The First Tool, Walk and Talk and the Traditional Slip Joint Folders ~ The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 02)
Published November 8, 2018
23 min
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    The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 02)
    On today's show, Bob and Jim talk about the traditional slip joint folders, as well as have the pocket check to start the show. Also featured is "The First Tool" segment on Bowie knives and the "Walk and Talk" segment where the guys hope you'll be able to identify the knife by the sound it makes, so listen in for that to see what you need to do if you can identify the sound.
    Pocket Check
    • Jim continues to carry his Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
    • Bob has several knives (again)

    Fox 599 Karambit
    Great Eastern Cutlery Northfield #48 Improved Trapper
    Pink Cold Steel Broken Skull (his usual

    The Buck Knife, featured on this week's "The First Tool" segment of The Knife Junkie Podcast.

    third pocket knife)

    Segment 1 – The First Tool
    The Buck 110 hunting folder knife is featured on The First Tool. Its style was often imitated and the term "Buck" knife often refers to many knives, becoming almost a generic name for many brands of knives.
    Main Show Segment
    Traditional Slip Joint Folders. These knives do not lock open, it stays open through the tension of a back spring, but there is no locking mechanism to hold it open against forces exerted upon it. "Grandpa" knives are one example of the traditional slip joint folder.
    Segment 2 – Walk and Talk
    The "Walk and Talk" segment is your opportunity to get involved. Bob will show off the sound of a specific knife, and if you know what it is, email The Knife Junkie at or call our 24/7 listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know. Correct answers may be featured on an upcoming episode.
    Show Highlights and Key Points
    00:44 – Show open
    1:24 - Pocket Check
    1:55 - Patina
    2:50 - The First Tool - The Buck 110
    4:10 - Traditional Slip Joint Folders
    4:47 - What are Traditional Slip Joint Folding Knives
    5:23 - The aesthetics of Slip Joint Knives
    6:15 - Jigging
    7:01 - Different types of covers
    7:40 - Micarta (Wikipedia definition)
    8:15 - The Walk and Talk sound
    9:15 - Safety
    10:14 - Purpose of a Slip Joint
    10:30 - Bob always cuts meat with a Slip Joint
    10:50 - Patina and cleaning the steak knife
    11:20 - The Knife Junkie's dedicated steak knife
    12:20 - Are Slip Joints Collectible
    13:20 - Covers are the "Bread and Butter" of Case Knives
    13:55 - Great Eastern Cutlery Knives
    14:15 - Call the Listener Line - What knife do you want for Christmas?
    15:08 - Multiple blades
    16:00 - Jack Knife
    16:25 - Neutering
    16:45 - Jack blade
    17:11 - Traditional doesn't preclude locking mechanisms
    17:34 - Buck 110
    18:28 - Isn't that pretty
    18:57 - Final thoughts on Slip Joint Folders
    19:51 - Walk and Talk Segment
    21:10 - Show Wrap-up and recap of key points
    22:13 - Show 03 Preview

    Just a few of The Knife Junkie's Collection of Slip Joint Folding Knives

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