tell you the joy and light all of the episodes of This is The Gospel bring to my life. Corrin (I’m sure I spelled it wrong) is a virtual dear friend of mine that speaks to my heart and brings the Spirit into my days. Thank you for sharing and also connecting me to so many new friends through their stories. I’ve told so many of my people about this wonderful podcast. Big hug! Shauna W
Even a Sparrow....
These stories remind me that there is One who is always there, caring for me.... even when I feel so lonely and blindly fumbling along in life. I am blessed and DO have so much to be grateful for, thanks for the reminder!
Amazing stories
Love This is the Gospel!
This is the Gospel is just the best! Every story is told beautifully. Love listening to the episodes when doing daily tasks or driving in the car.
Love this podcast!
This podcast was an answer to my prayers. Each episode has filled me with the peace and increased faith I have been seeking for. These stories have helped deepen my understanding of Heavenly Father and how he speaks to his children. I couldn’t love this podcast more!
trip'n ms
I love listening to this podcast people tell their very personal stories that are inspiring and it’s still hope in my life!
Every episode❤️
I love love listening to all the stories in this podcast! There is so much to learn from others experiences! Thanks so much!
Best part of my morning
I love listening to these stories of people just like me who are trying to be good people, and hearing how God has come into their lives. It brings me so much hope, peace, and assurance. I especially love listening to this podcast in the morning while I get ready. It’s such a positive start to my day. Sometimes when I’m feeling down or discouraged I’ll turn it on too, and it’s amazing how quickly I can feel God’s love for me! Also, I want to be best friends with KaRyn Lay!! It’s not just me right?! 💗
This is so uplifting. Totally helps me improve my outlook on life. Thanks to all those who have shared their stories. I just listened to Carol Decker and was moved to grateful tears multiple times. Made me want to go hug my kids and look into their eyes.
Just what I need
I am a nearly 79 year old woman who absolutely loves your podcasts. A lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I truly enjoy listening to the subjects and people you feature on the podcasts. When I was searching for uplifting and inspiring stories which I could listen to, it was almost an answer to prayer to discover them. Whenever I need a pickup or a head start to my day, I listen to you on my iPhone and earbuds before I even get out of bed! Thank you! Update: the above was written several months ago and I have continued to listen and have been strengthened by the podcasts. Today was fast and testimony meeting with my husband in our home because of the pandemic. We concluded the day with your podcast of sacred ground with Brad Wilcox. Powerful!
Just what I needed.
Some hard personal things are happening right now. In addition to my daily prayer and scripture study, this podcast brings me light and hope every day. It confirms my faith, makes me smile, and has been a sweet reminder of my own stories of God’s hand as a constant in my life.
So inspiring
I have loved every episodes in this podcast. Thank you for helping me feel closer to my Heavenly Father.
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love this podcast! The stories, the lessons and the insights have really strengthened me!
I love this podcast! Keep up the good work guys!❤️
I’d give this podcast 10,000 stars if I could... this podcast helps draw me closer to the spirit and helps me learn some important lessons that I need to hear. Thank y’all sooo much for putting so much work and effort to uplift others. You guys are awesome!!!!
So good!
I love listening to this podcast. I fact it’s the only one I continue to listen to because it’s uplifting and inspiring. The messages are real and sincere. I love the storytelling approach and the way it’s woven together by the host is always beautiful! Thank you for sharing goodness.
Uplifting stories
Tar Co
I have enjoyed going through these episodes, connecting and relating with many of the story tellers on their various journeys. I love Karin’s thoughts and summaries at the beginning and end of each podcast. I have trouble sleeping at night and these stories have been so helpful when I need to quiet my own mind and focus on one thing, listening. It has filled me with the Spirit on many occasions, and it has helped put me to sleep in a most peaceful and non boring kind of way. The perfect bedtime stories for me.
Calm in trouble times
I just needed to tell you that in these troubling times I have been unsettled and easily angered. I had stopped going to church using a lot of excuses and I have been unhappy. I started listening to podcasts because I couldn’t stand to have a quiet mind.. Things just wouldn’t leave me alone. From the loss of my son, the progression of a disease and unhappiness in most things I just couldn’t keep things on a peaceful level. I am not sleeping much and started listening to podcasts because my eyes no reading. Starting out on crime ones, one night I realized I needed peace. So I typed in LDS and found this podcast. I’m almost all caught up which will make me sad because during the day I’ll find myself agitated so I’ll start the stories and I instantly calmed down. This has saved my life. I have continued loving the Lord and Jesus, my Savior, but other things were bugging me and I was finding doubts creep in about the church policies. Because I have listened and cried with the story tellers I can say that I am at peace again. I needed to hear these stories and testimonies. Thank you thank you. I can’t remember how to spell Karen’s name but her voice is soothing and I appreciate her insights. Thank you. CK
An inspiring daily resource
I’ve listened to just about every episode of this podcast now. Such a helpful resource for me to hear stories that are so different from each other and yet all have the same cores. As a convert I look at this podcast as a way to get my fix of the gospel and how unique each of our circumstances really are.
Thanks y’all for this podcast!
I discovered this podcast only a few days ago but it has quickly become a must-listen! Anyone who is striving to see the hand of God in their lives will be aided by this show. Thank you to everyone who produces, hosts and is a part of this podcast! We needed to hear your stories!
Great pod cast helps me understand others. True stories from real people
bo berg
Thank You
McCall Morgan
If you want a little extra light in your life listen to this podcast
Heartfelt messages
danny rules!!!!!!!!
I’ve been so inspired by the stories and messages shared on this podcast. Looking forward to season 3.
Amazing podcast!
I love this podcast- it really starts my day off great! I love the story telling as well as the spiritual aspect. Great investment of time!
I Love This Podcast,
I love the stories— they touch my heart and inspire me to do better and be better! Thank you! Also enjoy the narrative and the insights it provides!
Thank you
Your podcast helps me came down thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m in love!
Just started listening and now I’m devouring every episode. So many heartfelt stories, lessons and testimony. I have thoroughly loved every single thing so far. Thank you for sharing all of your personal experiences. They mean so much. Love Karyn’s thoughts and testimony as well. Love, love, love!
Great podcast
I love these inspirational stories!
I always enjoy!
Suzy's new at this
I have loved listening to these stories of faith and endurance, love and loss. They each have touched me and I listen to them over and over. Keep them coming and thank you each, for sharing!
Great inspirational story telling
Absolutely love these stories of challenges and faith and miracles and hope. They are beautifully introduced and produced. They help me to feel God’s love for me.
Uplifting stories that strengthen my faith
Mrs. B. in NV
After the Gospel Library app and Deseret Bookshelf, the LDS Living apps are my go-to for gospel pick-me-ups. I listen in the shower, on my runs, and while doing housework. I love the stories on TITG. They strengthen and uplift me, make me laugh, make me cry. Mostly they remind me that we’re all imperfect people living the gospel the best way we know how, and I love that. I shared one episode of this podcast with a relative struggling with his faith, and he recently told me he’s since listened to many others and is doing much better!
So spiritually rich!
I downloaded this podcast months ago but just recently began listening. And boy am I glad I did!! I love the uniqueness of spiritual filled stories. I like that isn’t not in a interview platform. I love everything about this podcast!
Wow! Just WOW!
tone balone ut
A coworker referred me to this podcast when I voiced never having an experience where the Holy Ghost has spoken to me and being unsure as to if my thoughts were mine or from the heavens. Since listening to this podcast, this is still something I deal with. Listening to other people’s stories have been a great way for me to connect with my Heavenly Father. For me, this podcast has been a great substitute for fast and testimony meeting. Keep up the good work and good luck finding amazing stories in the future!
Everyday people doing everyday things- love it!
Work out bug
This podcast are just short stories about everyday people doing everyday things, but seeing and feeling God’s love for them. I’m loving it. God is everywhere and he truly cares
So good!
I absolutely love this it’s very uplifting.
Family sanity!
The only time...literally the only time our family of 5 can get some peace and quite during these times of quarantining is when we pack up the car and turn on this podcast and drive in circles around town. My kids (all under the age of 10) ask us to turn this on and we are always more than happy to. Thank you for bringing peace into our lives. I just hope you start producing a lot more podcasts otherwise we are gonna run out of quite time...please don’t let that happen;)
Faith Promoting & Beautiful
This podcast brings some so much peace as I listen to stories of members of the church like myself who share their hearts and their testimonies. It’s relatable, touching, and I can feel the spirit every time I listen!
Uplifting and inspiring.
I love stories more than anything. Especially faith inspiring stories that speak the same truth over and over that God loves all His children and will never leave us alone. As long as we choose to see His hand in our life, we will get through anything.
Faith increased
Great stories that increase my faith and strengthen me in tough situations and times.
Something for Everyone
Very uplifting and thought stimulating. Everyone will find something inspiring and applicable to his/her life. I personally enjoy listening to the various stories as I go for walks and reflect on the principles taught in the stories. The individuals telling the stories do an excellent job. Professionally done. Thank you!
Inspiring and encouraging
This podcast always provides me with inspiration and encouragement to continue following the example of Jesus Christ. I am touched by the stories and experiences that everyday people share in their quest to practice and live the gospel. Thanks so much for compiling these inspiring stories and sharing them with the world!
Absolutely Inspiring!
I’m so happy I found this podcast, it has brought a measure of peace that I very much needed in my life. Thank you to those who produce it, and to the many people who’ve participated by telling your stories and sharing your testimonies of faith and love.
Best Podcast
sthrn rain
Sincere Inspiration Uplifting Candid Sharing Tears (good tears) Great testimonies Commitments Constant examples of Ministering Struggles Faith Bravery Excitement Funny Endearing These are just a few qualities, by all means, no where near all the great inspired sharing, coming from this Podcast! Thank you so much KaRyn. I am grateful to have your, THIS IS THE GOSPEL Podcast, to end my work day, as I drive home from work. I wish there were more than one a week. Please do not let this podcast go by the wayside. I would give you a 10 if there were 10stars. Caramia SLC
Outstanding Real Life Examples of Life
I ❤️ real life examples of all sorts of experiences of others. Thank you for sharing them with all of us! You are a master storyteller. I love all the details! You feel like you are actually a part of the stories. 😊
I love this podcast!
There’s something so sweet & inspiring & powerful hearing the stories of my Latter-day brothers & sisters! Thank you to everyone who shares & makes this possible.
Exactly what you need!
I drive about an hour and a half every day to get to work. So the time I have in the morning in the car I use to pray and listen to talks or to this podcast. It’s just a good time to mentally prepare for the day. I always know when I listen to these stories they help me to get into that spiritual place. I love the messages and stories that are told. Mostly because I always take something away from each episode. But also because I can feel the spirit so strongly. I’m so grateful to the people that tell their personal experiences and for the wonderful people that produce this podcast. I actually get excited to get in the car in the morning because I know I get to listen to a new story. THANK YOU for such an amazing podcast!!! ♥️♥️♥️
I absolutely love the inspirational stories. They help me remind me of all the love the gospel has for me.
Literally Life Changing
This is my favorite podcast 💕 it touches my heart with every episode! I can’t get enough of it
Of the many podcasts I listen to, I always go back to this one when I need a boost. I love the vivid storytelling, quality sound, and uplifting content. And it is so relatable! Makes me feel okay about the things I’m trying to do and want to be a little better. Highly recommend.
Mental Calmness
I am not a member yet and I won’t be for another year or so. Whether you believe in this religion or not, the stories of these Christ following people, living their lives like you and I, it just brings so much peace. The hard stories, the funny stories, the simple stories that just remind you that Heavenly Father loves you and is there, all of them. For me this podcast keeps me sane, along with talks and scripture, when it comes to being kept away from what I know is true. I am just this 18 year old girl and hearing these stories that are parts of people’s testimonies strengthens me.
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