Love these guys!!!
I’ve been looking for a show like this, then I heard Jorge on another podcast (Mindscape I think) and checked this one out. These guys do SUCH A GREAT JOB of explaining incredibly complex ideas in a way that’s attainable and enjoyable. The episode length is perfect, you can tell they love what they do, and they have a great rapport that makes it just feel like you’re hanging out and talking with your buddies, except they’re way smarter than you and your buddies :-p I think they’re very kid friendly as well for the most part.
I was a huge fan until...
As of today, Tuesday, October 8th 2019, I was a massive fan of this podcast until today's episode. It's bad enough that "iHeartRadio" is the scummy attempt to rebrand the scumbags previously known as ClearChannel. Hey, there are some legitimately good podcasts they put out. I've even met Daniel once, and he was so super awesome about my question of Quantum Field Theory vs. String theory. The big problem is these guys allowed a Goldman Sachs commercial on today's episode. If any of you don't know, Goldman Sachs is one of the major players in crashing the global economy in 2008. As of now: screw Daniel, screw Jorge, and screw iHeartRadio / Clear Channel. This podcast is dead to me... and that hurts because I thought they were a really good heir to that Bill Nye legacy of entertaining science education. Nope. These guys are completely unethical scummy dirtbags. As a result, I now can't trust any of their other episodes and have to assume that this podcast is complete lies and they're making everything up like Goldman Sachs lied about the legitimacy of Credit Default Swaps.
My favorite podcast.
Wow - SO cool.
You explain everything on such a simple level. I actually feel good after lol.
Mind blown
Have been listening for a few weeks and I have learned so much. You guys make learning fun and relatable. Keep up the good work!
Mind Blown, Ya’ll!
Mrs Kitten
I like the jokes, and how likable Daniel and Jorge are. Thanks for making this podcast to breakdown some serious science and making it accessible for people. Im constantly being blown away by the subjects, it definitely makes me think deeply and gives me a new appreciation for this crazy universe and how lucky we are to be here.
Great info plus super entertaining.
Hands down my all time favorite podcast. They take complex subjects and make them easy to understand ( except the gravitational waves show. Still don’t understand that)while at the same time being super funny. Keep up the great podcast coming.
Very interesting and often complex topics broken down into a less complicated manner. The chemistry between Daniel and Jorge is great and I love that Jorge asks questions that I often want to ask 🤔. Don’t ever change! I don’t care about ads etc because that’s how they get paid! Giving this pod less than 5 stars is insane.
Best podcast! I’ve always loved astrophysics and finally I can understand it!
Love the podcast, awesome job! I fall asleep to ya every night.
My favorite podcast
jesus christ 69
I’m just going to say this, the people giving this podcast less than 4 stars are insane. I drive 20 hours a week for work. I can’t wait for Tuesday and Thursday drives because of this podcast. If you don’t have an interest in learning about the universe and science, then yeah, this isn’t a podcast for you....but if you are fascinated about how the universe, then listen to this podcast. Daniel and Jorge, keep killing it!
Best Podcast
Love this show so much. I listen to every episode many times to let it sink in. The Universe is such a spectacular place. Thank you guys for helping us all understand reality as it is.
Yes, exactly
Good podcast - a bit scripted and sometimes takes too long to get into the subject (8 minutes of 40 before they got into it in the one I just listened to). Biggest problem: Daniel's habit of saying "Yes, exactly" every 20 seconds!!!! Someone train him out of this habit!!!!
Too many commercials
I love this podcast but you guys have too many commercial breaks. Maybe combine them into a longer segment. It’s very annoying
Every episode fascinating Jan 22 2019 was the only episode I found unclear. How would parallel universes be created was never actually explained
Exactly what I want
I can’t speak highly enough about this podcast. It takes complex topics, and they explains it in terms I can understand. This podcast will satisfy anyone’s curiosity about space, physics, and help expand your mind into thinking “outside the box” Highly recommend!!
Thank you!
Awesome stuff.
Great podcast
Nice show
Buena app geometry dash
Greetings from Venezuela ...
Love it!
Informative, funny and a great listen
Always worth coming back to
The worst thing that I can say about this podcast is that it sometimes sounds scripted (which can be cute and reminds me that they do research) and that the shows are lengthy (which really isn’t all bad). The fact that I keep coming back to this show gives it a 5 star rating. Their backlog is a nice bonus.
I’m disappointed that, as a science podcast, you guys would stoop to trashing Bob Lazar in the same way others have. If you want to refute his claims, do so...
Strange Matter
average american 00
Hi Daniel and Jorge, I came across an article about “strange mater” and how it can eventually turn everything into strange matter. I would love to hear you guys further explain this. Thanks!
Amazing Informational Podcast
I like the way they concentrate on science. Other podcasts don’t have that specialty. I wish there were more specialist on this podcast. I like the way they ask the average person or student if they have any knowledge on a given question. I would like to see them dissect every answer to see what was incorrect or right. I do feel that the podcasters enjoy their work but I would like more detailed information when necessary. Illustrations, or formulas like other science lectures, radios or podcasts have would help.
Best Science Podcast
Santa Monica Star Gazer
I love this show and have enjoyed every single episode. Daniel and Jorge have great chemistry together (sometimes their jokes are a bit overdone but the Science part is phenomenal). Keep the episodes coming!
I get it!.... well, for the most part...
The best podcast for all my space questions and curiosity I have about this amazing and crazy thing we know as space! Makes me love science so much more♥️
More physics please
You guys are great but it often takes over ten minutes before the topic is actually discussed. The forced jokes are killing me
Great show... but
If you could stop with the dumbing down and have a more of an Intellectual conversation that would be great.
Making difficult scientific topics accessible!
The Praying Goldmantis
So great and easy to listen to, and very funny!
I’m fascinated by all things universe and love that they breakdown concepts I’ve always wondered about. I look forward to new episodes dropping and love that it’s twice a week!!
Always informative and entertaining
I love listening to all of the shows. I keep looking for more new podcasts and am usually sorely disappointed they aren’t Daniel and Jorge and just come back and listen to one of their episodes instead. They do a great job breaking down a topic without watering it down which I appreciate.
Science for everyone
I am a political scientist (I know not real science) with the heart of an astrophysicist. I live near the beach and often look up at the starry night sky and think about the wonders of this strange universe we live in. These guys do an amazing job and keep me hooked through their entire episode. I often find myself asking questions after their episodes and coming up with my own wonky crazy theories about why things are the way that they are. I look at things differently because of these guys and when I tell my wife what I learned on the podcast she always gives me this look like she has no idea what I’m talking about. Which is awesome. I have one question for them, there’s this weird thing on the internet called the “great attractor” which apparently is some unseen thing that is dragging our galaxy toward it (possibly conspiracy). Can you guys shed some scientific magic dust on that?
These guys make Neil deGrasse Tyson look like a toothless hillbilly (I grew up in the Bible Belt so I know plenty of toothless hillbillies). Keep up the great work fellas!
Fun and educational!
This podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The hosts have great dad joke humor. Keep up the great work!!
Entertaining, Informative Fun Adventures Through the Universe
Great show, I learn so much stuff and have a blast doing so. Daniel and Jorge are hilarious and great educators. Jorge is great at asking the probing question on your mind and Daniel breaks things down with great analogies, alliterations and details. Highly recommend!
Fun and fascinating!
They make stuff interesting that I never thought I wanted to know! And they keep it (mostly) understandable for non-physicists.
Please read
Long time listener, love the subjects, but please the jokes get so old and take up so much time. I like the sense of humor but it's like 3/4 of the episodes are filling time with corny jokes.
Keep it up guys! (Pasadena representing🙌🏽)
I see a lot of complaints about the banter on here. If you don’t like the rapport between two people, purchase a book and read it to yourself. If you hate the cheesy jokes, see above. If you don’t like ads - for free content - also see above. The jokes are cheesy because the podcast isn’t meant to be a lecture. I also belief that’s just their dynamic since they’ve known each other for a while (and worked together). Are people soulless or do they just not have humor? If you think you may be either, please purchase a self-help book and read it to yourself.
I grew up during the Cold War when all Socialists should be destroyed. Danny and Jorge belong in Venezuela with their kind. Totally useless waste of humanity.
Smart and fun!
Wasting time
I don’t usually listen to podcasts but when I do it’s in the car. I listened to a few and I can tell my annoying points are: the playful banter, commercials and breaks in the middle, and taking too long to get to the podcast subject. I understand if I’m not the target audience as a casual podcaster, but just some feedback.
Daniel and Jorge
Luminis Patrem
I truly enjoy your wholesome and intelligent content. This show is a refreshing break from every day idiocy
Great show for learning and chill
Such a fun show for family learning or just winding down by exploring deep concepts in a lighthearted format...yes other comments are correct, the jokes are cheesy! The art of the show is in how simply they can break down complex topics into casual conversation.
Physics for the rest of us
Kaiser Philhelm
Great podcast. I love watching documentaries and reading articles about our universe but some concepts still don’t fully sink in. Jorge and Daniel do an excellent job in bringing complex topics to a level that makes it easier to understand. Really fun to listen to and you learn in the process.
It’s great!
This has become one of my favorite shows. Jorge always asks the same question I have at just the right time.
Keep it neutral.
Ilias Basha
I like Daniel and Jorge podcast a lot. However, I have a request. Please do not invite opinionated guests like the guys from Daily Zeitgeist. Please keep the podcast neutral.
Concise, interesting and thank you.
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