Hang Out With Them
You’ve got to catch this podcast! Sara and Chris have such a great rapport. Their conversations slip and slide in an effortless fashion that is a joy to listen to. I have laughed to tears, while listening to their real life struggles with everyday life.
Messy can be funny!
Life is Messy is one of our favorite new shows! Hosts that have hilarious takes on the normal messes that come with kids, families and everything in between. If you’ve been thrown up on by a toddler, changed wet sheets at 3 am or come home to a shredded couch compliments of your dog, this is the show for you. It’s satisfying to know that balancing life and everything else isn’t just messy for us, it’s universal. Love from your messy friends @2girlsonabench 🤪
Nothing like Math class!
In other words, i enjoy it, i can't get enough, and i want MORE AND MORE! Two of my fave podcast voices talking about real life, and the good (its ok you're not alone) conversations that you love to have with your friends. Keep up the good work! **offers awkward high five, that ends up being a weird fist bump thing** --SaraD
Like hanging out with friends
Great podcast. Easy to listen to. It's like sitting around chatting with two friends about adulting, parenting and the messiness of life. The audience participation is fun. I can't wait to see how this community and this podcast grows.
Superlatives about
Saying good things about the podcast is not saying enough about this podcast because when you say things about this podcast you have to say things about this podcast like “this podcast is the best podcast to have ever been podcasted.”
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