August 6, 2020
In part 1, Asha & Jai discuss What is AshaPops, Asha's early years and diagnosis, How Jai's VC friend couldn't get enough of AshaPops, Getting proof of concept at Farmer's markets, Why preparing food with the right emotion is important, How Asha's Good energy is contagious, Why AshaPops is about ancient wisdom, How Ayurveda plays a part in AshaPops, and more.
August 5, 2020
In Part 2, Mira discusses What are the brand values; Setting an example for young women of color; What were her biggest challenges in the beginning; What’s her best advice for young entrepreneurs; Prioritizing skincare over make-up following COVID-19 effects; Top-selling products, what sets them apart; Why making affordable products are so important for her; How she connects with her community; Why her brand is turning down a different road towards more self-care, skin-care.
August 5, 2020
In part 1, Mira talks about What she was doing before Juno & Co; What about her personality allowed her to make the move from employee to the business owner; How she stays motivated to achieve her goals and resilient in the business world; How she and her co-founder complement each other's skills; How they worked out the kinks to find their first viable product; How they were able to impressively leverage Kickstarter funds; What is the theme of Juno & Co’s community.
August 4, 2020
In part 2, Keith discusses The changes in consumer behavior and how Ten Thousand works to better serve their community; How they have been able to build a strong community; Why it is so important to build brand congruence; Why he feels so passionately about building a strong brand culture and focusing on the why; How he learned to take the time to be patient and see the long-term vision of his brand; What his best advice for entrepreneurs; New launches coming up in the near future.
August 3, 2020
In part 1, Keith discusses His early days working as a VC and learning the ins-and-outs of DTC businesses; How he merged his professional experience with his personal passion for competitive sports; The problem he encountered as an athlete that needed solving; Why he is choosing to seek out the “owned retail” channel; Why he feels it is important for entrepreneurs to hit the ground running; What he feels is the differentiation of his brand.
July 31, 2020
In part 2, Oliver and Selom discuss: How they used customer feedback to reinforce their brand; What new products and distribution patterns are on the horizon; What new products are on the pipeline; Where they see the future of the brand, possibly venturing out beyond tattoos; What the brand “Mad Rabbit” means to them; What is the best advice they have for future entrepreneurs; “just get started”; What tattoos they got since creating Mad Rabbit and more.
July 30, 2020
In part 1, Oliver and Selom discuss: Why they saw a need to develop skincare products specifically for tattoos; How the idea for their brand sprouted up while they were in college; The history of their friendship and their early experiences dabbling as entrepreneurs; Why they value their college experience; Why they decided to explore the tattoo market; How their love of research turned out to be a key advantage for their success; What they did to start building a community around their brand, and more.
July 30, 2020
In part 2, Matthias discusses Why cost-effectiveness is so important to the brand; What makes the formulas so innovative, formula standards with integrity; How their products are being received publically; winning a new partnership with Target; How the brand has adapted during the pandemic; Why he feels so connected to the values of his brand; how he sees his brand as an athlete, striving for excellence and learning from mistakes.
July 29, 2020
In part 1, Matthias discusses His history as an entrepreneur, and his how his love of coding and computers drove his professional career; Why he admires Nike for its marketing message and on a personal level as an athlete; How he came up with the idea for his product; Why he embraces the athlete as a muse; His philosophical thoughts on the purpose of a brand; The demand for high-level design and aesthetics; The wide array of athletes they’ve chosen to partner with.
July 29, 2020
In part 2, Ann talks about How the public has responded to the brand; Which items have become “hero products” and why; How Goal Five is disrupting the sports apparel industry and innovating traditional products; How and why her brand has achieved massive success in a time of crisis; Why she believes the sporting goods industry is “crisis-proof”; What she considers to be the best advice for future founders, and more.
July 28, 2020
In part 1, Ann discusses Her early memories as a young female soccer player and how the different challenges she faced influenced her perspective in business; Why she spent ten years searching for a mission-driven company and how she stayed connected to the soccer community; How Goal Five was created and the important mission it set out to accomplish; Why she believes the story of the “underdog” is so intriguing; How her company was able to solve the infamous “shrink and pink” problem.
July 28, 2020
In part 2, Polly discusses Why storytelling is so important for start-ups; Why opening up to becoming vulnerable and transparent is emotionally exhausting; Why she is so passionate about mentoring founders and helping them through the fundraising; How entrepreneurs being vulnerable to sharing low moments, mistakes is incredibly valuable; Why she focused on “affordability and accessibility” in creating first 10 products; How the brand engages the community; What differentiates Unbound from other competit
July 28, 2020
In part 1, Polly discusses How she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 21 and how radiation put her through menopause prematurely; How an uncomfortable experience shopping for lubricant and a vibrator stuck with her; Why she worked in health care for a few years; Why she ultimately views her experience with cancer as a catalyst to live fearlessly; What different challenges came with funding and distributing her products; What she did to advertise her products.
July 26, 2020
In part 2, Ginger talks about Why she focused on the niche of public speakers for her lip balms; how she modeled her marketing strategy after MAC cosmetics; What is the vision for the future of Fan Love; When her new hand cream will be launched; Which social causes she is passionately advocating through her company- “save the bees” and suicide prevention; How she connected with Shark Tank’s Daymon John over Twitter; Why she didn’t include sunscreen in her lip balm and more.
July 26, 2020
In part 1, Ginger talks about Being a cosmetic chemist for over 25 years; How her mom was the first woman to set up a boutique in Japan in the 1960s; How she grew up in the beauty industry, wanted to become a make-up artist; How she hustled & networked; Why she is so concerned about ingredients in traditional lip balms in the market; How she launched her own brand; What changes she’s made post-covid19- promoting the healthy ingredients in line with people becoming more health-conscious.
July 24, 2020
In part 2, Steve discusses What advice he would give to brands getting started; What changes his brand will be making; possibly working from home as a long-term option; Why he believes this is the perfect time to start a new business; being open-minded to different ways of finding a job or starting a business; Which e-commerce companies he likes to work with; re-strategizing wholesale companies who want to transition to e-commerce, and more.
July 23, 2020
In part 1, Steve talks about The early vision of MuteSix, how he blended his comedy career with his interest in direct to consumer commerce; How his comedic skills translate into working in sales; How he was able to create a positive culture in his company; How his company has been impacted by the pandemic; How the clients of Mute Six have responded to the pandemic; The opportunity many direct to consumer brands have available during this time; Which marketing channels are working best in his opinion.
July 23, 2020
In part 2, Ariel discusses Why he's passionate about natural products, non-artificial ingredients; What is the idea behind a latte for every part of the day and using CBD; His work and personal struggles with Covid-19; What ways the brand is adjusting to better serve customers following the pandemic; What is coming up for LaDiDa in the next 6-12 months; What his best advice is for those looking to step into entrepreneurship in the food/beverage industry; What differentiates his brand.
July 22, 2020
In part 1, Ariel discusses What is LaDiDa; How he started in the food and beverage industry via a serendipitous meeting with Barry Nalebruff, co-founder of Honest Tea; How Kombrewcha gave him a wealth of experience; How his experience with Kombrewcha led him to create LaDiDa as a direct to consumer business; His genius idea to offer text message ordering; Why he decided to choose lattes as his next venture; The issues that came along with creating a pasteurized product- taste, chemistry, FDA approvals.
July 22, 2020
In part 2, Tim discusses: What challenges he faced in the early days; How 90% of their profits come from their own website; How the digitally native brands are feeling a boost from the stay-at-home orders; His prediction about how viable businesses will survive and thrive following the pandemic; Why having a mission-driven company is the best of both worlds; What’s coming up next for 310 Nutrition; Why his main differentiator is his willingness to re-invest in his own company, community.
July 21, 2020
In part 1, Tim discusses Working and living in Las Vegas as an entrepreneur; surviving the market crash in 2008/2009; How he moved to LA for a fresh start; How working for a protein shake company sparked his passion for clean eating; How he determined to make the jump to start his own brand of clean protein shakes; How he was able to grow 310 Nutrition as a digitally native brand; His unorthodox entrepreneurial approach; Why 310 Nutrition was ahead of the curve with plant-based protein, clean ingredients.
July 20, 2020
In part 2, Pamela discusses Why she believes brands should invest in manufacturing plus size, Why she believes many brick-and-mortar brands have the ability to bounce back following the pandemic, Why brands need to look into more sustainable practices, How she educates and trains retailers, brands on better marketing, displaying and personal connections with plus-size customers, and more.
July 18, 2020
In part 1, Pamela discusses: Why she decided to create her own plus-size fashion line, How 68.9% of women worldwide are a size 14 and up, Why many women feel frustrated with the segmented marketing geared toward “plus-size”, Which brands she sees as bringing inclusivity to the forefront, How the teen “plus-size” market has doubled in the last five years, Her predictions for the fall of “fast fashion”, Why it’s important for fashion brands to integrate models of all sizes, shapes, and ages.
July 17, 2020
In part 2, Wylie discusses The different products offered from Rumpl, What is his long-term vision for Rumpl, Why he feels there is an advantage to staying focused on blankets, for now, What are the key factors that differentiate Rumpl from competitors, The future of the outdoor industry- projected growth, retail partnering, The major distribution channels, growing the direct-to-consumer channel, How Rumpl is offsetting its carbon footprint- give-backs to the environment and their community, and much more.
July 16, 2020
In Part 1, Wylie talks about: What He was doing before he started Rump, How a surf/ski trip in 2012 led to the idea of a sleeping bag style blanket, How he was able to launch his brand from a Kickstarter fund, Why he saw an opportunity to apply innovative fabric to the blanket industry, The different challenges he faced when building up his brand, How the company has been dealing with the effects of the pandemic, Why blankets produce such a powerfully emotional response from people.
July 16, 2020
In part 2, Laurie discusses: What buying trends have changed since the lockdown, Why her goal is to provide affordable designer items- the importance of personalizing the home space with well-made, high-quality items, Why she loves offering her clients choices, How she helps designers free their creative process- why it is such an intense and grueling process, Why high-quality designer products are worth the extra price, How her passion for well-crafted, hand-made designs helps set her brand apart.
July 15, 2020
In part 1, Laurie talks about: Her early years working as a fashion photographer in Asia, How she decided to jump into home design upon returning to the United States, How she used her network connections in Asia to create her unique store, What action steps she took to introduce her brand and why she focused on face-to-face personal connections, What she looks for when deciding on designers to feature, How she had the foresight to shift completely digital before COVID and avoid doing business with China.
July 14, 2020
In Part two, Cara discusses How she is able to stay grounded amidst her massive success, What drove her to want to create a totally unique beauty product- her perspective on beauty and make-up and the science she used for her invention, How her company has innovated the traditional make-up bag, How her childhood dream has evolved into something more than she could have ever imagined… and so much more.
July 14, 2020
In Part 1, Cara discusses The overall mission of Maskcara Beauty, How her dream of starting a make-up company started in 5th grade, How becoming pregnant at 25 put her through an emotional crisis- and how it led her to commit to self-sufficiency, How she was able to grow her beauty blog to reach 4 million hits a month, What the early stages of creating her own beauty product looked like, How she handled the terrifying process of funding her business, and so much more.
July 10, 2020
In part 2, Yaw discusses What sets his company apart from all other brands, How his love of numbers and data has helped give Malomo an edge, Why many of his customers see a quick payback of their subscriptions in the first month, What’s the next step for Malomo- integrating with SMS services, offering segmented suggestions for content based on unique data points, Seeing astronomical numbers that dwarf Black Friday and associated issues, What is his best advice for aspiring and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
July 9, 2020
In part one of this feature Yaw discusses How his unconventional career path provided valuable knowledge and experience, How he came to find his business partner and why they work so well together, How pioneering a brand-new service brought on specific challenges to overcome, How and why his shipment tracking platform is so successful, How and why the platform empowers companies during the post-purchase experience, Which types of companies benefit most from using his service
July 9, 2020
In Part 2, Chris discusses How quarantine drove sales up 500%, How they were able to obtain a patent early on, and why that was such a crucial step, The different ways they are growing the sport; Crossnet is being used in over 5,000 physical education classrooms nationwide to teach volleyball, How they’re starting events and tournaments around the country and creating massive buzz around the sport, Landing partnerships with Wilson and Dick’s Sporting Goods, What he hopes to accomplish next in business.
July 8, 2020
In part one, Chris discusses His personal journey from growing up in a small town to working for Uber Eats in New York and dreaming of starting his own business, How they came up with the concept of CROSSNET, How they used 2 badminton nets to design the prototype, What led to the big decision to quit their jobs and move to Miami, How they sold their first 50 units and were able to jump to 2,500 units per order, How they scaled from $80,000 annual sales to over $12 million in just two years.
July 7, 2020
In part two, Pete discusses: How a partnership with the Whole 30 diet system and the rise of Keto/Paleo diet trends increased the demand his product, How his company has been impacted by the recent “stay-at-home” orders, How the brand has shifted marketing strategies and re-focused more toward e-commerce, Why he doesn’t see the rising trend of plant-based protein products as a long-term threat, How his unconventional method of marketing to vegans has paid off, Why he believes people love Chomps.
July 7, 2020
In Part 1, Pete discusses How his early days as a fitness trainer triggered the need for a new product, Why his first business venture, called Frozen Fitness, failed, and what he learned, How he came back with a smaller, much simpler idea: the meat stick, How an initial investment of $3,250 and “Getting as scrappy as you possibly can get,” led to CHOMPS selling out inventory in only 30 days, How Chomps catapulted itself onto the national market when it was featured on the front page of and
July 6, 2020
In Part 2, Bethany discusses The difficult task of scaling up her company, What mishaps and mistakes were made during the hiring process, How her mistakes helped her learn crucial managerial skills, How she branched out from e-commerce and opened up a holistic spa, How she built personal connections with her customers through her blog and social media, How she credits a personal connection as the main reason her company's success during the pandemic, Her product tour and the future vision for the brand.
July 6, 2020
In Part 1, Bethany discusses Her origin story, How she struggled with acne, How she discovered a natural remedy that helped balance her skin, How she began selling her home-made products on the farm’s website, How Her knack for writing helped her spread the word on natural, holistic remedies and products, How her small but loyal following helped her realize that her products really helped people, How she never planned for Primally Pure to be successful, Her hiring mistakes.
July 3, 2020
In part 2 Co-Founders Fran and Naomi discuss When your community supports your brand, The First responder campaign, Why they don't want to be the brand to tell you you're cool -- you already are, How they're flipping the notion of what a brand is, How their building a brand based on personal values, Why people should put their dollars on brands that care for them, Why attention to fit and quality is unparalleled, What Tomboy means to them, How they include plus-size models and sizes, and so much more.
July 2, 2020
In part 1, Fran and Naomi discuss How to find a product that benefits a community, How to actively-listen so you can serve your consumers more directly, How to have a brand that people want to trust through sharing their stories, Why they approach life with an all-in-lean-in-attitude, Taking the ego out of building a business, Why they want to make decision-based on values first, economics second, How to run a brand when married to your co-Founder, Advice for potential entrepreneurs, and so much more.
July 2, 2020
In part 2, Matt and Nikhil discuss How to be successful in fundraising, How to overcoming supply chain challenges, Coming together as a community worldwide, and so much more.
July 1, 2020
In part 1, Co-Founders Matt Van Horn and Nikhil Bhogha discuss The urgency in ensuring that your product is technologically advanced, How to research and create a product that has an opportunity to always improve, Creating a product that stands out in a way that helps consumers solve a problem that no product has solved before and so much more.
July 1, 2020
In Part 2, Jimmy discusses How Findlay changed due to COVID, How they added more positivity to their messaging, How they pivoted to making face shields and mask to help the local community, Why he believes that Findlay should give back to the country, The Findlay Hats Moat, How to build community and not just a brand, Why and how they launch new hat designs each week, Why community is like having your friends watch your back and so much more.
June 29, 2020
In Part 1, Jimmy discusses 3 things that are different about Findlay Hats, The origin story, How he sat on his Hat idea for nearly 8 years, Why they wanted to be a Home town, heroes, before going Worldwide, Why they are committed to communicating with their customers each day, Why their friendly, down to earth brand is intentional and real, Jimmy's advice for potential entrepreneurs, Why you must feel the intensity of creating and building something, Why entrepreneurship is like Art, and so much more.
June 25, 2020
In Part 2, Mike discusses Starting your wardrobe with the basics, When customers discover the "Workshop", How they take classics and update them, How one differentiator of their clothes is the fabric, Advice for brand owners, Why their main goal is a compelling product, The contrarian view of being profitable, What Mike would do if he were president, How Taylor Stitch was created during a recession, Why now is the time to start a business, Why it's time to develop skills you didn't know you had.
June 23, 2020
In Part 1, Mike discusses The Taylor Stitch origin story, What is negative conversion cycle, Building an internal crowdfunding platform, 3 things the crowdfunding strategy does, The 5 Pillars of Responsibility, How they are helping their manufacturer provide living wages, How they responded to COVID, Why he believes in the 1to1 relationship model with customers, Their Stand Small initiative, Why they aren't a luxury brand, How & why they make their own fabric, Living your brand values, and so much more.
June 23, 2020
In Part 2, Brian discusses Predictions for a post COVID world, How their communication has changed because of the pandemic, Why customers want to feel aligned with your brand values, Why "Cutting Onions" is Brian's dream job, The 2 causes of failure, Why decisions are based on these 2 things, Why it's difficult to ask people for things you really need and so much more.
June 19, 2020
In part 1, Brian discusses His pre-By Humankind journey, The brand's origin story, Creating formulas that can pass through your body inside packaging that can pass through mother earth, How deodorants work, Why the only thing better than great products is a great team, How they chose which products to design and make first, Why only 7% of single-use products get a second life, Why consumers need to start thinking about packaging, Why making clean products accessible is costly.
June 17, 2020
In Part 2, Ben discusses What He would do if he were President, How his company's communication improved during COVID, Why you must ask yourself - How do we change & improve because of this experience, Why success is in the details, How M.Gemi engenders trust, How he's building a brand with fanatical customers, Why personal connection with your customers is YOUR secret weapon, Why you should let your customer be your greatest marketers, Ben's entrepreneurial advice, Career advice for Twenty Something's.
June 16, 2020
In Part 1, Ben discusses The M.Gemi origin story, how priority number 1 is survival, The emotional connection with customers, How they are saving the lost art of handcrafted shoemaking in Italy, What fast fashion means to Ben, The Build Now, Buy Now, Wear Now process, How they are using real-time data and AI to manage the business, Ben's "prove it, then build it" philosophy, How this pandemic is forcing people to build more efficient businesses, and so much more.
June 12, 2020
In Part 2, Thyme and Denielle discuss Their success with their PR strategy, Why they dressed up as Tampons, Why tampon monopolies avoid transparency, Why they want to build a brand without fear-mongering but more to give women a choice, The challenge in launching a plant-based applicator tampon, The TOP Moat, Why they consider their competitor's peers instead, Their entrepreneurial role models, What happened when Megan Rapinoe soccer star met the TOP Founders, and so much more.
June 12, 2020
In Part 1, Thyme and Denielle discuss The TOP origin story, Why sourcing product was difficult, Why making it personal can make a difference, The challenge of raising capital as a mature woman entrepreneur, Why you need to surround yourself with incredibly supportive people, Why they were determined to do things their way, What steps they took to raise capital, How to create a brand that connects emotionally with their customers, The 3 driving factors moving TOP forward, and so much more.
June 10, 2020
In Part 2, Chase discusses Consumer behavior post-COVID-19, Teaming up with non-profits to give back, Why consumers want a brand they can lean into, Advice for Brand Owners, What authenticity means to Blenders, Storytelling and Blenders, Why you should practice introspection and self-improvement, More advice for entrepreneurs, and Why hard work outpaces intelligence in business and so much more.
June 8, 2020
In Part 1, Chase discusses The disadvantages of having a product that isn't an Essential item, The advantages of being born online, The acquisition of Blenders, The Skillset that Chase is trying to improve, Why the value of being radically and uncomfortably transparent is critical, Why it's important to find a support group as a single founder, The skillset needed for new entrepreneurs, Advice for entrepreneurs, What Chase would do as President, and so much more.
June 6, 2020
In Part 2 of this episode, Jelani discusses What his books are meant to do, Why children's lives are so complicated and nuanced, Why kids need books like these, Advice for Entrepreneurs, Why you should solve problems that matter, How they are disrupting how Children's books are made, Why there is no better feeling than when you have a great conversation with your child, The vision and future of A Kids Book About, so much more.
June 4, 2020
In Part 1 of this episode, Jelani discusses The brand's origin story, Jelani's entrepreneurial journey, Why he wrote the first book for his kids, Why product at its core is about Story, Why Kids are ready to discuss challenging topics, Why he wants his brand to have meaning, Why they sell conversations not books, The two choices for an Entrepreneur, How the Writing a Book in a Day process works, and so much more.
May 29, 2020
In Part 2, Kiran discusses Why they chose to use fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles, How there's a pound of plastic in every sale, Why their goal is to help address the problem of single-use plastics, How to design and manufacture clothing with sustainable fabrics, How their clothes are meant to last and use from the yoga studio to the street, What they use sacred geometry in their designs, The Wolven Moat, Why it's important to live by their values, Advice for entrepreneurs, and so much more.
May 29, 2020
In part 1, Kiran discusses The Wolven origin story, Why sustainable textiles, Working with a co-founder who is also her romantic partner, How the Founders deal with business and love, How Yoga has helped her maintain her health, Why her Brand is as much about wellness as it is about apparel, How the brand was affected by COVID, Why the brand focused on community vs transaction, Why she decided to build a lean brand and why that decision is helping them through this pandemic.
May 28, 2020
In Part 2, Denise discusses The role of Luck in Entrepreneurship, How she raised friends and family money, The process of starting a brand, The key to networking is building relationships, Be specific when asking for advice, Don't be shy about talking about your brand idea, How a Brand Deck helped her grow her brand, Fashion is the power of great clothing, Why Alala gives her a platform for issues she believes in, The problem when brands say one thing but do another, The vision and future of Alala.
May 27, 2020
In Part 1, Denise discusses Why she uses real women as models, Why inclusivity is part of the Alala story, Why her brand is meant to show the power of all women, Why some brands ignore the plus-size market, Why consumers must see themselves in your brand, Why age diversity is important, Denise's immigrant story, Grew up as a child to entrepreneurs, Why you should be comfortable being different, How she learned about brands from J. Christopher Burch, and Why things happen for a reason, and so much more.
May 24, 2020
In part 2, Diane discusses How COVID has affected Bo and Marrow, How bone broth is good for immunity, Why they own their own food facility, How they solved their packaging issues, How their bone broth is made, Why her parents were ashamed and then proud of her, New products and the future of Bo and Marrow, How she solved the entrepreneur's follow-through dilemma, Diane's entrepreneurial advice and so much more.
May 23, 2020
In Part 2, Ryan discusses What if Ryan was President, Thoughts on COVID Rescue Package, Why we need empathy from a President, The Brands for Better Coalition, How digitally native brands are giving back, Life for digitally native brands post-COVID, Keeping up mental health routine in lockdown, Why this crisis might focus us on what is important, and so much more.
May 22, 2020
In Part 1, Ryan discusses The GREATS origin story, The story of their launch, Why an entrepreneur's job is to turn red lights into green lights, Why entrepreneurship is not about intelligence or capital, Why he things entrepreneurship can't be taught, How luck plays a huge part of success, How entrepreneurship intensifies your strengths and your weaknesses, The GREATS response to COVID-19, Why he's rethinking working in an office, When your sales collapse, The three things they did to respond to COVID-19.
May 20, 2020
In part 1, Diane discusses Her entrepreneurial hits and misses, The biggest reason why her previous startups failed, How your past mistakes could lead you to success, Entrepreneurial lesson number one is taking action, Why building relationships was her secret weapon, How she got her first customers, Why in sales you must have confidence in your product, How she got her product in a large grocery chain, What not to do when having a co-founder, Why having a co-founder means defining roles and values.
May 20, 2020
In part 2, Steve and Anna discuss Why they make most of their products in Connecticut, Why they've kept their old school manufacturing, Why every bag has a name and individual registration number, Timelessness versus Fast Fashion, The vision and future of Ghurka, What partners they work with, Profitability versus growth at all cost, What is the term "good revenue" mean to Steve, How to make a legacy brand work, Advice for entrepreneurs, Why you must know who you are, and so much more.
May 18, 2020
In part 1 of this feature, Steve and Anna discuss The Ghurka Origin, Why this isn't just another Bag, How the brand elicits emotions and memories from people, How to run a brand as a married couple, The management team journey, Building a brand is also about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being honest, How Anna fell in love with the brand, and so much more.
May 18, 2020
In Part 2 of this special feature, Kim discusses Advice for college students, Kim's career advice, Why finding mentors is so important, The Four secrets to success in any job or career, Three reasons why a service industry is a great place for training, Why attitude is important, Why you should NOT wait for someone is to validate you, Why this time may be the best time for opportunity, Kim's consulting business and who she works with, so much more.
May 15, 2020
In Part 1, Kim discusses Why they're more of a tech company focused on beauty and wellness, Why their mission is to connect brands with their communities, How and why they use blockchain technology, Why brands must meet the customer where they are, Four ways Cobuna is different, Why this platform will be a new way to supplement income (which is paid in realtime), Why this is great for new and young beauty and wellness brands, Why Cobuna will be the next distribution channel for brands, and so much more.
May 15, 2020
In Part 2 of this feature, Akhilesh discusses How Fenix takes out the complexity in shipping, How Fenix helps the Spiceology, How to keep up the customer experience when migrating from Amazon, How Fenix automatically chooses the best shipping date and carrier for you and the customer, How Fenix helps Grayl, How Fenix improves New Arrivals and Back in Stock item, How Fenix supports Buy Online, Curbside Pickup, How Fenix helps Reyn Spooner, and so much more.
May 14, 2020
In Part 1, Akhilesh discusses How Fenix helps brand compete against Amazon, His entrepreneurial journey, Why Amazon has changed consumer preferences, How to launch a startup after years in corporate America, Why having your partner's buy-in is crucial for an entrepreneur, Why during COVID consumers crave certainty, Why consumers don't mind long shipping times as long as they know its coming, How Fenix could help maximize sales even when items are out of stock using real-time inventory optimization.
May 13, 2020
In Part 2, Griffin discusses The Pura Vida Moat, Why storytelling makes them different and Why it helps people align with the brand, Why the customer experience is different for everyone, Why you find mastermind group of entrepreneurs, Why to achieve product innovation you have to take risks, Why the merger meant more resources, The Pura Vida Demographic, What to do was your demo matures, What skillsets Griffin used to succeed (and you can too), a Message for everyone during the COVID crisis.
May 12, 2020
In Part 1, Griffin discusses The early days of Pura Vida, What they did to build community, The moment they knew they'd succeed, How they decided their roles as Co-founders, How a brand bounces back from hard times, How a founder stays sane in a crisis, The most important thing about a brand, How Pura Vida has responded to the COVID crisis, Why it's important to share a positive vibe with people around you, Advice for entrepreneurs and brand owners, Where you should focus if you manage a brand.
May 11, 2020
In this episode, Ben discusses The larger societal trends affecting Disco, Why the brand values are a manifestation of Ben's personal values, Why skincare products are commodities, What really differentiates skincare products, What is the Disco Moat, How Disco builds loyalty and community, Who makes up the Disco demographics, How to best to survive COVID-19 business environment and so much more.
May 8, 2020
In Part 1, Ben discusses Why he launched Disco, The call to control your destiny, How he was inspired by his family doctor, How his research study was used to launch the brand and raise funds, What creative agency help him, How one New York partner saved him money and led him to success, Advice for Entrepreneurs, Hs biggest Challenge, How COVID has affected his business, His post-COVID predictions, Why regardless of your cash position hard decisions need to be made, How he's positioning Disco to win.
May 8, 2020
In part 2 of this feature, RJ discusses How they mostly work on your Paid Channels, Why they created a Do it For Me button, Who Pattern89 works with, Why it was important to make the platform Plug and Play, The case study, Why creativity is at the center of their technology, How COVID has created a pattern interrupt, How they solve the Cold Start problem, and so much more.
May 7, 2020
In part 1, RJ discusses How he pitched a VC over coffee and got funded, His process for making big decisions, Why he was convinced that AI could predict how your Ad creative was going to win or lose, What data Pattern89 uses to make its predictions, Advice for startup entrepreneurs, Why COVID-19 has increased usage of Pattern89's platform,  How AI can detect patterns and outliers that Human's can't spot yet, Why instead of testing your Paid Ads, Pattern89 can simulate it instead.
May 6, 2020
In part 2, Bret discusses How they were at the doorsteps of failure and survived, Why you must believe in the future that you're creating, How most entrepreneurs pivot 2-3, Why you should start a brand that helps, Why being of service and being a DTC brand saved his company, Why you should talk to your customers daily, What is the best way to build a MOAT around your brand, Finding product-market fit, What's Ramen Profitability, Why you must iterate, improve, tweak, and repeat
May 5, 2020
In part 1, Bret discusses Building a footwear brand for people with foot pain and for those who want to avoid it,  How what you wear could affect your performance, Why for him being an entrepreneur means being authentic, How he went from zero experience in making shoes to having a patent, How to network, What happened when he entered a biz plan competition, Why KURU tech works, Why he had to work side hustles even after raising funds, and so much more.
May 1, 2020
In part 2, Jim discusses What makes Hyperice different, Why they use Aerospace concepts in their Engineering, What questions they ask themselves when designing products, How they marry sophisticated technology with simplicity, Why the recent acquisition was like two great industry giants joining forces, Why he wants Hyperice to be remembered as an innovator, Why they don't sell products but a movement, How they dealt with Tariffs, How they dealt with COVID-19, How they build the Hyperice culture.
April 30, 2020
In part 1, Jim discusses His entrepreneurial journey, Why he thinks you can train less and still optimize performance, Success tips for college graduates, His Networking Guidelines, Why Networking is part of his DNA, How Kobe's feedback helped improve the original product, How he took the story to markets outside of sports, Why early on athletes used the product authentically, How they raised funds on Kickstarter, and How Anthony Katz, founder, used to sell products out of his car, and so much more.
April 29, 2020
In Part 2 of this feature, Andrew and Ryan discuss The Story behind the Wood, Why Leather Straps was a big mistake (and could've been bigger), Why many watch companies race to the bottom on pricing, Advice for young entrepreneurs, How to price watches, The Original Grain Moat, Educating customers on why wood means luxury, Ask yourself what story do you want to tell, Why they use reclaimed upcycle wood, The Watch design process, Why passion is the key in whatever you do and more.
April 28, 2020
In part 1 of this feature, Andrew and Ryan discuss The Original Grain origin story, How they incorporated wood in their design, How they created the natural material story, What's the X factor in succeeding in crowdfunding, The musical connection between Original Grain and They Story of a Brand, Learning from Doing versus going to College, How the military prepped Andrew for Entrepreneurship, Why Peer Groups are critical for support and so much more.
April 7, 2020
In Part 2 of this episode, Alex discusses When she knew they had a real business, The Nom Nom evolution, Why the benefits of fresh food are proven through science, Why they launched probiotics and supplements for pets, Why food is the core of nutrition and wellness for pets, Why they provide personalized portions and supplements, Why Nom Nom Now's the business model is so hard to copy, Advice for entrepreneurs, and so much more.
April 4, 2020
In Part 1, Alex discusses The Nom Nom Now origin story, Why the pet food industry hasn't changed, What is Parketing and how Alex used it to succeed, The education challenge, How they deliver fresh food, Why obesity is a problem for pets too, How they went from Idea to a full business, Why they do not outsource their food production, Why listening to customers is one key of success, Why Scaling was such a problem in the early days, and Why you shouldn't feed your pet anything you wouldn't eat, and more.
April 2, 2020
In Part 2, Arthur discusses How to find a place to get in the door and start to brand build, Why Sustainability starts in the supply chain, Advice on how to start a beverage brand, What are the important touchstones when you create a beverage brand, How differentiated do you want your beverage brand to be, Why you must have an interesting narrative (doesn't have to be the founder),  What is badge value, Why you should understand emotional narrative, When should a food and beverage brand use Arthur.
April 1, 2020
In Part 1, Arthur discusses Factors influencing the Plant based movement, Why the Plant based trend is sustainable (but it will plateau), Why he often works with startups as interim CMO, What brands are doing a great job, The cultural and generational shift shaping Food and Beverage, Advice for Food and Beverage brands, Why GenZ maturation is changing the landscape for hard beverages, The areas of innovation in Food and Beverage, Why Collagen is a growing trend, Areas of opportunity in Food and Beverage.
March 31, 2020
In Part 2 of this episode, Stephen discusses What is Goodr Stock, Why people need to be de-programmed when joining Goodr, Advice to Entrepreneurs, Why you shouldn't quit your day job, Why if the numbers don't work, nothing will, Why you should assume that you're going to Pivot, The Goodr Moat, Why you don't need to be liked but you do need to be authentic, Why Goodr has their own operating system, The 3 things each should be doing in 2020, and The 2020 vision of Goodr, and so much more.
March 28, 2020
In Part 1, Stephen discusses Why Goodr is built on the Four F's, Why they are a 5-year overnight success, 2 ways to foster entrepreneurship in Children, Why being a founder is not for everyone, Recounting Stephen's Awakening, 5 things people want from sunglasses, 3 things that convince Stephen that Goodr was going to work, Why most entrepreneurs work for free in the early days, Why he still shadows other Founders, Stephen's advice to college graduates, and You should go to college, and so much more.
March 26, 2020
In Part 2, Callie and Kelly discuss The emotional rollercoaster of being on Shark Tank, Why Shark Tank was their first investor pitch, How they developed a tidal wave of customers, How being approachable, authentic and real is part of their success, How consumer's desire to understand mental health has helped their brand, How each of their characters has a storyline that helps a child's emotional well being, How they became co-producers with the Jim Henson Company, and Why they're a mission with a business.
March 26, 2020
In Part 1, Callie and Kelly discuss How teaching prepared them for entrepreneurship, How Slumberkins was born out of an unpaid maternity leave, How they build community and engagement through social media, Why entrepreneurship is like the last 5 points of a game, Why Slumkins was built between the hours of 9 and 3 pm, Advice for parent starting a brand, How they felt the pressure and stigma of working moms, When they know they have made it,  and so much more.
March 24, 2020
In this episode, Nicole discusses Why gratitude is so important to her, The Oprah Story, How a disastrous tradeshow turned into a smashing success, Why you have to put yourself out there, The MyTagAlong design process, Why its important to validate new product ideas with customers, Why people are spending money on experiences, The MyTagAlong Moat, What is the Because I am a Girl initiative, Why imposter syndrome drives her, Why a No today does not mean a No tomorrow, and so much more.
March 21, 2020
In Part 1, Nicole discusses How she pivoted from disposal underwear to MyTagAlongs, Working 9 to 5 to make the dream work, Divorced, no money, bills, mortgage and more, What you can do when you have no choice, How to take action, How to act, even when you have doubt, What three things would give value to her customers, Advice for people going through hard times, Why huge goals seem unattainable but little ones do, How she defines success, and Why she is grateful for the bad times, and so much more.
March 18, 2020
In Part 2 of this special entrepreneurial feature, Katie discusses The realities of being a startup founder, The trap of listening instead of doing, Why you should lead with your gut and follow your why, Choosing the right team, How not to let imposter syndrome stop you, Why your brand should be bigger than the founder, What is the keep the lights on the list, The Aila differentiator, Advice for millennials thinking about entrepreneurship, Why you must find the people that fuel your fire and much more.
March 18, 2020
In Part 1, Katie discusses Her Brand Aila, What is it like to build a brand while working 9 to 5, Why she focused on workout supplements, Why workout supplements were designed for men, Why she wanted to include natural food based ingredients in her supplements, Why it is important for her brand to lead with honesty and transparency, Why she hates the holy than thou attitude in the supplement industry, Bootstrapping your brand, How she's getting the product into as many hands as possible and much more.
March 16, 2020
In Part 2, Kish discusses How to manage a product crisis, How to take take a loss and survive, How to use your life experience to design products, Why Kish and his wife moved to Bali, Why Bali is transformative, How Nomad Lane is educating the Traveler, Kish's lessons for entrepreneurs, Why you must have likeminded people around you, Why you should start preparing of entrepreneurship when you have a job, The Brand Moat of Nomad Lane, Why they choose to grow consciously and sustainably.
March 11, 2020
In Part 1, Kish discusses Why you should bet on yourself, How they use a Blueprint method to run their business, Why you need to define boundaries when working with your wife and or co founder, How they came up with their idea, Why they started with small accessories, How a customer's feedback led them to create their first product, How they crowdfunded their 1st product and raised $2.1 million, How they pivoted into a travel bag brand, How crowdfunding and product issues nearly ended their business.
March 11, 2020
In Part 2, Sully discusses How an Email Agency grew from BombTech, Why EcomGrowers is an agency by Brand owners, for Brand owners, Why founders should document what they do, Why Brand emails should come from the Founder, Why you should never use the no-reply email, Why you should use email to create a dialog, Why plain text works better than overly designed emails, Why you should have one call to action per email, and Why your email list is an asset that you own vs. social media.
March 9, 2020
In Part 1, Sully discusses Why he decided to build his own clubs, How he got the University to help him design his first club, Why he documented everything and how that helped him build the brand, What makes BombTech Clubs so different, Why he doesn't make assumptions about his customers, The Elements of Sully's success, Why timing plays a part, Why getting fired was the best things that happened to him, and How he made more money when he worked less and so much more.
March 7, 2020
In Part 1, Derin discusses Why having previous experience building brands had made it easier to raise funds, Why their goal is to have a sustainable supply chain as well, Why reducing their carbon footprint as a brand is critical,  Why consumers are demanding sustainability, Why they seek the conscious consumers and who are they, The challenges to being a disruptive startup, Why it's good to find a co-Founder with complementary skills, Why it's good to have a someone to share the ups and downs with.
March 5, 2020
In Part 1 of this episode, Derin discusses Why the focus on toilet paper, Why Bamboo instead of Trees, Why they chose the toilet paper market, Why they wanted to build a brand that had an impact on people's lives, How to produce a product that does good? How Reel is helping with access to clean water and toilets in 3rd world countries, Why Bamboo is more sustainable, Why they welcome more competition in the space, and Why there is room for innovation in this market and so much more.
March 4, 2020
In Part 2, Grace and Monica discuss Why the old way of buying Bridesmaid dresses was out of line with how millennials shop, Why the simple act of adding pockets was brilliant, Why competitors are now dropping prices, How Bridesmaids go into debt, The dilemma of destination weddings, Why Birdy Grey gives the gift of time, Why their employee culture is about thriving, Why the core of the business is about Friendship, Why they launched the curvy collection, and Why you have to be inclusive in 2020.
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