Compelling and real
mike bartick
Hard to stop listening to this. If you like story telling and realism then this podcast channel will grab you and won’t let go. The depth of this is astounding, shocking and real... I came here while listening to the Bosch series and other Connelly books, wanting to go deeper and wow, incredible and insightful.
Michael Connelly Is The Cherry On Top
This is deep dive into one murder. I was not sure would hold my interest. Turned out it was hard to stop listening once you get into. Take this journey with Mr. Connelly and the actual detectives who investigated this case and never gave up.
Absolutely fantastic true crime podcast. Huge fan of the author and hope that there will be many more true crime podcasts.
My all time favorite
Melly Burdawg
I am a big fan of the author, but I was not sure he could make the leap to podcaster. Happy to say this has been my favorite podcast. Bring on the next one! PLEASE!
Not riveting
The case (and I do realize someone was killed) does not seem like it needs so many episodes. I listened part way through ep 5 and then stopped. There were just too many large chunks of court room testimony about events that had already been covered in detail.
Good listening
old guy vinnie
I have always loved the writing of Connelly. This is another way to hear his great work. Enjoy
If you’re a fan of Connelly’s, you’ll gain insight to the characters and themes of his books. If you’re not a fan of Connelly’s you’ll become one. Great storytelling, well-paced, and full of behind the scenes machinations of the criminal justice system.
Bring you back to the days of listening on radio
This podcast is amazing. The voice brings you back to how news and storytelling was made back before tv was around. The case is laid out beautifully, easy to follow all the way through. He really did his research on this case. I listen to a lot of podcast, and true crime is one of my favorites to listen to. This one will keep you wanting to listen nonstop. Highly recommend this podcast. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
This is a display of fantastic journalism and storytelling. As an avid podcaster and attorney practicing criminal law, I would give this podcast more than five stars if I could.
Murder Book
M. Trefle
Absolutely riveting stuff. Any LA true crime aficionado will hunker down with this podcast. Kudos to Michael Connelly and his team. Well done !
Excellent Podcast
This was excellent story telling. Love the voices in this. Can’t wait for season 2
Justice System Narrative
Steve Baran
Murder Book is a great tool to educate the mystery reader (or anyone) as to how the justice system functions and how it can be manipulated. There are good and bad sides to the manipulation depending on your position, defendant or prosecutor seeking “justice” for the family of a murder. Although this case features the extreme manipulation of the system it also makes the listener think about what one would want as an accused subject and what defense tools could be employed. Very stimulating podcast. Thanks Michael. I also liked the comments of you and your consultants regarding the distinction between fiction and real life detective and legal behavior.
Mrs. 3580
I confess I have not read 1 of Michael Connelly’s books. Yet. I am new to listening to podcasts, and was introduced to this one by my husband. None of the others have held my attention like this story. I looked forward to my hour long commutes between work and home to hear the next chapter, and now I wait in anticipation for the next story. In the meantime I will pick up his books!
Master storyteller
A master in his books (one man’s internal forces so deftly handled in storytelling) and now a master in executing a podcast series. Also, a great reminder about all the nuances of our legal system.
A must listen for fans of true crime.
Michael Connelly is one of the masters of modern detective books with His Harry Bosch universe. This podcast not only demonstrates him using his journalist skills to reopen a cold case, but displays his sheer knowledge of the criminal Justice systems strengths and weaknesses. He is joined by the same detectives that inspire his beloved characters. A must listen!
Loved it
I really enjoyed this podcast. It was edited well. Little personal details about Michael Connaly and his pursuit of journalism and writing were a great addition to the story line. Listening to the thoughts of the investigators and prosecution, the recordings of the judge, the testimony, and the juror speaking in the end gave the case so much substance. It’s a very solid and informative podcast. I’m looking forward to hearing about another case!
Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thank you so much for this story!
Can’t get past narrator’s gravely voice
I’m sure there is a storyline in there to be heard but the voice of the narrator is like nails on a chalk board. I have to turn up and down the volume bc it’s not consistent and I can’t stand listening to anything he has to say anyway so I miss part of the story. Kind of done with it already
Bravo!!! Best podcast ever done. I’m a fan of Michael Connleys books and have been for a very long time but this podcast knocks it out of the park.
Murder book
This show is great I am a big fan of Michael Connelly books especially Bosch all I can say is the show interesting and very nicely done the stories are fantastic!!!!! I am so interested in true crime and fiction crime this is right up my alley especially listening to Michael Connelly my favorite author!!!!
Loved Season 1
Fascinating! I’m a crime junkie both true & fiction so love to listen esp hearing it in MC’s voice.
The Tell -Tale Bullet
Listening in J'Ville Oregon
I’ve been a long-time reader of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series, and am a huge fan. I’m now delighted to have discovered the Murder Book Podcasts. Once I got started on season one, I could hardly stop. It’s always there on my mobile device and easy to listen at my convenience. I listen while on long toad trips, on a plane, sitting in a waiting room, on my daily walk or simply at home while taking care of household tasks. The episodes are thoroughly intriguing and hearing the voices of investigators or people being interviewed just adds to the authenticity. I’m hooked.
Love It
Have enjoyed Bosch since day one so MC could do no wrong. Love this podcast - just wish there were more episodes right now ‼️
Great Story. Terrible Host
The story is very interesting but I cannot stand the host. His voice is flat and without emotion, expression or inflection. But what I don’t like most is that he shamelessly plugs his projects any time he can squeeze it in. It doesn’t matter if it’s his books or his tv shows or podcasts or whatever else, he talks about himself in EVERY episode. Even during the Sponsor ads. It’s effin’ annoying. It’s like “Shut the Eff up!!!” If he wasn’t so annoying I would have given the podcast 5 stars because the story of trying for 30 years to bring Jade Clark’s killer to justice is fascinating.
Murder Book
I admit to being a Michael Connolly junky but this podcast was incredibly addictive. The details and ups and downs were both exciting and at times depressing. The insight shared was terrific. Kudos to all for your persistence and untiring efforts to bring justice to to all parties.
Every min of it. Very detailed but also gripping from the very start! Anxiously waiting season 2! Thank you for all you do!
Best of True Crime
Just finished season one and was very moved by the compassionate telling of this crime and it’s journey through the legal system. Presented multiple points of view and was balanced in pointing out strength and weaknesses of both sides. I can’t wait for season 2.
Fabulous podcast!
Thanks to Mr. Connelly for a fascinating podcast. It was very interesting to hear the insights of the detectives, lawyers, and others throughout the episodes. I’m almost done with season 1 and will look forward to season 2!
Love this podcast
Loving Season 1 of Murder Book. A lot of commonalities with the latest book release “The Night Fire”. Will listen, watch and read anything by Michael Connelly. Great content and perspective, can’t wait to hear more.
Love this podcast
I have been a fan of Michael Connelly’s books—read all of them. I watch his Bosch series and I am now thankful to listen to this non-fiction podcast. I cannot wait for the next series.
Murder Book season 1
Dominic S. from B
Love to listen to Old Time Radio on the internet especially the mysteries and police procedurals. This picks up where they left off. Great stuff. Can’t wait for the next season. Michael Connelly rules.
Murder Book season 1
Enjoyed the podcast very much. The story was riveting and fascinating. A classic case of truth being stranger that fiction. Although it seemed like there was some stretching toward the end which was a bit tedious to listen through. But it is understandable that this was necessary in order to include the final resolution of this epic case which was still taking place in real time. I have not read any of Michael Connelly’s book as yet, but I will probably start to after hearing the podcast and watching the Bosch series on Amazon. Eagerly awaiting season 5.
Great Listen
Dale Green
This podcast is long on info and short on chatter. Great to hear and it has lots of information. I’m a long time fan and am excited to be able to hear real life crime solving. Yay!
Fantastic Work
This Podcast is one of the best I have heard in a long time! Excellent job! I cannot wait till the next one. Yet again, my eyes/ears have been peeled open with our justice system. Please keep up the great work! Your works have been a long time favorite of mine, and continue to be!
Liver Mike
This is my first review in years of following lots of podcasts. The story was gripping and gratifyingly procedural. More please.
Well done !!!
The tone, conversations and subject are all very engaging binged the heck out of it ... love Bosch also!
Holt Apple
Michael Connelly has created a Podcast that is as addictive as his books. I love the true crime angle and “meeting” some of the people who inspired the characters from his novels. You won’t be disappointed!
won’t be disappointed
I almost wrote this podcast off partway through the first episode because I thought it was kind of slow, but it picked up and got interesting soon after so hang in there if you feel the same way! Great story telling, details, and interviews. Definitely one of the better true crime podcasts I’ve listened to and I hope more seasons are coming!
Top Notch
Splendid podcast, I rank this one easily in top 5
Love this
I’m a huge M Connolly fan and this podcast didn’t disappoint. He does an amazing job of story telling and weaving the information in and keeping you wanting more. Great stuff!!
Longest case ever
It took me two days to listen to this podcast. It was all I thought about all day long. In 1987 I was graduating from 9th grade and hadn’t heard anything about this case. However, I do recall a lot of gang violence. This case was amazing. Very interesting from beginning to end. I found myself getting so upset with the defendant for all of the delays. He’s a selfish individual. Although he had turned his life around he still needed to pay for his crimes.
Good pace, easy to listen to voices.
Fascinating story with lots of interesting details. Must like cold case stuff I think or it might be a bit slow for you. But great production and content.
One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. It has an excellent flow, and my hat’s off to the LAPD for sticking with this case!
Great podcast
Mya Bar
I have started listening to this podcast and can’t stop listening!! I can’t wait for more!
Love Michael Connelly. I have read many of his books and enjoyed each one.
I’m a Fan!!!
I’ve read every Michael Connelly book I could get my hands on and have equally enjoyed each. This podcast was, to the same degree, as enjoyable an experience!!! Can’t wait for the next !!!!
Chma Tommy
I’m really enjoying this. Very well done. Can’t wait for more!
Love this podcast
I'm quite impressed and thoroughly enjoy this podcast! As a former cop.... I can honestly say... that this is well put together... the evidence discussion is on point. The breakdown of the case and all involved are meticulous and well displayed and explored. Keep it up!!!
Modern Noir done right
Contemporary LA noir like only Connelly can do it. Excellent mix of expert interviews, author narrative & a captivating case!
Can’t wait for the next series
This is a glorious deep dive into crime solving. Fascinating listen that comes at you from all the places and people you need to hear from. Michael Connelly’s reporter/crime novelist background makes him an amazing storyteller. I’ve started and stopped listening to other crime driven podcasts because of their inability to incorporate all the events and ensuing investigation in a compelling way. Mr Connelly and his colleagues are superb
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