Informative banter
I absolutely love the banter between the producers, especially when it’s lovingly aimed towards Andy! I also like the behind-the-scenes information. While living in Malaysia to teach at an international school, I was unable to watch the show, so this podcast was a great way to gain laughter. Thanks!
Not good
Some Guy2567766
It's not good, folks. Many people are saying to me, "Ellen, she loves war criminals. Loves them," and it's true, folks. Not good.
yo this lady loves war criminals
you should have henry kissinger on
todd bonzalez bobson dugnut
ellen on the pokemon go to the polls
Ellen supports war criminals
Ellen is friends with george bush so... (also have heard shes a terribly nasty boss allegedly)
Best podcast ever
I pull staples out for a living and I had been listening to a podcast about serial killers and it was very interesting but it made me super paranoid about everything and everyone. This podcasts literally makes me laugh out loud while I’m pulling staples out of paper. I just love it and it brightens my boring day!
I live, and breathe this podcast
This podcast gets me through the work day, everyday. I laugh sooooo much. I cannot emphasize enough of how great this podcast makes me feel.
Love Love Love Love
I love hearing my favorite behind the scenes people talk about my favorite show!!!!!!?💋💋💋💋💋💕💕💕💕💕
Andy ideas
I love Andy and Friends- I’m a college student and don’t have cable so it’s wonderful to get caught up on Ellen while walking to class! Seriously love the podcast, it always puts me in a good mood. I used to watch Ellen everyday when I came home from school but this podcast allows me to catch up, because well I’m a busy college student. I have some ideas- Average Andy should try a triathlon with Mary. Also Andy should go in a haunted house with Cardi B. #andy’shanukkah12daysofgiveaways P.S. I’ve been using this hashtag 😊
Andy vaping
Love, Love listening to all of you you! However, excited to hear today that Andy is quitting vaping-was dismayed to hear you did vape-burst my bubble! Today is my bday- as a resp therapist I wish you continued success!!!! To all the others- you have my sympathy as Andy perseveres thru this!
akame is the best
I love you so much I really like your show and this podcast
Best Way To Start The Day
I listen to this on my way to work every morning and ending up laughing out loud every time!
I am obsess with this podcast
Just discovered it and now I can’t stop listening. It’s rare that I get to see the show so I love getting the “best of” plus behind the scenes glimpses and bonus, the hosts are hilarious.
Greatest Podcast!
Thanks for the best podcast!!! Mary you are magical on the show, with your wisdom and love for Ellen and the guys you work with. 😘
New to listening
I just started listening to the pod cast, and it makes me smile and laugh so much! I absolutely love Ellen and just think she is the most amazing human ever, I have to dvr her shows and watch them at night. I’m so glad I found the pod casts because I’ve been listening to them when I walk my dogs and when I work. I sure I look crazy when I’m laughing while walking the dogs but it’s so worth it! Some days when I’m having a rough day these pod casts bring me so much joy and lift my spirits. I started with the First episode from 2018 and am working my way through them. Some day I hope to obtain tickets to see the show live but until then I’ll get my fill from the pod casts and her daily shows! Keep up the great work! Y’all are so funny and making the world so much more amazing!
Don’t miss it!
A Dallas News fan... Usually
Love this podcast! So fun to hear the behind-the-scenes action. I don’t miss it.
Listener from India
hugs from india
Hello EPs of the Ellen Show, I’m from India and I have listened to every episode of the podcast so far, especially on my commute. I love your banter, your stories and your voices. You guys genuinely cheer me up when I’m low, and make me laugh harder when I’m happy. I really hope when I grow up and get a job, my co-workers and I have the same dynamic as you guys. Much love. Keep bringing us all so much joy through this podcast.
Which one has the amazing laugh? ❤️ it!!!!
Come to Northeast PA
I was super excited that the podcast was back! I missed you all this summer. You guys brighten my day I look forward to listening to everyday at work! Keep up the good work! Love you all. ❤️❤️
Gracias !
Lovin Andy's podcast from Spain. Missed you guys all summer.
Come to Missouri!
So excited you’ll be taking your show on the road!! Would love to have you in St. Louis!! I’d be honored to host you and be your tour guide - visit the Arch, go to a Cards or Blues game, visit my son at Washington University 😉, eat delicious foods, etc 💕💕💕 Andy - we’ll chat about our Colombian roots!!
You guys are amazing!!!!
One day, I’ll be able to meet you guys because I won’t stop sending in my email, sharing my story!! I am very persistent!!!!
Big fan! Very inspiring!
I am binge listening to Ellen On The Go getting ready for the season premiere on Monday, I can’t wait! I love hearing the Mary, Ed, Andy, and Kevin talk about producing the show and their relationship w Ellen, their staff, and their perspectives on how the different segments turned out! I really loved podcast #22 where they each talk about the history of their careers and where they started out and how they’ve changed since the show started. Very inspiring! I’ve been watching since season 1, and have been obsessed with talk shows ever since! Watching everyday definitely inspired me to want to work in television, especially talk shows. I have lived in LA for just over 5 years now, and still working toward my goal of working on your show! I have not been in the audience for a taping, but I have worked as a audience page for your show. My favorite day was when Ellen received her stage dedication plaque from Peter Roth on the 1500th show! I was crying happy tears from the riff raff room. Seeing someone I’ve looked up to for so many years being presented something so rare on a historic studio lot, it was a honor to witness, and a memory I will never forget! I love your podcast and can’t wait for new episodes about Season 17! 🤩💬📺
I have a dream 😂😂😂😘😍❤️
Some day I will hug this women she’s make me dream in my head of what you doing for me and family but sometimes too I feel like watch her do good for lucking people is fun yes I love her show thank you Ellen 😍😍😍😍
The mics are way too hot, guys.
I enjoyed this podcast when it first came out, but that one guy’s ear-piercing LAUGH and the loud applause throughout each episode made me pull my earbuds out every time! Turn those mics down, guys! Also, the same Andy jokes every single episode get old real fast. Unsubscribed.
Hang in there!
I love Ellen, so I love you guys too! So hang in there you guys doing great!! Don’t worry you will get more people listening to you more everyday!! Irena
Great podcast, air again
I love this podcast but it needs to start airing again
I love the Ellen show and she is one of my favorite celebrities. Andy however is my favorite. He really is the glue to the show and the podcast. This podcast has been needed for the past 16yrs, I love hearing the stories and I laugh so much. Andy stories are the best. Thank you for bringing laughter in my life. Please come to my home and do the podcast!!
Yayyy Ellen & Team!!!
I recently got into podcasts and found this one when searching for “Ellen”, and I LOVE it!!! I can never watch the show because I don’t have cable or anything and I work during that time so on my commute to and from work this always brightens my car rides! You guys are so funny and I’m so glad this exists!!!
I love you as a person who really cares about people, and your so funny I don’t get out much but you make my day everyday. I hope your show never stops bc you are such a great person and you help so many people in so many ways but your personality can never be copied. I loved the show when you and Michelle Obama went to Cisco. She is also halarious Thanks for being you Teresa From Beaverdam Wi
Ellen Degeneres 12 days of Christmas
laughing buddah
I would love to be on her show for the 12 days of Christmas.Ellen rocks and I watch her show everyday
kyra heckathorn
What do you like to do in your free time
i’m sure it’ll be at least a 4, and i’ll happily change it to a 5 after listening, but it’s getting a 4 because — dudes, there is a ridiculously obvious typo in the description of the most recent episode (not any of the favorite moments’ collection, the actual episode.). And it won’t stop looking at me. Please make it stop. Other than that, well... Can’t wait to listen! XOXO, K
Ellen is amazing
I hope one day I can be on her show :)
Enjoying the behind the scenes look
Mike from tosa
Was not sure what to expect at first, but wow what a great format. It’s been fun learning the cast of characters ( producers ) and team members from the show. I don’t often get to see the show live, but this ties things together. I’m a huge fan of Ellen, and the wonderful example she sets. It’s clear she surrounded herself with wonderful people as well. I have been a fan since my wife and I saw her stand up show in Milwaukee back in the late Eighties early Nineties. I was hooked. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to start over in the fall.
Great podcast - better without scares
I love listening to this podcast at work but I do wish they would cut out the scares or cut off the volume when they do scares. You are unable to see when this is going to happen and it is incredibly loud and startling. If you listen to this be aware that at any point Ellen may scare a guest - and in turn scare you and bust your eardrums in the process.
Don’t bother.
moon her
I love Ellen I am a big fan and I would listen to this all day
I hate Ellen
She is not sweet
Stop talking over each other
This podcast started out as a 5/5 but is slowly degenerating. Almost nothing is more frustrating than when hosts talk over each other. There are a number of times that the banter has been completely indiscernible because everyone is taking at once. I love that you crack each other up but if we can’t hear or understand you it’s pointless for your listener.
Stop talking over each other
I really like this podcast but there’s some issues, that aren’t getting any better. Andy- please realize when you say the same joke every podcast, “Welcome to Andy on the go!” It doesn’t get funnier over time. It’s actually just super annoying at this point. Also if you could stop cutting the other HOSTS off when they’re trying to tell a story just for YOU to tell the story. It ruins the whole story telling process and is just frustrating. And of course the other hosts also want to talk over each other, but not as often. Other than that I love the podcast. I guess from being a person in radio, those are the tips you would learn on day one 😉
Love! Love! Love!
Love this podcast, and hearing more about behind the scenes. Side note- there is a lot of talking over each other which makes it a little tough. But still worth listening!
I actually find Andy acting like the host funny! I love the chemistry and humor you guys share. I really enjoy this podcast, it’s perfect to lighten up your work day.
This Autism Mom is Happy 💙
I am new to Podcast and chose to listen to to the wonderful Mary, Andy and Kevin and Ed that I see on Tv and wonder what it would be like to be friends with them and now I can listen and pretend like I’m in the room join conversation lol I look forward to it while my son has his Autism therapy. It makes me laugh it gives me a nice break so thank you all so much ! 💙
I’m trying to say this in the nicest way possible please stop with the Andy being the host joke still I love the podcast 👍
Love this Podcast!
I love listening to this podcast! I love hearing the behind the scenes of the show and hearing their personal experiences with Ellen and the guests. The hosts have amazing chemistry and they are so funny!
Love you all
I love to listen to all of you . You make me laugh all the time and by the way I’m not famous but I listen to your podcast too !Lol
Thank you
I listen while delivering mail and you have always kept me entertained. Thank you all.
Like hanging with my friends
It is obvious the hosts all know each other and love each other. They all kill me with their wit and banter! A fun listen!
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