Bite sized knowledge!
I love these episodes. Fun and informative!
Companion Piece
Game Theorem
Short Stuff is a nice companion piece to Stuff You Should Know. They tend to get straight to the point and let you learn about bite-sized things. If you like Stuff You Should Know, you'll like Chuck and Josh in this. It's unfortunate they cut off this RSS feed though.
Please put these in this feed again!
Friend of France
I like this shorter podcast. Please put them back in this short only feed.
What is this, a podcast for ants?
Love these guys, and I love getting a little more content each week. 🤘🏼😄🤘🏼
Best two podcasters in existence today... and Jeri we love you too
Short Stuff Is awesome
Great for a quick listen between errands in the car or at home.
Production is trash
This podcast sounds terrible. Please step up the quality of your audio this is just embarrassing
Jill Hurley
These episodes are a delightful throwback to the early days of SYSK, when episodes were short, except these are much more polished than the 2008 episodes. It is also helpful that the episodes show up in their own feed, as well as in the Stuff You Should Know feed.
Pure Gold
Everything they do is high quality. Enjoy!
Why is this a separate channel?
Why should I subscribe to this and the regular sysk channel? So far all episodes have been on the main channel. Is that long term? Is this for people who only want the shorts? I don’t want to get the episodes twice, but I also don’t want to miss an episode. Please clarify.
So excited!
Not mad about a little more time to spend with Josh and Chuck!! I loved the first couple episodes and can’t wait to hear them explore all the smaller topics they have come across in their research!
If you like SYSK, you’ll like this. I’m a little confused by the other reviewers saying this should be in the regular feed. It is. It may not stay there, but right now it is. Also, tapping subscribe isn’t that difficult. Happy listening!
Love this
Great idea. I love Stuff You Should Know but find this a great addition to the franchise! Keep it going!!!
Awesome sausage, madudes!
Love the idea of more sysk and if you think they should put these in the normal podcast, well, shove it! Lighten up and enjoy something new. Outrage culture, am I right?
Really glad the shorts have their own feed!
Love It!!
Always need more SYSK in my feed, even in bitesized increments... love it
Great show
This is a great stuff you should know show but summed up for people on the go or don’t have time for full length episodes
Not confusing
I disagree with Jill. I like that Short Stuff is separate from SYSK. Keep doing what you are doing. I love these podcasts!
Of course it’s GOLD
Love the guys. Love their work. Love Short Stuff
So good!
Love the original Stuff You Should Know podcast and I think the short version is a great addition. Can’t wait to see all the obscure things they pick to talk about!
Excellent, as usual
Another awesome podcast. I’ve always wondered how many interesting topics weren’t covered on SYSK that just could make the cut for complexity/length. This is perfect, and helps ease the wait between SYSK episodes!
Way to go guys!
I love it! Just like always the guys deliver!
I agree with some of the comments that I would prefer these podcasts in the regular Stuff You Should Know feed, but I simply love everything that Josh and Chuck (and Jeri!) create. I also know I’ll look forward to these on short drives, or walks when I don’t have the time (or attention span) to delve into a full podcast. Can’t wait to see what else comes of this series!
Bite Size Dose Of SYSK Awesomeness!
Love the podcast and am really excited about Short Stuff. The same magic just abbreviated. Josh and Chuck kill it!
YASSSSSSSSS!!! I was so excited when I heard Josh and Chuck announce they were releasing this podcast. An extra day of Josh and Chuck makes the week that much better. Listened to the first episode and it was great, classic SYSK content and it reminds me of the early days of the podcast due to the shorter length. I do prefer the longer episodes though so don’t go away from those! I can’t wait until Josh releases his own podcast so that every day will have SYSK, Movie Crush, or a Josh podcast to listen to
Why isn’t this in the regular SYSK feed?
SYSK for when you’re short on time.
Can’t get enough of Josh & Chuck! Thanks for making these mini episodes.
More SYSK charm!
Love it guys! I can’t wait for new episodes!
Shorter is better...(sometimes)
Now I can I get through a whole episode in one sitting. Thanks, guys!
Why a second podcast?
I agree with the above reviewer. It’s a PITA to have to subscribe to another podcast. just make SYSK 3x a week, I could listen to Josh and Chuck every day 😊.
Can’t get enough sysk
Artist from tx
Love Chuck and Josh and their mission to explain everything.
Love it! Great length for my short commute
Love it. Reminds me of the early episodes. It’s a good balance with the longer SYSK
Amazing. Fabulous. Awesome. Another homerun from two of the top comedy minds of our time. I laughed, I cried, I was moved beyond words.
Reviews you should know
Hey, and welcome to the comments. This is Reviews you should know. But no really if you like stuff you should know then this podcast will help scratch that itch for just a little bit more. Short, sweet, and to the point!
Short and Sweet!
There's nothing worse than having to get out of the car and go to work in the middle of a long podcast. I've learned so much from Stuff You Should Know over the years, and trust anything the two hosts put their stamp on. Having smaller, bite-sized episodes makes the show that much more portable and flexible. Win/win!
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