June 29, 2020
How does someone who walks through YEARS of unimaginable sexual and verbal abuse as a child come out on the other side MORE than ok? Today, meet Aimee Cabo Nikolov. Aimee is a Cuban American who After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, allowed her true grit and courage to shine through leading to an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY how Aimee Cabo Nikolov Leveled up and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING In this episode, you will learn: How to turn your trauma into purpose How to find love in yourself How to speak up and not blame yourself Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
June 22, 2020
Kyle Brown was once know for being 5% bodyfat and a year round anatomy chart. What is wrong with that you ask?  Well, that was his WHOLE identity. He would preach that your “body is everything” and that it is ALL mind over matter. It wasn’t until he found himself literally in a CODE BLUE at the hospital with a chest xray that was super disturbing that Kyles life changed. TODAY, Kyle Brown empowers conscious entrepreneurs to break down barriers in order to master life. This is a process he calls Rapid Harmony. World changers, top CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and countless celebrities have worked with Kyle to develop a sustainable, fit, happy, peaceful, aligned and balanced lifestyle. Join in today to learn exactly how Kyle Brown Leveled up and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: How to create full alignment Why you need to find a balanced lifestyle How you can create happiness in your life Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
June 15, 2020
Dimple Thakrar is known as The Love Coach with over two decades of coaching, as well as a speaker, best-selling author, and as a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner and graduate of the Robbins Mastery Relationships, Business, and Wealth Program, Dimple brings a depth of knowledge having studied relationships with the best in the world. She’s been a featured celebrity guest expert on BBC TV & Radio, The Times, The Huffington Post, and Good Housekeeping as well as earning the Global Women’s Club Award. Today, as a spiritual relationship coach, Dimple has helped hundreds of successful business leaders transform their intimate relationships to achieve a life of fulfilment. She helps both men and women on a path to happiness, while enhancing and optimising their business and financial success. In this episode, you will learn: How to set proper expectations for your partner How to communicate what you want Why relationships fall in line with everything else in your life Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
June 12, 2020
We are now AWARE but what do we do NOW? Dr. Safiyah Satterwhite grew up in brooklyn in the 80s and she was taught that If you don’t like how something is,  it is up to you to change it.   That understanding and ownership served her well - she has been not just super successful with her business, but she has initiated change in so many areas.    Our intentions for our conversation on Leveling Up Today were very specific:   Address how we can have a conscious coming together to initiate change?    Dr. Satterwhite pointed out that we have GOT to start seeing ourselves in the stories of others. You see, As we rise up in business, health, relationships, actually all areas of our lives, empathy decreases- the higher up in status we get, the more detached we also get from reality.    It is neither of our beliefs that the majority of people have bad intentions. It is this conversation with her today that I ask “Where do we go from now. Now that our eyes are open what do we do.”    Join in today and learn exactly how Dr. Safiya Satterwhite levels us up In this episode, you will learn: How race plays a roll in everything How you should approach racism How can we begin to heal as a nation
June 8, 2020
Just a few weeks ago we were missing friends, connection, and were counting the days until we could hug each other again. Now we are at war. As a country, with our friends, and in many cases in our own families.  I asked yesterday, what is the answer to all of this? No one answered. But, in the comments..the fighting, the blaming, and no listening to others perspectives. Both me and D'Andre's intention for this interview was very pure and specific - have a REAL conversation, friend to friend, drop the judgement, ask and listen. We believe that THOSE are the conversation we need to start having and listening to if change is to happen. Since not everyone is having them, we are sharing our conversation publicly. I hope you will listen to the FULL conversation with an open mind, AND an open heart. In this interview, you will learn: Why Black Lives Matter How we can all approach racism differently Why we need to listen openly and more often
June 1, 2020
At the young age of 26, a pregnant Brooke Thomas was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma! She was told to have an abortion and start chemotherapy. Brooke did not listen and her pain became her purpose  TODAY, Brooke Thomas is the CEO of Live Out Loud. Her series of elite-level masterminds, live events, and group coaching programs are designed to help women pursue their purpose with confidence. She runs a thriving online community offering regular trainings on mindset, leadership and creating authentic relationships. Live Out Loud is a philosophy and strategy that impacts success at every level of life. Brooke has spoken as a healthy lifestyle expert for large corporations, hospitals and schools. She is also a motivational speaker on the topic of mental wellness, abundance mindset, and leadership. Brooke is the author of the Thankful 30 Recipe book series.   Brooke graduated from Elon University with a B.S. in Business Administration. She is a Certified Nutritional Consultant in holistic nutrition from the Global College of Natural Medicine.  She has been featured in the Huffpost,  InStyle and on The Today Show Food Club. She has also been a regular contributor on television. She lives in Newport Beach, CA with her husband, two daughters and two dogs. In this episode, you will learn: How to pursue your purpose with confidence The importance of finding your voice How to tap into an abundance mindset
May 25, 2020
Mark Crandall was once a very lost, angry and confused little boy. But could you blame him? Taken by the state at age 3 from his abusive, cocaine addicted biological mother, he grew into his teens with a tremendous amont of limiting beliefs. Stealing from people and businesses, addicted to drugs, homeless, he had done two years in the county jail and found himself in Prison at age 20. After being told that he was a “disgrace” to his adopted family, and to change his last name, he finally hit a rock bottom.  TODAY, Marks pain has become his purpose. He went back to school, became a therapist and today Mark Crandall is a keynote speaker, author of Embrace Your Past Win Your Future, host of the Purpose Chasers ® Podcast, and founder of the Purpose Chasers ® Community and Academy, and co-founder of the Purpose & Movement Mastermind. In 2015 Mark left his career as a therapist to use his drug-addicted criminal past coupled with a traumatic childhood to help 1000s of people reinvent themselves. Since that time Mark has built multiple 6 figure businesses and has become a highly sought after business and marketing consultant. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Mark Crandall Leveled up and created Everything from Nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Tactical things to break through your limiting beliefs How to find your purpose and chase it How creating movement will change your life Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
May 18, 2020
As founder and president of the Human Communications Institute, Michael has helped thousands of people transform their lives through his signature events, audio seminars and one-on-one coaching. Combining his natural talent as a communicator, deep understanding of motivation and a powerful ability to tap into virtually anyone’s desire for success, he’s unlocked the mysteries to building charisma, influence, persuasion and connection with others. By creating and utilizing Human Interaction TechnologyTM(HIT), an innovative teaching method, Michael sheds light on subliminal psychological triggers that affect performance and reveals powerful strategies for leaving “average life” behind. The result is greater financial wealth, physical health and lasting confidence in all aspects of life – both personal and professional. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Michael Bernoff leveled up and created everything from nothing In this episode, you will learn: Why internal dialogue is extremely important How you can overcome subliminal psychological triggers Common themes between top performers How to perform at the top Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
May 11, 2020
David Bayer is a leading expert on human evolution, mindset and business strategy and has built one of the fastest growing brands in the personal and business development space. David was recently featured in Success Magazine  as "a leading expert on the next evolution of mindset", his book Mind Hack has been downloaded over 200,000 times, his recent interview on Impact Theory has had over half a million views and his annual event The Powerful Living Experience Live was named "A Top 3 Must Attend Personal Development Event For Entrepreneurs." David's work has been referred to as personal development 2.0 and David believes that mindset, or the developed capacity to utilize the mind to rewire and reorganize the brain, is the lynchpin of the evolution of the human species. Join in today and learn exactly how David Bayer LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing  MIND HACK: In this episode, you will learn: What is the right mindset to have How can you evolve with mind hacking Why mindset is so important for everything in our lives Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
May 8, 2020
From 2005- 2008 Jason Bartlett was on top of the world. A successful marketer with a great amount of wisdom with structure, he attracted success. He had the money, cars, the friends, everything he thought he wanted. A wedding in cabo was one of his last success memories. He describes his life after that as the bottom falling out from under him. When the housing market crashed in 2008, lenders pulled out, he  lost employees, and his fantasy life started crumbling down, He remembered a pivotal moment of looking at his rolex watch (that he had won) and calling a friend to see if he could loan him money and take that watch as collateral. The friend never called and Jason found himself thinking “maybe it was all fake. Maybe I was just LUCK the first time” Jason turned it all around but staying focussed on helping OTHERS turn around their hardship and in turn he turned HIS around. TODAY, Jason owns Level Financing and his mission there is to help people formulate and execute an ethical plan to get them out of debt and keep them out of debt. One in which your credit is not ruined. Join in today and learn exactly how Jason Bartlett leveled up and created everything from nothing! For a free strategy session with Level Financing, please mention Natalie Jill when booking. They will take great care of you! Got to for more information . You can also call them at 333.214.2278 or On this episode, you will learn: Practical tips on making it through a recession How to set your self up for success no matter what What you should be doing during this crisis   Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
May 4, 2020
Giovanni is an entrepreneur and life adventurer who has a passion for teaching, experiential learning and creating deep connections with others. He is the founder of Elemental Wellness studio in Toronto and Co-Founder of The Personal Development School among many other venures. He is always looking for the next consciousness expanding experience whether it be climbing mountains in his shorts with Wim Hof, participating in Traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies, or challenging his mind and body to see what new limits he can reach (He recently completed a 55 day Juice fast). He Launched his third podcast in 2020 called the Elemental Awakening to go along with his YouTube channel (Elemental Awakening). You can watch his documentary on Plant Medicine called Psyched Out for free on Itunes through his channel! He’s an entrepreneur at heart and loves to create new Ideas and ways to help improve the planet for not only the people currently living on it but for those who we will leave it to one day! His proudest achievement to date is being a father to his two beautiful children. In this episode, you will learn: What is the power of breath How can you begin a spiritual journey through ayahuasca  Why we need to accept the gifts of the world Get Giovannis FREE 21 day breathwork course HERE: Like Leveling Up? Leave us an honest review (a good one I hope!) and get my free DSR journal delivered to your inbox HERE:
May 1, 2020
After helping corporate giants like Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard generate millions in sales and small personal development companies quickly grow their annual revenue from six to seven figures, Lisa Sasevich was fired from her dream job the night before Christmas Eve. With a husband in medical school and two toddlers at home, it was devastating. After some soul-searching, the “Queen of Sales Conversion” decided it was time to parlay her talents into her own profits—and to help others do the same. She started a home-based business with nothing more than her phone, her laptop, and the stolen hours of the night after her kids were tucked into bed. A few short years and over $40 million in sales later, Lisa has helped over 15,000 clients in 134 countries earn more by doing what they love, all without being pushy or sales-y. Lisa’s company, The Invisible CloseTM, has been honored to be in the Inc. 500 and named one of ​Inc.​ magazine’s fastest growing privately held companies two years in a row, (#20 in woman-owned businesses). Her mission: To help people make the difference they know they were put here to make, and to make great money doing it. Lisa believes that EVERYONE is meant for more Join in today and learn exactly how Lisa Sasevich Leveled up and created everything from nothing! On this episode, you will learn: How to make money following your passion The art of the no sale, sale How you can grow and scale a business Why you're sitting on a goldmine 
April 27, 2020
Raised in a broken home, with genetics and the odds against him, Josh Trent  found solace from emotional pain by excelling in high school sports. He didn’t know it at the time, but this was the start of a cultivation for a lifelong obsession with his personal wellness; something Josh believes that we all deserve to have at the highest level. As a child , Josh Trent I always wondered how things worked. His curiosity wasn’t satisfied unless he could pull something apart and put it all back together again. He believed that to deconstruct was to understand, and so in his  personal, professional, and wellness paths it has been just the same.  Since 2004, he has been on a wellness journey in search of the truth.  The truth about how to embody more focus and time to best serve others, to contribute, and to make a difference. The truth about how to embody more energy in my mind + body to be fully present, and more physically + emotionally intelligent to live life well and to leave a legacy for those he loves. Today Josh Trent is the Founder of Wellness Force Media and host of the top-ranked iTunes podcast, Wellness Force Radio. Josh has spent the past 17 years as a researcher, trainer, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.  After publishing over 300 high-level interviews with some of the most respected minds in the health, wellness, and self-help industries, Josh has been spotlighted in major wellness media outlets such as Onnit, Spartan, SEALFIT, and Paleo f(x). Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Josh Trent Leveled up and created everything from nothing In this episode, you will learn: What is Emotional Intelligence How to tap into EQ Understanding what the world needs and how to provide it What is Physical Intelligence and how to tap into it
April 20, 2020
Thais Gibson is an author, speaker and co-creator of the Personal Development School. She is extremely passionate about personal growth, the subconscious mind and connecting with others. With an MA and over 13 different certifications ranging from CBT to hypnosis, Thais strives to continuously learn and grow. She has had a busy practice with clients for many years and is passionate about helping others. When her practice grew too large, that sparked the idea for the Personal Development School. Thais is best known for her contributing work and research on Attachment Theory and the impact of attachment trauma on our adult romantic relationships. She overlaps attachment trauma challenges with personal core wounds, limiting beliefs and emotional patterns at the subconscious level to give us deeper insight into ourselves and our relationships. Her book, The Attachment Theory Guide, was written on this topic and her Youtube channel often focuses on educating people on how to subconsciously reprogram this area of their lives.  After overcoming her own challenges with addiction in her early years, Thais is profoundly determined to educate people on how they can reprogram painful or limiting programs in their own mind. She is focused on helping people retrain their brain to achieve relationship fulfillment, abundance and personal freedom in their lives. Tune in today and find out EXACTLY how Thais leveled up, and creating EVERYTHING from nothing. To learn more about her personal development school to here:  In this episode, you will learn: What is subconscious pain vs actual pain How you can find out what's causing pain at the root What collecting imprints of subconscious belief means How to overcome limiting beliefs
April 17, 2020
Jeremy Gonzalez is a certified financial planner and the President of Alpha Global Investments. Oh, he also happens to be Natalie Jill's ex husband....WHAT?!  Jeremy and Natalie Jill now have a super modern "family". They celebrate holidays together, they co-parent, and they are friends with each others current spouses. But, it wasn't always like that. In this episode, they dive into how they came to terms of their divorce, how they made the decision to become friends, and more. Jeremy also shares financial tips for you in order to protect yourself through pandemics, downturns in the economy, and how to secure your financial future beginning now. Tune in today and find out how to LEVEL UP and create your financial security from nothing... In this episode, you will learn: Why having healthy relationships with ex's is important for your kids How to secure yourself financially Tips and tricks for relationships, communication, and finances How you find the right financial advisor for you For more information on securing yourself right now. Head over to  
April 13, 2020
IN-Q is a National Poetry Slam champion, award-winning poet, and multi-platinum songwriter. His groundbreaking achievements include being named to Oprah's SuperSoul 100 list of the world's most influential thought leaders, being the first spoken word artist to perform with Cirque Du Soleil, and being featured on A&E, ESPN, and HBO's Def Poetry Jam. He's inspired audiences around the world through his live performances and storytelling workshops. Many of his recent poetry videos have gone viral with over 70 million views combined What I LOVE most about IN-Q is his ability to channel emotion, feeling and extreme presence through his art and inspire, uplift, entertain and empower so many others through his gifts. Join in today and learn exactly how In-Q levels up and creates everything from nothing In this episode, you will learn: Where the name IN-Q comes from The power of putting your feelings on a page How to go within to help the world
April 10, 2020
Natalie has been interviewing experts in the space of anxiety and worry during these uncertain times. Now, Natalie isn't the best at handling anxiety but she works really hard on it.  Natalie has collected the common 5 Practices that will help you during this time, and she breaks it down in this Fit For You Friday.
April 6, 2020
Nell Rose is no stranger to difficult times. Not too long ago, her son waged a difficult nine-month battle with brain cancer and ultimately passed away. Devastated, scared, shocked, mad, Nell experienced ALL of the emotions. What got her through that time was the very skills she had practiced for YEARS. She implemented a freedom transformational method to help herself survive, heal, and thrive after child loss.  As a resiliency coach, hypnotherapist, and speaker, Nell Rose Foreman helps her clients find peace and calm to thrive in difficult situations. She is the creator of the Freedom Transformational Method (FTM), a unique evidence-based method using a blend of brain science, transformational psychology, embodied cognition, and ancient wisdom. She empowers her clients to see a new perspective, challenge beliefs that are not serving them, and create a life of their highest potential. Her greatest passion is to help others do the same. In difficult situations, most people focus on Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and forget about Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). Her mission is to help at least 1 million individuals to understand PTG and thus attain personal peace. I asked Nell to join me here on Leveling up today to help us navigate the grief, fear and loss many of us our feeling with the current reality of the world In this episode, you will learn: Why grief if ok if handled properly How you can navigate the fear during COVID-19 What is Post Traumatic Growth How to feel free instead of trapped
April 3, 2020
Adam Cox is a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist and the Founder of Phobia Guru. He is widely known as the UK’s leading expert on dealing with phobias quickly - so quickly in fact that he was called The Phobia Guru by clients and the media. As a teen and early twenties Adam experienced crippling phobias, including social phobias, fear of heights, fear of public speaking and agoraphobia. He ended up seeking medical validation and was diagnosed with GAD.  So, how does someone like that become the GURU on how to overcome such phobias? Tune in today and find out EXACTLY how Adam Leveled Up and Created Everything from Nothing In this episode, you will learn: The difference between fears and phobias How majority of fears are learned How you can overcome your phobias How to handle this stressful time
March 31, 2020
Rhonda Britten was the middle child of three girls and the target of her dads physical and emotional abuse. At the age of just 14, she was the sole witness to her father shooting and killing her mom and then himself. Her and her sisters raised themselves after that.   No parent figures from 14 on, no adults that cared about her well being, Rhonda took on beliefs that she was not worthy of much. After attempting to take her own life three times, she finally surrendered to feeling all of the pain and it is then that she started to put meaning to her pain. It was that pain that turned to purpose. Rhonda figured out a method to shift her out of depression and anxiety. TODAY, Rhonda Britten – Emmy Award-winner, Repeat Oprah guest, and has changed liveso in over 600 episodes of reality television. She is the author of four bestsellers including her seminal work, “Fearless Living” and is the Founder of the Fearless Living Institute, home of the Ivy League of Life Coaching Training. Named “America’s Favorite Life Coach,”  I asked Rhonda to join in today to share her story, her journey and her method to help us navigate through the anxiety and depression many of us are feeling with the Coronavirus. In this episode, you will learn: How to navigate anxiety and depression How to combat potential depression due to COVID-19 How Fearless Living should be a practice you do
March 30, 2020
Landon Hamilton is the Co-founder and  CEO of one of the fastest growing fitness apps! called  FitPlan app globally.  With over 7 million downloads. FitPlan app  Partnered with fitness industry giants like Alex Rodriguez. FitPlan has created a community of 50+ athletes that are industry leaders with over 150M followers including Michelle Lewin, Jen Selter,, Mike Ohearn, to name a few and I am also homered to be one of their athletes! I love the app, the company and how they help their end users but today I wanted  to know how was FitPlan app born and how did it grow so fast?  Join in today and learn exactly how Landon Hamilton and FitPlan app leveled up and created everything from nothing! Get a free 7 day trial to FitPlan app here: In this episode, you will learn: How to take control of your life Why FitPlan truly WORKS Where to get inspiration 
March 27, 2020
I know so many of you are feeling the effects of the coronavirus on our economy. First, it is ok to feel what's happening, it's ok to talk about it. But, we can't worry and complain about it, we must be proactive. In this weeks Fit For You Friday, Natalie dives into how you're able to shift during this time, and come out on top!
March 23, 2020
At the age of 12, Dean devised a plan to mow lawns and save up money so his brother and his mom could leave his  physically abusive dad. They ultimately ended up living in a car behind a convenience store eating slim jims and skittles for dinnerBut that hardship taught Dean about life and how to handle many set backs to come… Today,  Dean Aguilar is the CEO of Digital Muse Media, a Brand Consulting Agency with an emphasis on social media execution. His clients include high level entrepreneurs, athletes, and actors. He also is the founder of two highly successful Real Estate companies, Xavier Dean Realty and Dean Aguilar Group, which sold an average of $150 million in Real Estate sales yearly. Dean successfully brokered an acquisition of his companies by Big Block Realty in January of 2020. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Dean Aguilar leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to be resourceful in tough times Why learning how to overcome adversity is a gift Why you shouldn't obey the status quo 
March 20, 2020
Natalie returns this week with a Fit For Your Mind Friday. In this solo episode, she tells you where she's been, and how she has had to adjust to a new norm. When she tore her bicep and how she had to quickly adjust her mindset to gratitude. Now, we all have to adjust to a new norm with Coronavirus. Now we need to focus on gratitude.  So, what are the things you now have time to focus on? What are the gifts in all of this, that's happening.
March 16, 2020
This week on Leveling Up, we discuss a different type of topic. Today, we sit down with Christina Dennis who is the founder of size-happy, who helps with a positive body image. She's also a big advocate for B.I.I Education (Breast Implant Illness Education) Now, before you jump off of this episode, I urge you to listen in because of how important this topic is. There is so much more education happening about it, and it's important to know the truth. A little disclaimer: I've had breast implants since I was 19 years old, and I've had six surgeries for them..SIX! I don't believe I have B.I.I, but I certainly have had complications. So, dive in and learn from Christina on why this has become so important. In this episode, you will learn: What is B.I.I. What are some of the risks of breast implants Why your outer appearance has nothing to do with your inner acceptance How you can get a positive body image
March 9, 2020
At age three, Anthony Trucks was given by his birth mom to foster care. He was scared, confused and forced into an unfamiliar world. Anthony spent the majority of his life fighting to find out who he is, and what he's meant to do while he's here… Thanks to a LOVING Foster family that came into his life at age 6, he was able to pursue his passion. The NFL. Anthony rocked football but still battled and then overcame countless challenges to as he says “Make SHIFT happen” Anthony went on to be an NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and now a serial entrepreneur with one serious super power. The power to know his identity and navigate life’s shifts, good and bad, with grace and optimism to make Success His Second Nature. TODAY, Anthony has turned his PAIN into PURPOSE helping many. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Anthony Trucks LEVELED UP and created Everything from Nothing. In this weeks episode, you will learn: How to not let your circumstances dictate your outcome How you can shift your life at any moment How to navigate hardships at every turn Why you past does not define you
March 2, 2020
Scott Milnes is a communication expert and founder of The Great Relationship Academy, and he’s on a mission to help people achieve the healthy and thriving relationships they’ve always wanted.  But it wasn’t always this way. After a confusing divorce at 29, and then a crushing breakup 8 years later. Never wanting to be in that pain again, Scott embarked on a visionquest to crack the code.  Teaching with heart, humor, and in-the-trench experience, Scott’s leading a national conversation about healing from heartache, dating with clarity and intention, and what real love and connection is. Join in today and learn exactly how Scott leveled up and created EVERYTHING from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to heal from heartache Why having intention in your dating life is important Why trying to avoid pain just creates more of it
February 28, 2020
Wherever you put your focus and attention, that's where results flow. Why? Because that's where your energy goes. Energy creates movement and results! On this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, Natalie breaks down how you're able to focus on right now, today, with what you have, and what you can DO right now. Then focus on that first step, you're going to make quantum leaps forward.
February 24, 2020
Ola Muhammed's life was set up to fail. Her father died two months before she was born. Because of a skin condition she was forced to leave Nigeria as a young girl to live with an aunt she never met. She endured abuse, neglect, racism (within her own race none the less) and had no support or love in her life. But Ola had a gift…the gift of BELIEF that she was WORTHY. She believed her mom loved her. She BELIEVED in something better for herself. And she BELIEVED her dad was somehow looking out for her. This belief served her WELL and blocked out the noise of naysayers… Like when she was told that her dream of becoming an architect was not suited for a black woman. Like when People tried to step on her neck on the way up the success latter. Ola took the disbelief from others as a challenge and became a highly successful architect living in the most affluent neighborhood in Illinois. Ola learned that what holds people back the most from achieving their dreams is not racism but self hate. Today, Ola is the founder and creative director of Ijorere designs and has worked with some major celebrities NBA superstar player: Lebron James, recording music artist: J. Cole, Louis Carr of BET, and David Tutera. She also travels the world inspiring women of color to stand tall and walk with integrity. Her book “Get your foot off my neck” is an eye opening to memoir exposing the disheartening discovery that bias and racism not only comes from the outside but from within her own race. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Ola Muhamed Leveled up and created everything from nothing In this episode, you will learn: What is takes to have a belief in yourself Why we need to be aware of our strengths Why prejudice won't keep you down if you don't let it
February 21, 2020
Azature, also known as the "Black Diamond King,” designs jewelry influenced from the craftsmanship and mythology of ancient relics and religion, to modern pop icons like Beyonce and Rihanna. Bridging those diverse inspirations together with impeccably handcrafted jewelry, Azature's work is both intellectual and intuitive, timeless and outrageous. He is known today as the Black Diamond KING How did he build this from NOTHING? How did he take a mega vision and create it from NOTHING? Join in today and learn exactly how Azature leveled up and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why finding your passion is key to success What diligence truly looks like Networking is key and how to at a high level
February 17, 2020
Cameron Herold is known around the world CEO WHISPERER He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth.  Cameron was an entrepreneur from day one and views his ADHD and BiPolar as a gift. . At age 21, he had 14 employees. By 35, he’d help build his first TWO, $100 MILLION DOLLAR companies. By the age of 42, Cameron engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2 Million to $106 Million in revenue, and 3100 employees - and he did that in just six years. His companies landed over 5,200 media placements in that same six years, including coverage on Oprah. Not only does Cameron know how to grow businesses, but his delivery from the stage is second to none- the current publisher of Forbes magazine, Rich Karlgaard, stated “Cameron Herold is THE BEST SPEAKER I've ever heard...he hits grand slams.” When Cameron steps off the stage, he doesn’t stop teaching. He is the author of the global best selling business book DOUBLE DOUBLE- in its 8th printing and in multiple translations around the world. He’s also the author of the top selling books  MEETINGS SUCK, VIVID VISION, MIRACLE MORNING FOR ENTREPRENEURS and FREE PR. I had SO many questions for Cameron! Join in today and learn exactly how Cameron Herold Leveled up and continually creates EVERYTHING from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How you can scale your business quickly Why having the right team is important How to focus on your strengths in order to grow
February 14, 2020
Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP, is 73 years old and looks 40! She is truly aging in reverse. I met her because she was interviewing me for HER online summit (which I will share in the show notes so you can access it) and I quickly connected with her, loved my conversation and wanted to learn more. After learning that she is the international best-selling author of The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity and The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation I HAD to learn more. I learned that for over 30 years, Donna  has been on a mission to change the way the world eats. Her first book, The Body Ecology Diet, introduced the world to a sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, and probiotic-rich diet and a way of life that is now followed by tens of thousands of people around the world. And GET THIS: In 1994, Donna introduced a powdered blend of stevia rebaudioside to the US and it has since become the safest and most popular natural sweeter in the world.  She ALSO pioneered and championed foods like young coconut kefir and coconut oil, and coined the phrase “inner ecosystem” to describe the still undiscovered network of microbes in our gut, now called the “Microbiome.” She also began teaching about the long-forgotten health benefits of fermented foods to provide the diversity needed in a healthy gut.  She is a true Pioneer! Today, learn exactly how Donna Gates LEVELED up and created EVERYTHING from nothing… OH! And if you want to watch the extended version of this interview and join in on the conversations about all things Aging in Reverse go to Sign Up for the Genius of Your Genes Summit Today!  On this episode, you will learn: How fermented foods can help your gut How your genes truly work How you can age in reverse
February 10, 2020
Mike Wasilisin is a good friend, but also the founder of Move U and unless you've been living under a rock, you already know it is making incredible waves in the online space! In the year 2000, Dr. Mike began his 17-year journey in healthcare as a rehab trainer at a chiropractic clinic. 9 years later he earned a bachelors degree in human psychology and a doctorate degree in chiropractic. Afterward, on his pursuit of success for himself and his clients, he found some success, but mostly failures as a sports rehab chiropractor. In 2013, he uncovered his true passion as an educator after creating and instructing a Kinesiology course at California State University to pre-physical therapy students. After working with over 10,000 patients in person, Dr. Mike recognized the pitfalls that existed within the broken healthcare system that caused the majority of patients to fail to achieve the outstanding results they were capable of. It was then that he committed to a higher purpose: inspiring the world to transform pain into a powerful mind and body. The result of the dedicated effort is what you know as MoveU. Tune in today, and find out exactly how Mike Leveled Up and Created EVERYTHING from NOTHING On this episode, you will learn: How to listen for your passion Why where you are today doesn't dictate who you will become How MoveU can Help U How you can scale your social presence
February 7, 2020
Everything is created as a vision first. Everything! Relationships, Finances, Lifestyle, Your Health, Things. Everything that is real started out as a vision by someone. In this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, Natalie dives into the art of thinking your greatest life into existence. And how you can begin doing this for yourself now.
February 3, 2020
I have been REALLY looking forward to this special episode…if you've follow me on social media, you know I've shared my recent history with my back injury and back pain. You also know that I've spent my whole career teaching you the things you need to do, to avoid future back pain. Well, needless to say, I ended up in surgery with the BEST surgeon around, Dr. Choll Kim. …and side note, I could go on for DAYS about his credentials.. But here are the main things to note:  He graduated cum laude from Harvard Medical School and completed his fellowship training in complex spine surgery at the Mayo Clinic. In addition, he is double-board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Board of Spine Surgery.  AND he is an internationally recognized expert in the field of computer-assisted minimally invasive spine surgery. He has trained and continues to train specialists throughout the country on the safe and effective application of state-of-the-art techniques using image guidance and navigation technologies.  Join in today and learn exactly how Dr. Choll Kim Leveled ME up! In this episode, we talk about: How everyone is susceptible to back injuries Why the LESS method is the best around How you can set yourself up for success  Why choosing the best doctors is important for your health
January 31, 2020
Have you ever had those times where you just wanted to stay in bed? You just got done a long week, your significant other is still snug in bed, your in pain, etc.. I recently experienced this and realized it's because I wasn't my normal self with my habits. So, in this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, I share what came to me loud and clear when I realized I had to shift some things.
January 27, 2020
David Wood had it MADE… so he thought. A former Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies - including Sony Music, Chanel, and Exxon - David left his cushy Park Avenue job 20 years ago to build  the world’s largest coaching business. He became #1 on Google for “life coaching”, serving an audience of 150,000 coaches, and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe. Sounds fabulous, right?  Until it was not…  Davide was in a horrible accident and survived a full collapse of his paraglider and a fractured spine. This brought on depression and hard times and memories of , witnessing the death of his sister at age seven. He is no stranger to  anxiety and depression TODAY, David is the author of "Get Paid For Who You Are," David believes that the tough conversations we avoid are our doorways to confidence, success, and love. They become the defining moments which shape our careers, our relationships, and our lives. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how David Wood LEVELS UP and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to build a flexible company where you can do what you want How to get paid for being you Why life doesn't always work out the way you think it should
January 24, 2020
On this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, Natalie checks you and your goals! We are at that point of the new year where our bad habits starts to creep back up. We start to allow them to take control. Natalie wanted to share with you easy to take steps to make sure you stick to your goals in 2020 and beyond in order to create the life you want!
January 20, 2020
Natalie MacNeil is calm, focussed,and has a contagious energy about her that is soothing, reasonable and super empowering. AND… She was not ALWAYS that calm focussed person. At one time WORK ruled her life. It was how she numbed out, it was where she felt her value was AND she was burning out. Today, as an Emmy Award–winning media entrepreneur featured by Inc. as one of "27 women leaders changing the world." She is devoted to expanding human potential and inspiring people to live deeply meaningful lives through her books, videos, interactive films, coaching experiences, and live events. She has been featured in Elle, Glamour, People, TIME, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more. Natalie has learned the art of slowing down to speed up and she is more successful now than ever!  Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Natalie MacNeil LEVELED UP and created everything from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: Why it doesn't matter how many "followers" you have How to get greater focus Why slowing down is the way to speed up
January 17, 2020
I used to think that fast was the ONLY way. Doing things quickly was the only way for me to be successful. I would see people relaxing on the beach and think to myself "wow, how lazy are they?" Being diagnosed with ADHD, I felt like I couldn't slow down! Now, I found out that speed kills, so I programmed myself to SLOW DOWN. This was a catalyst for even more success for me.
January 13, 2020
Tammy D’Onofrio grew up in the midwest where the only fresh and natural thing in their kitchen was corn on the cob.  She said that she ate a lot of processed food and rarely saw fresh fruits and vegetables. She was also Raised by overweight smokers. HOWEVER, she had a grandmother who was ahead of her generation. Tammy said that she  would often find her exercising at 5am, eating ‘strange’ things like all natural peanut butter, wheat germ by the spoonful and ‘plain’ yogurt. she even grew her own vegetables. Tammy  spent hours with her growing up. Helping her weed the garden and plant flowers. She was always talking about moving your body, eating healthy and wearing sunscreen. She was by far my most profoundly positive influence in Tammy's life and she forged a path that I would eventually follow. Fast forward to 2010, Tammy was suddenly a single mom with a 2 yr old and a 5 year old. This is when I met Tammy! We bonded over new divorces, being newly single , our love of health and fitness and became fast friends Tammy, Quickly figured out that she needed to figure out a way to support herself and her babies. She started offering group workouts and personal training to the moms in her community. She counseled them on nutrition and would bring snacks to their workout sessions. The granola she made was a huge hit. Ultimately, her clients convinced her it was a marketable health food product....Natalie was one of those first customers! Thus, FitChick Granola was born. She launched it in 2014 in San Diego at a tiny local grocery store. Today she has over 50 retail partners. Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Tammy D’Onofrio leveled up and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, we talk about: Why you should listen to your audience What it takes to build a brand Why adversity can create opportunity Why it's important to spend time with people who motivate
January 10, 2020
You've all heard the saying "Happiness is a choice"....nope, happiness is our habits! The only way to truly feel happy is by putting in and sticking to GOOD habits.  What are you doing to further yourself? Or, are you masking behind fake happiness with things like drinking. In this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, Natalie dives into this and teaches you have to truly be happy.
January 6, 2020
Growing up in a very abusive family, super poor, with no love, Cynthia did not believe she had anything working for her except for one thing… her looks. She was BEAUTIFUL and given a, as she calls it “earth suit” that favored her.  Moving to LA to work as a model and the ever competitive entertainment industry, she was quickly broken again. Constant feedback on her looks, the LA competitive pressure and the crazy hectic work environment was wreaking havoc on her health. She was stressed out, her skin was reflecting it, she was sick, depressed and then she found lumps on her breast. She was ready to end it all. Broke, depressed, suicidal, she finally SURRENDERED,  and that is when it all started to turn around.  TODAY Cynthia Garcia is a celebrity nutritionist, transformation expert, best-selling author, in-demand speaker, TV and media personality, and philanthropist. She is the Founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN), a company that makes it easy for health coaches to do the work they love by teaching them a proven coaching process that leaves them confident and credible so they can be the powerful force in the world that they want to be. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Cynthia Garcia Leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How your journey is important How you can take back control of your life and reach new heights Why we are all given gifts How stress is a choice
January 3, 2020
Where your mind goes, your body ALWAYS follows. Even when we visualize something, like a sour lemon, we immediately start to make the facial expressions we would, if we were to bite into it. EVERYTHING was a thought first...businesses, cars, success. Do you want to live your best life? You want a better body? More health? You have to visualize it first. 
December 30, 2019
I met Ari Whitten as a TRAINER at the gym… YEARS ago. He was my trainer and his knowledge was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Our sessions turned into me asking him a million questions and learning so much from him and alo ME pushing him to get his messages and teachings out to the world. I knew he had something special about him and his knowledge and I wanted the WORLD to know him! TODAY,  Ari Whitten is a 2-time best-selling author and founder of the Energy Blueprint system. He specializes and is a LEADER in the space of  fatigue and optimizing human energy levels and he takes an evidence-based approach to energy enhancement.  He has been studying and teaching nutrition, exercise science and health science for 22 years.  Join in TODAY and learn exactly how Ari Whitten LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. On this episode, you will learn: How to share your information with the world Why creating an online business is essential for growth How energy enhancement is key to your health How you can defeat fatigue
December 27, 2019
Our egos always want to win. We always want to be right. I know a lot of you either own your own business, or you have a desire to. So, I want to start sharing success tips and tactics I've used in my business to help it grow. In order to win over new clients, we need to know what they want. We need to know what they desire. So, in this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, I dive into how you're able to do this on a whole new level.
December 26, 2019
In May 2019, after finding a cancerous tumor in his bladder larger than a baseball, Mel Abraham who had been called the influencer’s influencer and the “thought leader to thought leaders found his true passion and calling. To help other entrepreneurs find the same financial liberation that allowed him to shut his business down (temporarily) so he could heal Mel began his entrepreneurial journey at age 11 performing magic shows for parties. It was this early taste of entrepreneurship that spurred him on to look at how to create a life on his own terms through entrepreneurship. Fueled by his education and background as a CPA, Mel spent most of his early career obsessing about understanding what drives business success but more importantly how to create a life by design through entrepreneurship and business. Mel learned how to build a business from nothing after a partnership breakup left him with no clients, no cash flow, no work backlog and almost half a million dollars in debt. It was during this time where as Mel rebuilt his business and life that he got what he calls his “greatest business lesson from a 6-year old boy”. That same year was when Mel became a single full-time dad of his 6-year old son. Shortly, after that his son gave Mel the vision of how his son saw him by drawing a picture of him. It was this picture the woke Mel up to the realization that it isn’t about “business for business sake but business for life sake” and that it is more important to get the meaning of business right before focusing on the mechanics of business. Through childhood beliefs that needed to shifts, to a custody battle, to business failures and then a scary cancer diagnosis that put it all into perspective. Join in today and learn exactly how Mel Abraham has leveled up time and time again creating EVERYTHING from nothing In this episode, you will learn: The importance of financial liberation How YOU can create that kind of situation for yourself Why you need to create sustainable income Why it's beyond important for your health
December 23, 2019
When Gabby  Bernstein was just 21 years old, she was the ultimate “party girl” at the young age of 25 she found herself in the midst of addiction and was even using cocaine. When she hit rock bottom one night, she believed God intervened. She heard a higher power telling her that if she would just GET SOBER, her whole life would change” She listened… TODAY, Gabby is a  #1 New York Times bestselling author and has written 7 bestsellers including her most recent one “super attractor!”  She has been featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader,” and The New York Times named her “a new role model.” She appears regularly as an expert on The Dr. Oz Show and so much more!   But HOW did Gabby become SO recognized so fast? How did she become such an empowering thought leader ? How has life happened FOR her ? And why and how did she become so relatable to SO MANY?  Join in today for a candid conversation with Gabby and learn EXACTLY HOW Gabby Bernstein continually levels up and create everything from nothing.  Join Gabby's Manifesting Challenge: Grab her new book Super Attractor on Amazon: On this episode, you will learn: How to heal from your trauma Why you need to listen to your calling Why physical pain can be caused by our minds Why we have to recall our trauma to heal our pain
December 20, 2019
In order to truly grow your business you have to simplify things. Are you delivering one simple solution to one massive problem? Or are you overcomplicating things and confusing your prospects? People want simple. They don't want to have to make too many decisions and have to make too many steps. Simplify, niche down, and grow!
December 19, 2019
As a young adult, there was a time when Shanda Sumpter had only $500 to her name. She was sitting in her apartment, completely broke, unable to pay for her apartment or car, even though she wanted to … and she faced the prospect of moving back in with her parents, which made her feel like a failure. That’s when it hit her: it was time to make a change. In this case, making a change meant taking a risk. Shanda hired a mentor without knowing how she’d pay for her, and that was the catalyst for a domino effect of miracles that set the stage for HeartCore Business to become an 8-figure company. TODAY Shanda Sumpter is the founder and CEO of HeartCore Business, an eight-figure training company designed to empower driven entrepreneurs with the business systems, mindset leadership, and support they need to use their gifts to create powerful, world-changing movements, profitable, sustainable businesses—and the freedom they crave. Shanda has a proven track record of creating triumph from struggle—for herself, and for the thousands of students she’s coached to financial freedom.  Join in TODAY and learn exactly how Shanda Sumpter LEVELED UP and Created EVERYTHING from NOTHING In this episode, you will learn: How to be more productive with your time How to quickly scale your business Why hiring a coach is a must Why you need to make a change now
December 16, 2019
How does a stuttering shy  4.4 GPA student from a loving attentive family get busted for dealing drugs before the age of 19? And then the bigger question… How does he go from a drug bust, DEA arrest to one of the TOP Coaches coaches in the industry? I wanted to know EXACTLY how Alex Moscow when from shy stuttering kid, to entrepreneurship illegally to the THRIVING in the most congruent of all ways! Listen and and learn today how Alex Moscow leveled up and created EVERYTHING from Nothing. In this episode, you will learn: All about the congruent closing method How you can grow your coaching business quickly How you can go from where you are now to helping the elite quickly
December 13, 2019
If you're listening to this podcast there is a good chance that you have a product or service that you are selling...or trying to sell. If it's not selling, these are the 5 questions you HAVE to ask yourself to figure out how you can start selling your products NOW.
December 12, 2019
Sterling Griffin and I run in a lot of the same circles. Many similar friends and we are both in the fitness industry. But, it wasn't always like that. When I heard Sterling's story I HAD to interview him. Sterling has the ULTIMATE story of leveling up. Homeless with absolutely nothing just four years ago. Now, he is running a 7 figure business and teaching countless people how to build a 6 and 7 figure fitness business.  What seemed like he came from now where to now, tune in and find out how Sterling Leveled Up and Created Everything from Nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why an identity crisis can lead to good and bad things How you're able to grow a following and build a business Why consecutive failure doesn't mean you're a failure
December 9, 2019
I have been a follower of Dean Graziosi’s work for YEARS. His teachings, his books, his podcast and his gift and motivating people into massive action. I was dying to know HOW this leading success coach, multiple time New York Best Selling author continues to touch millions around the world!  You see DEAN, was not “textbook” destined for success as many would believe! As a student he struggled with grades, with dyslexia and he had NO plan to go to college. He never even took the SAT’S! His plan? Was to run his dads collision shop. So, how did this “average” not so great student become a major success story that leads with heart? Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Dean Graziosi Leveled Up and created everything from nothing! Get your free book from Dean HERE in the show notes?  In this episode, you will learn: Why mindset is the first step to creating wealth How set backs are our greatest ally The power of having adversity given to us
December 6, 2019
I've been spending a lot more time having fun. Like, belly laugh fun! More quality time with my husband Brooks, and my daughter.  You see, my dad at the age of 49 died instantly of a heart attack. He had the story of "someday". He would tell himself that some day he'd get healthy, someday he'd have more fun, some day he'd live his passion. For him, there was no "someday" In this weeks fit for your mind Friday, I talk about how someday is NOW
December 5, 2019
Passion for food has run in Travis Piéd's blood since he was born. He grew up in a big Italian family where he learned the biggest sin was to deny food when it was offered to him. One thing wasn't right though, his mom suffered from daily migraines.  After watching his mom spend thousands on tradition medicine, he noticed the most difference when she changed her diet, and this changed the way Travis looked at food.  From there, Lüme was born. Now a very successful health food brand, Travis is shaping the world with his products. Tune in today to find out exactly how Travis leveled up and created everything from nothing. Lüme is offering listeners 20% off of their purchases: - use the code Nat20 at checkout In this episode, you will learn: Why nutrition is the source of everything Why Nüme Brands is one of Natalie's favorites How you can get a hold of this stuff for yourself
December 2, 2019
Tara Mackey was BORN  addicted to Cocaine. Her mom did it throughout her pregnancy and even on the way to deliver her. Her dad? Tara never met him. He was her moms drug dealer and was in jail when Tara was born. Detoxing as an infant was a small struggle in comparison to what her youth and teenage years brought. She was Prescribed 14 Rx drugs She was Diagnosed with MULTIPLE disorders and chronic illnesses. She watched her mom OD on heroin beginning at the age of just 5 As I interview Tara she has scars on her wrist from a suicide attempt in one of her darkest moments. She doesn’t mind these scars today… she shares that they are all part of her story.  TODAY , Tara Mackeyis the founder and CEO of The Organic Life, a successful holistic and sustainable living platform, and is a widely recognized activist with a tribe of over 1 million followers on her blog and social media. She founded the organic skincare company Genetixand is the #1 best-selling author of Cured by Nature and WILD Habits. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Tara Mackey Leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to turn your struggle into purpose Why building a support system is key to success How your vehicle isn't always the same as your purpose
November 29, 2019
I realized recently that something was off. I wasn't sleeping well, it was harder to focus, my mornings were dragging... So, I decided to self-evaluate. What was strange was I was doing everything I always do. Exercised daily, ate right, focused on the important things, etc...then, it hit me. I realized that recently I discovered Netflix. I told myself it was ok "I'm allowed to relax", "I work hard". But, the reality is, consuming too much television will ruin your flow state. So, I recommitted to journaling and reading at night and it has changed my life!
November 28, 2019
When Chris and Eric Martinez, also known as the “Dynamic Duo” Got an unexpected knock on their door at age 18, the course of their lives changed for EVER… The PAIN became their purpose and they have since built a six -figure online fitness coaching business and have worked with thousands of people via online and in person to help them look better, feel better, perform better, and live a dynamic lifestyle. They  have also worked with hundreds of coaches to help them build their online businesses and scale them.  I had a gazillion questions for them ABOUT coaching… I wanted to know… how do you find a good one? How do you get into the coaching business? And how do you know if a coach is QUALIFIED for what you want to be coached on> Join in today and learn exactly how Chris and Eric Martinez leveled up and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Whats the best way to find the best coach How does one even start in coaching With so many coaches, how do you know you're hiring a legit one. Find out more about the Martinez Twins: 
November 25, 2019
Justin Lagosh is the Managing Director of Sunbutter, I've been OBSESSED with Sunbutter because in my household, not only am I dairy and grain free, but my 11 year old daughter also suffers from nut allergies.  So, I was dying to know how this message came about, how they exploded from a "who knew" idea to being one of the greatest alternatives to peanut butter available.  So tune in today and find out how Sunbutter and Justin Lagosh leveled up and created EVERYTHING from Nothing.  In this episode, you will learn: How to take your idea to launch Why being inquisitive can lead to a million dollar idea How one thought can lead to a completely different brand
November 22, 2019
I've worked with people from all over the planet who have come from all different walks of life. Some from privilege, some from poverty. I found the thing that sets them apart is mindset. In this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, Natalie breaks down the steps you need to take to break free, stop making excuses, find the possibility, and level up your life. 
November 21, 2019
Exactly 100 days after Katie launched her company Inner Glow Circle, her brother died from an accidental overdose. 6 months later, she cut ties with her business partner and then-fiancé, all the while, fighting a battle with Lyme Disease, which she was losing. Things were spinning out of control in Katie's life but she knew deep down that giving up was not in her cards. She cried, punched pillows, made deals with God, she worked HARD to save her business....but in the was her business that saved her. Tune in and find out how Katie leveled up, and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: How to find your purpose How you're able to get paid while living life fully Why you should say the thing no one else is willing to The compound affect of changing peoples lives
November 18, 2019
4’11” hitting 700 lbs, Jai Murphy was a mom of two, obese and HOMELESS. But wow… her focus on gratitude, her belief in possibility, her focus on vision empowered her to shift everything. After losing 218 lbs she is a force to be reckoned with. Today, Jai is a global leader in the health and fitness industry as the premier Body Positive Health & Wellness Educator. Jai focuses on Getting the message out about being “size inclusive” and she works with clients who have over 150 lbs to lose. She helps clients successfully navigate the health and fitness world by developing effective, modified workouts, and teaching them how to make exercise work for their bodies. I had so many questions for Jai… Was she always obese? Was she always so CONFIDENT? How did she navigate growing such an empowering and inspiring large social platform while getting haters and mean comments? How doe she stay so consistent in her messaging? Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Jai Murphy Leveled Up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: Why body positivity is key How you can break out of your ruts Why your story is just beginning How you can build your confidence no matter what
November 15, 2019
If you don't have what you want in any area of your life...this may be why! You have to get in the mind-frame of "forcing the vision" - you have to create the space to think and visualize what it's like to have what you already want. Who would you be? What would you do? What hobbies would you have? Doing this gets you in the "Be. Do. Have." method in life.
November 14, 2019
Air quality and air pollution are a REAL problem to our health and environment, and 18 years ago, many did not know this. So, How does a small town guy with a BIG vision create such an impact when people do not GET his vision in the beginning? Meet VInny Lobdell, Global President andCo-Founder or  Intellipure As I went on a search for air purifiers myself, I discovered Intellipure. Intrigued by their BIG results and impact yet small family owned business  feel I wanted to know how he created this company from NOTHING From sharing a vision to people that did not initially understand it, to getting creative with positioning, to staying positive and focussed on days even when he could not make payroll, Vinny's passion and purpose shines through and I believe it is what lead this business to being the fastest growing and leading air purifier brand in the world. Intellipure is now in all major hotels like Hilton, Huatt, Marriott and Ritz and I even sleep with one in my room Join in today and learn exactly how Vinny , co founder of Intellipure LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing positively impacting so many lives  SIDE NOTE- Although this podcast is more about Vinnys STORY on how Intellipure came about, for more information on the product itself, I have shared a blog in the show notes below which includes detailed studies, research, information I why  I love this particular air purifier and a coupon code to save when order one of your own. Without further delay...Enjoy the interview! In this episode, you will learn: Why maximizing everything in your life is necessary for success How purified air helps you perform at your peak How your passion can become a business
November 11, 2019
After overcoming drug addiction, PTSD from fighting the war in Iraq with the Marines (where one of his jobs was to walk in front of our vehicles to find explosives), depression and alcoholism that pushed him to the brink of suicide, Akshay Nanavati has since built a global business, run ultramarathons, and explored the most hostile environments on the planet, from mountains to caves to polar icecaps. Combining his life experience with years of research in science and spirituality, he wrote a book called “Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness.” About the book, the Dalai Lama said “Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences and find the positive side of our lives.” All the profits from the book are going toward charity. Akshay is now on a mission to help our entire human family build a positive relationship to suffering in order to create a life of boundless bliss. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Akshay Nanavati kicked PTSD to the curb and leveled up creating everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to develop a positive relationship with suffering Why exposing yourself to harsh environments helps your mindset Why negative is actually a positive
November 8, 2019
We all need to understand that our excuses won't fix our problems. Excuses makes us comfortable, it stops us from getting out of our comfort zone, but it doesn't fix the issues in our life.  So, how do we stop making excuses and start taking ownership of our life? It begins within, we have to understand that feeling better in the moment doesn't match getting better for the future. Check out this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday to hear more on this topic. 
November 7, 2019
Courtney Andersen had a drinking problem. A BIG one. She would start drinking and black out. Waking up in strangers beds, hospitals, fights and even in Jail. But she couldn’t stop. Her addiction to alcohol took precedence over living. On August 18h, 2012, she DECIDED to stop the madness. Today on Leveling Up with Courtney we are talking about what causes addiction, the cycle of it, how to talk to loved ones battling it and how to put an end to it. Join in today and learn exactly how Courtney Andersen LEVELED UP and now helps other woman heal from addiction. On this episode, you will learn: What is addiction How can someone over come addiction What the tipping point is in addiction How to stop it
November 4, 2019
Tucker Max was the ultimate party guy… in law school. He figured out early that it was more fun to cut class, party and write about his life as the ultimate “bad boy”... He chronicled his outings and party life in emails to friends… who LOVE THEM. After being prompted to publish his chronicles, he sent them out to hundreds of publishers, ALL who said a hard NO. So, he started a blog and put it ALL out there. And the blog took off. So much so that MTV noticed… and the publishers came proposing.  FOUR new york times best sellers later (3 that hit #1) which have sold over 4.5 million copies world wide on very controversial subjects, Tucker decided he had changed and writing about his days in party world were not him anymore. TODAY, Tucker is the opposite of a single party guy. He is married with a family and has co-founded the ever successful SCRIBE MEDIA that helps you write, publish and market your book. He even published the best selling David Goggins book Join in today and learn exactly how Tucker Max Leveled up and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: How 'No' does not mean you should stop Why persistence is key How we are not our past but it's important The art of being a New York Times best-seller
November 1, 2019
When we are born, we are a completely blank slate. As we grow we start to absorb the things people say to us. "You're ugly", "You're not good enough", "You're fat", it's the things we then start to tell ourselves.  So, how can we rewrite the slate once it is written on? Natalie breaks that down in this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday!
October 31, 2019
Liza Morales is the mother of Lamar Odom's children! So, what happens when your High School sweet heart who you have three kids with becomes a big time athlete and marries a Kardashian? How does it affect you, your kids, and everything in between?  Today on leveling up she hopes that by sharing her story she will be able to connect with other families dealing with the impact of addiction.  Liza and her daughter Destiny are currently in the process of teaming up with organizations to help connect, and decrease the stigma on mental health, as well as addiction. In this episode, you will learn: What it's like to be thrust into the spotlight How you can grab hold of how addiction affects your family The power in sticking together Why you can go for help if you need it
October 28, 2019
In just 18 months, Austin Netzley built a 7 figure business from nothing and has helped clients generate over $100 Million and counting. How did he do this? He found his calling. You see, like many, Austin was a workaholic. He was all work all the time, pushing over 100 hours a week, HUSTLING as a way of life. He could not sleep, he had not time for himself and he wasn’t fully LIVING. He knew this but it took a trip to the emergency room to turn his life around. After taking an 18 month sabbatical to heal and figure things out, his vision came to him and today He is the Founder and CEO of 2X, a company specializing in helping 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs more than double their business in just 90 days by focusing on creating a systematic, scalable business. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Austin Netzley leveled up and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why you don't have to burn the candle at both ends How you're able to tap into your calling and profit from it How to turn your vision into a reality Why you should help others to the same
October 25, 2019
Has anyone ever said to you "Ohhh, just live a little." when you're trying to focus on your goals? You know, when you're eating healthy and someone shoves a donut in your face and says "just live a little" You have to say NO to living a little so you can live A LOT! We have to be able to say no to temptation, to those small, short term temptations, in order to live our best life 24/7!
October 24, 2019
At age 13 Josh Snows parents were facing the recession like many were in 2007. But instead of Josh taking on scarcity, victim mentality or ignoring, he became an Entrepreneur. While maintaining straight A’s and playing Sports, Josh used the Free Computer at the school library to learn how to build WEBSITES. That lead to clients and then a client tip to learn SEO and Google Ad Word to create a residual income. Josh Studied, he obsessed and he became “the best.” He made his first million before even finishing college.  But he was determined and hungry for MORE so he dove into affiliate marketing and eventually his own tooth whitening brand SNOW WHITENING which is now approaching 9 figures in revenue!  At 26-years old now, He is also now an active investor and a philanthropist that gives back to deprived communities. Josh is now a multiple 8 figure earner  Listen in today and learn EXACTLY how Josh Snow LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: How perpetual learning leads to success Why affiliate marketing can change the game for you How you can create your own success no matter your circumstances
October 21, 2019
Pat Flynn was an A student with an architecture degree. He had the job, the, the career he had studied for, and then the recession hit. He was laid off and fell into a depression. After watching Back to the Future SIXTY times and feeling sorry for himself, he decided he had to get it together and figure things out! He figured out a way to help people. It was a simple process and an even more specific niche and , an online business was born. TODAY, Pat Flynn can help ANYONE make more money, save more time, & help more people, too (and, he does this without the fluff, the facade and without the Lamborghini's & giant mansions). He is a family man first, and is here to help other people who are in it for more than just themselves. He leveled up and has built several NEW passive income businesses and has been publicly sharing everything he has been learning along the way.  He has generated over $5 million in earnings through a diverse set of income streams: digital products, affiliate marketing, software, books, coaching, public speaking, advertising, and more.  Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Pat Flynn LEVELED UP and created Everything from Nothing! Get Pats Podcast program: In this episode, you will learn: The art of passive income How you can make a living while serving others How you can create a brand identity with just a microphone
October 18, 2019
Others opinions don't pay your bills, they don't get you healthy, they don't keep you warm out night, they don't help us when we are down. Their opinions are just a reflection of their missed dreams and goals.  It's time for you to take back your power and realize that all that matters is you, and what you believe. Everything is possible at any time. Please be careful who you seek guidance from. 
October 17, 2019
Kara Loewentheil knows a thing or two about confidence! For years, she battled the stories she would make up about what a text, or email tone meant and how she “thought” people did not like HER! TODAY, she is a Master Certified Coach with a B.A. from Yale and J.D. from Harvard Law AND In the last three years after pivoting from a legal career, she has grown her life coaching business from 0 to 7 figures.  She's the host of the iTunes top-rated self-help podcast Unf*ck Your Brain, and has been featured in outlets like The Man Repeller, Above the Law, and The Huffington Post. She lives in New York City. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Kara leveled up and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING! In this episode, you will learn: How to take back your confidence Why confidence begins on the inside How you can start your own movement Why confidence is the key to success
October 14, 2019
Mike Koenigs was a serial entrepreneur, 13 time #1 best selling author and speaker and he was also a stressed out work-a-holic. Then it happened…a scary and life-threatening diagnosis: Stage 3A Cancer. He went through a major surgery, four months of intravenous chemotherapy, 33 radiation treatments and oral chemotherapy  Cancer WOKE HIM UP but surviving cancer is not what saved him.  Mike believes that his cancer was caused by a combination of an unmanaged diet, an incredibly stressful 30 years of hard work, running multiple businesses but more importantly: unmanaged emotions. Ultimately, he shares that cancer was his greatest mentor and teacher. Two years after his diagnosis and treatment, he wrote the book, “Cancerpreneur” to help other entrepreneurs thrive and survive through a cancer treatment and diagnosis with their marriage, family and business intact. The book and training has saved dozens of lives he knows of and possibly hundreds more.  TODAY Mike is thriving, sold his 4th business and an investor and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and companies including Bulletproof Coffee, Upgrade Labs, Entrepreneur Media, Dave Asprey,, Fenix Space, Good Idea Beverages and hosts a podcast, “Capability Amplifier” with Strategic Coach founder, Dan Sullivan. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Mike Konenings leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How slowing down can sometimes speed you up Why you need to take care of yourself first Why "hustle" isn't the answer
October 11, 2019
Things that you're too busy for, aren't important to you. In this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, I can't sugarcoat things. I break down what it means to be "too busy" and how you can allocate your time better so you treat the people you care about with the most respect.  Choose your priorities, and make the time.
October 10, 2019
Jamie King caught my attention! Her bright PURPLE hair, her many tattoos, her totally unique expressive self… I wanted to know HOW this girl who stands out so much has so much confidence! I also wanted to know HOW she created and built a 7 figure coaching business SO FAST. Jamie teaches creatives, coaches, course creators, and online Slay-dy Bosses, Mindset + Spiritual + Strategic steps for building a highly engaged tribe, and scaling their businesses to multiple 6 Figures. Join in today to hear exactly how this  Beauty school drop out, who was a teenage mom and is now a busy Mom of 3 created EVERYTHING from NOTHING In this episode, you will learn: How being your authentic self is the way to success How you're able to connect mindset, spirituality, and your business Why you need to start slaying now
October 7, 2019
Jim Fortin was a name I kept hearing over and over again from people I admire. He is the coach behind some of the greatest coaches. After listening to over 50 hours of him on his platforms I HAD to know more. How does he KNOW what he KNOWS? I mean, Jim Fortin is widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation, and he’s helped countless people from all around the world transform their lives from the inside out. HOW does he know what he knows?  SO…. I reached out to him and today I have a candid talk with Jim. Join in today and learn exactly how Jim Fortin leveled himself up a and has impacted millions along the way. In this episode, you will learn: How powerful your subconscious mind really is How you're able to control it Why certain practices are necessary for success
October 4, 2019
I used to feel sick when I would hear the term "choose love!". I was the person that wouldn't know how to act when people would get upset around me, or when people would get all "mushy". I ran away from it, I was truly cold hearted. People who are like this usually went through some sort of traumatic thing in life, they were hurt, they weren't loved properly. In this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday I talk about what I went through because of how I was raised and how I was able to CHOOSE LOVE!
October 3, 2019
Kara Goldin Was not healthy. And she THOUGHT she was doing everything right! It wasn’t until she figured out that her 10-12 DIET SODA addiction was the culprit! Everything changed for her and today, Kara  is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., a healthy lifestyle brand that produces the leading, award-winning, unsweetened flavored water. Her beverage has TAKEN OFF and is in stores everywhere like TARGET, WHOLE FOODS and many of the big  grocery stores.  She LAUNCHED her product while 9 months pregnant with her 4th child. Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Kara Golding Leveled UP and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why diet soda is sabotaging your healthy life How you stop making excuses to live fully How you're able to grow a business no matter your situation
September 30, 2019
At age 18, Joe Polish was a drug addict. And not just any drugs, the hard stuff. Cocaine, Meth and more. He was suicidal, unhealthy and was doing anything to soothe the trauma he had lived through. He had lost his mom when he was four and He was raped and molested as a child by a man he knew who PAID him to keep quiet and he had a lot of SHAME and suicidal thoughts around it all. Now, after witnessing drug rage from his friend with lighter fluid trying to burn everything down Joe woke up Today, Joe is a master connector of people, marketer and thriving results leader. He is the founder of Genius Network, one of the highest level groups in the world for Entrepreneurs. and GeniusX , the groups being home to some of the most successful Entrepreneurs alive, and is considered one of the most influential Connectors in the world. Joe has also helped build thousands of businesses and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. Some of the points Joe shares in the episode are: That we are asking the WRONG questions. WE meed to be asking what was the PAIN that caused this not why the addiction. That we are all only as sick as our secrets.That there is no failure, we are either winning or learning That there is No relationship between being good and being paid but there is a huge relationship between story telling and getting paid well This was a FASCINating conversation that I took 50 pages of notes on! Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Joe Polish LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Joe's root causes of addiction and how to overcome Why connecting people is imperative to growth How to ask the right questions How to build wealth without knowledge
September 27, 2019
Sometimes when we use the term "I am" while visualizing what we want for ourselves, our brain can't comprehend it. So, we then continue to sabotage ourselves into falling into old habits.  So, how do we break this cycle? In this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday, Natalie breaks down a way to "trick" the brain into believing before it's true. Then the actions become easy.
September 26, 2019
When AJ Osborne was suddenly paralyzed and hospitalized with a rare autoimmune disorder his family and him did not have to worry financially at all. WHY? Because they had money flowing in with little effort on their part because of smart financial decisions they had been making for years prior to this horrible event. That financial flow? Also the result of YEARS earlier when AJ had lost everything and rebuilt from nothing. TODAY, AJ is living his vision and has created a process for ALL so they too can create cash flow for freedom. Join in today and learn exactly how AJ leveled up and created EVERYTHING from nothing several times over.   On this episode, you will learn: Why passive income can save your How you're able to create your perfect life Why setbacks are only temporary
September 23, 2019
About two years ago, I really got hit hard with the idea of aging. At the age of 46, I was very aware of the public opinion on aging and since I was so in tune with my health and fitness, I thought I was untouchable. Then I ruptured a disk in my lower back and it all hit me! Some of you may be able to relate with the idea of "when did I start looking like my mom?" And, of course the growing list of care we need to do for ourselves.  When I started to truly question this, I also asked myself is health and nutrition really THE answer for people? I soon realized it's so much more. In this episode, I get interviewed by my dear friend Allyson Byrd and we talk about what Aging In Reverse REALLY means. Why I started this community, and how I've leveled up, walked through the process, and how I'm helping others do the same. If you're interested, make sure to check it out at
September 20, 2019
Aging is REAL. So, in this weeks Fit For Your Mind Friday I wanted to talk about this truth, and, the false assumed truths around it. Look, I understand, when we get to a certain age we start to hear about all the issues that we have to embrace. Like, hormones, how our skin changes, and all the other negatives we hear. But, what if we can age in reverse? In this episode I talk about how I've been able to embrace my age and use mindset to reach the next level. Want to join the community and learn how to do it as well? Head over to 
September 19, 2019
Saying that Daniel Skelton had a rough childhood would be an understatement. Daniel grew up in a very abusive and violent home. He never understood how to “fix things” and was constantly being beat and verbally abused by his dad. Before Daniel was even 10 years old, him and his brother watched as his Dad stabbed his mother multiple times leaving her for dead and then took off. His mom entered one abusive relationship after the next and at age 12, Daniel began dealing prescription drugs at school. At age 14 he was arrested and in a lot of legal trouble. He didn’t care and he felt no one cared about HIM. He became GREAT at making money illegally. After getting caught robbing a Wal Mart, he was thrown in jail and THIS is what changed his life. TODAY Daniel is a man of integrity and a man on a mission  He went From being homeless to being an Entrepreneur owning several six-figure businesses. His mission and vision is to change the world with the force of good. He has fully turned his PAIN into PASSION. Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Daniel Skelton LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to break your bad habits to create success How to turn your pain into passion Why good always wins
September 16, 2019
Cynthia Thurlow had a significant health hiccup.  As she was traveling back to her home in Washington, DC, from a romantic Hawaiian vacation with her husband something felt off. 48hrs later, she found herself in the ER with a ruptured appendix, inflamed colon and Terrified. A scare, turned into a 13 day hospital stay with further complications. Things got really serious when she couldn’t leave her bed. She couldn't eat, she had tubes everywhere, drains coming from her abdomen, and she was too weak to deal with anything in her normal daily activities.   What pulled her through this?  Her boys and the visualization of seeing herself on the TEDx stage, delivering her talk  27 days after returning home from my hospitalization? She Graced the TEDx stage with a talk that went VIRAL.   Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Cynthia Thurlow LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: How to use visualization to reach your dreams Why intermittent fasting How to improve your quality of life Why age doesn't matter
September 13, 2019
I've always considered my job helping people kill F.A.T but not the kind of fat you would think I'm talking about. I'm talking about False Assumed Truths. These are the things we are told to believe about ourselves even though they are completely untrue.  In this episode I talk about how you're able to overcome them to create the life you truly want.
September 12, 2019
Nick Symmonds is an American athlete and entrepreneur. As an athlete, Nick has found much success on the track and in the mountains.  A two-time Olympian, Nick competed for the United States in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Though he has focused on the 800 meters for the majority of his career, he also has a personal best in the mile of 3 minutes and 56 seconds. ​When Nick isn't running or climbing he can be found working on the business that he co-founded in 2014, Run Gum. Nick serves as CEO for the fast growing energy company.  As you can see, once competing was over for Nick, his identity was challenged. Big time.  However, his athlete mentality, what he was TRAINED in is what has helped him level up and fuel  his passion today- RUN GUM where Nick serves as a CEO in this fast growing energy company. Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Nick uses “athlete mentality” to create EVERYTHING from NOTHING In this episode, you will learn: Why an athletes mindset is unbeatable How you're able to tap into it yourself How you can be successful by pushing yourself to your limits
September 9, 2019
Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the leading expert in meditation for extraordinary performance. Her book Stress Less, Accomplish More debuted at #7 out of all books on Amazon. Meditation is a common theme with the top performers I have interviewed on LEVELING UP. Of the over 100 interviews I have done, ALL of the guest have listed meditation as a MUST in their practice for achieving success. I'm excited to share this conversation with Emily because she has truly become the master of this very important habit we should all develop. Join intoday and learn exactly how the once OVER STRESSED Emilly Fletcher LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing with Ziva Meditation! In this episode, you will learn: The importance of daily meditation How you can use meditation to lower stress and perform better Why all high performers meditate
September 6, 2019
Why I got the word SURRENDER tattooed on my right arm for my 48th birthday yesterday. I have been a control freak, people pleaser and someone scared of judgement for years and it has cost me “living” life to it’s fullest and I have had enough of that. Control and people pleasing are illusions and they are hurting your life too. When we are children, there is a time when we know love, trust and possibilities. Nothing feels out of reach All we need and want is love and to be authentically loved. We trust. We are confident We are happy We are present. And then life happens. We get let down. We learn not to trust. We decide things are too hard or not possible. Our ego is born to to protect us and keep us safe and we feed our ego by staying rigid in beliefs and validating that we are “right” CONTROL and limitations set in. Stress takes over. SURRENDER. I finally have after years of fighting. And I will remind myself to SURRENDER vs CONTROL now daily as it’s stamped on my arm for life.
September 5, 2019
Jonathan Bailor is the founder of Wellness Engineering and SANESolution. He authored the NYTimes best seller The Calorie Myth and The Setpoint Diet, has registered over 26 patents, and has spoken at Fortune 100 companies and TED conferences for over a decade.  His work has been endorsed and implemented by top doctors from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA. But how did Jonathan Bailor Get THERE? How did he go from corporate to being the creator and successful Entrepreneur he is today? Join in today as I ask Jonathan the deeper questions and learn exactly how he leveled up and created everything from nothing. On this episode, you will learn: What's it look like to begin the process of pursuing your passion Why life can be an evolution not a revolution How you can take advantage of opportunity
September 2, 2019
Bo Eason started his career in the NFL and  during his 5-year career Bo competed beside and against some of the greatest players of his generation. After his football career ended, he branched out into acting and wrote a one-man play called Runt of the Litter that had an extended off-Broadway and 50- city national run. Now in his third act, as a speaker and leadership coach, he trains some of the most successful people in the world— athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, C-suite execs—on how to communicate for maximum impact and success. --- What makes Bo Eason super unique? He uses the story of his own unlikely (but for him, inevitable) success in the NFL and on the stage to train thousands of top achievers to become the best in their field by tapping into the power of their personal story. Join in today as I interview Bo Eason on EXACTLY how he leveled up time and time again creating everything from nothing In this episode, you will learn: How external noise is just that...noise Why you create your own legacy using your story How you can continuously recreate yourself What it takes to strive in any business
August 30, 2019
In the first ever Fit For Your Mind Friday Natalie shares her thoughts on "labels" and how we decide to look at those labels. Natalie shares her take on the label of ADHD as so many people labeled her as that due to her high energy and now....her daughter has begun to get that label. So, how are you going to take these things and make them your super power? Take a look at how you've been labeled by others and redefine them. You are beautiful just the way you are.
August 29, 2019
Rick Jordan is taking the business world by storm with the first ever of its kind “ALL IN GROWTH” conference right around the corner.  Now you see,  Rick is a serial entrepreneur, ordained pastor and and incredible thought leader who has spoken at NASDAQ and Harvard. BUT today that is not what I am interviewing him about!  You see… after overcoming MANY of his own personal setbacks, failures and even a near death health scare, he is COMMITTED to his vision or helping OTHERS achieve THEIR vision. Many get stuck believing that they have no idea what their passion, purpose or vision is but  RICK disagrees! He feels that people DO know their vision, passion and purpose deep down but it is the HOW that gets them STUCK… AND he is committed to TEACHING that “how” and simplifying it for people I did not want my conversation to END with Rick. His contagious energy is unbelievable! It is NO SURPRISE that he enrolled some of the worlds TOP Business Leaders into sharing it all at his upcoming conference. Join in today and learn exactly how Rick Jordan Leveled himself up and now Levels OTHERS UP to create everything from nothing. Don't miss his epic event; register today:  In this episode, you will learn: Why going all in is the only way to go How can you verbalize your vision properly What you need to do once you properly verbalize your vision
August 26, 2019
Dr. Véronique Desaulniers was a self proclaimed health nut! She “did it all right” or so she thought. Then one day the unthinkable happened. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Veronique beat the odds. She overcame her own diagnosis and turned her personal scare into her calling. Today, she is know as Dr. V, the founder of Breast CancerConqueror® and the 7 Essentials System®, and co-founder of My Breast Friend™. Hersignature process that has empowered thousands of women in over 43 countries around the world. Her mission is to “save lives, one breast at a time.” Join in today and learn exactly how Dr. V leveled up and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why devastating news isn't the end How you can overcome and create a difference How you can get involved in the fight for breast cancer
August 22, 2019
WOW! 100 Episodes! How exciting is it that we've reached 100 episodes. It has truly been a journey and I am so happy to be doing this with you. This podcast has become my favorite thing to do...why? Because I'm able to learn from some of the worlds top performers.  In this episode I decided to bring you my first solo episode and share with you the common things that all of my guests do in order to level up their life! I'm so incredibly excited to have reached the milestone, if you like what you've heard so far click the subscribe button, tell a friend and let's enjoy the next 100 episodes together.  In this episode, you will learn: The why behind the podcast Top 5 Common Things everyone does to level up How you can implement this in your life 
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