October 18, 2019
Welcome to  a special Happy Halloween episode of Schnitt Talk where we're talking about costume do's and don'ts for guys and girls, as well as Halloween basically just being about getting laid. 
October 16, 2019
This is a very special sports edition of Schnitt Talk, to recap Ellie's brand new career as a Yankees Commentator.  Also, back to our regularly scheduled programming, answering a quick DM about how to ask out a friend of a friend. 
October 15, 2019
The fun continues this week starting with a rant about being dicknotized. We've all been there. How do you know the difference between just being dicknotized or if you actually have feelings.Next, we are joined this week by one of our best friends, who will give a pep talk about how she broke her record breaking dry spell.FTB is all about knowing when you are being rejected. Girls can be very subtle, so you need to look out for the signs. WMTSTW is a new meditation to use when you are feeling anxious.  Songs:Like Me Better by LauvS.L.U.T. by Bea Miller
October 11, 2019
The hilarious Nikki Glaser joins this week's Snacc episode to discuss an easy guide for dirty talk, how to make him stick around, texting do's and dont's for guys and much more!
October 8, 2019
Thats right everybody, it's that time of year again. Cuffing season. Let's get into the ins and outs of enjoying this lovely fall with your new temporary boyfriend (2:00)WMTSTW is the push you might need to finally get out of that relationship that you know deep down isn't working  (20:20)FTB if your girlfriend is being a bitch, you need to run through this checklist before you know if its a true issue or not (37:55)Songs:Like Me Better by LauvThe Shine by ayokay ft. Chelsea CutlerS.L.U.T. by Bea Miller
October 4, 2019
Possibly the most immature episode ever as we talk about being completely broke, both getting denied for credit cards, being really bad at sex, and Netflix & Chill.This is 23 ya'll  Songs:Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid Like Me Better by Lauv
October 1, 2019
In this week's episode we're talking about the most important people you have to impress in your new relationship: your boyfriend's girlfriends. Don't be intimidated, these girls want to like you, and they have a lot more power than you think. (1:50)For FTB's we might be committing treason against our gender, but this is something the men who listen to this podcast deserve to hear!  (19:45)WMTSTW is about being a fixer in a relationship, and how that is not sustainable. (34:45)Listener DM: What do you do if your friend is fawning over someone who isn't into them? (52:35)
September 27, 2019
Is your boyfriend/ girlfriend overstaying their welcome and making your roommates uncomfortable? Are you the shitty roommate? (9:55)FTB: what do you do if you can't last long? (14:20)Do you suffer from BPS? Which Spiderman is THE Spiderman? (if its not Toby McGuire, gtfo) 
September 24, 2019
Happy 50th Episode! Thanks to everyone for being here for this ride, love you all so much! We're throwing it back to some topics from earlier episodes. Remember Flipping' The Crazy Switch? We're talking how to slowly reveal your crazy in a new relationship without scaring your new man away (3:25)From Safe Sex Is Sexy we're giving a quick reminder and pep talk on safe sex and STD's (22:30)And we're giving a seasonal update for FTB and talking some go to outfits the ladies want to see you in for the fall (37:00)Answering a common DM: how to move to NYC? (52:00) Songs:Like Me Better by LauvS.L.U.T. by Bea MillerCRZY by KehlaniGangsta Walk by SNBRN, Nate Dogg
September 20, 2019
Is it weird to invite someone over if you don't want to hook up with them? (6:14)Should you wait to have sex with a guy you like? Does it really matter? (14:00)How crucial is physical/ sexual chemistry in a relationship? (15:45) SongCruel Summer by Taylor Swift
September 17, 2019
This week on Schnitt Talk we're giving you a crash course on how to convince people you're hot, regardless of your appearance. A few tweaks and tips will go a long way (2:45).WMTSTW has a nice little trick to remember every time your anxiety gets the best of you (24:40). FTB's we're talking Football Season vs. Your Girlfriend. How do you keep her happy without compromising catching all the games (30:30). Also, a tip for the perfect revenge when a guy lies about hooking up with you, or what you did together (47:00).What do you do if your significant other has a really niche hobby that you just can not relate to (53:40).Songs:Like Me Better by LauvI'm A Mess by Bebe RexhaAll Of My Friends Are Rich by UPSAHLS.L.U.T. by Bea Miller
September 13, 2019
Kelly Keegs joins this week's Snacc episode to answer your DM's!What do you do if you hate your friends boyfriend? (12:25)Celebrating your friend's successes when you're unhappy with your life (17:00)Dealing with jealousy and bitterness When is it okay to remain friends with your friend's ex? (27:15)
September 10, 2019
The fun continues this week starting off with a few juicy announcements and some drama from over the weekend. Love a good rant and some tea. Tuesday Morning Thoughts this week we are jumping all the way back to 2012 and talking "things". Why did we ever stop using that term? It's the best way to describe this type of relationship fetus. Lets talk about the do's and don'ts of your new "thaaangg" (26:00). WMTSTW has a nice little meditation practice to use every time you start overthinking or have anxiety (48:35). Marty Mush joins this week's FTB segment and gives us a very insightful, and terrifying, look into the mind of the average dating male. Are you a back-burner girl? He'll tell you the signs to look out for if you're being played (55:20).
September 6, 2019
Happy Friday! Lost Kings join this week's Snacc episode once again to discuss: How long should you wait after a hook up to reach out, without seeming too eager? Is Instagram ruining your relationship?Should you stop liking instagram models/ other girls pictures?Is social media ruining hook up culture?College tips and tricks
September 3, 2019
Summer is already officially over! And although that's sad, we awkwardly realize that, hey, we're really ~really ~happy right now. Tuesday Morning Thoughts this week is all about navigating girl/friend code when it comes to hooking up with someone your friend has been with. When is it okay,  or is it ever even okay? (14:45) What My Therapist Said This Week is a reminder to stop feeding into unnecessary chaos and drama in your life, and embrace the quiet sometimes( 34:00). FTB, Ellie tells a story about how she almost fought Alanna's boyfriend over a misunderstanding, which leads into a discussion about how guys should behave when it comes to how their girlfriend dresses, specifically if she wants to show a little skin that day (48:30). 
August 30, 2019
Are you ever so excited for something, and then it turns out to just suck? Four words, our company happy hour. "Friday" Morning Thoughts this week is about surviving long distance friendships, and realizing its okay to drift apart from people (16:30). Every wonder what our sighs are? We go into a pretty big tangent about astrology and read our charts, and they might surprise you (32:00). Everyone fights, but are you a graceful fighter? You may be ruining friendships/ relationships because of how low you go during a fight, but there are ways to do it with poise and grace, like a lady (37:50). 
August 27, 2019
Barstool Sports' Feitelberg and Nate join this week's episode for a full song by song review of the Lover album
August 23, 2019
Arguably one of the most talented musicians out right now, Chelsea Cutler, joins this week's podcast while at Lollapalooza to discuss her favorite songs, stories behind her lyrics, and much more (16:20). Also, we answer the DM, "is it wrong to wear your ex's/ old hookup's clothes that you stole if your in a new committed relationship?" 
August 20, 2019
It's that time of year again... school is about to start, and a lot of you will be going off the college for the first time. Tune in for some freshmen year of tips and tricks to get you through the major transition (9:20). We're talking the basics of shacking etiquette. How to know you need to leave your one night stands place immediately; as well as how to get your one night stand to leave your place... immediately. Do's and don'ts of a one night stand, and just basic common curiosity ( 36:45). In the brand new segment “ehh, thats a shame," Alanna tell's about the tragic way meeting her new boyfriends parents went this weekend ( 54:40). Bitching with Ellie : hangovers edition (57:45).  
August 16, 2019
Hannah Berner joins this weeks Snacc episode for a fun conversation discussing dating guys in different parts of the country, an insane drunk voicemail from a guy, and choking.
August 13, 2019
 This week we are talking ALL about sorority recruitment. Tips on what to say, wear, and look out for during rounds. We also reveal a few secrets of how it works on the other end so you are well. prepared to do your best (25:42). FTB this week is about how to deal with your girl when she starts crying. Sober and drunk, we know it's a lot to deal with, and we'll give you the best advice on how to get through it (51:58). Ellie reads an unwanted drunk sext she received the night before while out (12:00). WMTSTMTW is about how you have to stop compartmentalizing your relationships and realize that people can be more than one thing to you (16:10). crying (51:58) 
August 9, 2019
The guys from Loud Luxury met up with us at Lollapalooza to talk Vegas round 2, how to have a successful long distance relationship, how they lost their virginities, successful pick up lines, and much much more. Ellie may or may not have awkwardly fell in love while on the mic.
August 6, 2019
Schnitt Talk went to Lollapalooza and recaps the trip that didn't exactly go as planned. Are you in a dry spell? We've all been there, but you're most likely getting in your own way. We talk about how to break out of it and get back on your game (00:09:10). FTB: Guys, put on your big boy pants and get your apartments in check. Not only will this impress every lady that comes over, but don't you want to live more comfortably in general? We'll talk about the essential products you need (00:26:10). New segment alert! Girl Talk With Nate we rant about the best and worst of Taylor Swift and Gilmore Girls (00:39:00). Bitching With Ellie this week is a good old fashion rant about dealing with hair (01:00:00).
August 2, 2019
How do you know if sexual tension has gone too far? (02:47)Once you're in the friend zone, is it impossible to get out? (05:38)What hill would you die on? (10:18)Would you rathers (16:05)
July 30, 2019
First dates are objectively awkward, so this week's episode features an extensive first date survival guide. Where you should go, topics to absolutely avoid, success tips, and exit strategies (00:07:30). WMTSTW is about figuring out a mantra to tell yourself to calm down when you inevitably have a panic attack or over react to something. We've all twisted scenarios in our head, but you need to know how to bring yourself back to reality (00:29:00). FTB is about the upmost importance of impressing your new girls friends. These girls can absolutely make or break your relationship, so you better get to schmoozing or you can say goodbye (00:40:00). 
July 26, 2019
- Twitter beef and incest. What it's like to have a platform. How right are you about the hunches you have about people online? (02:00)- What profession is the worst in bed? (10:20)- Why do girls like you after you stop giving them attention? (15:30)- Do you have "good in bed" or "where is the clit?" energy?? 
July 23, 2019
This week's episode is an extensive guide to all things nudes. How to take the best nudes, when and how to send them, getting comfortable with your own body, how to be safe AND fun about it, and FTB: what to do to ensure your girl will keep sending you them. There's a lot to talk about when it comes to nudes, and we cover it all (00:9:23). What My Therapist Said This Week covers getting over the idea that your love life is a movie. More times than not the story is messy ( and probably "boring") and thats okay (oo:31:30)! FTB this week, lets talk about "men are trash". This week is a call out post on how to not be a trash man (quick spoiler: if you listen to this podcast, you're already on the right track) (00:43:00). 
July 19, 2019
After much anticipation, Schnitt Talk is now doing two episodes a week! The Snacc episodes will be little Friday treats for all the amazing listeners to answer your DM's, questions, concerns, and talk as directly as possible with you guys! (4:00) "Is my boyfriend sharing custody of his dog with his ex a deal breaker?"(8:53) "How unattractive are stoners post college?" (14:09) "What exactly is considered cheating?"
July 16, 2019
This week's episode starts out with a pretty terrifying story from this weekend of Ellie's 3 stages of wine drunk, aka shower sex, fighting, and a lot of tears. Ever thought there was something more between you and your best friend? Before you act on it, you should know how to approach it and all the possible outcomes of making the first move (00:14:30). What My Therapist Said This Week is all about the importance of young women having a female mentor when they start their career (00:35:26).  FTB this week is a friendly reminder that theres a difference between girl wanting attention and her having feelings for you (00:44:35). The final Hinge segment is a nice rapid fire summary of what we've learned at talked about over the last 12 weeks to absolutely kill it on Hinge (00:57:05).
July 9, 2019
This episode we're diving into the long standing debate about "body counts". Does it really matter (for both girls and guys)? Why do we put so much emphasis on it? And a fool proof equation on figuring out your ACTUAL body count (00:08:06). After many of you sending this question for quite some time now, FTB this week is about what to do if you're a guy with little sexual experience. How to get over the insecurity, and fake it till you make it so she'll never even know (00:22:36)! This week's Hinge segment is about "Personality Catfishing" because you're wasting your time acting one way over the internet, and another in person (00:34:00). Tune into the end of the episode to hear Ellie rant about shaving and who even knows what else.
July 2, 2019
Happy 4th of July! This week we're talking about how to successfully DTR your new relationship without scaring your new boo away (00:07:03). Next, in What My Therapist Said This Week, Ellie discusses how to talk to your friends about your anxiety and other disorders who don't also experience it (00:25:48). FTB this week is about how to keep the peace with your ex and look like the good guy for future relationships, but still keep an arms distance (00:37:53). In this weeks Hinge segment, we asked you to send us your profiles, and there's a few common red flags we have to address, as well as an example of an A+ profile (00:47:29)
June 18, 2019
It's easier said then done sometimes, but ladies, get it together and ditch your ex. In the wise words of Dua Lipa "if you're under him, you ain't getting over him". The ex sex if holding you back, and we'll give you the tough love pep talk to finally move on (00:17:22). FTB this week is all about not giving a shit and just being yourself! Guys can be so nervous and scared to just do and say what they want and we're here to tell you that second guessing yourself and being insecure is a way bigger of a turn off than ordering a Moscow Mule (00:31:18). What My Therapist Said This Week reminds you to stop putting people on a pedestal and look at them for the whole person that they are. Just because you care about someone, doesn't mean that they are a good person and you have to remember that to protect yourself (00:41:40). Hinge segment this week is about the first date! When to ask, who should ask, what you should do, we get into it all (00:50:04)
June 11, 2019
This week's episode kicks off with a chat about "mean girls" and how to productively deal with them in your life and a rant about women being pigeon holed into one personality trait. Guys, are you saying the right things to girls? FTB this week is all about how to compliment your way to a girl's heart. You may think you're saying all the things she wants to hear, but you're probably dead wrong, and we're gonna tell you exactly how to win a girl over (00:19:38). What My Therapist Said This Week will reassure you that its completely okay to not know what to do with your life, or to be totally secure with your career path. We're all confused, and figuring it out day by day is completely normal (00:32:06).  Let's talk DMing. Hinge this week is all about a successful first message in dating apps. What you're doing right now is probably making you come off as a creep or leading the conversation to a dead end, so lets change that (oo:39:17). 
June 4, 2019
As Summer 2019 kicks off, so do the running fantasies of having the ~perfect~ summer fling. This summer it doesn't have to be just a fantasy, and we can tell you have to pull it off (00:12:55). Also, a sex tip that seems extremely obvious to girls, but apparently is a mystery to guys that they must listen and remember right here and now (00:24:18) . What my Therapist Said This Week is all about having no regret. Your biggest fuck ups are actually some of the most important moments in your life and you shouldn't feel any regret (00:30:30). For The Boys this week we discuss "courting" do's and don'ts. When/ how should you approach a girl in a public place that's not a bar? How long do you wait to call after the first date (00:39:04)? Hinge this week will help guard you against dating app red flags. What subtle things do girls and guys do that should make you run for the hills (00:52:09). 
May 28, 2019
Comedian Lev Fer joins this weeks episode to give some raw insight on the male perspective of dating. He talks what makes guys think of a girl as  "girlfriend material", how to help your significant other that's suffering from mental illness, and the perfect dick pic (10:21-50:50). This weeks hinge segment is all about being picky ~but not too picky~ with your preferences settings; ladies, stop being a height snob (51:20).
May 21, 2019
To go out, or not to go out? That is the question. This week is all about FOMO and knowing if you're being a wet rag or if you're really putting your own wellbeing first. For The Boys this week, we tell our male listens what we think the perfect summer bar outfit is for you to attract and break the ice with the ladies. What My Therapist Said This Week This Week will help you with realizing that you're feelings don't have a time limit, and if something makes you angry and upset, you have a right to be angry and upset for as long as you'd like. This week's Hinge segment gets very personal as we live critique our very datable friends horrendous dating profile. 
May 14, 2019
This week is all about the ever elusive friend break up. It's an extremely messy situation, and we've all been there. We discuss how to do it, how to know when its actually appropriate, and why its actually very necessary for your own wellbeing sometimes. In What My Therapist Said To Me This Week, Ellie talks about being a catastrophist and how to calm your mind when your thinking and expecting the worst. The Hinge segment this week is all about the "about me" section of your profile. What questions to answer, how to answer them, and which to just leave out entirely. 
May 7, 2019
Ellie's weekend update leads into a nice little pep talk about “the slut phase”. Why you should do it, when, and how empowering it can or cannot be if done correctly. Next, ever wonder why your ex hits you up right when your doing great? It's the radar, girl. Guys (and girls) have a built in radar when their ex's are doing just fine without them, but you need to know how to watch out for the radar and avoid it at all costs. We answer a very ~concerning~ DM that felt needed proper attention to discuss in case a lot of you have this mindset and are making this same mistake. What My Therapist Said To Me This Week is all about embracing your vulnerability; its actually a huge strength! And finally, we talk Hinge question prompts and all the tips and tricks you need to know to nail the questions on your profile.   
April 30, 2019
This week's episode is all about post college life and the awkward transition into adulthood. We talk the transition from school to work, living on your own, how to assert yourself to be viewed as an adult by your colleagues, and more. Style expert, Lilliana Vasquez, joins us for a segment on dressing in the latest trends on a budget, as well as the perfect first date outfit. This week begins our new featured segments with dating app Hinge, all about curating the perfect pictures for your profile. In other news, Ellie pops her NYC cheery, and a crazy nudes failure story.  
April 23, 2019
Back by popular demand, the girls answer DM's from the male listeners. Questions this time around include first date do's and don'ts, what to do if your girl's "number" is higher than yours *eye roll*, the importance of your bed (this is huge, fellas) , how long to wait for her to put out before you give up, the post college dating scene, and more.
April 16, 2019
This week is all about the hard C word: cheating. The girls discuss all angles of cheating, from the cheater, the cheated on, and the cheated with. Every side has a story and a perspective that is important to hear. Ellie tells a very emotional story. Ellie also shares an important metaphor from her therapist about actions and decision making in What My Therapist Said To Me This week.
April 9, 2019
Kevin Clancy of Barstool's KFC Radio joins this week's episode to discuss the burning question we've all had our entire lives: can guys and girls truly be just friends? We discuss all the reasons that prove and debunk this, as well as friendships with the opposite sex while you're in a relationship, and office romances. Ellie tells the embarrassing story of her very poor execution of her therapist's advice this week. And we answer your DM's about fighting with your roommates, and ex sex. 
April 2, 2019
DIY Youtube personality, Lauren Riihimaki  (LaurDIY), joins this weeks episode to talk about her massive Youtube success with her almost 9 million subscribers, as well as balancing her personal life and the spotlight. Ellie talks about the importance of supporting your friends and finding self confidence in the little things in life. The girls answer your DM's, and need a little help with one from the always colorful Jared Carrabis 
March 26, 2019
Ellie and Alanna discuss a very eventful weekend and talk the importance of setting boundaries for yourself in your life. Michaela Okland of the She Rates Dogs Twitter account joins the podcast this week to discuss getting over a non official relationship, getting closure, internet trolls, and weird twitter culture. 
March 19, 2019
Faye Brennan, Sex and Relationships Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine joins Schnitt Talk this week to discuss the best articles of the April issue of Cosmo. We cover the ever elusive and extremely common condition of erectile dysfunction. How to react to it, what triggers it, and how to avoid it. We also dive into an extensive review of the best sex toys of 2019, and a discussion on normalizing the discussion around masturbation. Ever wonder why people aren't using condoms? This statistic will shock you. 
March 12, 2019
Hannah Berner of Berning in Hell Podcast and Bravo's Summer House joins this week's episode to talk everything under the sun from the importance of female friendships to boyfriend penis. 
March 5, 2019
The girls talk about the importance of being vocal and confident in bed, and being comfortable with your sexuality. The people you sleep with aren't mind readers, speak your mind or forever hold your peace! They also dive into a discussion about the insane ways men talk about women and sex, how to tell if a guy really likes a girl, and can you be in love with your best friend?
February 26, 2019
Jaclyn London R.D., Nutrition Director of Good Housekeeping and author of "Dressing on the Side (and Other Diet Myths Debunked), joins Schnitt Talk this week to talk healthy eating habits and fake diet trends during the most self destructive time of the year... spring break. 
February 19, 2019
The girls answer DM's from male listeners covering topics ranging from "the friend zone", why you should ditch a wingman and get a wingwoman, texting etiquette, what to do about your friends bad relationship, and the best way to drunk text.
February 12, 2019
Ellie and Alanna discuss Valentine's Day etiquette for the all the ranges of relationship statuses. What type of relationship is the best and the worst to be in on Valentine's Day? What do you do about your non boyfriend/ girlfriend? Do you get a gift? Should you just hide in your room and pretend the day doesn't exist? This episode addresses all the awkward questions this lovely day insights. 
February 5, 2019
We're all a little crazy, but what kind of crazy are you? Ellie and Alanna dive into the wide range of different types of crazy, tell some of their crazy girl stories, and read your absolutely insane DM's about your proudest crazy moment. 
January 29, 2019
Barstool Sports' Kayce Smith joins this weeks meeting of Messy Bitches Anonymous to discuss her experience as a female in the male dominated field of sports broadcasting, as well as knowing if you actually like someone or just the attention, post nut clarity, and when to leave after a hookup. Ellie and Alanna discover something about each other from a night out, that lends itself to a greater piece of advice about meeting guys at bars. 
January 22, 2019
Ellie and Alanna discuss the strategic craft behind winning Post Breakup Warfare and getting over your ex for good. The girls also tackle how to get out of a rut, the perfect time to make a move on a girl, and one thing every girl should be doing to feel sexy and confident. 
January 15, 2019
The girls discuss surprising lessons learned in college about greek life, fake friends, long distance relationships, and how to not tear your vagina.
January 8, 2019
The Chicks in the Office answer your DM's, and play a game of truth or drink.
January 1, 2019
Happy New Year! The girls ring in 2019 with a very important discussion about safe sex, being the "cool girl", and not getting too drunk and ruining your life. 
December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas to all our Cry Babies! After a rather sudden upset, Ellie and Alanna had to make a very quick new episode to replace the one planned for today. The girls chatted about NYE and all the hype associated with it, roses and thorns of 2018, and plans for 2019!
December 18, 2018
Ellie and Alanna talk about the importance of the "love languages". In The Friend Zone, The Lost Kings' Rob and Nick talk finding love in the city, toxic friendships, and the inspiration for their music. 
December 11, 2018
The girls and MTV's Nev Schulman discuss the importance of mystery, overplaying "hard to get", and if there is still any hope for finding love online. 
December 4, 2018
Ellie and Alanna answer your DM's about the ever underrated dad bod, one night stands, virginity stories, and more. 
November 27, 2018
Ellie and Alanna talk respect and explore the mind of the always-entertaining Jared Carrabis, aka the Saugus Rocket.
November 20, 2018
Ellie and Alanna discuss traveling back in time for one sacred night every year -- Thanksgiving Eve. Seeing your exes, frenemies, old crushes, and trying to prove you didn't peak in high school. This is the most underrated, and petty, social holiday of the year. 
November 13, 2018
Sex and Dating Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine Faye Brennan comes in to talk getting what you want by asking for it in the bedroom, boardroom, and everywhere in between.
November 13, 2018
Ellie and Alanna discuss proper ghosting protocol, spooky ghosts from their pasts, and haunting ghost stories from the DMs. 
November 13, 2018
Ellie talks to the incomparable Barstool CEO Erika Nardini about her journey to Barstool and the challenges women face in leadership positions; Ellie tells probably the worst hookup story in history.
November 13, 2018
Ellie puts Mike Grinnell of “Spittin' Chiclets” in the friend zone to discuss his techniques for picking up girls at the bar, what it would take to wife him up, and his mom issues.
November 8, 2018
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