Sona is a Rock Star!
I have been watching Conan for years on and off and I always loved him! However, Sona makes this show! I introduced my teenaged daughter to this podcast and now she follows SONA on Instagram and loves all of her YouTube videos. Conan you are awesome but Sona is the foundation of this show for me. You guys are great! Ps: love you too Matt!
jay leno couldn't do this
an hour of banter teasing and emotional abuse couldn't be spent with anyone better. a perfect blend of conan's classic humor and degradation with a perfectly matched celebrity guest. conan o'brien needs a friend shows off his amazing interview skills and proves, yet again, that conan is one of the quickest and most gracious comedians around today.
I drove to austin by accident listening to Conan podcast
Thank you so much for being so funny that I drove to the wrong city listening to your podcast and missed my nephews play I was listening To each episode like an addiction (your podcast has replaced the joy of smoking for me) and I was so enthralled with your podcast and your banter and overall hilarious camaraderie with Paul Rudd That I took the wrong highway from San Antonio and ended up in the wrong sisters city. I was supposed to see my sister in Houston to see her son’s play but I got into autopilot of sedated joy listening to Conan and crew and just got on to I-35 and ended up in austin where my other sister lives ... I mixed up sisters and cities bc of you’re addicting show.... I was halfway through your convo with Ellen when I realized I was in the wrong city - and wrong nephews town. Thank you for taking me out of myself and adding comedy to my heart and soul and overall life ... this will always be a funny tale to tell at future thanksgiving family gatherings/roasts Please don’t ever stop. You add a lot of joy to the world Thank you
Thank you Conan and Team!
This podcast has definitely made me a much happier person since I started listening to this and stopped listening to the news. I have no idea what’s going on in the world now. It’s great!
Omg!! The ad for the PB Whiskey cracks me up every time!!! 😂😂😂 Hahaha!!! Love the show!!!! Keep new episodes coming!!!
Tears rolling down my face....
Of LAUGHTER. I forgot how fun (and important) it is to laugh this hard . The Cheesecake Factory bit at the end of Levy/ O’Hara episode? Friggin priceless. 😂
Sona, Read This Out Loud TO Conan
Blame Jim
Dear Conan, I've heard every episode. I recall in the beginning listening to the podcast wanting & waiting to laugh, but the laughter would never come. Your TV show made me laugh all the time. I've now come to the realization that I was really laughing at your hair. After much silence on my part the "wanting to laugh" turned to "hoping to laugh". I think you'll agree, everyone needs something to hope for in thier life. Thank you for giving me something hope for. FIVE STARS!!! James Patrick Clawson Tacoma, WA
I give this 5 stars solely for Gina Grad and Bald Brian’s banter. Conan’s getting better.
My weekly pick-me-up
As a graduate student who is constantly on the move between classes, teaching, etc., this podcast has become my go-to when I need something to make me laugh.
On Point
Rob Hutch 4
Funny. Hilarious. Talented. The PODs are too choppy with commercials.
Good but could be great
Conan gets great guests on this show! They are so funny and so fascinating. Conan, however, has a habit of talking over/for the guests, and the show would be 10x better if he’d just let them answer his questions or tell stories. An example is the JLD episode. I know Conans whole career has been based on talking, but dude, your podcast would really benefit if you sat back and listened more.
I laughed. I cried.
Then I listened to the show. Not bad.
I actually enjoy being at work now
Hello CoCo team! Just wanted to let ya’ll know how magnificent and hilarious this podcast has been so far. Dana Carvey was the absolute best! I’m sure Deon Cole would make a great “black episode” as he would probably say! LOL Keep up the good work.
Heals my soul
Thomas Phifer
Very funny!
Conan’s podcast is the greatest! Everyone on the show is awesome. No complaints.
Conan is friendworthy
This podcast never disappoints. Conan has given me so many laughs over the years. Thank you, Conan
I like these people
Faaaaaaaaaaaaaart noise
Everyone is hilarious, even Conan! 8:::::::::::::)———— Conan’s self esteem
Show is great
b33r gút
Conan, did podcasting give you back your juice? With love, Beer gut
Conan at his best
Loved Conan’s late nite shows which was sporadic due to late hour. His specials, I seek out as they always make me laugh out loud, but his podcasts are even better..seems much more natural and unscripted. Look forward to podcast updates and are a religious part of my Monday morning commute! Would hear a Kevin Hart and IceT get together!
Great PodCast To Start Your Work Week
Brian Rob
This podcast is funny, witty, and all around just well done. Every week, I look forward to listening to new episodes while driving to work. Sometimes people see me laughing way too hard, alone, in my car, and I wonder what they think I'm laughing at. Do they think I'm crazy? Maybe they think I'm laughing at them? Do they think about me later during their lunch breaks just sitting in my car laughing at Conan making history references that almost no one gets. If Conan ever decides to branch out into more podcasts he should definitely do a history podcast. It would be a hit just like Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend.
People say, they love your podcast
elissa katherine
Good one with Kimmel!
A Cure for Road Rage
I drive a lot. I mean, a lot. In Atlanta traffic. I listen to a variety of podcasts and often zone out. I find myself with fits of rage at some point during my commute, mostly directed at the bozos around me. I often return home to regale my husband with complaint or three about humanity or a quip of why I could have gone to jail today. Due to my intense anger and yelling, I assume I often have the look of a deranged person, to the rando commuters nearby. Since finding the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast, my road rage has been cured. I now look like a deranged lunatic due to intense, maniacal, whole body laughter. And my husband is even more thrilled, as I am apparently “nice” now. (Eyeroll) Thanks to Conan, Sonos and Matt. Please keep the laughter and fun going for years to come!
Reasonably good.
kat schwing
Reasonably good.
Love it
Some conversations are funny as hell, and some are really deep.
Wasn’t a fan...
I remember when Conan’s show first debuted. My boyfriend loved it, I wasn’t a fan and have never really watched the TV show. Since finding the podcast, I am in love! Keep the podcasts coming!
Art joke
Go Team Venture
I’m in my 30’s & i got the Toulouse Lautrec joke. I appreciated it 🤣
People who don’t like this podcast can eat my butt
If bees had knees they’d be made of this podcast
I’ve loved Conan’s stuff since I was a teenager and this podcast is EVERYTHING. He not only cracks jokes with his team and the guests, but also involves his team in the convos and has amazingly naturally hilarious conversations with everyone he brings on. This gives me the happiness and laughter that I NEED to get through the week. Can’t recommend this enough to everyone. Love you Team Coco!!
I love you Conan
I really need a good laugh by the end of the week and Conan and his crew always deliver. Thanks for keeping my faith in humans alive ! Always look forward to your show ...and Please interview Jim Carrey..and Bill Murray ...🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Jeni
Honestly great.
It really is a great podcast. I laugh every time I listen and look forward to the next one. Thanks
Less leprechaun please
The guests are good and I enjoy Matt and Sona. It would be great if we could get about 50% less of Conan’s awful accents and impersonations. For actually being of Irish-orign he has an awful Irish accent! He swings between a leprechaun or sounding like an old wise guy from Boston. It gets old.
I’m worried about Conan
I love this show, it’s hilarious but does Conan have emphysema? Seriously his laugh makes him sound like he’s going to cough up a lung. I’m worried.
Listen to this!!!
My absolute favorite podcast! I even listen to the ads. Love the silly banter and the interviews are so enjoyable. Conan is very kind :)
Cheesecake Factory For Everyone!
super ugly
I love the show.. long time, first time. Your rant about Cheesecake Factory was gut-wrenchingly funny, accurate and made want to go to Cheesecake, which does have delicious “brown bread”. Thank you for the making me laugh. Conan Por Vida!
My husband and I truly love this podcast. It’s just so entertaining and especially funny. The guests are great and Conan and his staff are terrific. Love you guys!
I love this show
What an excellent, excellent podcast. Just a pro.
Literally crying as I write this
of joy don’t worry. I’ve been a fan since the late night show which I grew up on. I was a devoted fan through the drama, saw the live show in SF and rejoiced for the TBS show (though I don’t get to watch as often anymore). But still wasn’t sure how this podcast would turn out. I am so happy I started listening, I haven’t laughed out loud at a podcast in a while. Today like many other days I woke up with a type of crippling anxiety that makes you want to call in sick for work, paralyzing. But I got in the car, turned on the newest episode, and by the time I got to work in the crawl of LA traffic I was a smiling human again. THANK YOU CONAN for being a quick, funny but intriguing host as always. You really do make a difference in mine
Brings absolute joy to my day to day!!
Instructional & Informative
Caveman reviews
In the vein of “how to make friends and influence people,” your hosts, Sona and Matt, try to guide a socially inept man (Conan) through the process of making friends. Each episode starts with 10 minutes of guidance, before turning Conan loose for a hilariously inept and desperate attempt at basic human interaction. Be sure to stick around for the after-action review where Sona and Matt truly shine.
Charles Barkley interview
Laughed so hard
Best commute partner ever!
I listen to Conan on my way to and from the office. Laughing by myself looking like a crazy woman as I drive slowly passed the cars around me in rush hour, brings me great joy😊
Loves me some coco jam
Listening to Conan’s podcast is like brushing your teeth with toothpaste the flavor of your favorite food. Where other hosts may be a sledgehammer, Conan is but a dainty scalpel. The precision with which Conan navigates the murky waters of his guests is only rivaled each installment with the alacrity with which Sona Movsesian operates. Conan is a freight train of laughs with bad brakes and Sona is the townspeople that know the train is coming through, but they can’t do anything to stop it so they just kind of like carry on. Matt Gourley surprisingly isn’t a recent fraternity graduate who wears too tight of t-shirts. Both Sona and Matt only chime in sparingly, but you will like them and they add to the show. I would love it if Conan had on some weird and creepy guests just to awkwardly make them interact. The guests are a veritable who’s who of...people. Variety is the spicy meatball of life.
Everything I look for in a podcast. Honestly great for people getting into podcasts. 1000000/10 recommend to everyone 👍🏾
So Good!
This podcast is so good it makes me angry that there are any four-star reviews! What is your problem?! Just give it five stars! You know it couldn’t be better, you just like to criticize. Go to therapy and figure it out. Thank you.
Just great
Conan is smart and funny. I’ve been listening for a while. I was walking through Times Square when I heard him tell Sona she is like gold ... her value fluctuates wildly. And I laughed out out, on the street. He’s great in this format and Sona and Matt make the show just work.
I absolutely love this podcast
The Paul Rudd episode had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Thank you for this laugh therapy, and thank you for taking on this medium. I look forward to every episode.
Have an idea
I’ve been a fan of Sir Conan for a long time now. I’d like to hear some interviews with the people that have been involved with his shows. (Pierre Bernard, Max Weinberg, Dion Cole, Michael Gordon, Joel Goddard, etc etc) I love you Conan!!! -Smitty
Favourite version of Conan
Seriously - my favourite version of Conan. He’s always fun, but this feels special. Good interviews with good folks and a lot of laughs. Thanks for the experience.
Foobardo iVar
and good interviews.
I’ve become THAT person
Every Monday morning, I listen to the podcast on my train ride to work. And every week, I end up being THAT person laughing by myself because of how hilarious this podcast is. I can’t get enough. Every minute even the commercials are funny! Also a huge shoutout to Sona and Matt - love these two! Keep the hits coming.
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