Midwest Muralist
Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick
This podcast has been a saving grace as an artist, muralist, entrepreneur in the Midwest (Kansas USA). I have enjoyed the magazine so much. With no hesitation, I had to listen to the Podcast! I’m loving this!!!
You will learn something wonderful!
I wasn't so sure I'd like this podcast. But it is filled with so many wonderful motivating nuggets of wisdom from real women who are successful despite admitting some failures.
Nuanced and Inspiring
Erica Lockwell
God I love this podcast. It digs deep into so many issues. I like a lot of podcasts about creative business, but this one is consistently the most thoughtful and inspiring of the bunch. Grace doesn't shy away from the hard questions, and is a shining example of how to acknowledge and leverage one's privelege for good. Honestly such a role model.
Inspiration for everyone
This gem of a podcast provides thoughtful entrees to all sides of creative businesses. For someone who isn’t in the industry, I’ve really enjoyed learning about the challenges faced and ways to bring creativity into the every day. Grace is a thoughtful and welcoming host. Her focus on inclusivity and showcasing many different voices is so important in today’s world.
So happy you are back!!
I just randomly searched for ‘After the Jump’, since I missed it. And found you have a new podcast! So excited! Welcome back!
Best podcast for creatives
The last thing I need is another podcast to listen to but I love this one because it’s about design and creatives but you do not need a visual to understand the conversation. I love how Grace dives in to get the scoop and she hits some meaningful talking points. Thank you Grace!
Balanced and smart
This podcast is just what I needed. Maybe it’s the same for you? Listen!
Be creative in your job
Graduated from art school and I wasn’t sure where I stood in jobs. This podcast I feel like has been my guide into a creative, but career driven platform. Love listening.
Breath of Fresh Air
Laura Burkhart
I absolutely love this podcast! As a creative entrepreneur, this pod is finally filling the void in the conversation about the realities of this industry. Her honest and authentic discussions of the real challenges and struggles of pursuing this kind of work is so refreshing and encouraging. I have added this to my weekly list of musts. Thank you Grace!
Relevant to every audience - not just design-focused
While I consider myself aesthetically challenged when it comes to design, I find so much value in the conversations happening from a business perspective (and in general). Diversity, inclusion, standing up for your work and getting paid for it - all things we can relate to no matter your industry. I love that Grace really does her research for every episode. Even if she doesn’t have a personal relationship with the guest, she makes them feel at ease and asks thoughtful questions with answers that benefit the entire audience. I look forward to every episode! Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into Good Company, Grace. So excited to see where the magazine and podcast goes as it grows.
Loving this podcast
I’ve waited to review this podcast because I had really high expectations and the first episode didn’t quite fulfill them (white-cis-hetero-Lady talking about a lack of privilege in design because she isn’t a WASP rang a bit hollow for me, despite the great conversation). Each episode since has been incredible though, with deep conversation about design, creativity, race, and gender - definitely the level of discourse I’ve come to expect from the amazing Grace Bonney. I can’t wait for more!
My Favorite Pod!
Every time a new episode is released, I get giddy! Love how Grace conducts her interviews and the guests are so inspirational. Listening to this pod makes me a better person!
One of the BEST!
Love Grace Bonney and all of her work. Her interview questions are thoughtful and genuine. Listened to all of the episodes on a long car trip and was hanging on every word. Wonderful guests, inspiring discussions. Fantastic!
So good!
I love all of the guests, and thoughtful conversations! I just lol’d multiple times listening to the episode with @adamjk.
Relevant, engaging, uplifting and real
I attended the Good Company panel in Detroit and I love that some of the threads from conversations that were raised there are picked up in new and relevant ways in the podcast. It’s great to hear from people I’ve long admired and from people I can’t wait to learn more about. Love it!
An Excellent, Informed Interviewer
KE Boston
Grace Bonney knows her stuff. You won’t be disappointed!
Can’t get enough!
I love this podcast so much. Grace asks incredible questions that get her guests opening up, being honest and vulnerable in a way that very few business podcasts are. Her guests aren’t holding back - they’re talking about the challenges that business owners / influencers often don’t disclose. Each week I’m excited for the next episode to be released.
More please!
magpie moon
So natural, real, and informative! I love the honesty of Grace and all of her guests. They're converstations that inspire, yet, also make you realize that everyone is human and we're all in this struggle (for better or worse) together. I look forward to each new episode!
Great design podcast.
A longtime follower of Design Sponge, Grace Bonney (and Laura Turshen!) I was so excited to see a podcast of this caliber come out. As a designer and artist, I’m always struggling to make sense of my creativity from a business perspective, so I’m pumped to learn everything from Grace and her amazing guests. Please do a whole episode on freelance pricing! 😊
Such a Joy
I’m continually in awe of Grace’s ability to ask the thoughtful questions that really get to the heart of her interviewees. It’s very honest, real, and informative. After three episodes Im totally hooked.
Light in the Dark
These are dark times we live in. Grace is just the kind of strident feminist I need to remind me not all is lost 💙
Where does she get her interview questions??!!! Every time she asks a question I’m like good one!! If you are a creative or enjoy following creatives you will love this podcast!
I've been looking for a podcast just like this
I'm a huge podcast listener and this is everything I've been looking for. As a creative woman I want to hear from other creative women! This podcast doesn't shy away from tough topics and I love that diversity is a priority here! Another plus is that this is high quality audio, i.e., this doesn't sound like it was made in a basement with an iPhone and a recording app. So far there have been some big names on the interview list, which I love, but I would also love to hear from some small artists who are not so widely recognized. Only two episodes have been released but I am very excited to continue listening each week!
G & G should rule the world. Seriously.
Such a great interview. Could have listented to these two women for another couple of hours. Grace & Genevieve are smart, honest, humble and wise. They stand for so much more than design. Although design is their profession and it's what drew me to them, I continue to follow them due to their humanity.
So great!
Patricia Griffin Ceramics
Happy to hear Grace interview again! Bravo!
Fabulous interview!
I so enjoyed Grace’s first podcast and I’m excited to to hear more. She’s a wonderful interviewer. This first episode is a fabulous beginning to another five star hit. Way to go Grace!
I'm Tuned In
We had Grace on our podcast Alternative Styles and she's delightful! I listened to Grace's former podcast and when I read she had re-launched it as Good Company I immediately listened. She's become a regular "passenger" on my drive. Insightful interviews!
This podcast, one episode in, has made my heart feel full and excited and inspired and honestly giddy! So bummed that it premiered with only one episode, I need MORE! 😂
All of the stars!
I am so excited for this podcast!!! Her interview with Genevieve Gorder gave me LIFE and was such an awesome choice to kick things off with. I absolutely loved Grace's podcast, After the Jump, and it's still one I flip back to, but I'm so happy to have her back 'on the air.' She is a fantastic interviewer and conversationalist with an incredible ability to hit all of the right marks with each guest she brings to the table. Her platform is one that I'm constantly inspired and motivated by, and this new chapter with all things 'Good' is one I think the world really needs right now.
a++, great job
s.i. lewis
i can say with the utmost confidence that i will not miss an episode of this podcast. loved genevieve as the first guest- what an inclusive, powerful start to what i’m certain will be an endless supply of inspiration to both persons in and outside the creative and design fields. it was extremely refreshing to hear marginalized groups referenced in a direct way [not merely suggested about abstractly and / or from a sympathetic perspective] and repeatedly hear genevieve attribute her success to the diversity of her community. the number of times i thought, “what an inspirational outlook” or, “i should write this down” could have filled a notebook, and, to be honest, probably will. grace acted as a skilled interviewer, and trustworthy guide throughout the conversation. the work she creates and the dialogue she draws from the universe around her are invigorating because they are honest and unafraid to question what the majority, particularly the elite, laud. i am so looking forward to what’s to come.
As always, on point! So great!
Another Grace Bonney hit!
Been reading and watching Grace Bonney since the beginning. This is a fantastic next step. It is good to listen relevant design insights.
Grace Bonney is back on a Podcast! Woo!
Everything Grace puts out into the world is thoughtful, interesting and creative. She always finds fresh perspectives and a diversity of voices that aren’t heard all the time. I can’t wait to keep listening.
Yay for Good Company
home grown girl
I'm not a huge podcaster, but yesterday it was a treat to listen to two of my design heroes. I have been in good company with Grace at Design Sponge for many years, and have also followed Gen in her career (plus, she's a midwest girl like me) and love what she does. I think I'm hooked :) Thanks to Grace, for always asking the good questions and especially for modeling intentional listening. You are simply awesome, and I cannot wait for the next podcast.
Insightful and current!
Love Grace’s perspective on creativity, business and life. She is so thoughtful and I always look forward to hearing her ideas and her chats with other creatives.
Fantastic first interview! I am so looking forward to the next podcast and continuing to receive such insightful and inspiring content! Well done, Grace!
Easy listening
This was like a great day hanging out with the nicest, coolest, smartest friends. Yes!
Best podcast right now
musa indulge
I eagerly waiting to listen to the podcast. I love how honest the interviews are. This is what change (social) is about. Starting meaningfully conversations is part of that change. Great Job!!
Loved the first episode!
I loved the first episode with Genevieve! Alot of thoughtful conversation and I can't wait to hear more episodes.
Always inspiring and insightful
Breate a brickname
A great listen and lots of insightful takeaways. Looking forward to more episodes.
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Lolly Belle
I love Grace Bonney and all of her other endeavors, so it’s really no surprise that this podcast is delightful. It’s inspiring, informative, and focused on creative life. I can’t wait for more episodes to be released!
Much needed podcast
Grace is an excellent interviewer! Asks the questions we actually need to be talking about. I really appreciated the conversation about getting paid which is necessary in our society. Looking forward to more episodes.
I agree 100% that Grace Bonney IS the best podcast interviewer, period. So, so happy she has returned with this incredible new series!
Anything that gets me more Grace Bonney!
Grace's voice is so unique in the design space, and the first episode kills it (couldn't go wrong with Genevieve Gorder, but still!) Can't wait to see all her other guests. Thoughtful commentary and an interviewing style that lets people speak for themselves - she's a curator, not the star. Love, love, love.
Heart Warming Inspiration
Grace’s new podcast provides a heart-warming inspiration, reminding us of the true souls inside those around us! Even being outside the creative career myself, it is so refreshing to hear intimate interviews with wonderful folks I’ve admired from afar. Can’t wait for future episodes!!
5 stars!
Grace is a thoughtful host who asks smart questions and sets her guests up to offer us answers we can relate to and learn from. Grace listens intently and isn’t afraid to veer off script. She also doesn’t waste our time! All so useful. I can’t wait for more episodes.
Grace is the Bomb.com
I've been a fan of Grace for a long time and love to support anything she touches.
Ready for Inspiration
I already know this will be a success however you feel like measuring that Grace! I can’t wait to hear the beautiful voices of the thoughtful guests you will plan for us to expand minds on design, community, activism, and general badassery! Proud to listen 😊
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