not feeling it
tbh i’m not feeling it anymore, iv listend to EVERY episode at least 2 times and at first i loved it. it helped with my anxiety and made me feel comfortable. but recently it’s been INCREDIBLY repetitive and boring tbh. makes me sad because they could be doing so much with this platform :/
Can’t get enough
Ben Turbeville
Phenomenal!! 👏👏
I love this podcast so much! It really gives a new take on things and I love listening to it whenever I can! Alisha and Remi are amazing and incredibly inspiring. All I can say is amazing! ✨✨
I Love It! 💖💖💖
PB 🖤
Alisha and Remi are Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I’ve loved Alisha for years and I started to watch Remi after this. I listen to it while doing everything! 🖤🖤🖤
I love this podcast. As a young girl this really helps me get through life. I’m general alisha and remi are one of my fav youtubers so when I heard about this podcast I was so exited! This is so good! Love you guys❤️❤️❤️
I freaking love this podcast it is my life at first I had some doubts about it because I feel like they were only doing things that they can relate to but now I don’t see where I was coming from I mean Alicia and Remi are two great and amazing people that are just like an older sister to me and there’s nowhere that they go wrong and yeah they talk about things that kind of I may be a little bit inappropriate but I mean it’s nothing we cannot handle so I give this podcast a five out of five because it is the best thing in the history of the 🌎
They are so positive!
Theron S.
They make me feel happy and safe and like I can conquer the world! I have dealt with anxiety over school and self hate. They make me feel like I’m not alone though! I love you guys! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
I am new to this podcast
Hi my name is Elizabeth I been dealing with stress this week I been going thought I dealing with something I don’t really want to say but i sobbed so hard last night it was so hard for to stop I trying to not be steered it’s hard
this podcast is a game changer and is so inspiring and makes me feel like i belong! they treat everyone on the podcast as friends and they always know what to say at the right time. this is by far my favorite podcast EVER!! they are some of my favorite youtubers and i love them both!
They talk about growth all the time. And funny enough I’ve realized that Ive grown out of this podcast. Growth
I love you guys!💕
Remi and Alisha are my favorite YouTubers 🎥 and I have been watching watching since 2016, Remi since 2017. I love both these girls I have been listening since day one. Including the trailer. This podcast has helped me through so much from middle school crushes and asking them no out, gettin no response, struggling with my body, School, anxiety, and myself. But through this podcast i’ve grown as a person and am more confident . I love this podcast with all of my heart. I listen to it every Wednesday. I highly recommend it because it can help you through so much, or just be fun. So come join the pretty basic crew! ~Grace Ps. Keep being amazing! ❤️
This pod helps me in so many ways
Both Remi and Alisha are my fav youtubers. When I found out a year ago that they had a podcast I was sooo happy. I have lots of anxiety issues and I have to go to therapy. This podcast takes my mind off so much. I can’t wait for the next Wednesday because it truly helps me through the week. Last year I had many friendship struggles and had experienced my first anxiety attack at twelve years old. This podcast helped me with those friendship struggles, and me and those friends are on better terms but are definitely not bffs any more but still talk. But when I would cry at night this podcast would for real be a life saver. I would die laughing and even start crying but it would make me feel better💜. I love both of you so much and I jump up and down when I see you post on all of your socials especially the podcast and youtube😁Hope you guys are seeing this I love you SO MUCH.I am still going through lots and I love listening please keep doing what you are doing and know that you are two amazing and wonderful beautiful and kind people that help so many people in so many ways!!
They make me feel as if I’m just one of their friends catching me up on whats going on in their lives. They are so relatable and i just love every single episode! Keep it up ladies happy 1st bday ❤️❤️
My review
lilys review ❤️
I love this podcast because the stuff that they talk about I can real are to so much it’s like I’m talking to my best friend.
Pretty Basic Review
Omg I love this podcast Alisha and Remi are so amazing. I love how much they open up and that I am not alone in some of the things I do. I feel so amazing after listening to this podcast.
Not the same
In the beginning, this podcast was something I was looking forward to. Now, all of the episodes are almost about the same topic. And they don’t really tell the full story, and they’ll be like “haha nevermind.” This podcast is almost as repetitive as Alisha’s “do you know what I mean”
I love this podcast
I love the podcast so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Please have TK on your pod on episode!!
Need diversity
The topics discussed seem to be repetitive and the content is becoming dull.
I was just listening to the Getting on it episode and you said only older viewers listen to it and I am eleven and I listen to it
I was so excited for this podcast at first to get to know both of the girls better. But, Alisha still hasn’t opened up any more than on her YouTube years ago. I feel like I watch/listen to her constantly and still know NOTHING about her. Everything is always a secret, an inside joke, that’s frustrating because we have no idea what’s going on. Like “OMG remember that one time yessssss haha okay next” Every other podcast I listen to, the hosts are much more vulnerable and it feels like actually talking to a friend, instead of two “hosts”.. I get being a private person but why would you make a podcast if you’re THAT private, the whole point is to open up and talk. It also feels like there’s more ads than content :( Half of the podcast is taken up by a game, which ends up being the same thing every week about what they love about each other. This podcast is what got me into podcasts in the first place and I want to see it succeed so bad because I love both Remi and Alisha. But I feel like the only people who still enjoy this content is middle-school aged girls, which is odd since they are in their mid-twenties. Maybe just try to at least switch it up and take feedback from viewers, listen to a viewers story, bring someone new on, talk about your families, anything new!
I love this podcast
I have been watching them on YouTub and I heard about there podcast! I love love love this channel! It’s great and relaxing to just put in some head phones and listen! I definitely recommend this podcast 🌹🌹😁😁
Love it ❤️
Navi ^_^
I love listening to this podcast. I watch Alisha and Remi and you tubers. But I feel like this is more special and it’s a place to connect. It helps me a lot with what I’m going through . Anyways I look forward to listening every Wednesday. ! ❤️
This is amazing
Caroline 💖💖
I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning. The girls have grown so much and I love hearing there friendship advice it’s so helpful. :) thx for making these podcasts keep doing what you are doing because it’s amazing!
Proud of you both
jules malolo
I love this podcast and how you guys are so vulnerable, thank you for sharing so much with us.
i have watched both remi and alisha for years on youtube. when they came out with this podcast, i was extremely excited for both of them. i listen to each episode and i’m getting therapy and learning how to deal with my own problems and struggles. i love both of them😊💕
So idk
I love this podcast and I listen to every episode, but I am noticing a lack of interesting content. I love that the girls have grown and become more aware of their feelings, but that seems to be all they talk about. I would love to hear more about their lives(families, past, growing up, ETC) and not about themselves and their feelings. Also all of the games are just Q and A’s. I defiantly agree that it’s getting a little boring and repetitive. But I still love these too and their friendship is so amazing. Idk I love but also hate. Also has anyone realized how much Alisha says “ya know what I mean?” Jut listen for it.
Alisha and Remi are really nice
Alisha and Remi have extremely soft voices and gives honest, and genuine opinions about basic things that happen in normal people’s lives. They find out how to put a positive spin on the normal habits that we go through and find out ways to entertain their core audience through normal everyday scenarios. I get they are celebrities but they find a way to refrain from using their celebrity status to easily find friends and relationships. They also talk about the struggles of heartbreak and trying to move on from a previous relationship.
enougggggh 🙄
ok we get it you’ve grown just SOOoOoOo much in the past year. You don’t need to spend every episode talking about how much you’ve changed in the past year. Don’t know why you have a podcast if you’re just going to talk about yourselves the entire time...? Stick to YouTube
Growth is real!!!
I honestly have watched Alisha since the beginning and I never really knew what was going on like most of us. To see her now, THRIVING with a healthy friendship?! It gives me hope for myself. I also am just as proud as Remi. HAPPY ONE YEAR OF PB!!!
I love it
It is amazing I whatch your youtube both of you
Pretty Basic - Pretty Repetitive
Remi said in the latest episode she doesn’t read the reviews for the podcast, but maybe she should start reading them and take note of what listeners are saying, they are what keep them afloat. I along with a lot of people think this podcast has become repetitive. The producing has just become lazy, making the podcast boring. At first it was fun to listen to but now there’s just isn’t anything new anymore. Every week it’s Remi or Alisha being Emo or nostalgic about how much they’ve grown and how much things have changed. Cool, we get it, no need to talk about the same thing every single episode. Please change it up and actually put some effort into producing a decent podcast.
Don’t waste your time listening to this anymore. It’s all their inside jokes that don’t give us listeners any idea what they’re talking about which is very annoying. It’s like teasing people and laughing at the fact that we actually don’t know what’s going on (with Remi’s life). I used to love this podcast but they don’t give any advice, they look back on the past every episode, and compare it to their YouTube channel. It’s just very all over the place and I don’t even know what the point of this podcast is anymore.
I feel like this show is SO COOL! I love hearing my favorite influencers open up, especially Alisha, because I know that she said that she is usually very quiet
Pretty Great !!!
magnolia barnard
I Absolutely Love This Podcast . I feel like I’m actually there and y’all’s friend lol . Fingers crossed 🤞🏽❤️
Thriving Women
I can’t remember the first time I came across Alisha & Remi’s YouTube channels, but I know it’s been awhile to see just how much they’ve GROWN into the women they are today. Despite the other reviews I feel like I know these ladies on a more personal level, & I can totally understand the growth they’ve made as women & influencers. I guess it’s because I’m around the same age as them, but I love how genuine they’ve become to themselves despite their careers in this type of industry.
I love
Angel loves the app
This pod cast is so repetitive. I love This pod but now it’s just about boys and relationships. There are also tinge people listening to this pod please don’t forget language.
I love Alisha and Rem!
Normally I don’t like podcasts and I’ve been holding back on listening to this one, but I just finished Maintaining Healthy Relationships and now I’m hooked on Pretty Baisc! I listen to it everyday on the bus to school! Since I normally have no one to sit with. I feel like this podcast really made me feel like I’m not alone and that I have something to look forward to every morning! Thanks you so much Alisha and Remi, just know that what you guys are doing is really something special that’s puts a smile to hundreds of thousands of faces everyday! Lux Tua Luceat!
love pretty basic!!
i love you guys so much! i listen to you all the time♥️ ~brooke~
just like the name it's pretty basic
I really do love these girls, however just like the other reviews have said it's gotten repetitive. I get the point of using games to bring up topics however all of the questions seem to be the same. If the podcast is truly about us learning more about them, I think they should actually stick to that. Remi seems to talk more about her life and Alisha seems to be closed off. But I still feel like a wall is up for both of them, which is fine but it makes me think "what is this podcast supposed to be about?" I listen to this podcast more for background noise, then for content like I did when they started. Its like a college essay where you just rehash what you just said to fill up the word limit. I just hope they decide to open up more, and just pick one topic per episode. It would also be cool if they recorded the episodes and upload them to YouTube because I feel like they mention things they are doing that would be easier to understand if we could see them. Also thy way the ads are placed break up their conversations and they have a lot per episode, it gets annoying.
Let Alisha talk!
This podcast would be so much better if Remi wasn’t didn’t hog the conversation for the majority of the time. She talks fast, doesn’t let Alissa talk, and doesn’t listen. It’s like she’s ready to blast her opinion as soon as Alisha has said two words. Alisha seems like the more mature of the two girls and I want to hear what she has to say. Please give her the same chance as her co-host to lead the convo and share her experiences and points of view.
not interested anymore
i used to actually laugh out loud in my classes listening to this podcast. all of the stories and funny moments were so raw and unplanned that i felt that i was apart of something really cool. but now i feel like all of the episodes circle back to the same general idea of boys and self care and workout routines like... please talk about something different that you can actually tell us... i love alisha and remi, i’ve watched them for years but i’m getting really disappointed in the unoriginality and repetitiveness ://
Love it!
I just listened to the Art of Letting Go and it is exactly what I needed to hear. It was the first episode I listened to of them and i loved it!
How many times are we gonna hear “something about you that no one favorite thing about you...etc etc.” I try to listen to every episode out of habit but I can’t even get past 10 mins or so, because it’s so repetitive!!
😒🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Really Repetitive
Honestly my first review I said how much I loved this podcast but now that I’ve listened more and it’s super repetitive. And now I’m starting to get annoyed with Alisha and Remi even though I previously loved them so much.
I love this podcast!
First I have to say, not everyone is going to like the same things...With that being said, I freaking love this podcast! I love Alisha and I watch her videos on YouTube and discovered her podcast that way but I didn’t know anything about Remy and now I love her just at much! I am subscribed to her also on YouTube now and I plan on continuing to listen to the podcasts every week! I feel like this is sooooo needed for young women like me (21 yrs old) who need other girls to relate to and also learn from but don’t have this type of friendship with any other younger women their age/have in their daily lives. I am so proud of both Alisha and Remy after hearing more about their personal lives and I can say for a fact I look up to them both and can relate soo much because we all had to “grow up” at a really young age. Please continue to keep being amazing people!!!! Love, Anastasia!
Lacks organization -> Repetitive & Tangent Content
Yeezus is a Gemini
Honestly I do like both these gals and their channels. They both have overcome adversity, aren’t the stick thin showing off their bodies all day influencers on Instagram, typically keep it real 💯 BUT I’ve recently had to unsubscribe. I skipped the last few episodes due to the lack of organization and even relistened to the episode “Expectations and Putting People on a Pedestal” EXCITED that they were going to finally hit a real subject about whether or not it’s in jobs, family or friends or relationships or even ourselves that we put all these idealizations YET 20 minutes in out of the 40 minute episode is when they start talking about the subject and it’s not even the subject it’s about how they put THEMSELVES on a pedestal???? (Not other people? Hello? Not the title?) and that’s time and energy wasted. Gone. Here’s my tips/feedback: ✨💛✨💛✨💛✨💛✨💛✨💛✨💛 • after first sponsor/opening: lay out the layout, today we will be discussing _____, play a game then etc etc Then intro give a life update then jump in • don’t clickbait the titles - for videos and vlogs that’s fine but for podcasts when all it is audio?!? Nah fam • open it up to guests/ reader emails or calls. Keeping it between you two is fine but I feel that you’re struggling coming up with podcast content at least allow reader emails to even suggest content, ask questions, etc You also have a host of amazing influencer friends that would be great to break it off into learning opportunities for your listeners: Adelaide and her music video, niki and Gabi, Mia, allow your assistants to takeover, or a producer takeover, invite listeners to the studio, have Remi’s boyfriend answer listener questions Give in depth ticks for growing maintaining a brand etc • change it up!!! You don’t need to play a game every single podcast, you can even share that month’s favorite playlist etc. I think those are my tips for now. Not a hater I feel like this pod has a lotta potential and despite the irony of the name it has turned out to become a pretty ... basic pod and hoping that can change for the gen z /millennial audience
I lovvvve this podcast and I will always listen... but.. I will say it is a lotttttt of advertisements. I respect the hustle and get your coin but idk it is a little bit much. BUT love the content and I look forward to this every week!
I’m not sharing any new ideas by says it’s become a very repetitive show (but then again...they really aren’t sharing any new ideas either, so why should I?). If you want a show where all they care to talk about is boys and their YouTube careers/experiences, then this show is for you. Also, Alisha loves to interrupt while people are talking and it’s honestly so annoying and frequent at this point it should become a drinking game.
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