Pet Peeves of Knife Collectors – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 09)
Published December 23, 2018
38 min
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    On this episode of The Knife Junkie Podcast (episode 09), we talk pet peeves -- or things that knife collectors look for. The Knife Junkie offers 12 pet peeves for your consideration:

    Re-curved blade
    Blade centering (un-centered blades)
    Lock up
    Thickness behind the edge
    Tip Up vs. Tip Down
    Deep riding pocket clips
    Walk and Talk
    Blade Pull Scale

    I have issues with all of these to one extent or another, but I encourage you to use these pet peeves as a guide for quality. But don't let any of them stop you from experiencing the breadth and depth that the #knife world offers.Click To Tweet

    What are your pet peeves? Anything not on the list? Or do you agree -- or disagree -- with anything Bob had on his list. Call The Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know.
    Pocket Check
    Jim continues to carry his Buck Canoe. Bob has four knives in his pocket today. They are:

    Zero Tolerance (ZT) 0462
    Zero Tolerance (ZT) 0630
    Cold Steel Black Talon 2
    Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) 15

    Segment 1 – The First Tool
    Bob takes a look at the Karambit on this edition of The First Tool
    Segment 2 – Knife Laws
    We travel across the pond to take a look at knife laws in London, England.
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