Great job!
I loved this podcast. The topics are a bit tough to swollen but it’s stuff we should all be thinking about. Keep it up, Josh!
Five Star Rating
Five Star Rating wish there more episodes
Episode 6 Biotechnology
Child of the regan era
I had to go back and listen to this episode again from 2018. Joshe's scenerio of a accidental or otherwise release of a virus getting out is read like a script for exactly what is happening now, and he should get the credit for predicting the 2020 coronavirus pandemic though not knowing it at the time. The communist Chinese government is of course not going to admit that someone in its labs spread the virus but that's analogus to OJ Simpson wearing the gloves that didn't fit so you must aquit!" so thank you Josh.
The pandemic is here!
I happened upon episode 6 while in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. Listening to this foreshadowing is creepy! Beautifully produced and well researched, this podcast is quite interesting. I love hearing Josh’s voice, although I keep expecting a goofy dad joke or something... :)
An exceptionally researched and fascinating series.
I want more.
So interesting and well put together. I would love to see this pod continue.
So good!
Josh does an incredible job with this series! Each episode is so good I’ve listened to each one a few times. The score is also fantastic!
My favorite podcast ever💮
Version without music?
Really want to listen to this. However, the background music never cuts out. I just can’t get past that, it is unimaginable distracting to me. If a version without music was uploaded I would download for sure.
Best podcast out there for sure
Deepest mind-bending podcast ever!
Josh Clark explores the deepest threats to our existence, and closes with the hardest- to-understand future concepts. When you get done with this, you will have changed...
Starts very strong, ends a little weakly
The first 5 episodes are amazing and completely engrossing. I really like Josh's delivery and voice which makes listening a joy. The last couple of episodes were a bit of a let down for me though.
I keep coming back to this amazing podcast when little things in life seem too big. Thank you!
Absolutely Awesome!
Incredibly informative and thought provoking! Josh does an amazing job of presenting the material without the distractions of far right or far left biases. I definitely recommend!
Fascinating, informative and I dare say important. I would start with Ep. 9 which stresses the crucial importance of this moment in our history.
Fantastic Podcast
I loved this podcast. It was so well done and so very interesting. If you’ve ever taken a moment to ponder your existence then this podcast is for you. I can’t wait to listen to it again!
Smart with an engaging X factor
This is officially my favorite non-fiction podcast! Josh Clark has that engaging X factor that will keep you coming back for more.
Best of what podcasting should be
Also a Josh
This series is so well researched and produced! Josh Clark's personality comes through the speakers in an educational and comforting way, as per usual. I learned so much which could be considered terrigying, but Josh's approach in explaining the details while also delivering hope I find encouraging. This is a must listen!
Well done
I thought this would be a negative and hopeless rant but I was so wrong. This is a well researched and actually hopeful conversation that is so critical right now. If only the human race could put aside their petty differences and self centered tendencies- what wonderful and beautiful things we could accomplish. Thank you for this podcast.
Who cares how flawlessly entertaining this is folks, there is a larger, much more important message here. (And I thought it was beautifully done for that matter.) Josh, who I love from Stuff You Should Know, has clearly researched this topic rigorously, and we need to LISTEN. Josh, thank you for trying to warn humanity about the risks we will soon face. I’ve read several scientific books on existential risks. They are real.
Better Than/Good as Attenborough
...Sir David Attenborough (for those that care). Binge-able and relisten-able. Fascinating.
Josh Clark always delivers
Sleepy Conscience
Listened to this because I love Josh and Chuck's Stuff You Should Know podcast. Josh is probably my single favorite podcast host, and I listen to a good 3-4 hours of podcast per day across dozens of pods. No one else has Josh's perfect balance of thoughtful, thought-provoking insights and goofy, shower thought/philosoraptor-type comments. It works particularly well on SYSK because Chuck sort of acts as his straight man by responding how we at home would like to. So I was a little concerned he wouldn't be as entertaining without Chuck since they have really good chemistry, and doubly so because it's a solo pod. For those concerned about the same thing, fear not. Josh is pro. He's equally as talented by himself as with a co host. Yes, this doesn't have the same level of off the wall comments and oddly compelling tangents, but you know how I said the other part of the Josh equation is thoughtful insight? This thing is filled to the brim with those. Just give the Fermi Paradox episode a listen and decide for yourself. Seriously top notch stuff every bit as mind blowing as the best of Radiolab, This American Life or Stuff to Blow Your Mind (pods I highly recommend as well btw). And it is still hosted by Josh. You'll recognize plenty of his trademark personality even if it isn't coming through in the same way all the time.
Dawg Daze
Really thorough and well done. Love listening to Josh.
Thank You & More Please!
I’ve followed Stuff You Should Know for a decade. I’ve listened to every episode. End of the World is incredible, researched story telling at its best. Thank you for this gem I devoured it all in one road trip. It’s amazing to hear that other brains work like mine. Since watching The Matrix for the first time at 13 I’ve wondered about simulations, the future, and what is this whole thing on earth about? With the rare coincidental moments we all have together. What do we do with them? Learning, sharing your thoughts, and connecting with your species. Thanks for keeping some of us sane when we have moments of loneliness along our way.
Want more
I want more of this podcast. It makes me very happy. Well produced, well thought out, brilliantly executed. Well done Mr. Clark.
Josh nails the mood of this podcast
Entertaining, well written, thought provoking. Can’t say enough about how pleasant of a listening experience this series is!
Reminds Me Of Dan Carlin’s: Hardcore Pod
Nike Noodle
Although the topics of this podcast & Dan Carlin’s Hardcore are different, they’re running the same parallel line... in parallel dimensions, or past & future... per say. Both of them even present the material the same way & say the word existential MULTIPLE times. Which just backs my observation that both podcasts are similar. So if you like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore, you’ll definitely love this because it is more enjoyable, but not exactly “sit on the end of your seat”, nail biting exciting... at least not yet.
Excellent listen
I would consider myself of average intelligence with only high school under my belt and these episodes were easy to understand and fun to listen to. The score really takes you on a journey. I feel like I’ve taken a gateway drug and I want more. Listened to while working away and helped the time go fast. Fun, exciting, and enlightening!
Mind blowing!
As a huge “Stuff You Should Know” fan, I don’t know why it took me so long to listen but so glad I finally have. These episodes are so interesting, informative, but also extremely scary! For example, bio lab accidents or careless shipping of pathogens. 😳 This is a binge worthy podcast.
Fascinating and Well Done
I listen to many podcasts, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. I’ve loved Stuff You Should Know for a long time, and I was curious about this solo project with Josh Clark. It blew me away! It was so well done, I listened to it all in 2 days. Loved it!! Awesome job Josh and team!!!
Astoundingly good
The only other podcasts I’ve ever really listened to are Stuff You Should Know and the Alton Browncast. This will join those two. Hooked immediately, burned through it in less than 24 hours, loved every minute of it. Just listen to it. Can’t wait for season 2. Amazing job Josh and everyone.
Josh Clark is my hero
This podcast is unreal. I listened twice. I recommended it to everyone I know. It literally changed the way I perceive the world around me. Thank you Josh, you’re the man.
Knock your socks off
Loud Beeping Noise
Best podcast in the history of podcasts. Josh Clark has really found his stride with this one. Somebody, please pay him more, because he MURDERED this. This podcast blew my socks off. Josh, you’re the best and if your read this, tell Chuck he may need to step up his game.
I am broken
To say this podcast blew my mind is an incredible understatement. I can’t even think of anything else to say just listen to it bro
Perfect podcast
I love this podcast. It is so informative and intriguing.
Much win, very yes
By far the best podcast I’ve ever listened to and have listened to it several times over.
Worth many repeat listens!
I discovered this podcast about a month ago, and I’m about to start my fourth start-to-finish listen. Extremely information-rich, I would love to see this published in book form! From the Great Filter debate to the Simulation Hypothesis discussion, every episode is a winner, delivered in Josh’s own inimitable style. I have been recommending this series to everyone I know! Here’s hoping for a second series!
Listen immediately if not sooner.
Everyone, everyone, stop what you’re doing and listen to this podcast immediately if not sooner. The information is so worth it. Oh and I should probably say that the sound quality is great, the soundtrack is great, and the information is interesting, informative and presented in an entertaining format. My only problem is that this is not required listening for all.
I’m not sure how to explain how much I love this podcast? The descriptions, sound effects the story line. The explanations of various theories. Completely mind blown!
Amazing way of thinking
Being able to follow special instructions by broadcasting true intelligence.
I love Josh; I love the subject matter. My one ‘issue’ is with Josh’s noncommittal treatment of the Fermi Paradox. However, after reading other reviews for this podcast, I completely understand his restraint. The number of creationists whining and moaning about Josh’s ‘failure’ to incorporate creationism into his fact-based/logic-centered commentary////accusing Josh of bias////accusing him, somehow, of whimsy and folly, is terribly obnoxious. Keep trucking Josh, as I know you will! Everything you put out there is amazing. 🖤🖤🖤
This Podcast Will Never Die! ! !
Zach From Ky
I continue to listen to this podcast till this day. No doubt one of the greatest ever. I use to get so hype waiting on the new episodes back in the day hahaha It’d be dope if you made a mini docuseries of off this. I’d watch every episode !
Deep thought
Great series.
So thoughtful, superbly presented
The topics and ideas in this podcast are mind blowing, and are presented in a very understandable way.
What a podcast!
A amazing podcast that not only make you think and questions. but also gives out various stipulation and explanations of risk. Thank you Josh Clark and all who brought this amazing podcast to life
Great show
Josh explains phenomena so I can understand them.
One of the most important shows of this decade
Well researched and presented, along with a great sound track. Every episode is more chilling and fascinating then the last. I highly recommend that every human being listen to this to get a good sense of where we are in this moment in time.
Great questions and pondering
Lots of great questions, hypothetical situations, and things to do to prevent what may happen. We can do this!
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