Mind blown 🤯🤯
I come here for laughter, advice and a good time. But this weeks podcast had me thinking deep. “Sometimes the world lets u make small mistakes to warn u from making bigger ones later” (Nat) WOW! Thanks for all the inspiring insight you two ladies have. Couldn’t be happier that I have y’all on my journey!
Entertaining & Educational
Bizjournal Subscriber
These ladies are so fun! Love learning more about the business side of what they do- so inspirational!
Hysterically laughing 🤣🤣
Fawn Renae
Ladies you complete me! Since hearing your interview on GaryV, I follow along daily! You remind me of my twin sis and I! Our daily conversations usually involve you! 🤣🤪 Thank you for walking me through this motherhood journey and making me feel like I’m not alone! Keep killin it 🙌🙌💪👏 @iamfawnrenae
Oh no... a dad is reviewing this!
As parents of 5 and watching my superhero wife pull it all together, I can totally see why so many moms love this show. It's brutally honest and not sugar coated. Being a mom is hard for sure. Well done ladies :)
I need this in my life
Seriously love them. They say the stuff all the moms think but don’t say. It’s peeing yourself laughter every single time. Super talented and relatable. They just get me. Love this podcast and all their social media goodness! Now they just need to tour to Portland, OR or Seattle, WA!
These 2 are very funny and entertaining! Love the casual, unscripted vibe of listening to 2 friends and their stories.
Melissa Murciano
Pls let us know about the writing process would love to learn more about this. (Writing a book ) Thank you!!
Too much irrelevant talk
I’ve only listened to a few of these episodes but each one does not seem to address the topic in the title. Instead the hosts just talk about their lives being entrepreneurs and advice around that. I am a working mom and was interested to hear about stuff in the title/dealing with kid stuff. Maybe they eventually get to the topic but after 15 mins of banter and talking about their business I just can’t listen anymore!
My #MomGang loves listening to you ladies because everything is so super relatable. We love how powerful and down to earth you both are. Seriously, the responding on social too... I mean I feel like we are all best friends xo hands down best podcast whether your a mom or not all women should listen!
I’m not the only one who thinks/feels this way!
Jessica Nicole Faust
Thank you so much for saving my sanity!! I’m not the only one who thinks these things!! Seriously, saving my sanity!👏👏 And I thoroughly appreciate the F bombs!
The language has become so atrocious it’s no longer enjoyable to listen to. Very sad.
Everyone’s virtual best friends!!
I freaking love these 2 even before becoming a mom, I’ve followed them. I’m obsessed by how unapologetically unfiltered they are 🥰🥰🥰
Listen to this now!
For all the women out there who feel alone, who feel exhausted from mom life, who feel stressed out about the giant to do lists to tackle, and the thought of doing anything for yourself (starting a business/exercising/journaling) seems impossible or selfish please listen to this podcast. It is all going to be ok. With Cat & Nat you never feel alone. They are hilarious, and caring and make you feel like you’re in on the fun.
The best!! All moms can relate!!🥰
This is the first podcast I’ve EVER listened to and it’s FABULOUS!!! Driving to and from work I am hysterically laughing! Love their dynamic and honesty! Just listened to podcast 32 and the fact that you said you’d never come back to CA is heartbreaking!! I have been dying to see you and couldn’t the last time because I had a newborn!
Best ever mom life and all the things!!!
These ladies are the best!!!! The give you the real life mom life and business life. The don’t blow smoke up your arse but keep it real. Total game changers!!! Literal life savers!!! Thanks ladies for being real and relatable
Another guy
I listened to you on the Gary Vee Audio Express today and I love what you’re doing, just subscribed to yours, I will be listening every day now, thanks, don’t ever stop what you’re doing! Howard
I heart you both!!!!
I love you both so much for the candor, humor and story sharing with swearing you both bring to the podcast!!! I just caught up on all episodes and was going through with withdrawal this week! I’m a 45 year mom of one that loves the validation you both bring to being a mom, wife, friend, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
You two are hilarious!!!
I listen to your podcast before work and on my way to work. The podcast makes my mornings 😊
You Guys Are FACKING Amazing 🤟🏼
Truth and fun all packed into one
Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ these funny & real ladies!! They crack me up. They help me through parenting a young boy!! And they remind me each day to stay “me” first then a “mum” :-)
Podcast for ALL!
I love listening to you ladies! This podcast makes my 1+ hour commute so much more pleasant! Keep it up! Keep laughing and being real! Everyone needs a little Cat and Nat in their life!
Podcast for all women!
This podcast brings me so much joy while at work, at the gym, while cleaning the house, etc. It’s raw, real and funny. Cat & Nat are our BFFs, they love what they do and it shows! Who says life needs to be mediocre? Not these two ladies! Giddy Giddy!
Love 🥰
stacey in pa
Cat you go out and see nothing because you travel and it’s the most beautiful sunrise you’ve ever seen. Girl sign me up! Mom cruising for the win!!!
I look forward to every episode of this podcast!
This is the first time I’ve listened to any podcast and I’m always so excited when the next episode is released! People probably think I’m crazy when I’m cracking up in my car by myself while listening! Love you both keep killing it!
So funny!
Love the podcast! Everybody should once but once married no need to do more than once. 🤗☕️ 💼
So funny 🤣
A week behind but nope- never done it and don’t know of any women that have. My gay guy friends do it...
These two are always fun, entertaining and real!! An hour podcast feels like 15 min and you’re guaranteed to laugh every time.
I don’t like tea 😜
Love u ladies! Listening to u just makes my day better! HELL NOOOOOO 😂😂
Episode #21
Soooooo many people do it...the trick is to breathe through your NOSE! Be gentle! Make sure they shave them or manscape a little first (or you’re GOING TO GET A PUBE STUCK IN YOUR THROAT). It’s a power shift...tea bag the balls!❤️
Girls! You’re hysterically funny but soooo disgusting sometimes it’s painful! I’ve never done that and I pray it’s not a normal thing for women to do. I had to leave this review solely to stop this conversation! 😮
Love these ladies!!! Thank you for speaking up for moms and saying what we all wish we could say. And HELL NO!!!! Never never never!
Podcast #21 response
Love your podcast! Have not.... grosses me out to even think about! My husband has definitely asked. I think of myself as pretty open but just thinking about that makes me gag! Lol
Love it!
Dying laughing!!! It’s normal over here... it’ll make the Marks happy. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Always make me LOL
Ladies! You always put a smile on my face and literally make me LOL. Oh and NOPE not this girl- never done it!!
Episode 21 kinda
Came very close but exactly done it.
Episode 21
Not me...EVER! 🤣
Love you both
No tea bags here. I don’t think it’s popular at all. Keep the podcasts coming! :)
Love it!!
Totally not normal!!! Love the podcast
No Tea Bags Here .. I just drink sweet TEA 😉
*courtney m*
LOVE the podcast...what if there was backsplash on that tea bag 😳🙃😬
Have a cup of tea
Love the show. It’s 50/50.... don’t do it it’s sick 😂😂
The Best!
So hilarious, uplifting, inspiring, & REAL!
Please don’t ever change! I listen to you because you make me laugh and you two are REAL! Don’t become proper and boring! You make my commute fun. Keep being you and best of luck to you both!
Soooo Good!
These ladies are so much fun to listen to! It makes me sooo happy to hear them say the things that I have been thinking! Now I know we’re ALL thinking the same thing! Such a relief. Keep doing your thing girls and we’ll keep listening, watching, and reading❤️
Love you Ladies
Mari 06
Being as busy mom, I rarely get a chance to sit and read a book. I’m so excited that your book is on audible. It is next on list of books to listen to. I have on my wish list. I’m more than confident that it will have me cracking up as you two do on the podcast.
Not my cup of tea
Have you ever been the awkward third wheel at a cocktail party? Standing next to two friends while they crack each other up but don’t ever acknowledge you’re there? That’s what listening to this podcast felt like. I loved these ladies on their Facebook videos. They had me in tears. The longer-format of a podcast was too much to listen to.
These ladies are the REAL DEAL!!!
garty jotero
I have been following these ladies for a few years now and have loved watching them evolve into the mom bosses they are today. From vloggers to YouTube #momtruth sensations to FB live and IG, then to tour and now a podcast, BOOK and a game!! Being a SAHM for almost ten years myself and then getting back into the workforce myself I can appreciate the grind of trying to balance family, work and self care. You both are the sweetest, funniest and most supportive duo this community could ever ask for. So keep on keeping on!!! We can’t wait to come along for the ride! Your “friends” will always be here to support you! 💗💗 xoxo
You are my mom mental break!
I love you guys such a feel good podcast! I listen to you when I cook and it’s like my little mom break and it’s amazing! Keep being cat and nat! Looooooove it!!!!
Today felt like an attack
I follow cat and nat on every platform. However, I may not anymore for one reason.... Cat. She obviously can’t take criticism. I got annoyed before when she got mad at the hockey mom for saying she didn’t look approachable. Cat went on for waaaaaay to long about that. However today, I felt attacked during the podcast. I too feel like these women are not as relatable anymore as they don’t parent much and spend a lot of time pampering themselves. I guess I am not entitled to my opinion though because again Cat went on a rampage about women not celebrating women blah blah blah. Ladies...... congrats on your success but with it comes different opinions and critics, learn to cope! We don’t want to hear you whine about it. Let’s get back to being parents
Love cat and nat
I absolutely love cat and nat! I follow them on Facebook and Instagram and literally makes my day. As a single mom, I constantly feel like I’m failing and to hear mom truth and just the content they share makes me feel normal. I love the community they have built and all the support shown throughout! By far my fave podcast and really love everything they share💕💕
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