The tithing at the church allowed Joseph Smith to chase the skirts (amen) 🙏 Glad you and fam got out MATTY! But did you get to keep the magical pajamas? Do Mormons have to ware magical garments when they screw or is this something I made up? READ: Under the Banner of Heaven By: Jon Krakauer -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Love the podcast
aaronious maximus
Love this podcast. Funny interesting, and full of heart. If you listen to Rogan, papaya kingdom, rat kingdom, Fighter and the Kid Riffin with Griffin etc... throw this on your list.
Awesome thanks
Funny podcast I’ve been listening to you for just only a couple I guess since you started I got a Instagram I’ll find some buffalo something but I remember you said that Brian was going to give 1000 bucks to somebody that needed it so my Instagram is Jojola024 I’m holding my breath so let hem know that I’m truly turning blue
Great show
All in all a great show. However the live podcasts detract heavily. Too much dialogue between the people.
Huge fan of the podcast. I’ve listened to all episodes except for ari shaffir just because I don’t like the guy and also made a mistake by listening to “CD” episode.. please forgive me. Love you
More whiskey
More whiskey less ginga
Shut Up!!
Host never shuts up, never lets the guest speak, he rambles on and on....Unbelievably boring, not even funny a little....
Sound consistency is killing it
I love the podcast but it's hard to listen to it when the guests or even Andrew's levels (sound) go all over the place. One second is like a whisper conversation and then BAM! laughter at level 10. Please fix this you guys.. The podcast is great. Big fan.
Chips Delano
Count BC
So good
Phenomenal podcast!!
April Link
So good
chip wallis
So so so good
Great Podcast
The only thing that would make this podcast better is if Andrew did more than 1 episode per week.
One of my favorites
Very funny and entertaining
The episodes with Harland Williams and Bobby Lee made me laugh so hard. This podcast is well on its way to becoming my favorite :)
Ginger flavored cheetos
ray ray mc'bigears
Great podcast! Keep up the good work
My dude.
K S Blue
I fuuuuuuucking LOVE Andrew Santino. I hate myself for taking this long to get into his podcast. The epitome of everything I love about a comedian, paired with fantastic guests.
Silky balls mcgee
A man who epitomizes what it means to be a whiskey loving ginger.
This guy
Kaiser Soso
He thinks many things are dope.
Love it!
Great conversations with great guests!
This is one of my favorite podcasts on earth- I say that for all my podcasts, but I mean it once again today
Great Podcast
I love how he jokes around with all his guest.
I thought Santino was great in I’m Dying Up Here and I always love hearing him on Your Mom’s House Podcast and The Joe Rogan Experience. His stand up is hilarious, so when I heard that he had his own podcast I immediately subscribed and 4 episodes in I’m already hooked! Def one of my favorite podcasts! Radio is DEAD ☠️☠️☠️ welcome to the future! My opinion is not worthy of the content put out by this ginger genius...🥺
Love it!!!!
Love it keep it coming
“Turning the key on the red Ferrari”
The red rocket is always pushing it closer to the red zone. Warp mode engaged
Red Rocket
George LM
Santino is a hilarious stand up and it transfers over perfectly to the podcast world. Always waiting to listen newest episode.
Funny dude
Funny dude, good podcast. Definitely needs to be added to your comedy podcast rotation. FYI, poop on my wheat bread and pee on my rye
Dusty crusty
I live how you guys are just having a conversation about normal stuff and it’s a recorded for us to listen to. I guess that’s what podcasts have turned into but I enjoyed this one in particular more than the type of podcast that has an agenda and it seems as more of an interview. Keep killin it. Love it!
Funniest guy out there
Jason Morgan35
I came across this guy recently listening to Chris D’Elia. I got through all his interviews in about 2 weeks. I have been listening to Stern all my life and I listen to comedians regularly on podcasts. He is better than anyone I have heard. His interviews can be surprisingly deep while maintaining his hilarious context. He has the ability to make the conversations flow with a wide range of topics that keeps you entertained the entire time. It’s a great insight into to the life of an entertainer and what they go through daily while making you think about daily topics most of us think about but don’t talk about.
Cheeto the Wife Cheater
There’s nothing new about this show. it’s tired comedy - white men trying hard to be funny by being crass, sexist and racist. plus - Andrew’s a full on predator. don’t waste your time.
Unexpectedly Top Notch
To clarify - Santino is an amazing comedian. But with so many podcasts out there, I wasn’t sure what this would offer. If it would offer anything new. He really, really does. He is a surprisingly deft interviewer that is willing to ask things others wouldn’t in a honest way where they can’t help but answer. Where others might be afraid to approach something, Santino goes “F it. Why not.” & dives right in. Useful for a good listen.
Episode 38
The Ginger Stallion
Jessimae Peluso episode had me laughing out loud for almost the entire episode. Keep it up!
Santino is freaking hilarious. Keep killin dude.
Best POD
This podcast is so funny!! I can’t get enough
Could listen to the Red Rocket talk all day. I love the different type of guests and whenever I can catch him as a guest on other podcasts. Plus he’s foxy fine 🦊
I love Cheeto
Cheeto Santino don’t play no sh!t. I love his style of comedy. 10/10 would recommend
Great show, sporadic audio issues
The host is entertaining an his guests the same. I really like this podcast, but would encourage Cheeto Santino to upgrade his production because occasionally the audio quality is not so great.
Friday’s episodes can’t come quickly enough.
Fantastic chicago kid
D Schrute
This guy is hilarious. Great listen
Brilliantly Funny, High-ly enjoyable
Seriously good stuff. Found you accidentally while grabbing Bill Burrs new podcast. What a delightful addition to my ears!! I’m a mom and podcasts are the main source of adult conversation. Thank You and keep up the good work.
One of my new favorite podcasts 🔥🔥
Almost Perfect
johnny weiner
Loved every sing thing about this podcast until rapaport made my ears bleed 4 minutes in
The Pod Of The Ages
Incredible Pod! Keeps you on your toes and coming back for more. Highly recommend! Give it a listen and subscribe!
Whiskey Ginger Please
Galactic Sherpa
I really enjoy Andrew’s playful, yet intuitive delivery of and response to questions. The above mixed with whiskey and ginger good make an hour meltaway with these! Keep up the hard work!
Absolutely Wonderful
Santino has the rare ability to mix sarcasm with affability making him the perfect verbal sparring partner. There is a honest kindness that comes through when he speaks to his guests, but I can easily imagine his anger could rip your soul to shreds if you stirred it up. Bobby Lee and Santino together have one of the best chemistry’s together and would love to see them together more. I work alone all day and listen to an endless amount of podcasts. This remains in my top 3 without a question. When you make an interview with pro skateboarders interesting to a 45 year old hillbilly woman in the middle of the Ozarks, you’re doing pretty dang good.
Wrinkly Pink Dirt Shute
sandy croch
Love you get Jo Koy on! It will be like Bigfoot wrestling the Hulk!
So funny.
Pagan man of color.
I like your solo podcast, you ramble on and it’s so relatable. Hilarious. Lol and love Bobby lee. Lol ❤️🖤🙌🏽
This Podcast is the Best
I say that about all my podcasts but this time I really mean it.
Hilarious, smart, authentic
Santino is amazing and the guests make it even better. Perfect combo of questions and personal anecdotes during the conversations with guests.
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