James Hinds
I liked your podcast up till the point you mentioned Michel Brown the Criminal that assaulted a store clerk then tried to disarm a police officer. the officer was found not guilty in his death I have unsubscribe from you podcast thank you
Learn how to pronounce EXECUTE
My Zone Shmyzone
Love this podcast, but it drives me batty every time Kate Leonard attempts to say the word “execute” or any of its derivatives. The word is spelled with an X, NOT 2 G’s. She says “eggsecute,” “eggscution,” and “eggsecuted.” I would think, as a narrator or story teller on a podcast such as this one, you would be able to pronounce words in the English language properly. Apparently not.
GW 1776
Some of the stuff you do is ok as far as it goes but I find enough dishonesty in some of the historical notes that I can no longer listen. Too much supposition.
Stop the foreshadowing
Great stories. Stop giving away the end in your intro! Defeats the point of listening to the podcast.
Sam Cooke information incorrect.
I typically like this podcast but one major thing stood out in this episode. Medgar Evans was not killed in a Mississippi church fire, he was shot and killed by Byron de la Beckwith in 1963. That’s what the Nia Simone’ song Mississippi Goddamn was about. A little research can go along with.
Stop updating what’s available.
It’s really annoying that you guys are giving bs updates just to move your title to the top of the list. You either have a new episode or you don’t. Stop updating what’s available!
Winifred Hancock?
Charlie in Kentucky
Goodness. Garfield defeated Winfield Scott Hancock, a Union Major General who led the 2nd corps in the Army of the Potomac and was wounded severely at Gettysburg. His namesake was Winfield Scott, the only Lt General between Washington and Grant albeit a brevet rank . . . . It’s useless. I’ll hush.
The inaccuracies of the Sam Cooke death make my head swim. How do you even classify this as an assignation? This was a self defense homicide. The girl called 911? 911 didn’t exist for decades. You diminish the quality of your work with such blatant shoddy ness.
Stop over pushing other shows so heavily
While I enjoy most parcast shows include this one, I am really annoyed of having a repetitive 20 min section showcasing the same show. They can make you so sick of their new show before you try it. Nothing makes me not want to try a new show then being force to hear 20 min of it I over and and over. I will not be listening to Medical Mysteries. I’ve already contacted them and told them each time I hear it and and stuck listening to while driving and unable to skip over I’ll give them a 1 star review. I’m also not crazy about them asking for a 5 star review instead of just asking for people to rate & review. But beware with parcast that you will get annoyed by their over pushing of new shows. I like it better when they make it separate episode as oppose to including it in the same episode. They do both, which make no sense. The separate episode Way is so much better.
Parcast is awesome!
Another great podcast from parcast. I love them all. GREAT JOB👍🏽
On the cutting edge of political correctness
Abe Thul
This podcast has potential but to say the meaningless BCE instead of BC, that has been in used for hundreds of years, forces me to translate in my head what they mean. What is “The common era”? Common to what? And 1 BCE is one year before the era was common? Maybe they should call it, UE, or Uncommon Era, because the era was not yet common.
Good topics awful narrator.
Sarah Tokars
This episode was a reach. Sarah wasn’t a prominent figure in history or society. She was just married to a shady lawyer. This was more of a domestic case between a married couple. Linking this to historical assassinations didn’t make sense.
I love your podcast so much it always feels like a year for the next show but it is worth the wait
Best episode! A must listen two parter from the series.
Better than expected
I expected a dry retelling of an historic event. Instead this was a well written informative podcasts that was worth my time.
franz ferdinand
Amanda Howard
i really really liked this one, the one about the assasination of Franz Ferdinand. i highly recommend listening to it.
Engaging And Learning Fun Tidbits
An Inside Joke
I wouldn't call myself a history "buff," exactly, but I love learning about lesser-known bits of history. I love how this podcast delves into stories that I don't know much about - and in some cases, hadn't even previously heard of.
Highly informative bedtime stories
Hosts have the MOST soothing voices making the topic of murder palatable. Well researched and prepared.
Almost perfect
Everything about this podcast is done well except for the first few minutes of each episode. From a story telling perspective, giving away outcomes or critical details about the case in the intro sequence can ruin the episode. I always skip the opening sequence because of this. It typically spoils important parts of the episode.
Great podcast on the surface, but..
On the surface this is a great podcast, good information and an in depth look into the assassinations themselves and potential thought processes of the players involved. But underneath writhes the monster of political bias, it’s frustrating to have these stories slanted in such a way. It draws me in and then puts me off as more and more politics and virtue signaling is put into play. I’ll continue to listen, but if it continues I’ll have to unsubscribe as I find it disrespectful to the events and the unfortunate souls who fell on the receiving end as your using these stories to further your agenda.
Lincoln assassination narrated well, but needs better research
I’m listening to Part 2 of the Lincoln assassination podcast right now. The narrators fo a good job as they have done with your other podcasts, but I was surprised at the factual errors given repeatedly in this episode. Rathbone was a major, not a sergeant. I was surprised no mention was made of Booth stabbing him. Ward Lamon didn’t ask Lincoln not to attend that night because Lamon wasn’t even in town at the time. He was in the Confederacy on U.S. business and publicly regretted for the rest of his life not being in town that night, stating that if he had been in town he would have been Lincoln’s bodyguard and would have prevented the assassination. Booth didn’t rip Henry Hawk’s suit with his knife, either. Also, no mention was made of Seward’s daughter being in the room while he was being attacked. I like the podcast overall, but your research needs to be a bit better.
Im sleepless
.....it's just that good. Do you like history? Civil War buff? A student studying Lincoln? Whatever reason you have, you won't want to overlook this podcast. Check out all the topics; Well researched, powerful people's stories that are delivered in a professional manner by two seasoned voice actors. Nicely done Bill and Kate.
Just one opinion
The information is interesting but the constant (obvious) influences of the political view of either the writers and/or the narrators only serves to detract from the facts of the events themselves. There is enough political opinions in the news today. We don’t need it in the podcasts we turn to to avoid politics. Just my opinion.
Abraham Lincoln
FSU 79
I just completed the second episode on the Lincoln assassination. I’m amazed at the poor research which has lead to inaccurate information being stated during the podcast.
Wrong Info
In part 2 of The assignation of Lincoln it was mentioned that General Sherman caused much destruction during his march. In reality, as his army was huge, the rebels destroyed food rations and burned farms in route. This would prevent Sherman fro feeding his army.
Poor technical Knowledge
I winced a little when they referred to the 6.5 mm Carcano rifle that killed Kennedy as a “6.5 caliber” and again when they referred to someone bring shot with a revolver as “having a clip emptied into them”. You’d think a show focused on killing people and the tools used to do so would have a slightly better technical grasp. Otherwise it’s a decent enough show. A little robotic....
Interesting but extremely biased
I have found every episode that I have listen to to be very interesting well written and engaging. The only negative I have about the assassinations podcast is that they seem on able to keep themselves from making political parallels and show a very strong bias. Other than that it’s a great podcast.
One of my favorites
Therapist lady
Great content. Easy listening. Only reason for 4 star instead of 5 is it lacks the conversational quality that I enjoy in a podcast...a little too automated sounding. Sounds like Alexa and the dude in my GPS.
I’m obsessed. Everything is fact-based and to the point - a calm, cool, and collected delivery and Kate and Bill are genuinely fascinating to listen to. I’m binging as we speak!!
Great Podcast
I enjoy the format and detailed story telling. A friend of mine was telling me the story of Malcom X. Coincidentally the Podcast of his assassination piped up the same evening and I shared the episodes with him. Highly recommend for education and entertainment.
Downloading issue
I love the podcast but I can’t download or listen to Malcolm x part 1. Part 2 downloaded perfectly so I don’t know what the problem is?
Make one on John f Kennedy
Very disappointed!!!
As I listened to this podcast and their handling of the JFK Assassination, I had to wonder what kind of conscience the hosts have. As someone with a long time interest in the subject, neither myself or anyone that has really studied this event can say that Oswald was either guilty or completely innocent. The evidence just isn’t concrete. I personally would have a real issue telling the public that a man who was gunned down without a chance to have his day in court, and who vehemently proclaimed his innocence was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The claim of Oswald being a crack shot is also false. He received “Marksman” which is the lowest qualification in the usmc. His marine corps buddy Nelson Delgado also attested in film that Oswald was not a good shot, and was teased for shooting “Maggie’s drawers”on the range. We’re asked to sign onto him being a commie when he was regularly in the company of rabid right wingers. Nitrate tests show that he never fired a rifle that day. To learn the real story, check out Lee Harvey Oswald: The Case for Defence on YouTube by David Mccallum. Also read Jfk and the Unspeakable by James Douglas.
Well Done
As are most Parcast podcasts, this is really well done with great details and insights
Great Podcast
Another great podcast series from Parcast!!!
What When Where Why
Enjoyable Entertaining and informative however I frequently find myself thinking. How do they know these detailed ‘Facts’. It would be nice if this were included, especially in the circumstance of assassinations that occurred hundreds of years ago. I find the ‘What If’ speculation, silly and just that, ‘Speculation’.
Fun and informative
I really enjoy Assassinations, each subject is covered in good depth and usually prompts me to research more for myself. Nicely done.
I’ve only listened to the two episodes on the Berg murder. The story was interesting, but it sounds as if the “hosts” are robots. There’s NO inflection in “their” voices! I’m going to give it one more chance.
JFK was Interesting, but downhill since
Not listening anymore. Gave it the ol’ college try, but now it’s becoming extremely political. Shock surprise. The new episode is about the assassination of Hassan al-Banna. I’m not even going to listen. I’m sure they will paint his alleged assassins as evil. Just google al-Banna. He was an ardent antisemite who wanted to exterminate Jews.
Parcast: “We don’t support white supremacy.” Also Parcast: Hires no people of color.
Limited bias
Great podcast if you’re looking for the scholarly accepted facts. Very well edited and pieced together.
The thing I like about all parcast podcasts is that they separate the fact from the fiction. They point out what is know as the facts and then explain when they are about to say something that may or may not be true. You always come away knowing the difference
Minds eye
Quit shoving that podcast down our throats. I get advertising but enough is enough.
Too political
The stories definitely have a political slant. The last episode used left winged biased Southern Poverty Law Center as a source. Last straw for me.
Jadon C.
I've listened to the first five episodes (J.F.K. and Selena) in two days and am really enjoying this series so far. Can't wait to listen to more and highly recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone.
All Business 😀
I like this podcast.. I usually just listen to pure True Crime, but this can really hold my attention too.. I prefer straight narration and no jokey banter between hosts, so this is my kind of podcast.. I like learning about the history as well. This is quickly becoming one of my favorites...
I think you need to look at the definition of assassin.
Human Voices? Doubt it
The voices in this podcast sound automated and fake. Even if they aren’t, they have no commitment to their subjects. A rip off probably podcast that sounds corporate. Awful and insulting.
Difference b/w murder and assassination.
Selena was murdered not assassinated. Also I don’t know why it took a 3 part series to explain it. She got caught embezzling, was confronted and shot Selena.
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