Elijah Isham of Isham Blade Works — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 26)
Published April 21, 2019
33 min
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    Elijah Isham of Isham Blade Works talks knives and knife design with Bob "The Knife Junkie" DeMarco. Follow Isham on Instagram to keep up with his latest designs -- and obviously enjoy some awesome knife photos.

    You're surely aware of some of his designs, including the Escoton and the Pleroma for WE Knives, the Megatherium and Zeta for Kizer, and the recent innovative Isham Bladeworks Blackstar Slip Joint Knife.

    Elijah Isham is a knife designer without peer ... his blade-centric sculptures and his style has helped define the aesthetics of the current era of knife design.Click To Tweet

    Also on this week's show, Jim chats with knife promote Bill Goodman about the May 4-5 Lehigh Valley Knife Show. If you're anywhere in the area you'll want to attend this show. And be sure to let them know you heard about the show on The Knife Junkie Podcast.

    Call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email bob@theknifejunkie.com with any questions of comments on today's show.

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    Elijah Isham of Isham Blade Works The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 26)
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    Most designers. I would say that they kind of focus on the mechanics in the pivot placement stopped in lock face a locker leaf all that like measurements and stuff before they actually go in and do the the profiles. I actually do that last. I everything starts out is pretty much fixed blade with a pivot that way after I have that profile. I can then put in the mechanics of it. So I can go on the opposite can work backwards a bit. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. Your weekly dose of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts Jim person involved the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello and welcome to the knife junkie podcast. I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie dot com. Welcome. Hey, Bob here, we are again on the knife junkie podcast. And guess what? We're gonna do. What's that? We're gonna talk knives. Let's do it. Let's talk knives. And who you're gonna talk nice to today's guest is alisha item. And if you wanna talk knives, even wanna talk unusual knives. If you wanna talk avant garde knives. Let's talk alisha item. A lot of words. It's a fancy way of saying he makes some pretty fancy knife designs. Right. He's he's kinda come onto the scene. Like a storm in the past couple of years and has really created some designs that frankly, look kind of impossible, but they are functioning ergonomically sound working tools. So I can't wait to talk to Elijah and find out where these things come from. Well, and also I had a chance to talk to Bill Goodman of good knives. LLC he's the show promoter for the Lehigh valley. Knife show that show's coming up early part of may. And that interview also becoming up to give our listeners a chance to learn about that show and Lehigh valley. And maybe get their plans made to to go ten that. But when I tell you that this knife junkie podcast is brought to you by quick books. Self-employed it's your year round tanks solution. It's a must have if you're a contractor a freelancer if you're self employed and doing any kind of business you'll want to go to the knife junkie dot com slash QB thirty that's Scooby three zero knife. Junkies will get a free thirty day trial of QuickBooks, self employed, again, thirty days for free. Just go to the knife, junkie dot com slash q. Be thirty. You know, you're a knife junkie if you love your knives. More than your spouse. My guest today is a knife designer without peer his enigmatic blade Centric sculptures have been the engineering pride of some of the top manufacturers in the industry. And his style has helped define the aesthetics of the current era ...
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