Love the Football Discussion
I just wanted to say that not only do I enjoy the game reviews, upcoming game previews, and recruiting news, but the tunes at the end have been 🔥 lately. Keep it up!
Not sure if it was just today’s cast, but do you all even have an outline of what you’re going to discuss or just stumble around to different topics?
The Gold Standard
Richard Fliehr
I listen to several Longhorn Football podcasts, and none of them have the depth of knowledge about the program that this one does. Eric and his guests know the recruiting landscape better than anyone, both in terms of evaluation of players, and who is actually on the team’s big board as priority targets. During the season they can break down game film and do deep dives on schematics and matchups. A must listen.
Best Intel
I have been listening to all the major Texas Football/Sports podcasts for years and IT’s podcast is by far the most well-researched, informative, and insightful Texas Football podcasts out there—especially when it comes to recruiting. Great work and thanks for making my commute a little easier!
Very professional
Truman E
Both men give you accurate information, with no hint of home cooking. Always leave the podcast feeling informed on what’s going on around the 40 acres. Keep it up men, you’re crushing it 🤘
Love it
This is a fantastic podcast. However, Eric always sounds like he’s about to throw up.
Best place for Texas Longhorn info/discussion
My favorite website mods now have a podcast! Amazing job, guys. Hook ‘em!
I’m a frequent podcast listener and die hard longhorn fan so this is perfect!!!!
41st acre
Longhorn ATX
Excellent Podcast if you are a huge Longhorn fan. They are the best in Longhorn recruiting news. Looking forward to every Podcast!
Awesome podcast; super informative
Give these guys a listen on all things Texas, they know their stuff. You’ll be a better fan for it
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