Custom Knife Maker Douglas Esposito of Attention to Detail Mercantile — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 25)
Published April 14, 2019
47 min
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    Custom knife maker Douglas Esposito of Attention to Detail Mercantile in Manassas, Va. is this week's featured guest. A former U.S. Marine, he makes knives and teaches Jujitsu in his own martial arts studio.

    He talks about making his first knife -- roughly a year and a half ago -- his concept of knives, aesthetics versus usability, the recent "Monkey Muster" knife event and much more!

    Also this week, the guys chat with Larry Clifford, show organizer of the Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association (NCCA) 37th Annual Extravaganza Knife Show, April 27-28 in Groton, Connecticut.

    If you have any questions or comments, please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email
    Links / Resources Mentioned

    Attention to Detail Mercantile (Attn2DetailMercantile) Website , Instagram and Facebook
    Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association (NCCA) Website and 2019 Extravaganza Knife Show

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    Custom Knife Maker Douglas Esposito of Attention to Detail Mercantile The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 25)
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    I'll make stuff, and I'll be like that is so cool people are going to totally dig that. And then it sits they don't date and the thing that I'm like. Yeah. That's okay. That's cool. Boom. It goes like, it's the first thing to go. It's just crazy. You know, I've talked to other night makers are the same way, you know, that. But you have to listen to the market, you know. So you try something you test it in business and the test fails, then you move onto the next thing. And it's the same thing in life. Make you have to be willing to listen to what the market likes, you know, if the market wants carbon fiber, you do more carbon fiber than the market wants more Fuller's will guess what get on the mill do more Fuller's, you're making Fuller's, buddy. Yeah. Exactly. Welcome to the knights junkie podcast. Your weekly dose of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts Jim person and Bob the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the night junkie dot com. Welcome welcome to another great episode lined up for you to interviews on this show, a knife maker and a knife show to talk about but a do want to remind you first before we dive and all that that today's podcast is brought to you by audible, get a free audiobook download and a thirty day free trial. Just simply go to audible trial dot com slash knife junkie over one hundred eighty thousand titles to choose from for your iphone, your Android, kindle, or your MP three player. Again. Go to audible trial dot com slash knife junkie and Bob, good info. Again this week coming up on the knife junkie guest. That's right. We have Douglas Esposito of attention to detail mercantile. He's a new knife maker out of Manassas Virginia that has been just I don't know his skill levels. Have just jumped off the church since I've started paying. Attention to them. It's been about a year, and it was really great to talk to him. And and kind of get a peek into a new knife makers trajectory. Yeah. And some really gorgeous knives was looking at him on the website. Well, it was listening to your interview and just just aesthetically beautiful eye-catching designs that type of thing, no doubt. And I outlined to him which combination of materials, I think would be best to have in one of his knives. And hopefully, he got the hint hint hint hint, wink, week, maybe a knife junkie exclusive coming out of that. But he's living your dream, right? Martial arts studio with a knife making shop in the back. Leonard wanted to put his sharper point down at Jim. Yes, he is is indeed also coming up on this episode. We're gonna promote an upcoming knife show, April twenty seven and twenty eight a knife event up in Groton,
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