Lots to say. Braces and tea for Brits not “suspenders” and coffee
Why are negative reviews being removed? I’ve had to repost this multiple times. Bad form! Guys, seriously, “victims are boring” and their deaths are the “only interesting” parts of their lives as you blather in your most recent Aftershow? What is wrong with you? The writing on the Dennis Nilsen episode was better than any of the other episodes, which all sound way too undergrad creative writing class — ridiculously forced similes every second sentence, and overwrought prose (body parts move “like a pendulum?” Why? What does that even look like — and yes I know the Poe story...also you use certain verbs way too many times — i lost count of “thrumming.”). By the way the recent inquest found that he “died in agony in his own faeces” in his prison cell (see The Sun). So there’s something... In fact “The Drunkard” is the only reason I’m giving this a two instead of a one. I’ve taught university creative writing classes so I’ve read too much stuff to be very tolerant — especially when you are writing about real victims of real murderers. The different voices and senses of context (if a little rough — discuss memories of the war instead of name-dropping Churchill et alia) made the Dennis (“The Drunkard” episodes) much more interesting than usual. But “suspenders” and “coffee?” Dennis was of course a Scot/Brit so use the correct terms...”braces” and of course tea never coffee until very recently.
If your looking for a show with over descriptive details about nothing key to the story than this is it. I want to fall asleep every episode and it gets worse as it goes on. Mike is a great narrator but the other two are super cringe, especially the after show, it’s by far worse. I’ll stick to S&S
A good scary but confusing
Look, I’d do a 5 star rating but I can’t because I get lost in the way it’s presented I guess. I might be the only one who feels that way and that’s fine. It’s incredibly done with the sound effects, music and how creepy it all sounds. The stories are insane. Where I get lost is who is who, or time changes, etc. that makes it confusing. Other than that this is a great podcast. If you’re into this weird true crime podcast stuff, it’s interesting hearing it from the killers side. Thanks fellas for a good listen every week.
The Insect!
Firetruck Jack
You guys nailed this. The three boys from my other favorite podcast recently shared this same story. Only without the visceral investment that you guys forced past my clenched teeth like so much snotty, petrified sausage. My phantom gag reflex congratulates you.
Seeing new monstrous episodes makes my heart happy
A WORK OF ART. The poor reviews are from people hell bent on a smear campaign, who have little else to do than hang their hat on their bewildering hate for the host. I love this project and hope it never ends.
If I did a podcast, this’d be it
I’m pretty jaded, if you can make me feel sick you are doing a good job! 😂 love it.
Love it!
So over the top
The voices are just ridiculous and mike buday is a childish cry baby. Also, about half of the reviews for this show are 1 star except when I read the reviews it’s almost impossible to find an actual 1 star review. Lol are you guys deleting negative reviews?
I, like so many others, am completely obsessed with true crime. This series does not disappoint! Some parts can be hard to listen to, knowing that is really happened. This puts a unique spin to true crime and looks through the killers perspective.
The disappointment!
Rigged AF
Waited all year for something described to be somewhat better than S&S but this podcast is far from that. Its honestly hard to get through an episode because its boring. Mikes voice is always so smooth and you cling on to every word, but the other dude sounds like he is trying out for a role; reading a script. I wish Mike would focus less on this trash and get back to what made us start loving him from the beginning... this gives an overly described folks tale vibe and the narratives make it seem like a fictional, made up, story time tale. I’ll have to pass on this podcast.
Totally dig it...
Dark, twisted, gruesome, insane...love this podcast. Glad to have Season 2 back, Mike. Missed ya man, keep up the great work. 👍🏼
I’ve been a horror fan for a long time.. I feel as though I have a tough skin when it comes to blood, gore and unimaginable depravity. It may be that I’m getting older but these stories freak me out and make my stomach twist. Yet, I still listen.
Escapism to escape from
Stella 9687
I can’t get enough but not sure why? Maybe because it keeps my problems in perspective... maybe I like knowing exactly what I’m avoiding on a day to day basis as a hyper vigilant woman 😅
Promise keepers
You guys said season 2 was going to be more intense and you did not disappoint! I’ve had to walk away and get some fresh air and clean my ears but here I am back for more. Well written, production is amazing, all around incredible delivery. I don’t understand people who purposefully come to listen to it and then get mad at y’all when “it’s too much”. If you’re here you know what to expect, not the kind of content you’re looking for? Cool keep it pushing 👋🏻
Love it
I love how researched and invested the hosts are and how they fearlessly take it to the grossest level.
Forced and needlessly brutal
Skip it
Kinda Gross and meh
1.) One my issues is the ridiculous, over-the-top sounds effects. Total botched execution. Sound effects are suppose to bring the listener to the setting and create an atmosphere. The audio effects in this podcast are kinda sloppy in a gross way. Every violent scene sounds like it is paired with the sound of someone eating a bowl of over-cooked spaghetti. No good. 2.) Also, Mike Boudet is not great with this type of storytelling (with his dramatic pauses and lame build ups.) MB really wants to shock us, but his storytelling style is so weak that it’s almost unbelievable. His fact-based style with S&S is where he really shines. 3.) These stories could be wrapped up in (1) 30 minute episodes instead of these (2) parters. Just take out all of MB’s hand-holding reading to his listeners. The after show is also just one big circle jerk. I know the after shows exists to show how hard MB, JL, & TB work. I really believe they all 3 bust their butts to make a good show, but there is so much room for improvement. 4.) Jack Luna is great, as always.
The Insect
I think I’m going to hurl. So gross.
Love it
Keep up the great work guys!! I get excited when I see I have a new Monstruo to listen to... wish they were longer
Hot Mic Thompson
While the content may not be for everyone, the writing is undeniably excellent. There’s so much imagery and thought that went into the craftsmanship of each episode, an overwhelming emotional response cannot be avoided; and, isn’t that the intent of literature? I thoroughly enjoy each episode, not because I’m a sadist (I assure you my gut wrenches at the thought of some of these stories and I have to take a break from this podcast for months at a time), but because I appreciate the effort put into each piece. Great job guys! Keep pushing the boundaries. And thanks for your service, Tyler.
OUTSTANDING Trio of men: The day Fate brought you three together to ‘create’ was a good day for all of us. Thank you for your hard work . You’re research and narration is ear candy. The fictional additions work well. I am a true fan of #Westside Fairytales, #Dark Topic, # Swords and Scale This collaboration is remarkable.
Love!!! Best pod in the category. EVER.
Love you murder porn whores! You guys are AMAZING! Love your voices too! Haters gonna hate... keep up the good work, you’re unprecedented! My only complaint is that the language seems “overthought” most of the show. English is my third language so I have a hard time understanding sometimes. I wish you kept it simple. You’re amazing just as you are, no need to put make up on! Xoxo
Too Real
M E Dub
True crime is gruesome. Sometimes the violence of true crime makes no sense to sain people. If you want a rendering of newspaper facts, then go someplace else.
Homosexual is a derogatory way to refer to gay men
Al Mcg.
Please, some of the language you use is soooooo terribly outdated, for homosexual, you can easily use the word gay. No lgbtq folk refer to themselves as homosexuals, it’s so demeaning. Also I’ve heard the work prostitute used over and over again, sex worker is the non offensive way to refer to these people. Your show is great but honestly you need to change some of your language, unless your okay with being discriminatory towards us. Are you?
The first two episodes of season 1 tried the limits of what I’m capable of enjoying. Well done.
Season 1 Better
This season seems forced and the after shows are like petty cliquish high schoolers picking on others that are beneath them.
Good and different
I like your guys’ style. Some of the stories are a little much but it’s not the hosts fault. It’s the nature of the beast. I find this super interesting the way it paints a different picture and it’s a different and intriguing way to tell these stories. I appreciate the uniqueness of this particular podcast. Keep it up guysssss!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Great show
If you can’t handle the truth of what is talked about then don’t listen. Great show amazing the way these are written.
So corny...
Sword and Scale is by far my favorite true crime podcast. This over descriptive storytelling with the voice of Batman in every episode doesn’t do it for me. Listened to 2 episodes and decided it’s not for me.
Love it
I love the show. The details make it way more interesting than just listening to someone sit and read like they r reading out of a newspaper. I have never heard of most of these people which I really like. Great job! Keep it up
I liked season 1, but if it needed some soft touches it got them intentionally or not, what I list is in no specific order : the narration between Luna, mike, and Tyler is great. I can’t remember if Tyler narrated last season but if not or so, it is a great effect. Gives more range. Boudet has a gift at narration, and in his very different but impactful way Luna you narrate plus ( when u do a fiendish voice in someone’s head is second to none) and Tyler I know ur a great story teller but your voice lends a big hand in the mix. The general consensus was season 1 was to much for some ( not I) but I will say season 2 is much better flowing. The in-particulars you’d never know happened in a scene are written seamless bringing you to that moment on a train the waft of barley grain bags in canvas Bering dropped. Those make the story so real I can’t even drive, cuz I literally imagine each episode in my head. Luna mike and Tyler season 2 is going very well, I love it.
It’s dark, but written perfectly! Great work!
The most horrific version of true crime ever
The super personal and descriptive approach gives this podcast a unique reality that I feel is lost in other podcasts of it kind. A true nightmare the entire way through. As the stories ought to warrant. I think it’s the least glamorized depiction of these violent acts for this very reason. Keep going.
Get a better sound guy
I liked the Drunkard, but the music at the beginning of each episode was SO loud that it drowned out the narrative. And it hurt my ears. Still the best podcast I've ever listened to!
Definitely worth it.
I feel bad that I laugh so hard during the after shows. 😂😂😂 I love true crime. I loved Sword and Scale. My mom listened and was like “oh dear God, I could hardly make it through The Butcher.” Then I started listening to it right after listening to the new Chris Watts confessions tapes (that needs to be a S&S btw). Oh my goodness! I physically gagged while writing a settlement at work, and I looked at my cube mate and said, listen to this, right now. I seriously recommend this to everyone I talk to. Most of my friends are in the Crim Justice/law field so we’re all a bunch of cynical weirdos.
Excellently produced agony
This is the modern adaptation of what Capote did with “In Cold Blood”. Truly terrifying tales of madness from all over the world. Glad season 2 got made. Huge fan of this project.
Really love detailed descriptions!
I really like listening about new and different stories some of us know from our home countries but were never played out in this scale. Some of them worthy of encore. Got lost in the sorcerer though! 4 and 1/2 stars!!
The best ever
Got to say this is the best ever love the gore love the work you guys put it in please bring more
Twisted and Awesome
Daria Mondeik
They are very open about this podcast catering to a specific niche of people since the content is so graphic and intense. Production quality is amazing. It shows that they really put in the time to make every episode better than the last.
Not for the faint hearted
This podcast is my favorite, it tells the crimes for the perpetrators POV. It can make people uncomfortable but it’s reality.
Drunkard after show. Hilarious and so insightful
I could listen to Tyler and Jack all day. Belly laughing while totally agreeing with assessment of messed up stuff. Tyler was on a roll lol! Love how they feed off each other - no pun intended 🤣
Don’t like it? ....go next door
As someone who runs a Bar in the restaurant industry, I like to say about those who want to give their input into what we should do with our recipes(food and/or cocktails)....quuuote ”you are the guest at the party we’re throwing”. In other words -this is what we do and how we do it, don’t like it there’s another Restaurant/Bar next door. P.S. this analogy is specifically for those who feel the need to trash, give unwanted advice and one star reviews to these guys for doing exactly what they set out to do, don’t like it? Just listen to something else. Easy
Well produced and well written. Cutting-edge and different than the run of the mill podcast.
Not for those with an uneasy stomach!
Definitely a fascinating yet horrific podcast sometimes! Some of the descriptions used during makes me gag, but I can't seem to stop listening!
I don’t expect true crime podcasts to be pretty, I know what I’m getting into. But this show takes it to far. I get these acts are horrific, but this is to much. It’s self indulgent and pretty gross. You can convey the same sense of horror without describing rape in detail. Just an opinion though
Bring it...!!!
PC Junkie
I had to re-listen to Monstruro, re-listen to Luna ... 🌚 and then to West side Fairytales...🖤 I think that what I am saying is that a one time listening of the MONSTRURO podcast was not enough to appreciate what was intended by the writers. The episodes required a second listening in order to fully appreciate and understand all of the senses that were evoked... ...and then, it was horrific. Count me ‘in’ the cult. I can represent the seventh generation. Nanagram, PC Junkie
Possibly Realistic
This interpretation of a killer’s thoughts & feelings may be close to the dark killer mind. It’s disturbing and sometimes nauseating. I have a feeling though, the actual would be too much. Very creative guys.
Get over it!
If you don’t like it, don’t listen!!! Well written, well narrated, and a unique experience. I find it so unbelievable that people still write bad reviews. Just keep doing the opposite of what your so called, “critics” tell you. I’m pretty sure you’ll come out on top in the end!
Very good discrimination. Kinda homoerotic
A little creepy...
I love S&S and thought I’d check this out but I don’t know things got kinda weird pretty fast. I get that the creators are trying to be creative and do something new but this podcast is a bit much. I feel as if the writer/ narrator is getting some kind of gratification in describing these crimes, maybe they are living out some type of fantasy by re-enacting it? I don’t know but I don’t want to be a part of it. I’m not even offended just super creeped out not so much by the subject matter but more by the hosts. Maybe that was the intention if so good job but I can’t listen anymore.
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