Father’s Day Fantasy Knife List — Great Gift Giving Ideas
Published June 9, 2019
39 min
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    The Knife Junkie Bob DeMarco puts his Fantasy Father's Day Knife list together for episode #33 of The Knife Junkie Podcast. His criteria -- it's a production knife, one he doesn't already own and money is no object. Of course he's not buying any of them -- they're gifts right, so why should money matter?

    What's on your father's day knife wish list? The Knife Junkie covers his list of want to have knives for Father's Day.Click To Tweet

    He also covers several categories and not only tells us his ultimate favorite in each group, but also several "runner-ups" just in case:

     EDC Folder
     Tactical Folder
     Automatic out the front
     Automatic side opening
     Fixed combat
     Fixed camp
     Slipjoint
     Machete
     Custom

    What knife is on your Father's Day wish list? Or what did you get for Father's Day? Call the listener line at 724-466-4487 and leave a recorded message about what knife you want -- or got -- for Father's Day. You can also contact Bob via email at bob@theknifejunkie.com with any questions or comments on today's show, or about knives and knife collecting.
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    Fathers Day Fantasy Knife List Great Gift Giving Ideas
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    . Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. Your weekly dose of knife, news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts, Jim person involved, the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello, and welcome to episode number thirty three of the ninth junkie podcast. I'm Jim Person, and I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie dot com, welcome to the show. Welcome to interesting one today. We've got Father's Day coming up, but it's not your traditional Father's Day knife show that we're going to talk about now. Bob's got a little something special planned for that. But I do wanna let you know that today's podcast is brought to you by audible get a free audiobook. Download and thirty day free trial at audible, trial dot com slash knife junkie over one hundred eighty thousand titles to choose from for your phone or Android your kindle. You've got an MP three player again, simply go to audible, trial dot com slash knife junkie, and you can get that free audiobook download and thirty day free trial, just for being a knife junkie podcast listener. So Father's Day, Bob, you and I, both dads, hopefully. Significant others or kids or whatever may be listening to this episode so handle something different fathers day related for knives. Here's the thing, Jim, I am so easy to shop for. I don't know anyone ads easy to shop for. Yep. Doesn't matter what it is to have. An is metallic. It doesn't even have to be out of medal. Now I'll take it. But inevitably the question comes up, what do you want for this? What do you want for your birthday? What do you want for? Give me a knife or a watch. I like watching. But, but, you know, really, you know my me as knives. So give me a knife place. But I'm sure they, I'm sure they need a little more specifics, though. We'll yeah exactly. And so now that I know my wife does listen to this show on occasion, high Missa junkie, putting this out there as a subtle sort of buying guide, but this is a fantasy fantasy Father's Day knife list, and I have a couple of stipulations they have to be production knives, because customize, that's, that's a whole nother deep hole. You could go out and I'm not prepared to do that. But so it has to be a production knife that I don't have. In other words, it can't be a double of something that I already have a different steel. And on this list money is no issue. Well, that's really that's really nice of you isn't that yes, I don't wanna put limitations don't wanna hinder the, the gift givers hinder. He said. Hinder that, oh, him up later ender will come up later anyway. So yet production knives, that I don't have money is not an issue.
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