YouTube Knife Reviewer Kevin Cleary — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 32)
Published June 2, 2019
47 min
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    On Episode #32 of The Knife Junkie Podcast, Bob had the pleasure of talking to YouTube knife reviewer Kevin Cleary about knives and the videos he does -- someone Bob has been watching for several years. An interesting interview you'll definitely want to listen to.

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    YouTube Knife Reviewer Kevin Cleary The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 32)
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    I would like to see some more, you know, domestic producers doing in work, and just taking idiot doing a really good job in offering us, some really cool stuff. Like, you know, if the Kershaw hasn't CRT's of the world who would say, hey, let's make five awesome knives this year instead of twenty five mediocre west. I would love to see that. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. You're weekly ghost of knife, news and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts, Jim person, and Bob, the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello. Knife junkies. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast episode number thirty two I'm Jim person, and I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife. junkie dot com. Welcome to the show. Welcome to another episode weekly of the knife junkie podcast. We talk knives each and every week right here, we're on your favorite podcast player, your podcast app, or just right on the website, the name, chunky dot com where you can listen and from time to time we have YouTube knife, reviewers on and bought. That's what we've got here on this show. Yeah. We spoke with Kevin Cleary, one of my favorite YouTubers. He and I have similar tastes in knives, and we look for similar things in Nive. So I always gravitated towards him. He's also just a super nice guy. And that also comes through in his video. So yeah, yeah. Who's interesting guy to talk to, you know, very soft spoken, very thoughtful, very intelligence sounding about the knives. So I'll be honest haven't avenue. Seen any of his videos. But the way he came across on the interview, just real really thoughtful about it, and extremely opinionated, which is one of the things I like about. Oh, I mentioned to him. He reminds me of one of my favorite all time curmudgeon Andy Rooney just a little bit from the old sixty minutes shows. He really digs into the things that are substandard in knives that shouldn't be any more. So we get into that a little bit too. Okay. Okay. Sounds good. That interview is coming up, and I do want to remind you that if you are going to be shopping, and buying a knife online, especially, and you want to save some money, get some cash back than you wanna start using e Bates. And because you're a loyal knife junkie listener. If you're not already a member. You'll get ten dollars for joining if you go to the knife, junkie dot com slash cash back, it's easy. I even use the chrome extension for Ebay's. So whenever I go to EBay or an online merchant e Bates will automatically pop up and ask if I wanna use. There Lincoln saved money and I'm like, well, duh. Yeah. So shop like you normally would and get cash back. Go to the knife, junkie dot com slash cash back and sign up after you spend twenty five bucks, you'll get ten dollars back than I've junkie dot com slash cashback by what he say we get into that interview. Let's do it. Subscribe to the knife junkies YouTube channel at the knife, junkie dot com slash YouTube. I just wanted to start by saying a recent video of yours really resonated with me. I love your, your sort of rant videos and a hesitate to say rent, because rent implies some anger, I sense, joy in your raider and your most recent one turning from knifes in just it had me. It had me nodding my head the whole time and laughing and chuckling at your how how triggered you can ...
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