Q1 Knife Round-up, Rob Pena of Snaggletooth Tactical & the Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors Show — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode #23)
Published March 31, 2019
42 min
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    Bob and Jim take a look back at first quarter (Q1) knife purchases and additions to The Knife Junkie's collection and discuss the more prominent knives that he's added. They include:

    3 Cold Steel Knives -- the Recon 1, AD10 and AD15 (video review, AD10)
    Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) #21 Bull Buster
    Bestech Kendo
    Columbia River Knife and Tool Company/Ruger LCK (video review)
    TOPS Knives Rapid Strike
    Mass Drop We Knives Gavko Thresher
    Bastinelli Knives RED Folder

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    In addition, Bob had a chance to chat with Rob Pena, Snaggletooth Tactical, about a brand new addition to the Snaggletooth product line -- so new, it just came out yesterday! And Jim talks with Steve Thomas, president of the Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors, about the 28th annual Shenandoah Valley Knife Collector's Annual Show, April 5-7, in Harrisonburg, Va.

    This knife has turned into a kitchen junk drawer knife, and that is by no means derogatory. The kitchen drawer is nearest to where I cut cardboard and I'll always know where it is, be able to grab it, and it's now my dedicated…Click To Tweet

    Taking your calls – which of the knives that Bob discussed do you have? And why do you love it? Call The Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know. We'd love to hear your comments and feedback!
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    Snaggletooth Tactical
    Shenandoah Valley Knife Collector's Annual Show
    The Knife Junkie Podcast - Episode 8 - Ian Luis
    The Knife Junkie Podcast - Episode 16 - Rob Pena
    The Knife Junkie Podcast - Episode 20 - Andrew Demko
    The Knife Junkie Podcast - Episode 21 - Drew Swift

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    The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode #23) Q1 Knife Round-up, Rob Pena of Snaggletooth Tactical & the Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors Show
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    We actually just put for sale yesterday. So it's been gained some good attention. I mean, we've been kind of teasing it for the last week or so Jimmy slashed at a video you got one the that cold steel got one, and we're hoping we get good response on it. Welcome to the ninth junkie podcast. You're weekly of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts, Jim person. Bob, the knife junkie DeMarco. A knife junkies. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the night junkie dot com. Welcome to the show. Welcome to kind of a throwback episode, Bob if we're going to call it that we've been doing a lot of interviews where we're going to kind of get back to the roots of how the podcast started with you. And I chatted a little bit and we're going to do a timely topic. It's the first quarter ending of the first quarter of the month January February March, so we thought we'd kinda look at some of the knives that you God and did reviews on and give you chance to talk about some of those knives here in the first quarter of two thousand nineteen at we'll call this ...
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