As with everything No Barriers, this podcast offers maximum inspiration and positivity. Hosts and guests are amazing people.
Great podcast — must listen
This a wonderful podcast from Erik and company!!! Very inspiring to say the least!
Suggestion for future podcasts
Walt Raineri
If suggestions are being gathered for future podcasts, I think that having your guests, no mattter who they are, spend some time talking about the initial steps they took to walk down their respective paths towards their successes would be very helpful. Often it seems that many I come across have great difficulty breaking out of their comfort zones to move into their growth zones and listening to how your guests put together the fundamental building blocks of their successful journeys might help. Life is not easy. Sometimes the simplist. Of tasks is not easy when faced with challenging limitations. In the end, the deal is how we all deal with things and the starting point of each journey is the first few steps which might be the most difficult to take. Great effort and I look forward to sharing the podcast link with all I know.
Uplifting and inspiring —No Barriers Podcast
Huge No Barriers Fan
The No Barriers Podcast showcases interesting personalities and topics regarding breaking through personal barriers of all types. It is very uplifting and motivating. The speakers are very honest and sincere . The stories are amazing! Everyone should subscribe!
I love this podcast! Very powerful and inspirational. Thank you so much for putting it together.
Mary in Prescott Valley
Thanks to Erik and Jeff I was inspired to get off the couch and have my own life-changing adventures. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them, and others. The struggle is real, but they show us how to make it worth the effort.
Go Man Go
RC Broker
The common theme I'm hearing in these podcast's is that attitude is curcial in accomplishing the things you want to do. There are role models out there if we are willing to look for them.
Awesome Inspiration for Anyone
No Barriers Believer
Very inspiring discussions with people who have struggled, grown from the experience, and want to pass on what they learned. The ideas discussed and inspiration given applies to everyone!
Nice dose of inspiration.
Ann Cunningham
What a great way to stare the day! I look forward to the next installation. Thanks
Since my son's diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa last year, I have been a sponge to anything and everything inspiring. I encourage him to "see" that while not anything is possible, much is still within his reach. I can't wait to hear more of Erik's podcast. We have read the books and love his style. I hope my son, age 18, can remain positive and live a No Barriers life. On another note, I saw or heard that you wanted suggestions on what we may want to hear discussed. I can hear endless testamonials from those who have a barrier thrust upon them....vets suffering ptsd...amputees....drug addicts...etc. But I have yet to find a resource from a surrounding family member's perspective. As a mother, what is my role before I die? Where/what is my support? What am I doing right? Wrong? Perhaps you could interview family members of those who have been affected by whatever is there Everest, who have successfully navigated helping a loved one through a sudden, life-changing event. Many thanks and keep 'em coming.
No Barriers For All!
Mitsy kit
I love this! I have often wished that I could share the inspiration that comes from our No Barriers experiences to the masses, and am thrilled that we can now do this by sharing this Podcast! What a great addition to the amazing No Barriers’ summits, amazing speakers, and activities! I am looking forward to hearing future episodes and spreading the No Barriers spirit for all to be inspired and energized!
No Barriers.
I have really enjoyed listening to the No Barriers podcast. Was in NYC for the Summit and this is a great way to stay inspired and motivated to continue living a No Barriers Life!
Can't Give Enough Praise
Lewigi's Dad
Was pointed towards this Podcast by a friend, the stories are gripping and inspiring. was a binge-listen for me and I can't wait for more. Subscribed!!!
Mary Conner
There are lessons for everyone in these podcasts; no matter the challenges one may find in their lives. Truly inspiring...
Great find!
This has become one of my favorite podcasts! I am an avid podcast listener. I am very critical of what I will take time to listen to in this it’s at the top of my list! Great job!
Inspiring Podcast
This podcast is incredible! Very inspiring people!!
Always inspiring.
Erik has been a personal inspiration to me for a long time. He and his colleagues never fail to bring a spotlight to those individuals who are able to dig deep in order to overcome whatever barriers they may have and achieve their goals. Whatever massive peak you are trying to climb in your life, you will absolutely find inspiration from Erik and this No Barriers podcast.
An Important Message
The stories of these individuals and how they have overcome adversity is so inpiring and to hear their No Barriers message is now more important that ever- everyone should listen!
A light in the darkness
This podcast gives you a great insight into a variety of amazing individuals who have overcome obstacles. I listen to this when I need a little bit of light in those dark days!
Inspires Me To Lead My Best Life
I’m continually amazed by the varied ways that No Barriers inspires individuals to live their best lives. Such an outstanding and inspiring community of thought and action-oriented leaders, redefining what’s possible. This podcast aligns brilliantly to No Barriers’ top notch programming. I’m thankful for the time it provides for me to be introspective so I continue to reach further towards my own vision for life. Great podcast!
Road Trip
I binged on this first release on a road trip. Can’t wait for the next episode to drop!
A dedicated team
The team at No Barriers continues to put forth the effort to lift others up through the stories they share from inspiring individuals and teams.
uplifting stories of breaking through
No Barriers is a grat organization and it is about time that they shared the meat of what makes it such a powerful message . . . the people who are out there living it and purveying a No Barriers Mindset - no matter the challenges they face . . .. physical disabilities, emotional trauma, poverty, fear and doubt. It is a universal battle cry for how to face barriers and emerge not unscathed, but on the other side exploring the potential of the human spirit!
A weekly boost!
Hoping for more episodes to be released. The first few are really nice - uplifting, but not cheesy. Visceral and real, but lighthearted at the right times.
What the World Needs Now
I work with Erik and helped bring this Podcast together so I might be a tad biased but I really do believe in the message behind this podcast. The guests that Erik, Jeff, and Dave interview are nothing short of extraordinary but at the same time they are just like everyone else meaning they have valuable gifts to share we can all learn from. Highly recommend. Listen and share!
These Moments Matter
I love the coins on what we learn from the struggle and the raw emotions in the interviews.
Who should we interview?
As part of the team producing this podcast I’m interested in hearing who you think we should interview? Who has a great story about overcoming adversity that should be shared? Thanks and I hope you enjoy what we’ve created!
Inspiring Guests
From Gretchen, to Billy, Ethan and Mark it’s been a fun ride listening to their stories and the lessons learned that I can apply to my own struggles.
Inspirational stories to inspire anyone, no matter what your walk in life is, no matter what type of barriers you might deal with
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