Mixed Bag
The topic/content is good but the host is biased frequently and doesn't show it in a fair way. Embarrasses herself in some of her interview as well which is painful to listen to.
Great find!
This show is a fascinating look into the world of multi-level marketing and the wellness industry at large. I love listening to the interviews and hearing the host’s take on everything. Loving it all!
Great info, muddled with bias
I really want to give this podcast five stars, but there is such much bias that it makes it difficult to do so. Granted, I agree with many of the hosts’ beliefs that many MLMs and wellness products are scams, but she is very aggressive about it. In the first season, she has great info as to why many MLMs are scams, and how they make money from people signing up to sell their products. I also have several friends right now who are on the essential oils train, which the host talks more about it on the second season, and I was shocked to find out about the past of the founder of Young Living, Gary Young. I have many Christian friends who try to sell me on how natural and spiritual this stuff is. In this midst of this COVID-19 craziness, they’re trying to oil it up and sell me on “thieves sanitizing cleaners.” I want to share this podcast with friends who are involved with MLMs and crazy wellness products, but I’m afraid they’re going to say the host is just sharing her bias. Either way, it’s still a very informative podcast.
I love everything about Jane Marie - her research methods, her reporting, her delivery, and her personal touch. Both seasons of The Dream are informative and vital.
I absolutely loved season 1! And season 2 is no disappointment!!! God I love the host so much, and her investigative journalism is both appreciated and absolutely captivating to listen to. Love you!!!!
Would’ve been great if there was a different host
Very biased and judgey. It’s crass.
What about the cocaine
I’m only on the first episode but I’m WONDERING how you can research a pyramid scheme in Florida in the 80’s without talking about coke!! This is not an attack on the producers/ writers/ researchers. I’m just like ? Something! is! missing! Here! But really this show is great. Super gripping. Very well researched. Excellent production. So happy that a friend recommended it to me.
Well Done ‘The Dream’!
This is very informative! Although other reviews complain about the bias, this is a podcast not a news source. Yes, she is skeptic, but that doesn’t mean she is only seeking out the information that supports her opinion. She seeks out to experience what she questions and make a more accurate opinion. By stopping at the first episode or two, you are not allowing Jane to take you on her journey for more information and her ultimate conclusions. But aside from her opinions, she provides a lot of science based information which should be held in much higher regard than anecdotal evidence or the marketing material for a product.
Uninformed and completely biased
Meridian Acu
First season was really good, I was able weed out the narrator’s prejudgements about sales in general and appreciate the hard work and investigation that went into the season. Second season, I can’t even finish the second episode. I understand the downsides of MLM’s but we must not confuse an MLM with the products they’re selling - one is a sales tactic, the other a product. And I know it may be difficult for the general populace to understand (especially those who are very western science driven) but there actually ARE frequencies of biological organisms and lots of sound literature on this topic. I have a dual masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine as well as a 17 year background in critical care western medicine. It would behoove the producers to do a bit more reading and reading with an open mind NOT reading for the sake of cutting down innovative ideas. In short, I cannot get past the snarkiness of the hosts - you come off as small minded which I don’t think is an accurate depiction of who you really are.
My childhood
This resonates so intensely being a kid who received soooo many Avon Christmas gifts from my grandma when we were young in WV in the 80’s. At the time m I had no idea where they came from but loved them. It’s great to hear about the other side of the fence.
Important work!
I’ve learned a lot.
The Dream
More please! Very insightful and thoughtful. I’ve been recommending it folks looking for podcast suggestions. I know of several people caught up in these - like water filters and the even more nuanced ones like ‘manifestation’, and it is frightening.
I wouldn’t call it investigative
Like many others have mentioned, the first season of this podcast starts out strong. I’m a huge true crime fanatic and I found this topic to be very interesting. Unfortunately, it’s clear the host has formed very strong opinions on MLMs before doing podcast. Frankly, she has strong opinions about many things, which she offers up freely. And her cynicism and judgement distracts her from focusing on the task at hand. There is not a stitch of objectivity in this season. From the first step of an effort by her colleague to go under cover in an MLM, the host refers to things as “crappy” and “stupid” before they have even been explored. I don’t trust MLMs either, but I wanted to get a real glimpse inside and her opinions just don’t allow for it. Also, she unnecessarily goes into her personal opinions on Christianity with very little sensitivity or respect for the religious beliefs of others. I found myself frustrated and wanting more of a deep dive into MLMs, what steps people take within them, what info she could find on individual income, more interviews, more attempts to actually infiltrate and try to work these ladders. I hope the 2nd season contains more objectivity.
I love this podcast!!! I’ve never binged listed to entire seasons of shows until this one!!! EVERYONE has experience with MLMs and WELLNESS!!!! SO informative!!!
Your kind of mean....
Kels Treadwell
I have been a victim of a MLM. Beauticontrol got me real good. I felt foolish after I realized I screwed up. You just made me feel worse. Thanks.
Incredibly biased but interesting
Both seasons are really interesting topics, but the host could not be more judgmental. I think the podcast could be more nuanced if she weren’t so close-minded in her approach.
I really wanted to like this
I was excited to listen. I am as intrigued by the MLM industry and culture as I am repelled by it. I am always waiting for it to be further exposed; and I thought this podcast would do it. I immediately subscribed and though I was in for a great ride. After listening to the first couple of episodes I unsubscribed. The host and her team, but particularly the host and her husband, have such pompous and negative attitudes. I was really turned off by their smugness. When listening I was almost rooting for the MLM (almost). I stopped listening; and I have no interest in what these know-it-all elitists have compiled for their second season. It’s a great topic and I hope someone with more journalistic professionalism can tackle it.
MLM = scams
I’m working my way through season one. Thank you so much for your research and truth telling about MLMs. There was definite a point in my life where I tried to contribute to my family’s income with MLMs. Turns out the only way I did that was with the massive losses we took on our taxes each year. Never again.
It’s a great show
Love it. Stay strong through the negative comments because I absolutely love this podcast. Smart, funny, and during S2 at the last episode when you broke down crying because you felt the power in the treatment you had— incredible wrap up. Can’t wait for next season!
Favorite Podcast Ever
Jane Marie and Dan Gelluchi have created a fascinating, tightly edited, and thoroughly researched podcast series. I was so enthralled with the first season on multilevel marketing companies that I finished it in a week. The second season on the wellness industry is equally excellent.
Gr at podcast. Looking forward for more seasons
Love this podcast. Just found it and started on season 2 about ‘wellness’. Very eye opening and refreshing. Who do you trust? Industry or the government? Very interesting. Glad I have not bought into the hype of all the wellness scams. Purely placebo. Most of these wellness claims cannot be proven with science, testing, or studies
Not ubiased investigation
Ivy A
This starts off great but when the team infiltrated a MLM company the negative bias is so overwhelming it lost my interest-I was hoping for neutral exploration on the topic and not “all these people are idiots” attitude-l-didnt like how shaming and one-sided it became -at that point they are closed-minded & just out to make villains.
Has Promise...
This podcast started out great, taking a hard look at the various scams that are out there today like 31, Limelife, Amway, and others. It’s the type of information that people need to hear. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the hosts’ liberalism to show throw (as if there’s anything at all that’s good about the Left Hand Path?) and it kinda went downhill from there. The female host hates Christians and Christianity and the gay guy hates President Trump. I guess they’ll have to broadcast from their Safe Space as part of the “resistance” when he wins re-election this year. Remove the Liberal nonsense and this is a five star podcast all day long. As it is, 2.5 stars which I round up to three for mostly entertaining me while I was stuck at work.
Love the podcast. Very informative look at these scary, creepy MLMs. I know people who have been involved in multiple MLMs, so it’s interesting to see what it is exactly that they’re being so cultish about. Season 2 update - another amazing season. Yay for the anti-Goop!
I’m waiting very patiently!! ❤️
Farmer Jim
This is a very informative podcast. I look forward to it every Monday and I’m missing it so much!! I’m ready for season 3!! Bring it girl!!! Great job!! 💪🏻🤘🏽🙌🏻
I want more!
My coworker turned me on to The Dream. I’ve been binge listening in my car, when I’m cooking, cleaning...never at work: I couldn’t focus on my work! Thanks for the great details and personal connection to your subject. Each podcast was too short!! I would love to hear about the “Dream” of free college and health care, but really get into what that means for tax payers. Not a political version from either side, but truly a breakdown of what the politicians promise. Can’t wait to listen to season 2!
Entertaining but provides MISCONCEPTION and biased view of MLM
Simon W Chan
Show is well produced and entertaining but provides biased view of network marketing. It’s true that there are some bad apples in the direct selling industry but you can say that for all industries. The show is biased and cynical. It puts huge emphasis on the negatives and talks about them over and over again but skims over the positives of the industry. The hostess will spend tons of time talking about failures or the bad things every time someone talks about it... but when someone does bring something positive, it is glossed over very quickly This it total BIASED JOURNALISM
Listen til the end!
What an awesome season. The end is such a humble and lovely complication! Thank you, Jane Marie!
annoying but i’m waiting for it to pick up
Randon G Rose
the host of this podcast’s thick midwestern accent and smugness makes me think she only eats dyed orange cheese that’s 40% plastic and will most definitely die due to preventable causes but i like the research angle
Amazing content
I loved the first season and I’m almost done with season 2. The host is thoughtful and self-reflective. The wellness industry is a scam of epic proportions and I’m so glad she’s bringing it to light.
The Dream with Jane Marie
2020listen to your heart
Really enjoyed this podcast and hoping for more. So fascinating to hear about MLM from someone who has such a unique perspective and thank you for all your investigative work into the people behind these schemes.
Season one was tolerable until the interview last with the direct selling association president, the host embarrassed herself there with her attitude. Season two is unlistenable.
Season 2 is a disappointment
I loved season 1 but season 2 is pretty one sided and close minded with little evidence to back up the host’s snarky superiority complex over people who use holistic healing. While there’s a TON of horrible MLMs and misinformation in the wellness industry the host doesn’t even mention the thousands of people who found healing in alternatives where Western medicine failed.
Season 1 was interesting, eye-opening and gripping. Season 2 could have been great, but the snark from the host was less funny and more irritating.
Definitely worth your time to listen!
Season one was very interesting having been approached by many friends for their MLMs, and they did a great job of laying out the facts while adding a personal element - especially for me having lived in LA and now living an hour from Flint. Season two was even better! And while I don’t agree with her politically, she doesn’t go too over the top with that, seemed fair in her evaluation of all sides of politics in this area, and I found her narrative and research very engaging to listen to. Can’t wait for more!
Love this podcast so much!
Love that the wellness industry is being called out on its bs. Appreciate the evidenced based information from experts and love that the host presents things in a way that makes me laugh
Binge listening
I’m at the goop part in season two I don’t know why people are complaining about season 2 I like it even more than season 1 and I enjoyed season 1
Mean spirited
I’m listening to the first season. The reporting is interesting but the host is awful. Laughing at someone’s death? Jane seems like she’s trying to be snarky and hip. Fails and is just mean spirited.
I love this podcast. I listened to both seasons 1 & 2 in a week. The research is so interesting. Jane explores important topics that need to be discussed more in today’s day and age! Thank you, Jane!
Terrible second season
I loved the first season so much and was very excited to see the theme of season 2. I have researched and explored “wellness” and holistic practices in my personal life and I have been curious about what is and isn’t legit. I was disappointed in season 2 so much and felt like the host missed an opportunity to educate. Her personal bias showed in the very first episode and who cares if she thinks its all ridiculous or not that’s not what we are listening for! Give us the facts unbiased! The episodes were so dull and all over the place! It didn’t make me agree or disagree with the practices or educate me at all! The only quality episode in my opinion was the one about vitamins and supplements. The only thing I really learned is that this host thinks people looking for natural and “alternative” ways to improve their physical and mental health are idiots and that is just wrong.
Loved the first season which was really interesting. But the second season when she is openly laughing and ridiculing someone’s faith is horrible. Especially when it’s not doing anything to hurt or bankrupt anyone. I read others reviews and thought “cruel” was too harsh of a word, but I was wrong. This was cruel
I was hesitant
She starts the podcast off by shaming those of us who believe in crystals and tarot cart readings. It ends up being more of a deep dive into the wellness industry as a whole, not just the crystals & essential oils part. My view as a black woman who is more on the ancestral, healing, & mental wellness side of wellness, didn’t change. I did learn so much & was eager to google everything she said. Very well produced & relatable. Love it! PS If you’re someone who believes in healing from avenues other than pharmaceuticals, still give this a listen. It’s always great to have multiple viewpoints.
5 stars
Y’all! I’m just starting season 1 episode 4 and I just had to stop in and say that y’all are hilarious.. like laugh out loud for real. Side note- I’m a mail carrier and a girl on my route sells Mary Kay. Needless to say she sucked me in pretty easily. While I did stop using the products pretty quickly, I do still follow her on FB and she’s just earned her second free car!! So I’m very curious about how this podcast ends. Apparently MLM does work for some people??
Season 2 - ugh
AR Mommy
Loved season 1, but season 2 is insufferable. I will look forward to season 3 and hope for more MLM investigative info.
Season 2 is awful
Oh my gosh! I’m almost at a loss for words. Season 2 is awful. I could not even get through episode 2. She goes from being incredibly rude to her partner literally laughing at him, mocking him, making fun of his beliefs to crying about her migraines. I know migraines are NO joke but I had to rewind to see if I missed some. It just switches from one subject (her being rude basically) to debilitating migraines. Where is she going with this? I don’t have the patience to find out... Awful season 2.
Abysmally uninformed host
The first season was low level enjoyable - not fantastic but interesting enough. The second season, alas, is unlistenable! The female host reveals a depth of immaturity which clashes horribly with her supposed attempt to shine a scientific spotlight on myriad health and wellness products. This could have been a very interesting topic, but is seriously undercut by the host’s utter lack of capability. And her rattling on about her own health challenges and love of fast food/junk food does nothing at all for her credibility. Give it a pass! Ugh.
The story is told really really well. Very captivating, interesting, eye opening and honestly scary that so many of these things discussed in both seasons are in existence and thriving. I saw a lot of reviews that were negative about season 2 and the host’s bias but I don’t agree. I think what she is reporting on is painting a picture of fads and pseudoscience pegged as natural health care remedies that are taking advantage of people and their money - not picking on real medical and healthy lifestyles.
Season 1 was great, 2 is not great
Season 2 is very scattered and so terribly biased. If you’re going to investigate something you should check your bias at the door. The host clearly has not so it doesn’t make for a credible investigation.
Season 2, no thank you.
I could literally only listen to a few episodes because it consisted of only negative opinions of wellness practices. The host did not present any research or give personal accounts of trying new practices for the sake of this podcast.. She also belittled and laughed at her cohost for having opposing views. In the first episode, she read some hilarious quotes from a religious based essential oil company, laughed, and implied that all holistic practices were as ridiculous as that company. To me, she appeared to be so brainwashed by western society that she shared that she is not willing to try any products or practices apart from big pharma because she fears that may be ‘inefficient’... open your mind.. and a few books.. Anyway, was looking forward to hearing a thought provoking exploration of the wellness industry in comparison to the pharmaceutical industry but was very disappointed. If you are against wellness practices and are looking for someone to cheer you on in those beliefs without any research or open mindedness, this podcast is for you.
Sat in a parking lot to finish listening
You know a podcast is good when you find yourself sitting in your parked car to listen to it rather than shut the engine off and go inside. Listened to both seasons and enjoyed them both .. the first was more interesting but both were really well done.
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