Well done
vine crime fan
Love her voice and thorough investigation ... Would listen to another by this crew !! It’s important to research these cases so few have heard about and open up the conversation about the unknown ...
Interesting story bad audio
Overall well done but the audio is awful from the original recordings. Gets annoying. With that quality they should have had actors read the script vs. playing the original tapes.
I love the way you end each podcast in season 2. It gets me psyched. People are writing nasty reviews and saying she talks in circles well that’s bc the cases can’t be solved. By her doing this it could bring someone forward. To discourage her from continuing by writing nasty reviews is very selfish. I don’t get it... why can’t people just move on to another podcast. Especially, when the work she’s doing has purpose. She’s not just telling you a true crime by reading from a script she’s out there doing the investigation. There’s a big difference between an investigative journalist doing a podcast and a true crime podcast that tells the story.
I love hell and gone!
Neatos review
I’m ready for a season 3!!!!!
Kinda entertaining until you realize she’s never going to get to the bottom of anything and she’s just taking you in circles. I would definitely recommend you not waste your time with this awful nonsense
Interesting Story, Blah Ending
In pretty sure she says something along the lines of "I'm not stopping until this murder is solved" at the beginning. Spoiler Alert: At the end, the murder is not solved.
Season 1
I loved season 1 and then the last episode you say WERE NOT STOPPING...but then u stopped lol i would of liked to hear alot more...gave up to focus on another case.
Okay, Not Okay
Because I’m a true crime aficionado and also because I’m a red-neck living in the Ozarks, I couldn’t help but ignore the bad review warnings and just plunge in. Season 1 wasn’t too bad in that there was a genuine, undisputed murder that took place and seems solvable. I agree with those who expressed concerns about absolving from suspicion anyone who sounded or looked the way an innocent person ought. I also agree that if I were some of the people mentioned I’d seriously consider suing for defamation of character. Season 2 was a travesty at every conceivable level. Gossip and slander and bad audio tapes galore! In the end it seems to be a huge tragedy but not a murder.
Thank you!
This has been one of my favorite podcast! It is all close to home for me. You do a wonderful job on these cases. Thank you for continuing to look into these.
Best podcast!!
I haven’t seen anywhere that there will be a new season, but I’m really hoping for one. This is my favorite podcast, and it’s the one that got me into podcasts. Great work.
Great passion, bad acoustics
I really enjoyed season one! Season two was painful to listen to. Way too many recordings of other people’s voices and they were barely audible most the time. I was super interested in the story but quit listening after 6 episodes cause it was too hard to understand. I’m looking forward to season three and hopefully it will have a presentation more like the first season.
Season 2
Really frustrating listening to most of the recordings in season two. Would rather have had you summarize.
Can’t wait to hear more from you, especially if it’s happening in Arkansas. I love hearing things from the home state.
Season 3
When might we expect season 3??? Love this podcast ❤️
V interesting
Kate Parnell
Love the way the story is told and the narrators voice however the episode with Dr Malek sounded pretty racist from an outsider stand point and wished y’all had talked about a bunch of white country folk mistrusting an Egyptian man and that “impressions” or “feelings” are not continuing the podcast, this begins to feel like a bunch of Trumpers wanting to blame the Clintons for absolutely everything? Like not everything is a conspiracy theory and giving people the power to just say this out loud makes me v uncomfortable a la pizza gate. By the end of the podcast it seems like the truth isn’t what is trying to be found, and that the family won’t rest until murder is proven and nothing else.
Love it all
Love the way they put this podcast together and articulated each story so well. Keep going because y’all are awesome.
Loved season one. Season two not so much. Seemed like tying to prove a murder that never happened.
Bring Catherine back!
Extra podcast by Rainbow Valentine
Narrated by a person who sounds like a squeaky six year old, this podcast was more annoying than interesting. A meandering story line with a lot of sophomoric silliness does little to entertain or inform.
Well presented by Catherine!
I sincerely loved every minute of both seasons. I am a big fan of Catherine, the host and P.I., who intelligently walks us thru the cases. Maybe this hits home more for me as I currently live in the same town as Dr. Gould, the father of the first victim, Rebekah. Both cases are well known here in Mountain Home, and I care very much that more details get found out and talked about and more people get interviewed even as the years pass. As always, I'm not sure why people who are critical of this podcast, seem to put down the host. Catherine has a smooth and very clean and clear voice to listen to. And extremely factual and knowledgable. She may not have solved these cases, but talking about them and re-interviewing all the people involved, bringing in new crime professionals, going thru all the papers collected over the years, and sitting down with the families for the emotional conversations needed to catch up the public and all of us listening? All this was necessary because just one, ONE, person, or one detail could be enough to crack open a cold case and finally get it solved. She did a lot of work and I pray that even one small thing that came up during these reinvestigations may lead to a solved case, or at the least, clearer answers for the families. I love the format, the stories, the way the families were dealt with care and tact. Catherine was honest, factual, detailed but still emotional. She was the right balance of all these things which made for a perfect podcast. Cannot wait for season 3, and Catherine, if you're seeing this? I have a lot of respect for you and would even love to help you or work with you one day. I am part of the Ozark's and what you're trying to do means a lot. Great job!
Bring Catherine back!
I don’t give two craps about Rainbow Sunshine and her pot smuggling dad. Please remove these episodes and bring Catherine back. I will not continue to listen to Rainbow..her voice is annoying to say the least.
I enjoyed it..
So ready for the next season....
You Ladder
How about u go back to the School. Look at the hand writing. Of all the students and compared The notes to the ladder
Love this ... BUT
Please stop using the word LIKE when speaking with other professionals. It doesn’t sound intelligent, and I believe you. I do love your podcast. You have an easy voice to listen to and your tenacity to uncover the truth is admirable.
Just don’t waste your time
Basically just bad recordings of conversations between the “investigators” and interviews. Sum it up!
Compelling story well presented.
This podcast is very well produced. I listen to a lot of true crime and this is a great listen.
Generic Unsolved Mysteries/Serial
I kept wanting to like this and hoped after the first season I wouldn’t again be disappointed. The audio and editing quality is bad at best in both seasons. It’s marketed as private investigation but boils down to small town gossip with biased self-indulgent narration. The worst part is the hope she flames in these families with no actual resolution or new evidence. These mothers have lost daughters and these actions are just mean. These two seasons honestly made me understand why trained investigators want amateurs to stay away. Still not as bad as Culpable though.
I love how real it is
But the title should be “We’ll Be Right Back”
Addicted since season 1. I love how she shows every step of the way. I keep getting hooked! Subscribed!
Hoping for a new season soon!
The people who rate this podcast low are the same people that overthink everything and probably are not in a stressful spot in life. I enjoy listening and learning about new and past events. I like how real you are, and I like that you use the real audio from the case you are investigating. I could care less if it is not clear. If you can’t figure it out based on what is going on..... you should take a look in the mirror and think about going back to school.
Loved it!
Great job!
A great true crime podcast
I definitely preferred the first season, but the second season was a crazy story to listen to and still very riveting.
My favorite true crime podcast! Can’t wait for the next season!!!
What was the point of this podcast? This didn’t go over my head because I’m an idiot it went over my head because I’m not good at trying to solve an unsolved death. I thought that was the point of this podcast. Why did I listen to every single episode? Maybe because I am an idiot. There’s nothing in this podcast that was worth my time. What a freaking waste of time and energy for the narrator and listener.
Waste of time
Definitely listen!
I can’t wait for the next season!!
Wannabe Serial🙄
But has more filler than a Real Housewife eating fruit loops. You can feel the desperation and self-importance of the host. She wants to have her own Serial. But she’s no Sarah Koenig. She doesn’t have anything new. How many times will we hear things like “striped shirt” “as an investigator” or “I, I, I...” Season two has awful audio, with repetitive information. It’s mostly interviews with the victim’s family and circular conversations with nothing new. Hopefully someone with real investigative skills will hear about these cases and put real work into finding new information that can help answer the questions this host just regurgitates and bring some kind of peace that the families deserve. She’s Katherine Townsend...and this is Hell and Gone.
Great podcast
Really hope you can find the answers for the families!
Only 20 min in!!!!
I’m only on my first episode and I absolutely love this podcast!! I’m like heck yea let’s separate fact from fiction.
If I could give it 0 stars I would
Literally goes in circles. She’s “pretty good at unsolved mysteries” but doesn’t resolve any questions or cases.
Goes nowhere
She just goes in depth about these unsolved murders but goes in circles. She talked up the first season like she was really going to get to the bottom of the case but ended with nothing and season 2 had nothing to do with the first case. Both seasons were dead ends.
Yes...girls can change tires
Not sure why she was surprised, in the first episode, that a woman was able to change a tire. Mostly talks in circles the whole time and uncovers nothing new.
I listened to the entire first season. The host has no sense of objectivity or journalistic integrity. She clearly had a chosen suspect and deliberately ignored or disregarded whatever didn’t support her opinion. If you like hit jobs you’ll like this. But if you want an objective look at a case go elsewhere. Not recommended.
Skip it
Started off great. You think “wow this is going to be a great podcast”. Then all of a sudden, it ends and you have learned nothing. She “uncovers” information you are already told in the beginning.
Spoiler alert!! Usually podcasts like this cast new light on old cases, or at least uncover new information or a new perspective. Not this one. Season 1, I wondered why the host didn’t immediately discuss the “airtight” alibi of the boyfriend. She finally does, and wouldn’t you know, it’s the whole case, and we didn’t need so many episodes of rehashing the exact same things the original investigation uncovered. Season 2 is even worse. It uncovers nothing new, it just repeats itself, and it plays bad quality, old audio recordings that you can’t understand or hear. Other podcasts in the genre are more worth your time.
Shirley Jane Rose
Was a 9yo girl that when missing in Springfield Mo on oct 17,1975. It is a cold case. They found her body but not the person who did it. Can you investigate this case?
I need more episodes like right away! Katherine Townsend is doing incredible work!
Worth the listen
I don’t usually like podcasts where the hosts chit chat but I love Alexis, Jac and Billy. (Drinks on me if you guys ever come up to Washington State!) Although I wish they’d stop gently bullying Billy sometimes, haha! I find myself replying to their comments in his defense. I feel like they have done this long enough that they thoroughly cover the story and give great thoughts and input on what happened. I love the variety of cases; some I’ve heard of and some are new to me. I’ve laughed, cried, been outraged, learned something new. You guys are killin’ it ;-)
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