Just what I needed to hear!
Authentic & Motivating
Lauren Wilcox
Nabeelah’s podcast is the best there is. I love how real and honest she is with her listeners. I find myself relating to a lot of the situations she talks about and it helps me feel like I’m not alone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.💯
I love your last podcast! Great reminder to love ourselves!
I will work on judging people less and being more aware of it with you 😀
Amazing podcast!
Rosty Kochergen
I’ve struggled with always finding a podcast that I can relate to. Being so young, I know most podcasts out there shoot for an older age to listen to. Nabeelah literally made it so easy to relate to hers! It’s so relatable in our world today and it’s easily the best one I’ve ever listened to!
Very real and motivational
Wanted to write a quick review and say how amazing your podcast is. Been feeling stressed and burnt out lately and listening to your podcast helps to shine a different light on life and being appreciative and grateful for what I have. Also thank you for sharing your real life experiences and then ultimately learning from them.
Worth it
I really love this podcast and you have great advice! I feel much more calm when I listen to it
Bold, and authentic
I really love these podcast episodes. It’s so exciting to hear someone share their truth with a desire to connect and do what they can to give hope and joy to others in a selfless way. Such a beautiful voice and an amazing spirit. So happy to find this podcast.
Literally can notttt waitttt to hear more from you!!!! SO GOOD!
So motivational
Amanda Temple
LOVE IT! Can’t wait to hear the next episode!
Thank you
Thank you for talking so genuinely & authentically about things that need to be talked about more often. You are shining a light into places where most people would feel is a dark place, and you are showing the world thats not the case. I absolutely love how this motivated me & inspired me to continue to be positive & see life as it is... BEAUTIFUL ! ✨💫
Dear, Dear You:
Dear, Dear You: Thank you for being so enlightened to start this podcast. It feels like talking to a friend who is being 100% raw, real, honest, and genuine. I can tell that you pour out your feelings and truth right into these episodes and I cant wait to stay tuned. After listening to your podcast, I’m feeling inclined to go make a list of the things that make me happy, personally, and not things that make others/social media/society happy. XO. Kindly, Gianna
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