Combat Knives in Honor of Memorial Day and our Veterans of Military Service
Published May 26, 2019
52 min
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    On Episode 31 of The Knife Junkie Podcast, Bob "The Knife Junkie" DeMarco takes a look at combat knives in honor of the Memorial Day Holiday and our veterans and current active duty military personnel.

    We cover fixed blades and some folders, as well as a couple of multi-tools, all with several factors, including functionality, multi-purpose uses, weight and low cost, striving to keep our cost between $50 - $150.

    Thanks to all of our military veterans and active duty personnel who sacrifice allowing us the opportunity to live our lives in freedom. Happy Memorial Day.Click To Tweet

    If there's a knife you think should be on the list, or have a question or comment on today's show, call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email
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    Combat Knives in Honor of Memorial Day and our Veterans of Military Service
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    . Welcome to the ninth junkie podcast. Your weekly dose of knife, news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts, Jim person involved, the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. Episode number thirty one I'm Jim person, and I'm Bob the knife junkie DeMarco. Welcome to the show, a special show today bomb. We are releasing this on the Memorial Day weekend and kind of a attribute show. And thank you show to those that have served in the military, and those that are currently serving every time, I think of and we've spoken with a lot of veterans recently on the show, and it just keeps coming back me. I just wanna thank our men and women in uniform because they sacrificed, their lives of comfort at home with their family, so that we can have that our selves, and it just, you know, it makes me feel proud. Yeah. Absolutely. Well out of American flag seen flying around this weekend. A lot of patriotic decorations. I know our neighborhood had a big the Memorial Day neighborhood gathering firework show. So a lot of those patriotic things you think about, but it's. Something that we need to think about every day of the year. Thanks to our military service, folks, as well as the veterans and again on behalf of myself and my family just want to say thank you. Well to those who have served in our currently serving a little apology here. Bob, I as we began the show are snafu just not looking at the calendars properly. We had promoted last week that we're going to be talking to Fareham forge this week knowing that we were going to have a Memorial Day, kind of tribute show and kind of honor, and salute the military service, folks and the veterans. So our apologies will will have firm forge coming up, but we wanted to make sure that we had this, this special show this weekend. Yeah, it happens. It happens sometimes in work. And then it also happens in the important stuff like podcast, so, yeah, a lot of times it work. But let's not go there. So anyway, I do wanna remind folks that are podcast today is brought to you by a new sponsor, if you will, and this is kind of one near and dear to my heart because I'm not that much of a shopper, but I like saving money. So definitely you wanna hear this? If you like getting cash back for your purchases, which, I know I do you wanna use EBay Ebay's and because you're a loyal knife junkie listener, if you're not already a member of e Bates, you'll get ten dollars for joining if you go to the knife, junkie dot com slash cashback. It's easy. I said, I use e Bates chrome extension, so whenever I go to EBay or an online merchant Ebay's will pop up an asset. I want to use their Lincoln save money. And we'll of course I do. So, again, just go to the knife, junkie dot com slash cash back sign up after you spend twenty five dollars you'll get ten dollars. So then I've chunky dot com slash cash back easy way to earn money on stuff. You already going to be spending on.
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