Now it makes sense
I was never quite sure what he meant when he said this story wrote itself. Now I get it. Bravo Andrew. Great tale. Thank you.
Truly Fantastic
S1 (not free) Very good. While it wasn’t perfect, Season 1 is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride all the way through. I am not usually a fan of this “epic fantasy” stuff, but the story balances that stuff with the real world stuff so well that I never knew what was coming next. I just wish they could have gotten an actual woman to play the female voices, because Knowles does not sound pretty doing them :). S2 (free) Not as good as season 1, and far more flawed, but still quite good. The second season had some great moments. It also has some not so great ones. But it was still thoroughly enjoyable and nearly as thrilling as S1 S3 (free) Disappointed. Despite what Klavan says, season 3 is not the best. In fact, it’s a genuinely disappointing season. The storytelling here is not just below the level of the rest of the series, it’s straight up bad. There are parts that make no sense and and never explained, and other parts that neglect all the simple rules of storytelling. The story is no where close to as gripping as in the previous seasons, and the characters did not feel interesting at all. Finally, the ending is so anticlimactic that I actually got a little angry that we had built up for three seasons to such a disappointing finish. It was nice that they added all the sound effects, and that Knowles was an even better narrator this time, but these things canysave the bad story. While there are a few good moments in here, and it is worth hearing to the end, I am still severely disappointed in this season, especially since I had been expecting to be the best.
Unbelievably Good
Alexander Plattel
This story is absolutely incredible. 10/10 would recommend. Enchanting story. Inspirational character development. Vivid imagery. You will not be disappointed!
Another Kingdom Reigns
Just finished the series. A horrible and wonderful tale of one man’s journey to defeat the evil that lives among us and in another reality he is dragged unwittingly into. Klavan weaves the words that kept me coming back for more until the glorius ending. Masterful acting by Michael Knowles. I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke.
Throughly Enjoyed
I'm not super cultured or very deep, but this story was well written and excellently performed... in my opinion. If you're on the fence about it I suggest just diving in. You won't regret it!!!
Very captivating!! Never bored and always intrigued!
Great entertainment and more...
a eliav
Klavan is excellent. Knowles... not bad as well (despite what Shapiro says about him :)
Best Season Yet
Steve Key
This season grabs you right away and you are hanging on for the ride, in a nice Mercedes S-Class.
Best ever
I’m in middle of the final season and is it just me or has Michael suddenly and inexplicably improved at narrating? He was good before, but now he’s amazing. I’m really hooked on the story too. Even the few low-action stretches are full of witty phrases and clever word pairings. Well written and imaginative.
A riveting story!
Erick N
These stories will get you hooked! I wait until the next one comes out just to see what strange intriguing twist will happen next!
Worth the listen, over and over again!
What a great story and a great idea of brining it to the public. I have listened to season 1 three times, season 2 twice and I'm now enjoying season 3.
Gets better each season.
I love this story! The Christian world owes a huge debt to Klavan for bringing us meaningful stories that tell the truth. It gets better with every season and it really needs to be a TV show!
I can see myself in the protagonist
I am not a movie producer or anything like Austin Lively... but all of his challenges feel like mine. Be a man, let wisdom reign.
Great book!
Hayden R. Tang
This book series (and I only have listened to the first 2 episodes of this season) made my top 3 favorite book series
Brilliant writing
Just when I thought I knew what to expect, this book completely took me by surprise and I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for each episode.
DarkGhost 01
I love both Klavan and Knowles, and this is a well crafted and intriguing story. However, there is a fairly gratuitous sex scene in the first episode, which was pretty unnecessary, I get that it’s showing how far the character has sunk but it didn’t have to be as detailed as it was. Kinda ruined it for me.
Pure pornography
Surprised, not surprised.
Mas Arai
At first I was confused. Then I was angry. Then I was dissapointed, but not surprised. Austin Lively has reverted from hero to pusillanomous (spell check, please) worm. All it took was a little success. Oh well, we can take comfort in the fact that season 3 of Another Kingdom will surely kick Austin in the balls and perhaps redeem him for good.
I binge listened to the whole thing. Love it.
Outstanding story.....
Wonderful story, definitely has me hooked even when read by Knowles lol. Seriously, great job by all.
Storytelling at its greatest
Andrew Kevin is at the top of his illustrious game. I only wish that I could thank Kevin in person for the gift which is the second season of Another Kingdom. His artful crafting of the nightmare feast convinced me that he has read the Bible at least once, maybe even twice. Kelvan serves up another winner worthy of his name. Keep doing the work that you were meant to do, Andrew.
Love it.
An Asthmatic
Absolutely love this series. Season two was even better than the first (and the first was great). Can't wait each week for new episodes, now I have to wait for season 3.... The story is engrossing; always moving forward, but still enough details to help you build the world in your mind. The chase and fight scenes Klavan writes are some of the best, and while everyone at DW teases Knowles, his reading is spellbinding. From various voices, to the exact right emotions during the narrative sequences, I can imagine every single place and character as clearly as if I was watching (I only listen, which is, I think, the best way to absorb this). Can't wait for the next season(s?).
Knowles killed it!!
Michael you were great this season! The last three episodes mesmerized me! Your Orosgo sounded like another person. You made this story come alive. And Andrew... now I have to find everything you’ve created and either read it or watch it, thank you.
Very creative storytelling, well performed
Very entertaining, and it masterfully illustrates some sorely-needed messages about the evil of totalitarianism and the goodness of chivalry and honor.
A tale of two worlds
This is a wonderful combination of fantasy and film noir romance by one of the masters. Klavan’s concept draws one in to follow two story lines in two worlds somehow linked by an enchanted book. You can watch the hero Austin Lively grow from a schlub into a man as he confronts one challenge after another, in each world. Season 2 has been beautifully enhanced with semi-animated color artwork that adds great depth, but to see the wonderful art, you have to subscribe to!
Another Amalgamation of Time and Space !
It's a great story and an interesting way to take the story in. Different from reading or tv etc. Kinda like a mashup of the two....only BETTER !!
Always waiting for next episode
Tally fishman
Great story! At times, it makes me laugh.
More going on here than just a story.
I started in the middle and after 1-1/2 episodes I am hooked going back to the beginning. I think there is much more going on here than just a story.
Klavan is a master storyteller
The story starts off as a slow burn, then sets off on a fantastic adventure full of cliffhangers. However, the best part is how ideas in our culture are explored and taken to their logical conclusion. “Let wisdom reign.”
George the Twenty Second
How can you go wrong with Knowles reading Klavan's novel?
So addicting
This story so good, that when season 2 launched, I went back and re-listened to season 1, so I could have it fresh. It’s great. I want more!
It’s compelling and will keep you on the edge of your seat!!!
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