Great narration. Thorough research. Compelling stories.
Love the inside scoops!
I love getting the deep dives into some of the biggest scandals. The story telling is engaging and the content is riveting.
Wow! The information, the stories, and your narration are all just superb. Great podcast!
Great podcast
My favorite podcast to listen to!
Great podcast
Very well done. Enjoy the deep dive into historical topics and issues.
I’m Enthralled!
Elaine in Baltimore
You can’t make this stuff up! I am old enough to remember when this happened. Please do a story about how Wall Street/Bear Sterns/Lehman Brothers/Standard & Poors’ et al hand in the 2007 crash. Millions lost homes - I was one of them...
Payola reviews
Narrator talks way too fast
Narrator doing ALL voices is awful...
The narrator acts out re-enactments of conversations but he does all the voices including the female voices which makes it a bit difficult to follow and just annoying when you know the person is supposed to be a female nurse and you hear “her” words with a male voice. Plus it’s frustrating to hear both sides of the conversation in the same voice. It would be fine if he was reading a transcript of the conversation but he is “acting” them out. Wonderly usually hires actors for these but guess this one didn’t have that budget?
I love history and this is a great way to learn more about event that we only learn snippets of.
Informative and entertaining
Monrad Touhy
This is a great podcast. Easy to listen to and filled with great information. Lindsey makes it easy to listen! Well done.
One of the best
Wow. Flawless storytelling. Like movies for your ears.
Iran-Contra Five Stars!
Jayhawk Mike
A in-depth look at one of the biggest abuses of presidential power in the 20th century and how the criminals went unpunished. Those of us who were too young (early teens) to want to pay attention to this scandal will be shocked to learn what we missed. The cover-ups, lying, and deceit is astounding.
Easy to listen to and solid storylines
Aimee Lapiana
Just finished exxon Valdez season and was surprised to hear about how things went down behind the scenes and how after 20 years how little exxon was responsible for. Makes me very angry but I might listen to it again!
Great podcast
Loved the Iran-Contra podcast. Well done!
Good podcast, Too many Adds!
I love the content of the podcast but there are too many ads through the episodes
Love it
These are always captivating and extremely well done. Entertainment but then I learn so much about events that I thought I already knew so well.
Lee Girl
This is one of the best poscasts so far. Keeps me interested and I look forward to listening. I’m definitely a fan. Keep up the great work.
Great podcast!!!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Each season delves into greater detail about many of the more sensational events in our history - from doping, to Ronald Regan, to religious and environmental disasters. Episodes replay events and add context to follow up to what really happened as well as discussion of the short and long term impact of some pretty unforgivable actions. Brilliant!
Excellent stories
I love learning about these pieces of history. A lot of the cases happened before my time, or when I was still a child. I enjoy learning about history and this deals with the more recent past that helped shape our current day society. The narration is easy to listen to and the historical content is well explained. For sure one of my favorite podcasts!
So much hype
Very well produced. Narrator is phenomenal. You think you know about the subject yet, still more to grasp.
Perfect podcast
Allie ccccc
If I could have Lindsay graham narrate my life, I could.
Riveting. Outstanding Series.
Narrator does incredible job of taking you through this story. Jonesing for next episode each time.
Great story telling and excellent content
Narrator and producer do an outstanding job making these events come to life. They explain the details in a simple and easy way to follow. One of the best podcasts out there.
The Carwash Boy
I am constantly astounded at how great a storyteller the narrator is. In a world of true crime podcasts featuring thin research and monotone narrators, this podcast was exactly what I was looking for. Half of Wondery’s podcasts are badly edited and feature narrators who refuse to emote. They also tend to have low production value. This podcast, following in the vein of Dr. Death, Dirty John, and The Shrink Next Door, is the opposite. It is brilliant. Well researched and always captivating. Great job, Graham.
Love this Podcast!
I love this Podcast! I feel like the deep dive into each scandal gives the listener more information on the topic beyond the news headlines from the time. One suggestion, would you ever do extra episodes or follow-ups to the scandals presented? I am an accountant and think that a great episode is to add to Enron would be the down fall of one of the largest public accounting firms, Arthur Andersen, in the aftermath of Enron and other scandals. Can’t wait for the next scandal!
Interesting but still biased
There are no unbiased documentaries. It’s a shame that there are no real, objective journalists/documentarians now, Still interesting but slanted. Worth listening to and evaluating.
Love content but
Why are the women in the Tuskegee episodes all voiced over by men? It’s strange.
Great podcast- addicted!
I started off with BALCO and have been listening to it ever since. Before this my podcasts I regularly listened to were mostly professional wrestling related if not something true crime. The series offers a different look a few scandals that not only rocked the country in regards to government scandals and even corporate greed going out of control. I look forward to hearing every episode as they come. Riveting stories, worth a listen.
Great Storytelling!!!
Great pace, great narration, smart delivery, and so entertaining! Great podcast, man!
American Scandal Adventures
Stamp Girl Renee
I love the way these stories are put together. Some of the descriptions can be disconcerting (i.e. the effect that the Exxon Valdez spill had on the seals, otters and so forth). The work that goes into these stories are immense and has inspired me to read further some of the sources.
SO Good!
Majors Girl 444
I have listened to Payola and then BALCO and both were done very well. I liked that each were about 40 minutes and were enjoyable to listen too. Passing along BALCO to my 14 yr old nephew as I don't think he knows about this contraversary and even though it is not in a video game format, he would be interested! I'm starting the Spitzer season now. Thank you.
Great stories(payola was my fav). Insanely good writing, even the commercials are interesting! Lindsay’s voice is evocative and soothing so easy to listen to. Wonderful production I even like his corny re-enactments! It’s ok he’s reading all the parts. Keep up the good work!
American Scandal
Fantastic! What makes this series awesome is not just the stories themselves, but the way the storytelling process unfolds. As podcast genres go, AS is the best.
Tuskegee study & Enron
Excellent story telling from the inside point of view! I love the narrator, his voice has me hooked!
Do better
I can not believe that in 2019 we can not find a female to read the female parts of the podcast.
I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve never been so excited to learn about history, past political issues, insane medical experiments, etc. Some of the seasons are have topics I am not generally interested in... but the way it’s all put together is riveting! I’ve listened to seasons 1-9 in just the past month. Can’t get enough!
Love this podcast! Especially the first season on BALCO, so interesting! Super excited that you guys have started a season on Enron too! Can’t wait to listen more, I have to catch up.
I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. Fascinating all. Thank you !
My Favorite Podcast
I absolutely love this podcast. The narrator’s voice and storytelling skills are unmatched. The episodes are informative and even though the endings are already part of the history books, each one still has me hooked. I hope you make many, many more seasons! I doubt you’ll ever run out of content...
Best Podcast period
Wondery and all of their podcast shows are innovative and setting the bar high for all other podcasts. American scandal is so intriguing and informative . I love getting to listen to new episodes. Well done guys, thank you for great content .
Foul language
What’s up with all the foul language! I’m three episodes into the Wounded Knee series and I’ve heard “G&@ D$@:” more times than I can keep track of!
Excellent refresher
As a person who remembers most of these events unfolding on television, it’s great to hear a non-politicized, ‘behind the scene’ version of our history. And quite possible a more accurate version. Listen to this podcast. Interesting as heck!!
Losing Steam
Silver State Kid
Started out some excellent topics one of my favorite podcast. Last few have been boring. Just not as interesting. I like to binge the podcasts so I am left wondering why did I waste my time.
El Dopo
This could be good but there is so much editorializing that I’m not sure what’s true. It might be well researched but the end product seems loaded with convenient fiction.
Great pod casts
Excellent narration no bull and sound edicts just well spoken and great representation of the facts in such a way to draw you in with real audio if available. I love this pod cast more and more! Always great still listening what more quicker lol
One of the most binge worthy podcast around
Easily one of my favorite podcast. I have to wait for an entire season to drop so I can binge it straight through!
Fun recent history podcast
Really enjoyable podcast about events from the past 40 years or so. I think the narrator does a good job (as a one man act) with the different voices and the reenactments keep it engaging and not too dry. I see some of the other reviewers did not like either of those things, but they did not bother me. Episodes are like 40 minutes long.
Great storytelling. I’d love to hear you guys do the Orange County CA bankruptcy. It would be a great story for you. I worked for them at the time! A lot of people have forgotten about it.
Great Podcast covering lesser known subjects
This is an excellent podcast for learning about lesser known scandals from American history. Of note, the series on the Tuskegee Experiments was both enlightening and enraging. I highly recommend!
Very interesting stories, also very sad stories. But I feel that this podcast does a good job to bring accurate and truthful information and keeps it intriguing at the same time. I would definitely recommended this podcast and look forward to their future episodes. It has been eye opening to some of the inner workings of the deception and corruption that goes on in our country. Just like every other country, we are not immune to scandal and I would rather be knowledgeable then in the dark pretending it doesn’t happen.
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