Just finished this podcast the other day. Amazing research and details. Especially loved the interviews with all the people involved. I pray for the Cox family and that someway they will one day know what happened to Susan and will be able to get some closure of some sort. As for the remaining Powell family that defended Josh and his sicko father, if they know the truth, I hope they burn.
Ahhhmazing Researcher David Thank u
Dont call me Princess
David from KSL did an amazing job researching and telling the public things about Susan Cox Powell’s cold case. Living so close to where this all began makes me sick. I followed it in real time. And when I heard all the horrible things in more detail I am hoping we all can help resolve this for the Cox family. Thank you and great job.
Speechless 😳
This pod cast is so well done!!! I couldn’t stop listening! Day and night one episode after another...I had to listen more and more trying to figure out what was happening next. I live on the East coast and remember “a story” about a guy who was a suspect in his wife’s disappearance and murdered his kids, but had no details on it. Everyone involved in this pod cast did a phenomenal job!!!! In my opinion, from what heard, he probably torched poor Susan and scattered her ashes amongst the wind. She will probably never be found. 😞Thanks to all of you though Susan and her baby boys will never be forgotten. ❤️
Wow!! I had never heard of this crime. This podcast is riveting! Very well done and impossible to walk away from until you get to the end.
I Joan
I agree with the previous posts that applaud the excellent research....great detail, lots of analysis, and some actual interview recordings. Thanks for a great listen!
Couldn’t stop listening
Like a good book, I couldn’t put this podcast “down.” Thank you Mr Cawley and your crew for this AMAZING and thorough podcast- I was blown away by all the details and research. Not only was the information amazing, your presentation and outline was amazing. This is a HIGH QUALITY podcast. I share with Mr Cawley my sincerest hope that abuse, in any form, can end in our world.
Well done!
Ali Aileen
I’m a huge fan of true crime stories. This one is amazingly well researched. The additional actual audio and journal entries really add another layer of insight into Josh, Susan and Steve Powell. Wow! Thanks for bringing out this horrific story and it’s roots in domestic violence. Pay attention people.
As an avid true crime follower and podcast listener, this is one of the most informative, well researched and thorough podcasts I have listened to. This was a story that captivated me as I watched it unfold in the news but still had so many questions. The amount of research and investigative work that went into this is astounding. I hope more people listen to this, see and recognize the signs of abuse and that the tragic story of Susan Powell can help someone else free themselves from a life she never could.
Memorable and life changing
Marie Lynn
This podcast is the best piece of journalism that I have ever witnessed. The layout, presentation and research that went into this podcast make it what it is. Easy to follow, laid out and keeps you guessing. Me and two of my co workers listened along weekly when the episodes were dropped. We called it “Cold Wednesday’s” lovingly. We laughed, we cried, we were angry, horrified and enraged. Every week was a new wave of emotions. Our discussions were endless. This podcast will forever be apart of me. Thank you Dave for this story and the advocacy towards abuse and giving a great representation of red flag behaviors. I will miss listening weekly, but will always come back to hear the story again and forever wonder, what happened to Susan Powell?
So complex!
This is the best researched and told story of this crazy family and their deadly deeds. Talk about dysfunctional. Thank you for your time and effort on this podcast.
It’s strange to say that such a dark horrific tale is my favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to but this was so well made. I was truly stunned by Cold. The way such a complicated story was told was so amazing, the deep dive into each of the members of the family were so fascinating and sometimes chilling. I usually don’t find myself feeling so strongly for victims but I really grew to feel for Susan, I will remember her and hope for answers. As for Josh Powell and his whole family with exception to sister Jennifer, the world is better off without them, awful awful people. Also, I agree, the ads are weirdly peppy and way to loud but I just fast forwarded anyways.
Heartbreaking story
Such a good podcast. Has me from the beginning to the end.
Incredible and empathetic storytelling
Erin Meeks
I’ve never heard Susan Powell’s story told more in depth. Thank you for doing so much research and for taking to the time to interview everyone involved who was willing to participate.
Sad story, great podcast
Thank you for using your platform to educate others on DV. Susan Powell’s story is only one example of how quickly emotional abuse can turn into physical abuse. While this is a gut wrenching story this is an awesome podcast and the information is well presented.
Truly incredible!
crime trix
I could t stop listening! Such a great narrative of tragedy. Thank you for your ending. We can do better!
Couldn’t stop listening!
Evelyn bl
Everyone has heard the story, but this podcast goes deep into each of the people involved in Susan Powell’s life. Dave is an amazing podcaster and clearly explains this story in depth. Very detailed and so well done! Highly recommended!
Thank you.
Glenn and Deb
Powell family podcast kept my husband and I on pins and needles during our 15 hour across country trip. Your reporting was so captivating that we couldn’t wait to get back on the road to listen in on all the details.
Thought I knew it already
I had no idea all these details. It’s so interesting. Frustrating but still I’ve been enjoying the podcast. I like most ppl have heard the case or saw a special on it but this reallllyy digs deep. Great job!
Highly recommend
I hadn’t heard this story before, and when I started listening it drew me in. What a horrific crime and everything surrounding it. The story is so well told by Detective Ellis and the others involved. I highly recommend
Susan Powell and boys
This podcast was so interesting and heartbreaking at the same time. Still in shock as to how this ended.
ADS ARE TOO LOUD — One Pathetic Marriage.
Gosh! Listening to this on a quiet evening and BOOM, these loud hyped-up ads kick in... requiring the volume to be turned down so low the show cannot be heard when the ads are over. Why can’t some podcasters understand that the experience isn’t and shouldn’t be the same as television? I killed my television a decade ago for the ads. The story is bizarre. I’m only in it a few episodes and this family is sad. This woman stayed with this guy WAY too long. Why? What power did he have over her? She GAVE him her paycheck and allowed him to rule her soul... Just Take the kids and GO. Your parents are there for you. Teach your kids what it’s like to have a spine. She spent all this time and energy documenting, videotaping, ragging about their marriage (like she needed any more convincing) when she should have spent that energy leaving. I love Endlessredtape’s review. “Can’t be asked to spend a dozen more hours being whispered to by an abusive murderer.” ...And then instead of leaving she talks about having a BABY GIRL! Holy Geez. It’s a tough listen.
Shocking and incredible production
Truly the best podcast I’ve ever heard. Heartbreaking story. Wow. Still shook.
Josh Powell
Such a sad story. This woman ended up with one of the most strange, awkward, & weirdest humans. The audio recordings he created you can hear it in his voice. Strange strange dude!
Two Thumbs Up
As heartbreaking as this story is, you’ve done an excellent job of portraying the case and keeping Susan Powell’s name living. Hopefully your work continues to keep interest in the case and the Powell family will be able to get the answers they’re praying for.
Thoroughly Researched
Exhaustively pursued and researched. Great production and presentation from podcaster
Interesting-entertaining-details abounding
Monroe CG
I’ve listened to the Powell family story twice now. It’s not so much the Powell family, it’s all the details the show provides that never made it to the mainstream news.
So well done!
Dave did a great job with this podcast! I hope he does many more, he does a great job telling the story of what happened and keeping it so very interesting!
You set the bar high!
I really enjoyed this podcast. I think I convinced at least 5 people to listen to it just yesterday. I looked for a new podcast to listen to today....and it is not going well. Everything else leaves me disappointed and wanting you to make a new podcast. So thank you. And I hope to hear “Season 2” soon.
Frustrating that the pod centers Josh and his thoughts. Can’t be asked to spend a dozen more hours being whispered to by an abusive murderer
Absolutely riveting
I have never gobbled up a podcast like I did this one. Dave and the whole team involved with producing this podcast have done such an incredible and thorough job bringing the convoluted details of this tragic story together.
The Powells
Nanny Vision
This is a story that had to be told. The way it is woven together is masterful. The best author of crime fiction could not do better. I was riveted and spent several sleepless nights listening to this tale of madness. Highly recommended.
TC Junkie
This story is so awful, but I can’t imagine a more thorough account of this story and all of it’s twists and turns. I pray they find her and pray for her poor family.
Very bingeable series
I love this combo of editors and commentators. No repeating or filler like so many podcasts. Genuinely interesting for hours at a time. No giggly vapid comments. No personal blah blah I truly don’t care about. This series is professional, informative, well researched and worthy of time spent listening. Keep it up!!!
Silver Sentra
Very entertaining. Like the reader. I could clearly understand him. Please give us more.
This whole story could have been avoided if he just didn’t go to Venezuela.....
Constantly on my mind
Really enjoyed this series. It is a story that doesn’t need to be forgotten about. Wonderful investigative work by the host.
Best Crime Podcast Out There!
In the Element Now!
I listened to Cold when it first came out. Since then I went down the rabbit hole of crime podcasts. Cold surpasses all crime podcasts I’ve listened to! It’s so detailed and the story is so well put together. It should be at the top of everyone’s podcast list!!
An amazing crime podcast
I am really enjoying this show. I love the in depth research. I’ve learned a lot of things I didn’t know prior to listening. Each episode flows well. I also love that there are a lot of episodes.
This podcast is so well done. It’s smart and even though I watched this case unfold when it actually happened, there were tons of new details the public didn’t have initially. I really hope Dave does more cold case podcast!!!
Great podcast
Listening through the second time because it’s so good. Very detailed and well produced!!!
Dave is a sweet baby angel ❤️ can’t wait to hear more from him!
Great Podcast
I had been craving a great story-telling type of podcast and I absolutely fell in love with this. A very difficult story told very well.
Susan Powell Case
Kim 1122
I think you did a fabulous job of telling this story. I truly hope they find her one day!
Review of “Cold”
bern it to death
I thank you for all the information you impart. This is such a fabulous pod cast, I listened to every detail
Amazingly thorough and interesting.
Top podcast I recommend to others! Listening for the third time now!
Listening to it AGAIN
This is one of my top podcasts. I listened to this last year and it is so intriguing and well done that I wanted to listen to it again.
Thank you
Reading ♥️
Thank you for your sensitivity telling a very difficult story. I tried this podcast after hearing about this case on another podcast. Your voice, approach, research, and delivery are tops. 5 stars
Well researched and great narration
I had just finished reading a book about the Susan Powell case and I was hesitant to listen to this podcast because I thought I might be bored. I thought I already knew all there was to know about this case. I was wrong. David Cowley and his team researched this case extremely thoroughly, and I actually learned new and interesting facts. In addition, Cowley’s narration is excellent both in terms of style and the quality of his voice. I recommend this podcast enthusiastically!
Good job
K. Vollmer
This is a horrid story - but you have done well covering it. I just finished “If I Can’t Have You”, a story about the Susan Powell case, and this is a wonderful compliment to it. Keep it up.
Brief review. I was enthralled with this podcast. Along with Root of Evil- this is as good as they come. I mean 18 hours!!! I was in listening heaven. Factual, no nonsense, no narrator attempts at comedy or clever repartee...just well researched story telling. Many mahalos and I look forward to your next effort. Hopefully true crime genres 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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