October 19, 2019
It's episode 4 of Caroline Manzo's special limited edition "Dear Don" run! What happens when you find out your husband was cheating on you with prostitutes? "It's not you girl!" Send in your questions and get advice from everyone's favorite Don:
October 16, 2019
We open up the mailbag with Candice and get into: -a single white female situation with an underwear peeper, how to cope with a sudden STD, pushing kids a little too far in youth sports, and the morality of a lover ordering synthetic peeee! Get excited. And join the show:
October 11, 2019
Caroline is back with her take on your emails! Be part of the show and send your questions to:
October 9, 2019
The Don drops by with Candice to talk ghost stories and, well, I wish we hadn’t... Be part of the show! Email your questions to
October 4, 2019
Oh, you liked it the first time??! Here's another! The limited edition "Dear Don" run from the Dear Albie studio continues! Send in your questions and get them answered by Caroline:
October 1, 2019
We are talking friends with benefits with Greg & Lauren! Albie finds out what FWB really means, should there be rules in casual hook ups? Lauren throws up (not kidding) & we say goodbye to Gregs beloved dog Deloris. Send in your questions:
September 26, 2019
Well, you asked for it... and here it is. We're rolling out a special limited run of "Dear Don" shows -- mom is solo and answers your questions every week. YAAAAYYYY!! Send her your questions: And big hugs from The Don!
September 24, 2019
We have dad in to get to the bottom of his Alexander Hamiliton hair collection... and wow what a rabbit hole that goes down. We also talk disappearing wedding gifts, the mysterious fart noise, and more. Send in your questions:
September 17, 2019
The Don and Intern Jules are back...because if it ain't broke, don't fix it! We have some follow-ups on old questions, is there a "Podcast Jules" and a "Real Jules"?, when is it too old to go back to college, and holy crap this professional cuddling thing has gotten completely out of control. We're taking positions! Come join the fun:
September 10, 2019
The Don is back with Intern Jules -- who we can confirm is a real human being! We go over the story behind Alexander Hamilton's real hair. We have an update from a past Dear Albie write in. If you don't wish someone happy birthday on social media, did it even happen? Plus, a vintage Dear Abby. And more! Email the show;
September 7, 2019
Chris is BACK! Lauren is here too. The entire thing is an incoherent mess because we were just so excited to finally get Chris back. Lauren  joins the venmo party and licks a battery; Chris. It's a good one! Email the show:
August 27, 2019
Danielle from Hoboken Girl Blog is back...and so is Intern Jules. We talk the Hoboken scooter invasion, professional cuddling, suspect roommates, and more! Email the show:
August 21, 2019
The Don is back and brought dad with her to help dole out advice and answer your questions. Dad may or may not admit that he used to wear nail polish so, yea, you don't want to miss this one.  Send in your questions:
August 13, 2019
Mom and Greg come in for the highly anticipated Roommates Episode. We have to say...we are very very disturbed with what some of you wrote in! We might just chalk this whole thing up to a "nice idea at the time" kind of thing. Listen if you dare. And send us an email:
August 6, 2019
Finally, Greg Bennett joins us in studio. We talk his engagement, bachelor party and wedding plans. Old stories from Hoboken & getting his dog stuffed in the event of her passing. It’s a cant miss! (email the show:
July 30, 2019
The Don talks about her near run-in with Michael Bublé. Countess Luann. How much is too much plastic surgery? And more! Send in your questions:
July 23, 2019
Lauren is back, reluctantly, and our friend Christine joins for the first time. We talk nude beaches, sex in the woods, the preferred method to slide into someones DM & if Lauren is going to make it through the show without throwing up! Get your Qs in!
July 17, 2019
Albie and The Don are joined by Intern Jules for the latest episode. PLUS: For those wondering just how much Al loves New Jersey, he'll let you know where else he would live... and the Don answers your question about which of her children would be better off as an only child!
June 26, 2019
Lauren is back! She has her cousin Candice (@candicelaurita) with her... and they're destroying poor Albie. Plus: Greg, Markie, and the Don make cameos... cousin Tony is in the house... Is Albie's weird Instagram a cry for help? Did Albie and Chris use their mom's Bravo drama for more podcast listeners? Listen in and decide! Email us:
June 19, 2019
You've been asking for it since we started. And here it is.
June 12, 2019
We are back with Don and we cover everything from: Is Markie carrying her weight in Albie's Instagram videos? Listeners take over the podcast reviews. How did Caroline and Dolores Catania meet? Some behind the scenes talk from RHONJ. Jaqueline's epic texts when the show was airing. Greg has demands for his podcast appearance. What did Albie mean when he said dating should be like sports? Mailbag & more! Write in:
June 5, 2019
Albie and the Don discuss Greg Bennett's engagement, his bachelor party, life in the public eye, breaking up with a guy whose family you really like, why Albie hates birthdays, can you be friends with your exes?, and more! Be part of the next mailbag:
May 29, 2019
Albie, Caroline, and Chris are live (kind of) from the basement two days after Chris' big 30th birthday party at the Brownstone. Which special guests showed up? Is Rich Wakile hairy? And what were the highlights of the night? Plus, we open up the Dear Albie mailbag and opine on a 26-year-old virgin. Write in with your advice questions!
May 23, 2019
Dad makes his debut & it's giving The Don anxiety. We get into mom's mind games at the beginning of their relationship. Brownstone stories. In-laws gifting lingerie as a wedding gift. Was housewives a waste of time? And more! Send in your Dear Albie questions and be part of the show!!
May 17, 2019
We have an all-mailbag episode with the Don! What was the finale of each RHONJ season like for Caroline and Albie as they waited for unpredictable things to happen to them? Who is "Fal"? What's "Watch What Happens Live" like? Which of Albie's exes does mom like best? And more! Get in the next mailbag!! And let Albie know what a good job he did as a sound engineer for this show!
May 1, 2019
Alex (instagram: mother.ofvegans) is back!... and we have a lot of questions about sex -- including 1970s role playing, dating someone much younger (or older), washing a box full of sex toys, Alex and Albie's birthday plans, and more. Send in your questions: and be part of the show!
April 12, 2019
Mom is back after the insane Ep. 23, and we're now looking at old Dear Abby and Miss Manners questions on marriage, wedding etiquette, and engagement with our resident diamond expert, Chuck Adanalian from Adamine Group. How did Al and Caroline get engaged? What is a "four flusher"? Stalking vs romantic gestures with an Uber driver. And Chuck gives insider tips on rings and diamonds! Write in! and be sure to subscribe!
April 2, 2019
We invited mom back on the show...and wowweee. She reveals Real Housewives of New Jersey news and major personal news. What more do you need? Listen now! Subscribe! And write to us:
March 27, 2019
We're back from vacation! And joined at Chris' restaurant by personal jeweler Chuck Adanalian. Albie got a tattoo! Do you leave tips for pickup orders? Is the grocery store on Sunday a great place to meet women? Softball team drama! Is Roomba etiquette a thing? Mom calls in! Chuck gives tips on buying engagement rings and talks about the diamond mines he works in. Send in your questions: and subscribe to not miss a show (we have a BIG one coming)
March 20, 2019
Albie and Chris stopped by Bravo’s HQ to talk to the hosts of "The Daily Dish" (@erikjmac) and (@megsegura) about all things Real Housewives, Bravo, their lives, and Dear Albie. We'll be back next week with a full slate of shows, new exciting guets, an argument about whether we should have sponsors, possibly a Lauren appearance, and so much more. We're refreshed and have a lot of new insane questions, too.  And keep sending in emails to
February 27, 2019
We're LIVE(ish) from 10th Street Pasta and Pizza in Hoboken. We've invited some friends to come listen, ask their own questions, and be part of the show. And we're talking everything from dating apps to guys who lie about their height to the best drinks to throw at an ex in a bar. PLUS, is ghosting a thing? Is "saddled" a real word? How long does it take Chris to make drinks? And we unleash Lily on the world. Subscribe, rate, and send in your own questions:
February 20, 2019
Albie and Chris are live from 10th Street Pasta & Pizza with special guest Hannah Taub from TalkDirty2YourFood, and we're talking all things drinking -- from drunk texting exes (and why we do it) to Albie's Fritos "chaser" experience. PLUS, a couple classic Dear Abbys, the mailbag questions are on fire, a torrid affair with a chubby brother-in-law, and the time Albie passed out during a lightning storm periscope. Make sure you subscribe! And send in your questions to
February 13, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day! Teagan Presley and Sean are back! Albie shares a romantic story he painted a wall, Chris sets the record straight on Manzo children not working, Albie thinks he can name all the states on a map, and Chris gives everyone homework. Write in with your questions:!
February 6, 2019
Albie and Chris welcome Teagan Presley and her husband Sean as they open up the mailbag and answer listener questions. We talk hidden cameras, fingers in butts, Chris' wedding hashtagging skills, the weirdest poop story you'll ever hear, how adult film stars handle fame, how Greg Bennett is doing, and much, much more. Write in with your own questions:
January 30, 2019
Caroline is back and she's answering any and all questions you have for her. Will she ever go back to Real Housewives? Who is Markie's favorite? Who gets married first, Chris or Albie? How do you raise a teenager? How was she cast in Real Housewives? Love for Funfetti! And more! Send in your questions to and subscribe to never miss a show!
January 23, 2019
Oh man. OHHHH MAN. We've dug up new old advice questions...and you'll never forget the line, "my husband thinks it's super." Plus, a behind-the-scenes bonus commentary from Chris, we open the mailbag and set a new bar for listener questions, and so much more. Send in your "milke" questions!
January 16, 2019
Chris is running late, so Albie starts the show without him and dives into old advice questions on tardiness. Plus, Albie recalls his first time trying weed in Colorado, a crazy story that includes teleportation, Jurassic Park, room service, and a hotel roof. Joined by Hoda, the founder of Molly's Milk Truck, we tackle everything from sexless relationships to showing up exactly on time to dinner parties. Send in your questions to!
January 9, 2019
Albie welcomes back his mom, Caroline, and we open up the mailbag with topics including their relationship with the adorable Markie, some Manzo'd insider insight, the time Albie was kicked in the head at Cirque du Soleil, which Housewife Caroline would start a business with, some love for the Wakile family, modern parenting, dating women with kids, and more!
December 12, 2018
We're going back to the mailbag and answering listener questions, which gets us topics like Albie's cryptic Instagram captions and overdoing Markie photos, Chris gets two Cajun accent requests, we reveal a Ham Game secret, we answer a question about the relationships on RHONJ, Australian toilets vs. American toilets...and more! Subscribe to never miss an episode! And send in your questions to YAY!
December 5, 2018
We have a catfish update! She mayyy have shown up to Chris' restaurant last week...we're not sure. But Albie has been in contact, and there will be a podcast appearance soon. Plus, how do Albie and Chris react to a listener mail question about dating fans of the Real Housewives? Would they date a divorcee? AND we got listener mail about prison pen pal relationships so we dug up some old Dear Abby columns dealing with the subject.
November 28, 2018
Albie calls an emergency podcast session with Chirs and Alex, because he was catfished and doesn't know what to do. Should he cut off all communication? Do we invite her over to Chris' apartment and have her on the show? PLUS, Albie reveals a tip he learned from Chris on how to find out who owns that mystery number texting you, without having to pull the "new phone, who's this?" line.  (Alex = mother.ofvegans on Instagram)
November 21, 2018
Thanksgiving manners, Albie brings too many women home to meet mom, a slaughterhouse protest, and more. Albie and Chris are celebrating Thanksgiving, and we've invited Alex Lafata back for the fun! In this episode, we tackle family feuds at Thanksgiving, Alex's planned slaughterhouse protest, appropriate Thanksgiving dress, Albie has brought a massive number of women home to meet his mom, Thanksgivings at the Brownstone, and how do you pronounce "ogle"? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
November 14, 2018
Albie and Chris talk about Joe Giudice, they share production secrets, and would the Manzos return to RHONJ? Plus, a mailbag question about their Millionaire Matchmaker experience, another about Albie's shirtless photos, and a big teaser at the end.
November 7, 2018
Chris and Albie are back in Hoboken at Chris' makeshift podcast studio (his living room), and this has pushed Chris to the edge. Plus, does Albie hate blondes? Chris inadvertently invents political debates, we answer a Dear Abby question about concert ticket etiquette, and we tease a Housewives episode coming up!
October 30, 2018
Mom returns to the show! ...and we tiptoe the fine line between chaos and advice by answering listener emails. Special episode from our new studio at Chris' apartment (excuse the audio blips), which was rearranged with mom's touch minutes before we went live.
October 8, 2018
We're opening the mailbag with Alex Lafata and former NFL linebacker Markus Kuhn. What are the best movies to play in the background while making love? Does Albie believe in aliens? Who shaves what? Alex has a peacock obsession, and the the Manzos answer Housewives questions. And then way, way more.
September 14, 2018
Have you ever showered with another person? We tackle the ups and (mainly) downs of that experience. Plus, a question on putting a sex quota on your spouse, women peeing all over the seat, and Albie talks getting kicked out of law school on TV and his mom's pep talk. With special guest Lillian Thakuria (@lilythakuria)!
September 14, 2018
Lots of penis (and boobs) talk in this episode. Plus, why Albie didn't do Tinder while on RHONJ, a great cheating question that involves a modem and internet bulletin boards, and worrying moms. With special guests Alex Lafata (@alex.lafata) and former NFL linebacker Markus Kuhn!
September 14, 2018
Caroline Manzo stops by (since we record in her basement) and things go off the rails almost immediately -- eventually leading to uncomfortable conversations about cooking breakfast naked and their father's grooming habits. With special guest Life Coach Mike Reddin!
September 14, 2018
Albie and Chris are joined by Lillian Thakuria (@lilythakuria) and she has a crazy story about her high school ex. Plus, how real is reality TV, should you tell your neighbor's wife that her husband is having an affair?, how was oral sex discovered? and more!
September 14, 2018
In the premier episode of Dear Albie, Albie and Chris are joined by Alex LaFata and former New York Giant Markus Kuhn. Topics include 1950s trolls, how to properly position toilet paper, biting during sex, and more! Want your question answered?
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