5 stars for that T-Rex bit alone, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I love everything Serano does with the Ringer. Would love to get him and BS breaking down prison movies next, esp two of my faves, Blood in Blood Out and Shot Callers. Keep it up.
Really like this...
I am really think this pod is pretty cool he put up with from the ringer so can’t be that bad. By the way ... Matt Damon was doing his own stunts in the Bourne movies, you thought wrong. ... During a sketch for the show, Corden appeared on set of Jason Bourne to fulfill a role, but he didn't know what that was. All he knew thought before filming was that he and Damon looked alike
How does curling work
Bring back villains pls
Tortilla Espanola
Poor preparation and organization doom this podcast. Shea is ok as contributor to a podcast, but not as lead. Guests often make better points.
Shea blocked me on twitter but this pod rules
These guys are so hard to listen to. I loved the movie John Wick, but these guys talking about the movie was intolerable.
How about a little prep?
Instead of workshopping the name of the pod and sound effect drops during the pod, you might want to work on the details and prep before the actual pod. Listened to less than 5 min. Too bad a good topic was wasted.
Just watch the movies
I didn’t subscribe to this but the ringer just auto-subscribed it to me....anyway why wouldn’t you just watch the movies instead of listening to this? It’s not a very difficult movie to understand. John wick kills people...that’s it
Low info, no laughs, just opinions
It’s short...Just like this review. Watch John Wick 1-3 instead of wasting time listening to these boring people.
William from Arkansas
Anything this dude is involved with... I am all in on.
Awesome Pod
That Dingo 1993***
Thank god that snake Tate finally let Shea have a pod 😂. Shea is too funny and talented
Let the man pod
This is my jam. Any podcast where Shea goes deep on movies I’m in. More of this.
The Ringer+Shea Serrano+John Wick=I’m All In
Sam and Suzy
“People keep asking if I’m back, and I haven’t really had an answer...But now, yeah, I’m thinking I’m back!” -Shea Serrano re doing more Podcasts This can only be awesome.
No season 2?
I love this podcast. True, the flow of episodes is a little bumpy with the pausing and footnotes (which really aren’t necessary). But, overall this is a great concept and I only expected it to be better the second time around. Please do a season 2!
Love the show, excited about john wick
Good show 6946
Love the podcast, excited about the John Wick series. I worked on the newest movie (parrabellum) and am super excited for it, from what i saw on set its gonna be amazing.
Amazing in so many ways.
Pete the master
Great host. Good music. Awesome format. Plus it’s in a limited format, allowing you to savor the episodes. Thanks Shea and Ringer Network!
Why no more?
So why are you not making any more pods? Come on. That’s it.
Love it
Y’all are the best
I was really excited for this and it’s alright, but he’s not confident in what he’s doing. Enough with the footnotes and stopping the flow of what’s going on. Who cares if you rant for 10 minutes, it’s your podcast. Stop trying to use Bill Simmons style, be your own man. You’re great on, “ the rewatchables” you do yourself a disservice by trying to explain yourself so much. Let the pod be what it is. Hoping season 2 is less jerky.
Dr. Swagganomics
green light season 2 cowards
Dev Berr
Pleaaaaaassssseeeeee renew for a season 2!!!!!! This show is so good and fun and relaxing and I will be so sad if shea doesn’t get another podcast. The Ringer do what you know is right and renew villains!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!
Interesting look at villains
Interesting look at some of the best villains in film. Also unrelated but love the podcast Six Pack Cinema - just average guys talking about the latest movies & entertainment news.
FINALLY, a podcast that is talking about awesome villains!** Thank you, Shea! FINALLY, Shea Serrano has his own podcast. Thank you, universe. 10/10, HIGHLY recommend giving this a try! ** Footnote: There are probably others that exist, but I’m sure they’re not nearly as diverse in scope — Mean Girls, Coco, Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, are a few of the movies covered — and there’s no way they have hosts as great as Shea. Also, speaking of footnotes, Shea also includes audio “footnotes” to correct minor things or to explain things more, which is just really great.
Perfect podcast.
Seriously my favorite new podcast. It’s somehow simultaneously hilarious, calming(weird, I know) and engaging in each episode and thats exactly what I look for in a podcast. Bravo! Please do Annie Wilkes because I love her so very much
Do you like... movies?
Well Shea’s got your number. How do you like them movies? Alright, that’s dumb. But this series isn’t - if you like movies, this is just a ton of fun. I laughed out loud in more spots than I can remember, and a few other times something made me stop and think. Great stuff.
Five star lie
aunt v!v
I’m an avid podcast listener and this show is trying too hard, it’s irritating. I got through about 12 minutes of the Regina George episode until I had to quit. The corrections are so annoying. Listeners don’t want to hear these corrections or foot notes. They make the host sound insecure. Otherwise, this podcast is a really cool concept. Don’t think I’ve seen anything else similar.
Go to Hell
Easy E
Great show. Great season. Ghost story legit freaked me out.
You are a foolish fool if you don’t listen to Villains
Shea is a great human and podcaster (not to mention 6’3” NYT best-selling author with a silky jumper) and Villains breaks legs and kicks throats in the podcast Kumite. If you’re not listening, you need to rethink how you’re living your life
It's good to be bad
Really want a season 2 of this. So many good villains that only one season isn't enough!
1 star review
Sean C (HOU)
Whoever wrote that 1 star review, fight me. 5 stars.
The most important podcast on earth
Shea is the best 6’3” podcast host in the game
Too good
D. Lambda Chi Alpha
Green light season 2, you cowards
The best
Fantastic podcast! What other show can go from Regina George to Ernesto de la Cruz to Chong Li so seamlessly.
Can’t rave about it enough. NEXT QUESTION
The host must be at least 6’4”. No other way he could be producing content like this
Hates Donald Trump, the ultimate villain.
Leland Steva
He’s cooler than all of us so of course he makes a dope podcast.
Would love a 2nd season!
Shea finally got a podcast and would love to hear more some more movie takes from him. Please make it happen!
¡Segunda temporada!
I know this just ended. Give us Season 2.
Subscribe to Villains
Shea is a great host and has on great guests. It’s such a fun show, I love every episode, and I can’t wait for Season 2.
I need Season 2!
Nothing makes me happier than listening to Shea and his guests discuss movies and their villains. I love this podcast!
This is the Most Important Review I’ve Ever Written
Green light Season 2, you cowards
Wack selections and uninspiring dialogue
Only Shea fanboys/girls could possibly enjoy this. The selections to me are all over the map and unless you’re like Shea and just watch basically every movie that comes out ever you’re unlikely to recognize the villains discussed. I’m not saying you need to go straight down the pipeline but it feels like he’s trying too hard to offer a broad range or eclectic choices. If you have t seen the film you prob won’t listen which for me so far has been most. Plus his asides and interruptions are truly awful, gave up after episode three. This was a major disappointment.
GREAT Podcast for Movie Lovers!
This is a dope podcast dissecting all of our favorite villains. The host and friends are funny and thorough. Definitely subscribe.
Love it!
Every week Shea delivers a funny and smart episode breaking down some of the best villains written to date!
Your laugh is so annoying
honest reviewer 143
Great show premise. However your horrible almost kills it for me. Also, you laughing st your own corny jokes really needs to stop.
My favorite Ringer Podcast:villains
This podcast is like a conversation I’d have with a friend. The bottom line is that Shea is funny, nice, goofy, smart, humble. I’ll listen to any podcast hosted by Shea.
ep 2 is too choppy
Jarett Joldersma
I actually really like this episode (the first I’ve listened to) except all the “timeouts” are really irritating and disrupt the overall flow of the podcast without providing critical information. Otherwise a really good episode!
Thank you sis
My sister introduced me to this podcast when only the first two episodes were released and I have been hooked ever since. Even though I have never seen some of these movies personally, I still find their discussions and explanations really fun and interesting to listen to. I keep reading that Shea’s followers are just blindly supporting his podcast, but as someone who didn’t know of him before, I really am enjoying his humor and personality shown through the podcast. Everyone has their own taste, so please give a listen of your own to decide if you enjoy this podcast or not. ALSO, yeah there were quite a few interruptions during the second episode, but there haven’t been many since so don’t hate too much because of that. The interruptions can also be humorous. People just need to have more patience in my opinion. I look forward every new episode and Q&A, this is an amazing podcast. Please keep doing what you’re doing, I will continue to support always!! Thank you!
I know it’s out there!!!!! Give me Chun Li! I Want Chun Li !
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