True crime like you’ve never heard
Unlike Sword and Scale that’s straightforward and awesome in its own right, this is almost an audio drama and it’s riveting! The dialogue and sound effects is an immersive journey into the crime they’re discussing. So different than any other true crime pod and I’m hooked.
A unique twist of true crime and storytelling :)
Until mm kit
I’ve listened to Monstruo since the beginning and was immediately captivated! The narration is excellently done and so descriptive. I’ve never listened to a podcast I’m so entranced by! I am fully 100% immersed in each episode! I feel like I’m living each scene as if I’m invisible watching each event play out in front of me. I was worried there wasn’t gonna be a season 2 but I am so happy you guys made it happen! Bravo on this podcast team you really hit this one out of the park! Monstruo is one of a kind!
So good
It is true to what they were going for. You can feel yourself right in the seat of the killer. Almost feeling sympathetic for them, then realizing they’re a monster. Great show.
Please come back!
I just finished Season 1 and wish this went beyond Season 2! Gruesome and gritty, but addictive...5 stars all the way!
I love it!
The stories. The grit. Well put together and intriguing. Cannot stop listening!
ihatecomingupwitha nick name
There is some added dramatics to the stories and it’s told as more of a very descriptive story rather than the true story from start to finish. They tell you the stories are based on true events. Not the true account of events but based on them. It’s pretty graphic. Cool way of telling the stories though.
🤮 I love it....I think
Elle Em Esse
That’s all
Incredibly Immersive
Just listening to the first story, I feel like I’m actually watching a movie. I just wish the books I read were this descriptive...
Cult Classic ... Come Back!
During this time of Covid we need more....!!!
Sad to hear it’s not coming back
I’m a huge true crime fan and am so said and disappointed to hear that there will not be another season! You’re all so truly talented and the episodes you provided were absolutely no different than a true crime movie as they provide similar details. However, your way of providing the true crime information created a much better “movie” in my mind than any accurate show has ever done. You will all be missed and hopefully there will be a “spin off” or additional episodes to come at a much later date. The creativity and work you’ve put in is extraordinary!! HUGE FAN!!
Dark and Immersive
Dark, immersive, and a mad decent into the mind of a serial killers!!!
Disturbingly sad & satisfying
True artists come together to produce true story based crimes from the viewpoint of the criminal. Talk about a mind f$%* to your mental health as far as listening and producing ! You guys are doing a fantastic job but the day you become murders will be the day I take over Monstruo to tell your story ! I couldn’t imagine trying to put myself in the killers place without completely losing my own sanity and becoming out of touch with reality ! Great job ! Sick podcast but in an entertaining way. Stay sane !
Immersive, and dark
The podcast is pretty good. It’s immersive and cool to hear about a story from the first person viewpoint. Sometimes a little too gory for my taste, but overall pretty good. If I got $1 for every time any of the hosts used the phrase “save for the …” I’d be able to pay off my 30 year fixed mortgage tomorrow.
Creepy and honest
I just stumbled onto this and I’m sad to hear it’s over. I kinda wish Tyler’s narrative/story would have more chapters. I enjoyed listening a true crime story from inside the characters that were involved with the crime. Although I can see how it would be too hard for the hosts and their own mental health.
More please!
Awesome, creepy, cringy stories! Hope they come out with more seasons 🤞🏼🤞🏼
This is child porn. Exactly what I expect from white men.
Worse Than Fiction Podcast
Gripping storytelling that paints a very detailed picture of everthing that's happening. Though it's fictionalized, I really want to see more of this in true crime/horror podcasting. It has even had an influence on the way I write the stories that I cover. Sad to see it go, but glad we have it!
I love this podcast. Production is great and I love the after show as a closure to the story and debrief of the feelings and thoughts you have after the episodes. It’s so detailed, so well told. I feel that I am there with the killer and I feel the fear of getting to close to the monster and fear that I may meet a real one in real life, but at least I know what to look for in their eyes. Darkness... Thank you for making this, the story telling is dead on!
Mommy udder
This is my favorite by far! I LOVE the way you can tell a story! Give me more 🔥🔥🔥!!!
I’m so sad to see this podcast end. It really was the best true crime podcast out there. No shying away from the details other podcasts will yadda yadda over. I hope a third season is made
Beautifully written sickness
youtube:mudflap playz
Love this podcast. The way it drops you into the mind of depraved individuals is innovative. Insanity becomes all too real. Bravo to the writers and the performers.
A different view of true crime
I enjoy Sword & Scale. I enjoy Dark Lore. I enjoy Westside Fairy Tales. But this gives you a different way of seeing the crime. I enjoy the killer’s view of it. I love the way these guys tell it. So full of detail. From the sound of the victims clothes to the smell of the hot blood. Y’all have kicked it out of the park with this podcast. *If you are squeamish about slayings & body parts, this isn’t for you.
No comparison
I hate seeing reviews that are claiming this is too similar to maybe your other podcasts, but let me tell you, Ive been looking for this exact podcast since I started listening to them. I am subscribed to about every true crime, graphic detail podcast and nothing comes close. It’s nice knowing I can be sane but also want the morbid, cross the line, stories. And I’m not the only one! Great job guys.
Great show
Smile carm
This is the most honest depiction of what true crime I have ever come upon with out reading a book. This show puts you right in the act of evil happening. Many people might say “oh it’s to graphic.” Well what’s happen to the victims of torcher, rape, mutilation, and/or murder is graphic. It is the victims we learn about in this podcast. Through their pain you gain an understanding. It is a sad world where we sensationalize serial killers. This podcast does justice in painting the evil they have done. If you want to laugh or have a comment for the cooler at work, this isn’t the show for you. If you want to understand pain and have a new respect for victims and their families this is the show for you. I’m sad that this may now be canceled. I hope that this news is not true.
I really like the show but I will admit it’s a little over dramatic at points. I guess that’s the only way to make it so immersive! Which it really is! You feel like your almost there! I love it please please keep it going!
Thank you.
Linda in Kansas
I am sad to see this end. I really like all of this podcast. I truly am engrossed by all the talented people who write the stories and music. There are true monsters in this world. I am a 67 year old lady and grew up reading true crime from the age of ten. I can’t wait for you next project. Linda in The Land of Oz
The Vampire
This episode was amazingly written. Well done gentleman!
Writing is mediocre / over the top
Clyde Sideways
S&S better, this feels like a ‘based on a true story’ version of true crime.
Tyler - love to listen to you on after show
Love to listen to both, Jack and Tyler. Just want to give a shoutout for Tyler. I like your opinions and depth of the background. You’re so funny too, in a good way I mean👍
Immersive, almost like watching a film. I enjoy most of everything these guys do. Hope it doesn’t end
Love it.
Joshua Alexander rocha
Great show....very creative.
Love it!
This is a great podcast! I love the stories especially the way these guys tell it. It makes you feel like you are there and they pull you in. No other like it! Keep up the great work guys!
This show was so creative and fascinating. There might be a temptation to skip the aftershows, but especially Season 2, the aftershows were honestly my favorite. Listening to Jack Luna and Tyler Bell chat and joke about what they've made here was the best. Good luck, guys. Looking forward to what you do next.
The creepiest podcast I’ve listened to. I love it. It definitely takes you inside the killers head and makes you uncomfortable.
So sad :(
By far my favorite podcast ever. I can’t get enough. So sad it’s ending :( please come back for another season!!!! I’ll be waiting :) love you guys you’re amazing <3
Love it!
I’m really sad this podcast is ending. It boggles my mind that people aren’t able to appreciate GREAT writing. This is different than other true crime podcast, and that’s why i love it. Yes, it can be gross and disturbing but that’s the reality of what serial killers do....they do gross and disturbing things. Fantastic job to everyone who was involved in this podcast and the fabulous writing! I thoroughly enjoyed it and can say this has been my #1 favorite podcast EVER!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aimee
Give it a second chance
Lucky13 SF
I’m upgrading this to a 5/5. The format is already being copied. Secret Season 3 of Monstruo. Tyler, you’re killing me. Make it happen! Thank you for a great show. When I heard the debut episode, I kind of hated it. However, I really like the creators and their individual podcasts, so I chose another episode later on at random and reconsidered. Podcasts are becoming more and more homogenous with little risks taken, and I hope this show continues somehow. As far as disturbing content, frequently people claim to enjoy dark subjects and excruciating detail...but they really don’t. This is real deal pushing beyond the boundaries stuff, and I’m surprised the language police haven’t tried to censor it. I give it a solid B+. Ads are actually funny in a ridiculous way.
If you’re a prepubescent kid who gets a little hard when you see roadkill: A. Get some counseling immediately. B. Take this podcast to your doctor as an example of the type of illness you’re facing. I’m a true crime enthusiast, but this is just creepy.
Brettzle Chester
Started listening on a lark early on in the first season and slowly but surely got hooked. At first I thoguht the concept was kind of a stretch but the execution kept me coming back again and again until it became one of my favorites. A little heartbroken they're not planning on a third a season, but I get it. I'm very fond of this podcast and know I'm going to re-listen to it like I do some of my other favorites.
Well done guys
Thanks for perseverance through the “beats”. I appreciate and acknowledge your talent. Tyler you nailed it on “True Crime” and what Monstruo is to it. And Jack on the horror of rape. Drop the mic. Thank you again.
AaaPppRrrIiiLll Zzz
I just finished Season 2’s finale on Peter Kurten. It was definitely my favorite. Just want to say Nice job on the writing and narration. Don’t let the mean reviews and comments cut you too deep. You guys never misrepresented what you set out to do, and that’s that! I hope to see you all back for a 3rd season. Good luck!
The Vampire Part 1
Very chilling readings. strong story and full of horrorl
Great take on True Crime! Not for faint of heart
rdj in cleveland
I had trouble stomaching a few scenes of a few episodes, but that was the plan, right? I enjoyed the after show and appreciated your candor. I was engaged and often thought about the characters after the episode was over due to your writing talent. I will stay aware and paranoid as there are some truly sick people in this world. Thanks Guys for holding steadfast despite the haters! #Godmadeweedsoitsinheaventoo
Horror Telling of True Crimes
It’s a raw & graphic telling of true crimes from the victim’s and perpetrator’s perspective. Hear and see the insanity of the perpetrator’s thoughts before, during and after the gut wrenching crimes. Hear and feel what your mind will let you from the victim’s point of view. Not for the faint of heart. You will enjoy if you enjoy horror, true crime, graphic storytelling, and gore. It’s an interesting take on that’s for sure. I’m sad that they got canceled after 2 seasons. It’s genius!
More please
Bummed this show is ending too! How am I gonna get my Jack Luna fix? Tyler’s writing has been awesome, especially the last show...amazing stuff! Monstruo isn’t for everyone. You need to be able to tolerate some gruesome details and be intelligent enough to understand how they’re telling the story. Eventually you pick up on the flow and it makes sense...or you’re just too stupid and should listen to something else. Thanks for the great show guys.
So Good!
I was so apprehensive about this podcast at first but after the first couple episodes I was hooked! It is a completely different take on true crime. An immersive storytelling of crimes and the criminals background. The sound effects, the descriptive language, and the storylines are not for the faint of heart but it is SO GOOD! It’s the only podcast I anxiously await new episodes. Tyler, Jack, and Mike you guys killed it! (No pun intended)
Well done
Hard to listen to sometimes due to content, but overall, well written and well done.
Really hard to follow..can’t tell if it’s a true story or fiction. The duel voices seems like a good idea but it’s not...the one guy sounds like a character from GTA and he uses the same voice in the ads which also makes it hard to follow whether I’m listening to the ad or the story. Love the idea of it all but was hoping it’d be so much better.
Huge fan ..
I binged both seasons, I love sword and scale and when I heard about this I was really intrigued. I love true crime and pretty much obsessed with podcasts. But this really tells you a story, true stories. I love it. You experience the crime in amazing detail.
Okay, so I started out on the fence about this one. The subject matter sounded interesting enough, and I admit I have listened to a few of them. I didn't want to review this until I'd heard enough to really judge it as a whole, and this is my first and likely only podcast review I've made. My biggest problem? So much child abuse and sexualization. It makes me really question the ethics of the minds behind this. A lot of the writing is laughable, when it obviously wasn't meant to be. Imagine a teen writing the most vulgar, classless things they can imagine in order to make any reaction. Characters say things one would never say if they belonged to the culture they'd been designated, or reality at all for that matter. The commercials I'd heard on Sword and Scale said this was going to be the scariest or most messed up podcast ever made basically, and I'm not buying that. This is what trying too hard sounds like, and it’s gross in a way they didn’t intend.
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