September 12, 2019
Barry reviews all week 1 games and the Antonio Brown situation.     Advertisements
September 5, 2019
Barry talks about Andrew Luck’s retirement, goes in deep & raw for his NFL preview. Team by team predictions, records, his Super Bowl preview, and also ranks his favorite horror movie villains. Advertisements
August 18, 2019
Barry answers fan questions on a multitude of topics. You just can’t miss this.         Advertisements
July 28, 2019
Barry blesses the sports world with his 2019 NFL QB Tiers. You don’t wanna miss this, or maybe you do…it’s a free country. But it’d be cool if you did listen. Advertisements
July 13, 2019
Barry returns with a vengeance to go over the major NBA free agency moves, and his suspension from Twitter.    
June 27, 2019
In this orgasmic episode, Barry talks about the legendary ManBoobGate, talks about the Anthony Davis trade, OJ Simpson, the NBA Draft, his ability to troll people , and the Terminator movies. Special appearance from Lila the Bernese Mountain Dog.    
June 17, 2019
Barry ruthlessly exposes Steph Curry and the Warriors organization after their Finals loss to Toronto. He also talks about Kawhi, NBA free agency, and KD & Klay’s injuries.    
June 6, 2019
Barry goes over the 1st 3 NBA Finals games and gives a passionate speech about owning the libs and remembering D-Day.    
May 27, 2019
Barry goes in-depth on his Finals predictions. Steph finally winning Finals MVP. Giannis’ meltdown. Game of Thrones ending, and Donovan McNabb’s Hall of Fame case.    
May 22, 2019
Barry dives in raw on multiple topics. The Warriors winning(again), Steph being a pampered bitch, Damian Lillard the fraud, the Rockets vomiting all over themselves(again), the KD saga, the NBA draft, NBA free agency, Tyreek Hill, and Cardi B    
May 6, 2019
Barry returns from his month long hiatus to discuss the NBA playoffs, his hatred of the Warriors, the NFL Draft, his top 5 playoff players, Game of Thrones & Avengers Endgame
April 2, 2019
Barry talks about the wild week in NFL free agency, the Russell Westbrook/Utah fan scuffle, NBA players he’d want to have his back in a fight, his unmatched ability to trick verified accounts, and more.
March 7, 2019
In this episode, Barry vents about LeBron missing the playoffs, the NFL Combine, Bryce Harper’s contract, pandering in movies, Batman, why the NCAA Tournament is fraudulent & appreciating your loved ones.    
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