Long Story Short with Bobbi Brown
Letty Anderson
Love, love love this podcast. Bobbi you interview the most interesting people. I am now going back to listen to previous interviews. I started wearing your makeup in the late 80’s. Now I have just purchased some Evolution_18 products. Keep it up. Letty Anderson
Donna Craig
Love listening to your podcast. I would be interested to hear more about your story. About, the hotel industry and business that you are involved in and I would love you to interview Darcy Miller. Keep up the great work!
Thank you Bobbi for being so generous to share your experiences and knowledge and bringing such accomplished speakers. I truly appreciate your podcasts. Love from Mexico, Juliana
Bobbi Brown...Long story short
Love your Podcast! Please interview Tory Burch. Thank you!
An amazing evolution from lipstick to beauty from the inside out
Julie B Brown
I came to listen because of her wonderful lipstick legacy (I still have at all times 6 colors) but stayed because of her authentic commitment to taking us to the next level of healthy living. I’ve honestly found and tried and loved several new products, including her great vitamins and probiotics at WalMart. You actually got me to go back into WalMart after a several year hiatus. Well done Bobbi!
jouer au basket 12
I have so much respect for Bobbi but she is horrible at interviewing. She admits she is not a great listener with her interview wit Jeff Raider. She interrupted him too much. The conversation did not flow well. Love the guests she has on but interviewing is not her strong suit.
So disappointed!
I have always loved seeing Bobbi and hearing her wisdom on beauty and aging. So when this popped up I immediately subscribed. The first episode I listened to was a hairdresser. The first ten minutes Bobbi spent trying to prove to us and him how famous he was by reading some quotes her staff had gathered. Boring! Get over it and get on with more interesting angles! Popped out of that interview - listener to an unenthusiastic pitch for V- 8 juice - amd theh the Lisa lampanelli inteeview. Bobbi began by mispronouncing her name and then starting over. It wasn’t funny. It was indicative of a lack of interest in her own guests. If Bobbi can’t pronounce a guests name - she clearly isn’t the one selecting her own guests - and that is a huge turnoff. If u don’t know much about your guests - why should we? Bye bye Bobbi-
So happy I found your podcast!
I actually heard you on Elvis Duran and was so excited to hear you had a podcast. I’ve been using your makeup for so long that it was nice to hear your down to earth conversations. I would love for you to talk about teen beauty and makeup. My daughter watches all these youtube stars and they put on makeup like spackle. I tell her make up is to enhance your beauty not to make you look like a manequin! Interview younger models or actresses - Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid. In their 20’s or lower. Other up and coming makeup artists. Thank you!
For some reason every episode comes across so smug. It seems all guest have to praise and honor you, as oppose to you truly getting your point across as a wellness podcast segment. Lot of ego stroking......just not a interesting podcast. Even the opening narrative....I just can’t.
Painfully bad interviewer
We get it, you know celebs.
No one: Bobbi: have you ever talked to (insert famous person)? I have. She/he was great. I’m famous they’re famous, I know them, had dinner at their house, became the godmother to their children. We get it. It’s the Bobbi brown show, everything ALWAYS comes back to Bobbi.
Great guests
Bobbi brings on really engaging and interesting guests, but she sometimes fails to ask them the right questions or dig deep enough into who they are. She often turns the conversation back to herself which I find frustrating. I keep coming back for the caliber of the guests though!
Lovvveee and need more!
This podcast is everything... informative, inspiring, funny and most of all REAL... Bobbi gets the story and asks the best questions... Bobbi is everyone’s friend, mom, sister and go-to-girl in each one of these podcasts and I learn something new every time about myself or others. Love the takeaways on health and wellness.. since listening, I drink two glasses of water everyday as soon as I wake up!
Joanna Coles podcast
First, I love the way you interview, Bobbi. It’s natural, “at home”, as if in your own living room. I’ve listened to several and they are all that way. Your style is spot on. This interview was so insightful as I knew she had been at Cosmo but not exactly sure how she got there. And I loved her on Project Runway Allstars too!! Thanks for a great interview of a truly formidable woman. Love you both!
there’s take away gems in every episode
Bobbi is a great interviewer. It feels like I am listening in on a true conversation. From the in depth questions to the in depth answers, Bobbi really gets to the heart of the guest’s passions and lifestyle. It’s a nice break to my day and I end the listen learning something new about Bobbi, her guests and my own perceptions. Bobbi Brown is very well rounded and so generously shares her talents and knowledge on a variety of topics. I wish she would have done this sooner. I look forward to future episodes.
So happy to be able to consume an uplifting and insightful podcast from a woman my own age. Love her attitude about food and health on this podcast.
Love this podcast!
Such a great way to get to know this lover of life, makeup expert, entrepreneur. I wish the podcast was on a little longer since the episodes seem to go by so fast! You get sucked in immediately when Bobbi starts speaking. Her interview style is easy and relaxed. It doesn't seem scripted at all and just flows easily. Just a suggestion, can you please have Ariana Huffington, Martha Stuart, and/or Sarah Blakely? 🙏
Loving this podcast!
Kelly Lynn Adams
Wow I am loving these interviews such an amazing podcast!!!
Inspiring and Amazing Podcasts for an Amazing Girlboss!
Just love these weekly podcasts!! Such sage advise with salt of the earth girl boss Bobbi Brown!
Lauren B Lauren
I’m buying every FEED bag possible.
Simply Lovely
Dr. Lisa Grant
I am starting to realize why Bobbi Brown- the person- not just the iconic makeup brand- is so well loved and recognized throughout the world ! This new podcast is one of my favorites! Outstanding choice of truly inspiring people to listen to. Bobbi is so thoughtful and would make the most incredible friend !! She asks wonderful questions and develops their story so that the listeners can enjoy the experience!! Thank you Bobbi for your new venture!! I will be recommending the podcast to all my friends !!!
Amazing podcast
Loved listening to Bobbi interview Poppy, Rebecca, Elvis and Mickey. Keep up the good work.
Shari Danzig
From my first Pale Pink blush to my go-to Pale Mauve lipstick, I have been enamored with Bobbi Brown for what she has done to educate women and inspire us to be ourselves- to make ourselves up with transparency. Her podcast is doing just the same and now with her voice and her interesting guests telling us the long story short. So real and good!
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