As a parent of a 12yr old girl, this was so hard to listen to...but these girls/women deserve to be heard and I’m glad I did.
Shocking ,well done podcast
Makes me sick he got away with it for so long! Listen to you kids!!!
Hard to hear but must be heard!
Excellent podcast, great presentation, perfect mix of narration vs interviews. It is hard to say I loved it because of the despicable acts but I love how these incredible women have shed light on this topic and have let no one party get away with not believing.
I don’t review anything often but this one deserves a note. For a parent of two girls, this is by far the most powerful podcast I have ever listened. It shows you the power of listening and believing in your own family, especially your children. I feel so sorry for all those girls, but they got a chance to be heard and believed.
I don’t write reviews very often
I feel compelled to write this one. Amazing story of courage and strength. I couldn’t stop listening. Thank you to all involved for telling this story. The victims and their families, the journalists, the investigators. I have no personal experience with sexual abuse, but my eyes are opened wider now. As a mom, for this, I am grateful.
Excellent. Must listen.
Excellent account of how institutional and systems enable abusive behavior. A must listen for everyone. Curious about how Nassau’s wife and children processed/are processing the victims accounts.
So well done
Carrie Rengers
I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and my editor (I’m a reporter who is getting ready to start a podcast and have been studying them) recommended I check out Believed. I did not want to listen to it but I thought I would briefly check it out. I just finished it. It should be required listening for anyone who has anything to do with children. Maybe it should be required listening for everyone period. It was wrenching and horrific yet inspirational. And so well done that I looked forward to each of the nine episodes. It’s also a great testament to public radio, public television and reporting everywhere. 
Very well done. A must listen for any adult that has anything to do with children. Touched me deeply. Thank you.
Very well done
This podcast was thorough and professional. This was so well done. But we need to know more about how/if his wife knew more. Honestly, it seems unlikely. It’d be a good next step.
Informative and Engaging
Hailey. D
I knew a handful of information about this case having been a gymnast in high school and someone who’s interested in following the sport. This podcast gave me more information to help me truly understand the circumstances of the case. It’s hard to listen to but empowering at the same time. If you are interested in the case already or just want to learn more I’d highly recommend this podcast. Engaging and interesting to listen to. Well done!
So well done.
I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts. This is one of the best. Hard to listen to the survivor stories, but such an important lesson for all of us to believe.
Brilliantly done
Heartbreaking to listen to but exquisitely done.
gut wrenching
so hard to listen, but even harder to not. incredibly well done.
Well done
A very personal look into this horrible man and what he did to his victims. Hard to listen to but empowering to the victims.
Very good storytelling
I thought I new about the case but I had no idea. Very well done. Thank you for giving the victims a voice.
Deeply touching
marina book
Very well done podcast that tells the story succinctly yet tear-jerkingy. Can’t believe how long it took to be heard and believed in our society and makes me wonder what other stories and injustices are yet untold. My heart goes out to everyone affected and I do hope we can prevent similar cases going forward.
I cannot express how much this has helped me, especially Kyle Stephen’s story. This podcast was amazingly done describing the effects of sexual assault and the story of the girls that were abused by Larry Nassar.
Thank you from a Michigan State University professor
This is an excellent series. As a faculty member at Michigan State University (MSU) who teaches ethical leadership, I have gone through deep anguish for the Sister Survivors, for my Michigan State students, and for all us in our MSU community. We have struggled regarding how we can move forward to build a new institutional culture, and we must constitution to engage in that struggle. This podcast is a step in the right direction. Another step is the Sister Survivors exhibit at the MSU Museum. If you are on campus or can travel to campus, please go to that exhibit and think deeply about what you experience. And bring others with you. We must never forget, and we must always remain vigilant.
Very well done!
This is a great podcast ... informative and at times hard to listen to, but these women deserve to be heard and I applaud them all for their courage.
Pretty good
Definitely an interesting podcast. Great interviews. A little scattered. I thought the gymnasts would be addressed more and I was really not a fan of all the descriptive, flowery intros. That part was a little overdone but overall it was a compelling, with the listen podcast.
Well-done, thoughtful reporting on a difficult subject
Thank you for giving a voice to the survivors.
So respectfully told
MB podcast
I broke down during episode 7. This is such a hard but important podcast to listen too. Shows how broken people and systems can be. And how incredible brave these hundreds of girls and women are.
Nikeya Green
Heartbreaking stories but such an incredibly thorough and well done podcast. Kudos to all those involved that helped share such an infuriating story!
Rips your heart out
These stories are heartbreaking, and these women are so brave for telling them.
Well worth the time.
incredibly powerful
I didn’t know what to put for a title because I just finished listening and I have so many emotions going through me right now. In the second to last episode I literally had chills listening to the testimony and during the last episode I cried (at work). This podcast delves into the gritty details of the abuse perpetuated by Larry Nassar. It’s uncomfortable and at times hard to listen to - but that’s what makes it so powerful. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast because, as the last episode states, the case against Nassar may be over, but the survivors will be dealing with the aftermath for a lifetime and we must continue to support them. We must also never forget what happened and take every step possible to make sure this never happens again. I wish I could hug every single one of the survivors and tell them how incredibly brave and strong they are.
the best podcast I’ve ever heard
This is hands-down the best podcast I’ve ever heard. I’m regularly talking about it with friends and constantly hunting for one “as good as Believed.” As others have reviewed, it is so well-crafted and such a powerful lens through which to look at this case. So empowering and truth telling. Please make more podcasts like this! I also love the hosts’ mid-western accents ;)
This Podcast was expertly crafted. Thank you for allowing the survivors to have their voice. I will not refer to them as victims as they used their collective voices to rise above the abuse. They are surviving and learning how to live.
Well done!
nola yogi
Truly well done podcast. It was moving, eye opening and consuming.
This is truly an amazing podcast.
So worth the listen.
Rhi 🌞🌛
Moving and expertly crafted. I cried through the last episode. NPR, thank you for using your platform to boost the stories of these brave and powerful women.
amazingly crafted
from the way they portray him to the guest speakers and interviews, everything is very well organized, explained, and put together. it’s also very important to raise awareness to the motions abusers tend to cary out.
Beautifully put together
Brings awareness about something horrible and completely heart-wrenching in a beautiful, and amazingly put together podcast. I've listened to this a few months ago and the way this podcast portrays this story is so memorable, it still resonates with me to this day. It's definitely one of my top favorites, without a doubt.
One of the best series I’ve listened to
As a MSU student who was living and working on campus during this scandal, I was deeply moved by the in-depth and sensitive reporting done by this team. This is a must-listen podcast. It shows us how our society treats survivors and highlights the work that still needs to be done.
This podcast is heartbreaking and completely unbelievable that these girls, teens and women weren’t believed.
Disturbing yet Terrific
Definitely not a podcast that you can play anywhere near children, yet the first thing it made me do was to talk with my children. Incredibly well done and such a service to others.
Very good
Definitely one of the best podcasts I've heard. It made me so angry and sad for what these young women endured until they were finally believed. A couple of times I literally had to stop my run and wipe the tears from my eyes. Heartwrenching and courageous.
Heartbreaking and Empowering
Thank you creators.
I rarely cry and even more rarely write reviews - and this podcast has made both happen. This podcast is worth listening to.
One of the best
This is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Months later I’m still thinking about it. Be warned: don’t listen to it at work. I would go through so many emotions from rage to tears. My co-workers probably thought I was insane...
This is such a powerful listen- Worth every minute. Thank you for producing and thanks to each and every victim for sharing and speaking out.
Deeply moved
Reading and watching news stories about this...was nothing compared to this podcast. I cried, I do not cry easily. “little girls, don’t stay little forever”.
One of the best produced podcasts I’ve ever listened to
As the title says, this is one of the best produced podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s such an emotional and raw topic, but the way that it’s produced, the way that the information is portrayed, the interviews with survivors, and just the pure hard facts that are presented make this completely honest and truthful and undeniable. It’s hard to listen to at some points and I even cried hearing some of the testimonies and statements of survivors, but it’s so incredibly important for everyone to know ALL the facts of this case. I now look at victims and survivors of sexual assault, and their families, in an even stronger light. My heart goes out to all of the women that were wrongly abused, those who have come forward and those who potentially never will. Thank you so much to these two women and all of NPR for producing this podcast and letting these women continue to speak their truth about such a horrible man.
Thank you for putting this together. Hard to listen too but so important. Please continue to explore unexplainable occurrences like this. So well done
So glad this creep is behind bars and no other girls/women can be hurt by this man. Thank you for sharing and empowering women to speak up.
Incredible podcast
I could not stop listening to this podcast. It is heartbreaking to hear the survivors’ stories. And so emotional to hear their statements during trial. I hope this story changes the system for victims going forward.
Girls get the power back!!
Such bravery from the girls who told their stories. I was so impressed with the prosecutor who insisted that the deal include victim impact statements. I was in tears listening. Bravo!
Heartbreaking and great
A tough listen due to subject matter but done incredibly well. Very, very good reporting.
So moved
Meghan MacRae
I'm so very grateful for the courageous women who have shown light on this dark corner and the systems that allowed it to happen. I'm grateful and relieved for this step toward bringing the reality women face to our attention and for having been alive to see it. It gives me hope that things have changed and will continue to change for those who are victimized by the powerful.
The words we get to hear those women speak are powerful. Incredible reporting. Great job.
Amazing. Chilling. Captivating.
MK McDonald
It is terrifying to hear the LAYERS of this case. We all know the story from the news— but this podcast exposed that Larry Nassar was not a stone cold villain— he was a very smart and calculated abuser which makes this case much more twisted. My heart goes out to all of the survivors. They paved the way for other women to speak up and tell their stories. ❤️ #metoo
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