Knives for Mom — Top Knife Types for Mother’s Day (The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 28)
Published May 5, 2019
31 min
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    In this week's episode, Bob "The Knife Junkie" DeMarco talks about his informal rules for buying knives for his wife or mom for Mother's Day, as well as discusses five types of knives that you could get for your mom/wife, along with several specific knife recommendations. Mother's Day is coming (Sunday, May 12, 2019) so listen up and be prepared.

    The Knife Junkie's recommended knives for Mother's Day:

    Shun Kitchen Knives
    Victorinox (Swiss Army Knife)
    Syperdo Delica or the Dragon Fly
    Small Fixed Blades (Cold Steel Urban Pal or the CRKT Minimalist)
    Bonus Knife Type: Folding Pruner

    If you're needing to pick up any of these knives -- or others -- be sure to use our shopping links below. The Knife Junkie will earn a small commission that helps with podcast fees, etc., but you won't pay any  more for the knife. It's a great way to help support the show, so thanks!

    Don't forget to call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any questions or comments on today's show. And let us know what knife you plan on getting for your mom, wife or daughter? Call The Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know.
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    Knives for Mom Top Knife Types for Mothers Day (The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 28)
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    ? Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. You're weekly of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts Jim person involved the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello. And welcome to episode number twenty eight of the knife junkie podcast. I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie dot com. Welcome to the show. Welcome to another great one. We're gonna be talking moms and mother's day one of the special events coming up in the month of may and a lot of special things going on Bob during the month of may in addition to mother's day. There's Cinco Demayo the Kentucky Derby Memorial Day holiday lot. Lot of stuff in my my mother Earth Day comes right before mother's day. So it's a double whammy to gifts for her then. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. And and usually it's flowers will suffice for one of them because she loves flowers, and she's trying not to accumulate too, many things, you know, in the autumn of your years. You don't wanna keep collecting more and more stuff. So, you know, fem like flowers are good. But when you have a birthday, and then mother's day, you know, five days apart, you can't send two batches of flowers. You know, that's a lot of death. A witness as well. Well, what I've what I do for a lot of special occasions. Give them a plug, even though the not a sponsor of the show is Sheri's berries, my wife loves chocolate dipped strawberries out yet. And so do I. Yeah. And you can justify eating those late at night 'cause you can you can call it fruit. You know? So it's like health hall thought about that. So mother's day. We're going to talk about mother's day moms and knives with a with a special show, but just wanna kinda use this opportunity to remind our listeners, especially regular listeners will know, but our show production schedule is that we like to come out on Sundays, which is this episode, Cinco Demayo. So if you got any special Cinco de Maya plans for for today up we'll we're going to be making fish tacos. And I saw my wife got Bala tequila. So that means something not. Sounds like good anyway. So I just wanted to drop that let folks know that that's our normal production schedule we liked to try to get the shows out on Sunday. So that if you're finishing up your weekend, you can listen to it or it's it's indique-t-on waiting for you on first thing. Monday morning. If you happen to have to drive to that J O B, you can listen to the podcast in your car. Also wanna remind you that today's podcast is brought to you by audible,
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