Intriguing, Entertaining, Informative
Hector is a very personable and engaging host. He is hilarious, but also asks poignant questions. You can tell he really cares about all his guests, and all his guests WANT to be there. If you know anything about the CoD competitive scene or even sniping, OpTic / H3CZ is second to none in influencing the culture. Everybody on this podcast is somebody who he has a personal connection with, and whom he knows on a personal level. Take it from someone who has watched at least 45 of the 53 episodes
Not only a legend in the Call of Duty scene, but also in podcasting! Keep it up!
Just awesome!
Doc Ra D07
One of the best pod casts I’ve heard in a long time ! Love it and and it’s become my daily! Keep it up Hecz!
Top 5 across every genre of podcasts
Been really enjoying and reminiscing with you guys. These episodes have been crazy. I’ve been a fan for a while, and hearing the things that happened behind the scenes is mind-blowing. Been great being able to follow the journey. When Rambo got drop cause for some reason he couldn’t compete cause he was from Canada. I believe it was frag cup rules or something. P.S Nade was not better then Rambo 😂
The podcast with Doug “Censor” Martin is my favorite so far. I love this podcast! Props to Hector and Matt. You’re doing an awesome job guys!
Great pod
Amazing insight to the world of esports and personalities
Hecz is the best!
I’ve live in Longmont where seagate is located and done their electrical. I’m an electrician. Played MW and MW2 when they came out and just got back into it with BO4 a month ago. Back in full swing and it’s awesome to hear from these guys that have been around since then. Listen to this podcast and real hip hop.
Hecz is optic
Hecz we need you now more than ever keep fighting the green wall stands with you
I’ve been a optic fan since predator and I will always be here to be a fan regardless of what it’s worth it means so much to see how much you care about optic and everything there you have always been my idol god speed though this and remember what doc says two steps back one forwards and we’re at the top of the hill and we’re only halfway up
Must listen entrepreneur podcast
Just finished episode 34 and much appreciate all the episodes up to this point. Can’t wait for next weeks
Robert Terkla and Jon B
Both podcasts were great the convos were great both flowed naturally and didn’t seem forced can’t wait for the rest of the googans to partake
Great podcast with J Hart
You make my monday’s at work 100% better, keep doing you man #GreenWall
Sad times
Jonja561/10y GreenWall Brick
Much love to Hecz and Hitch for laying out for all to see and to all the men and women who made Optic, Optic. Thank you for giving me a community to belong to for the last 10 years. If you can’t use the Optic name for what ever reason going forward Im sure the green wall could get behind a re launch of Basshers as a content/apparel brand 🤷🏼‍♂️.
Best. Podcast. Ever.
If you’re a gamer, interested in tech, or even an avid outdoorsman, you NEED to listen to this podcast! H3CZ has great guests every single episode and always has great conversation. Must listen!
The greatest podcast ever. #Greenwall
Best Podcast There Is!
Don’t stop doing this H3CZ. Genuinely great podcast that keeps me occupied while at work <3
Best podcast on the internet
Question / complaint
I love these podcasts. Never miss one, listen at work every Monday morning. The complaint I have is that the ads are done in the middle of the podcast? Directly cut into the flow of convo. I’m sure there is a reason as hecz is calculated but that is my reservation. 5 stars regardless
Let’s go OpTic
Ferny Beto Lil Congo
Loving these on iTunes great podcasts nothing but love homie
Hitch and manic
dent wizard
This episode was really good up until the last 30 minutes when it became the woes me podcast. These two are super funny no one wants to hear about how depressing it is to live the optic life. Other than that love the eves drop keep it up!
H3CZ is the best
Only wish that the podcast was longer. So many stories I wish they went deeper on, I know that everyone would love a longer podcast
My only critique
Reanimator Lovejoy
Is that these need to be longer. There are so many stories that get cut off because “we’re getting off topic” or “we’ll discuss that another time.” Otherwise, great insight and talking points. Bring. Back. The. 6050. Crew.
Love To Hear It
I still watch the actual cast on YT and it’s phenomenal. Great job with OG.
Love this
You’re podcast is awesome man. Really enjoy these on my morning drive to work.
Daryle Jobe
Ultimate insider of Gaming
Love this podcast!
Been an OpTic fan since 2009 and if you’re into esports and the culture behind it then there’s no way you’d be disappointed with this podcast. Hecz has great energy and he really makes the podcast chill and easy to listen to.
Killa in the scene
After listening to this it just fuels my thought that killa, parasite, Ray all either need to be coaches or the median between the devs and pros. Really feel like they could make the game playable for everyone and still competitive for the pros without all the needless ga’s
Hecz has done it once again.
Once again something Hecz puts his mind to turns out well managed and received. The Eavesdrop Podcast has skyrocketed any expectations of long time fans, while being open and inviting to a whole new crowd. The listeners experience a variety of topics, including an inside behind the scenes of OpTic, Esports, the Gaming Industry and life overall. The interviews range from internet entertainers and pro gamers to outdoors man and studio design directors on triple A title games. Once you listen to one episode you’ll find yourself checking back to see if a new episode has been released. It’s a mellow, yet engaging podcast, good for workouts or car rides. It’s worth every second of your time and with checking out the shorter series on YouTube, “600 seconds”.
Love it
I love it
Favorite podcast.
Pest lll
Awesome stuff. Would love to see some don’t with dashy and tj
The JRE of Gaming and eSports Podcasts!
This podcast is something I find myself really looking forward to listen to when new episodes are released each week. The conversation with each guest so far has been organic and flat out entertaining. There’s no random ad breaks during the episodes which I personally prefer. If you enjoy gaming, eSports, and are a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast model then you will definitely like The Eavesdrop podcast!
Great Conversation
Great interview as always! It's great to see/hear some of the behind the scenes stuff of the growth of OpTic. Keep it coming!!
The OG from OG
matrix hero
Thanks for putting the podcast on here so we can download and listen in the car. Much love much respect as always.
Thought that counts?
Sam Curt
Definitely a void that needs to be filled in the video game podcast arena, but it’s done poorly. When considering Hecz has the experience, assistance, and equipment this podcast is weak. The questions lack any cognitive function. It’s simply “who are you?” The Russel Dr. podcast shows some hope though, an actually conversational, energetic and emotional podcast— somewhat like the Optic podcast when Courage and Hecz were apart of it.
Greatest podcast ever
COD Franchising
Raul Mehta
The real problem with COD franchising and regionality is the content side. If brands like Optic and FaZe got their following through their content on YouTube and Twitch etc. then by nature their fans are going to be dispersed across the nation. The fans are the people who fall in love with the personalities and follow the players not necessarily the teams. The teams help through their amalgamation of content and creation of content through team houses etc. but the personalities that make the team make the fan base go round. By that nature regionality is just going the fracture an online decentralized fan base, and as an Optic fan in New York I can attest!
Thank you
Thank you man I really appreciate this awesome podcast. I work under cover and walk around all day trying to blend in and find people stealing and things like that. It gets super boring so I plug in your podcast and it makes time fly. Keep up the great work.
Thanks Hecz
Hamr mk 48
Thank you for all your content it’s appreciated bro
Green wall
Dope 1234
Never really listened to any podcast before but these podcast are amazing!!!
Hector I love you. Just the come up of optic and Seth. Much love man
GreenWall till the wheels fall off
I am enjoying this podcast a lot, I have been part of the greenwall for so many years, in fact I’ve been Hecz fan since before he showed his face on youtube and now to be able to enjoy his work on here is mind blowing!! Congrats Hecz!!
I am starting to get into listening to podcast, and I am glad I started with the Eavesdrop podcast, love this Thanks Hecz!
Best podcast of all time
Makes my day
I listen during class and school and i love it keep it up!
AWESOME podcast. Love it. Keep doing your thing Hecz. You’re the man.
Great podcast!
I’ve found all these podcasts to be very entertaining, engaging, and informative! I have recently been watching them on YouTube but I think I’ll start downloading them hear to listen to while at work and in areas with poor cell reception! I haven’t missed an episode! I absolutely enjoy and love it! The podcast gives you a glimpse behind people’s curtains, to see what’s really going on! Great job HECZ! You are the man! #GreenWall!!!
Great Esports podcast
Literally the best Esports podcast out. Also So much experience and knowledge while Keeping things down to earth.
6050 Podcast
Another one of my favourite episodes! I believe everyone would love to have to look forward to a podcast about everyone who was at 6050! This episode was funny, nostalgic, and overall fun. Cant wait for whats to come!
WOW, being able to reminisce on all of those memories is amazing. Although initially we only saw some of what went down in the optic house being able to hear all of these stories is amazing. Great group of guys and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people...we need another episode of 6050!
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