Before listening to this podcast, I was absolutely clueless about politics and major events going on in my own country. With the help of Mary Harris and her amazing guests each day, I feel more empowered in making decisions that reflect my political choices. I also love hear Mary “hmm” at people. It’s my new favorite thing. Thanks for making an amazing podcast. I’d give it 10 stars if I could. Keep ‘em coming!
Brilliant episode with Mark Joseph Stern!!!
Unbelievable bias
At least be honest about it. You aren’t fooling anyone by pretending to be credible journalists. Unsubscribing after this last episode with Mark Joseph Stern, this show is a complete joke.
This is the most racist podcast I’ve heard
The Real Zen Boy
I can’t believe this is a Slate podcast. It is amateurish. The number of overtly and covertly racist statements they make is obscene. I am an EO Officer, and believe me if things that are said on this podcast were said in the military, that person’s career would be over. The latest one is when they said that classes with black and brown students and no white students will never achieve like classes with white students. The only people who think it is OK to say things like this are far right neo-nazis. Previously they said Beto O’Rourke shouldn’t be running for president because he is white. Don’t know why they feel like this blatant racism is OK, but it isn’t. They are also obsessed school bussing. Apparently they want all students bussed to far away schools under the childish delusion that this will somehow solve racism. This gross experiment failed miserablyNo one who is serious about solving racism thinks this is a good idea. The only people that want this are those who have a vested financial interest in bussing students. In fact, it is destructive. Bussing students is a colossal waste of resources. Busses are particularly damaging to the environment. It is extremely important that people reduce their trips, consolidate errands, car pool, not unnecessarily bus students in extremely inefficient diesel vehicles. It is a waste of money and waste of everyone’s time, especially students. The risk to student is increased from accidents and from situations that encourage bullying, sexual harassment and assault. It doesn’t solve racism, it just causes resentment. Worse yet, there are many great and effective ways to address segregation, but for some reason they keep trotting out people who want to bus students long distances. Is it corruption or sheer stupidity that makes you keep pushing this assure idea, that has less than 10% approval from the public? In addition, they have been apologist for Trump, and seem to spend an inordinate amount of time attacking democrats and spreading right wing talking points. I feel like I’m listening to Fox News most of the time. Very unprofessional. Their ‘experts’ never seem to be anything more then someone who wrote a couple of articles about the given subject. A 20-year-old who has written three articles isn’t an expert. Try getting some people who actually done serious research on the topic instead of ones who will just parrot your premise. EDIT: last night I replaced this podcast with The Intelligence by The Economist and was extremely happy with my morning podcasts. Night and day difference. Amazing what happens when you trade amateurs with professionals. What Next is what happens when a bunch of white people trying to be the world’s saviors swoop in and tell everyone what to do to fix their problems, no matter how inane the ideas are, and don’t have to bear the consequences.
Insightful, Unbiased, Concise!
This is my current favorite podcast. Most coverage of newsworthy topics these days is so biased, it's tough to listen to, even when I agree. These guys really strive for neutrality, and cover interesting topics in a short time, which I really appreciate. Highly recommend!
Like The Daily for dumber people
Do you know how the electoral college works? Then listen to another podcast because this one doesn’t think you know anything
Absolutely best listen on healthcare coverage. The depths on which they tackle and discuss healthcare is second too none!! There’s a realness on this topic many tend to avoid BUT not them. For that reason alone I look forward to hearing them. As a husband, father, man of color approaching my 50s ( wife too ) and family members & friends aged from weeks old too 85 years old healthcare is vital for everyone and effects us all. God bless all these ladies (men too) and looking forward too many many many episodes. Also I’ve started recording on Sundays at 11 am 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
It’s okay but definitely biased
Sometimes the information is really informative and other times it’s just biased trying to play both sides...
Sandy McP
Negativity re Joe Biden is dismaying. Making your case of history when one of the most decent men on the planet with experience and wisdom re foreign affairs is most likely to take trump out. Far left candidates will not win majority sadly. Dream ticket would be Biden and Harris. Wall Street and bankers oppose warren and thus is reality. She will make excellent cabinet member on economics. Must stop slamming joe ar this Armageddon election. He may be older and long senate history but he wI’ll restore our gutted govt and good relations w allies. With all due respect kindly consider the broader overview ie democracy falling and planetary extinction. Remember 2016 about seXism and racism still major firestorms
Words Matter
Really love this podcast and look forward to listening to it everyday. PLEASE, PLEASE stop using manifesto related to coverage of these ongoing horrors of mass killings in our society. During this last spate of shootings some wise person (can’t recall now who) in coverage immediately following pointed out that the word MANIFESTO elevates these shooters to undeserved status. I agree. The word manifesto is more appropriately used with a person of note, status etc. particularly a political or other organization’s aims. Unfortunately, I keep hearing that word over and over during ongoing news coverage and it can only elevate them undeservedly. Along with eliminating the shooter(s)’ name(s), use of words like diatribe, message, note, or screed would lower the shooter’s words rather than elevate them. Anything large or small we can do to disincline use of their words going forward can only help. These are not people to elevate in any way. Words really do matter.
So so so so
Michael, starting every sentence with “so” is irritating and distracting. Where did all these sos come from?
Great deep dive into current issues
awakened citizen
I consider this to be right up there with NYT’s The Daily podcast and some days, it surpasses it!
Thanks for the great journalistic work you do!
Best daily current events deep dive out there
The Lady in 237
Mary Harris hosts and all the great producers and staff come up with a wide range of interesting timely topics every day. Interesting topics and even the ones I don’t think are going to be end up providing seem great depth to issues for me. My ittsy bittsy suggestion is to provide some depth and interviews on those with alternative views.
Extremely biased
Out of all of the major mainstream podcast networks, Slate is by far the most biased and this podcast is no exception. The episodes are well produced and they pick interesting topics, but almost every episode is extremely biased in favor of liberals.
Regular listener
It is very rare that I miss an episode of your podcast. Thank you for the variety of topics. It’s like I haven’t made the bed when I miss an episode.
New fav podcast
What next
Host is well prepared, knowledgeable, intelligent & insightful. Regularly listen to the show. Like the intimate nature of many of the interviews.
Just a really well done, informative, professional and interesting podcast.
Found this show by chance because I listen to other Slate podcasts. I’m a an avid listener of The Daily and as much as I love that show, What Next offers a much desired look into smaller domestic issues that I can’t find anywhere else. Mary Harris is one of the most well spoken and smart hosts who always asks questions that cut to the heart of an issue. Overall a really great and informative listen.
Asks the right questions, looks at issues in new ways
I love this podcast. Always just the right amount of background info, and a fresh lens on important issues - even issues I didn’t know were important. I always spend a few minutes thinking after I’ve finished listening.
This is not the time to do this show.
Love her voice and the Honey Badger don’t care lawyer
This show and The Daily NYT are my two top daily shows. This woman has the best voice on any media, clear authoritative yet friendly. She is probably going to be anchoring some mayor news division soon. She often brings the Honey Badger Don’t Care lawyer, he is super smart but very accesible and funny. I think he should have his own show. Seriously. P.S Google Honey Badger Don’t Care if you don’t get the reference.
When they see us
I’m a fan of your podcast. I hope that you’re working on breaking down the reality of the Netflix mini series “When they see us”.
Happy Accident
~officially anonymous~
I stumbled upon this podcast by accident, and am so happy I discovered it. Go listen!
Favorite accident
Interesting topics with a smart host who doesn’t have an annoying schtick or ego to pedal. What Next kept auto playing when I was washing dishes or something where I couldn’t stop it, and it was so consistently good - lucky find!
Great Daily Story
A well produced and easily understandable quick listen
Most Entertaining Pod
Every time I go to my podcasts, I immediately check for a new What Next with Mary Harris. I listen to her interviews and stories while remaining so attentive. This doesn’t happen often for me. Absolutely impressed by this podcast.
my fav news podcast
i have been so behind on news for a few years because i get so emotional and depressed at the state of the world. i have been listening to What Next since the beginning, and i was so glad when the show became official. focusing on what's next, the future, what we can do and what is being done to change these depressing circumstances, makes it easy for me to stay up to date without feeling hopeless. you interview such amazing people, Muffet McGraw and Jen Jordan are especially on my mind lately. Sen. Jordan's speech was incredible and i was so happy to hear her on the show afterwards. and Coach McGraw's message on confrontation is so important for women. im in a male-dominated industry and hearing from women like them gives me the strength to keep fighting. cant wait to hear from even more amazing people! keep up the great work 🤘🏻
Listen to this
podcast listener 4
Listen to Mary. She asks excellently specific questions.
This one is growing on me
I've been listening regularly for a month or so and it's growing on me. I don't listen to every episode, but I enjoy and learn from the episodes that I do listen to.
Come On!
Gnashing My Teeth
I really like this podcast but spending time discussing whether or not Elizabeth Warren is charming is beyond silly and demeaning. This is grade school level analysis. What a load of stupid.
obvious liiberal bias
Usually Just oneside of a story
Mary is Magnificent!
I really love this podcast it’s incisive, clear and illuminating. I appreciate learning about issues I would otherwise not have time to read or hear about. Mary is just so so great her questions are to the point and nuanced. This podcast is fantastic !!!!
Propaganda at its best
When your cast opens with an advertisement from google-I do not trust you. Pick your sponsors better. I got her by a recommendation from the “queen” podcast. Now I don’t trust josh either.
Reveals complexities behind news sound bites
What Next has a knack for doing interviews that reveal the complexity of issues — like the gun-owning trauma surgeon who joined physicians’ support for gun control and opposition to the NRA admonition to stay-in-your-lane with a hashtag of their own: this-IS-our-lane. Same trauma surgeon had grown up with guns, owned more than a dozen and had taught his daughters how to use them. He was thoughtful, articulate and fit no simple ideological stereotype. What Next’s interviews uncover surprising complexities every weekday morning. Bravo!
What’s Next is part of my day! Thanks for always having a informative and a show of value everyday! Awesome, so very appreciative of a podcast that can be informative & interesting plus entertaining. Mary you are fantastic. Thanks again for all you do!
Mary Harris Rocks
Jeffrey R L
After one time listening to Mary Harris, her podcast became a permanent part of my morning commute. Regardless of the topic Mary brings a fresh perspective and excellent interviewing skills. Even when it is a topic I feel like I can’t take anymore of, I’m always glad I listened.
Stands out from the crowd
So smart. So thorough. So clear. So well curated and produced. I’ve discontinued several others because they just didn’t measure up.
Mary Harris best interviewer out there
I listen to a lot of politically-oriented podcasts and rarely ever bother to write reviews. I felt that I needed to take the time to praise “What’s Next”. I think this podcast is one of the best out there mostly due to Mary Harris and her extraordinary ability to ask the kinds of questions that really get to the heart of the issue being discussed. She is wonderful!
Short & sweet
These daily pods are the perfect length and keep my attention and abreast of the news.
Love this show
Absolute MUST for daily podcasts. I love Mary.
Host needs to talk less like a teenager.
Good content and knowledgeable guests but the host speaks like a teenager. “Like”, “sort of”, “I mean” — she uses these all too frequently, and they really diminish her as a podcaster/interviewer.
Great podcast
Every episode is very well done and informative. Highlight of my mornings.
Every morning!
I love this show. It’s the first thing I listen to on my commute. I love it because there’s no silly joking around before they finally get to the story. The stories and guests are interesting enough that they don’t need gimmicks and a bunch of foul language. The host asks really insightful questions so you’re up to date on the latest topics.
Excellent Podcast.
Erie listener
Excellent What’s next. podcast. Well researched, accurate timely information presented in a very accessible way. Great guests.
Highbrow Tomcast
New slate plus member. I’m loving the depth that this podcast offers on current issues. I always hear NPR stories and wonder what else I could learn if the conversations were longer, deeper and that’s exactly what I get here. Love that it’s daily!! Slate, I’m craving more content!
Better than the NYTimes Daily
Less pretentious, more diverse, less precious.
Mary has a conversation on one topic a day with someone knowledgeable about that issue. A clear way to understand the topic. I listen every weekday. A great way to learn. Thank you Mary for the excellent podcast.
My new favorite
Leah Cub
This is my new go-to podcast for the news. The episodes are the perfect length for a brief but in-depth look at one story each day. I haven’t missed an episode since I started listening. And even the old ones are still super interesting and relevant! Mary is an amazing reporter. She’s very smart and always asks the questions you want the answer to, all in a way that’s easy to understand. When I listen to her talk I feel like I’m listening to a friend!
Best Podcast Out There
This is straigtforward and interesting. Very well presented and not over-produced with ridiculous, dramatized music as some are. I like this better than The Daily and I like that a lot.
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