September 12, 2019
Your obstacle may be your miracle in disguise. Jump in the back seat with Jennifer and Ann Voskamp for this fun and encouraging one-year anniversary episode. You’ll learn how to steady your thoughts, station yourself in God’s Word, and see a vision for the deliverance of God in your life. It's another installment of “Women on Wheels with Waterbottles!” SHOW NOTES:
September 5, 2019
Do you say mean things to yourself? Do you belittle yourself? In short, do you slander yourself? Your words matter because you matter. So, today, you’ll learn two Scripture-based ways to stop slandering yourself so that your inner vocabulary matches the grace-filled, truth of God’s Word. Plus, tune in to hear the scoop on our five days of giveaways to celebrate one year of the 4:13 Podcast! SHOW NOTES:
August 29, 2019
Sometimes we just want to give up, give in, give excuses, and give it a rest! The project is too big, the problem is too hard, the person is too difficult, or the process takes too long. We want to quit. So, today, if you’re teetering on the edge, about to give up, get ready for three very practical and doable ways to avoid the Quit Pit. SHOW NOTES:
August 22, 2019
You can't overcome the hard things in life if you don’t know who you are and whose you are. That’s why today, you’re going to learn the connection between knowing your identity and overcoming whatever obstacle you face. And, you’re going to get a behind-the-scenes peek of the Kendrick brothers new movie, Overcomer! So, turn off your ringer, pop the popcorn, and here we go … SHOW NOTES:
August 15, 2019
We all go through valleys. Sometimes it's illness and loss. Sometimes it's betrayal or rejection. Sometimes it's financial. All of our valleys may be different but what they have in common is that valleys are dark and bring out our fear. But, the other thing our valleys have in common is that valleys are not permanent. You are just passing through. So, today, get two ways to get through your valley. SHOW NOTES:
August 8, 2019
Sometimes we love where we’re planted and sometimes, well, not so much. So today, we’re going to learn how to make the most of where we live. San Fransico-based author and coach Shauna Pilgreen will give you practical ‘dweller tips’ and help you make the most of where you live. SHOW NOTES:
August 1, 2019
When we’re hurting, our heads are cloudy and our hearts are so heavy that we feel we can't bear the weight of our next decision. We feel stressed and disoriented. On this episode, Jennifer shares all the unknowns that came with her lumpectomy. Plus, you’ll get a Scripture-based to do list for when you’re hurting. It will help you get through the fog of stressful situations. Hope and help are on the way… SHOW NOTES:
July 25, 2019
Kirk Cameron is much more than an actor who starred on Growing Pains. He’s a down to earth, insightful, and humble guy who shares his own growing pains when it comes to marriage and parenting. On this episode, get to know the real Kirk and learn how to do a personal and family reset. Hear what Kirk would say to his younger self and discover how telling yourself the same can change everything in your life. SHOW NOTES:
July 18, 2019
Mean girls grow up. And, it sure would be nice if all those years of living would make a mean girl a more gentle woman. But, sometimes, the mean girl just grows into a mean woman. On this episode, you’ll get four wise ways to manage the emotions a grown-up mean girl brings out of you and know how to respond with maturity. SHOW NOTES:
July 11, 2019
On the hardest days of life, you find yourself saying, “I give up!” According to today’s guest, Laura Story, that’s a great place to begin. This Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter will show you how the things you may feel are loss can be the very things God uses to give you His best. It’s funny, real, and candid. So join Jennifer and Laura backstage at Fresh Grounded Faith as they talk about giving our plans to God and getting so much more in return. SHOW NOTES:
July 4, 2019
Many of us get tangled in the web of mental, physical, and emotional clutter. A cluttered life keeps us from really living an abundant life. So, today, ask yourself these 5 questions to determine if you need a little simplifying. And then, get 4 strategies to declutter your inner and outer world. This is super-practical and may be just the motivation you need! SHOW NOTES:
June 27, 2019
It really is okay to not be okay. You don’t have to have it all together. Today, you can shift from a performance mentality to a provision mentality and get freed up in the process. Sheila Walsh will help you stop trying to pursue perfection in order to get God’s approval and instead. You'll discover how to pursue Christ so you know that you are accepted, loved, and forever treasured. SHOW NOTES:
June 20, 2019
We’ve all got battles and enemies, things in our lives that trigger the fight or flight response. But, on this episode, we’ll unpack a third response … the stand still response. God is the One who fights for you. And today, you will grow in your faith as you learn how to stand still and watch Him. Plus you’ll get three Scriptures to help you stand still when you want to fight back. SHOW NOTES:
June 13, 2019
This is not just a marriage episode. This is an episode about finding your motivation, satisfaction, and happiness in life. So, if you’re not married, or if you didn’t stay married, please know, this is not a “thou shall” or “thou shouldn’t have” kind of message. Instead, you'll discover how you can experience real happiness when you stop demanding it. Join me with Aaron and Jennifer Smith for this encouraging, life-giving conversation. SHOW NOTES:
June 6, 2019
Today, you’ll get six research and Scripture-based strategies to overcome sadness. We all feel down in the dumps sometimes so we need to know how to dump the dumps and overcome the sadness! We can’t always prevent it, but we can prevent it from hijacking our lives. So, overcomers, let’s dive into some practical encouragement. SHOW NOTES:
May 30, 2019
A blessing is supposed to be far more than what you get after you sneeze. It is from God to you. And, it is through you to others. Today, you’ll learn from author Tina Boesch how to know that God’s blessing is for you. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win her book and get some free blessing cards to download. It's time to live blessing and give blessing. SHOW NOTES:
May 23, 2019
Today, you can take a break and stop trying to fix it. Some of the things in your life that you are trying to fix aren't fixable because they aren't problems to fix—they are facts to accept. On this episode, you’ll find the freedom that comes from learning the difference. You’ll also get three things to do if you are in fix-it mode! By the time you click the off button, you’ll be celebrating that what feels out of your hands is never out of God’s control. SHOW NOTES:
May 16, 2019
When it comes to being judgmental, we’ve all blown it! But, we don’t have to be judgmental people; we can be people of good judgment. So, today we’ll determine the difference. You’ll learn four ways to know if you have a judgmental spirit and how to choose discernment instead. This will be interesting so let’s figure it out together. SHOW NOTES:
May 9, 2019
Do you find yourself feeling discouraged when you read your news feed or see the news headlines? Well, on this episode, you’ll find the cure for the common headline. Emmy Award-winning TV reporter Bobby Lewis will give you a Scriptural framework and a hope-filled roadmap to navigate the bad news, whether it's on your TV or in your life. SHOW NOTES:
May 2, 2019
When heartbreak weighs you down, God’s comfort can carry you. If you’ve experienced any kind of loss or discouragement, this Scripture-packed episode will give you two ways to experience God’s comfort. You’re not alone so put in your earbuds and get your cup of faith refilled as you laugh and learn with Jennifer and KC. God’s comfort is as close as your heartbreak. SHOW NOTES:
April 25, 2019
Today you’ll hear a big “Shame off you!” You will learn the difference between shame and guilt, analyze if your body is speaking the language of shame, and discover how Jesus' love covers shame. This episode will set you free to drop shame and pick up grace instead! SHOW NOTES:
April 18, 2019
You know that frustration you feel when you just can’t get on the same page with your husband or your roommate or your boss or your BFF? It’s discouraging, isn’t it? Our relationships start with a “doing life together” mindset. But without even realizing it, the me-versus-you mentality can take over. That's why author Ashleigh Slater is helping us shift from me versus you to team us! SHOW NOTES:
April 11, 2019
When your path takes an unexpected turn or gets bumpy, even that right path can feel wrong. Yet, just because something is hard doesn’t mean it isn't right. On this episode, discover the purpose for your path and how you can thrive wherever your Shepherd leads you. SHOW NOTES:
April 4, 2019
Criticism can knock the wind out of you and make you want to run and hide. On this episode, you’ll get 2 ways to respond if the wind gets knocked out of you and learn how grace is a trampoline that helps you bounce back. SHOW NOTES:
March 28, 2019
Jennifer’s husband Phil tells all on this fun, tender, and unfiltered episode. Find out how they met, how they navigate working together with being married, and how their life together has been shaped by blindness. You’ll laugh and be inspired and learn some practical tips on how to do life when it isn’t easy. SHOW NOTES:
March 21, 2019
Lots of choices? No idea what to do? On this episode, you’ll get 3 Scriptures to pray when you just don’t know what to do. Learn how to use the Bible to get S.E.T. on the best path for you and discover how God’s Word can be your GPS. SHOW NOTES:
March 14, 2019
God is the original Foodie. That’s what Margaret Feinberg says. On this episode, she and Jennifer will help you examine the purpose of food. You’ll learn about several foods in the Bible and end up with a greater appetite to taste and see how good God is. SHOW NOTES:
March 7, 2019
Happiness and joy are far more than emotions you feel, they’re expressions of your faith. On this episode, discover what the Bible says about being happy and learn three things you can do that are proven to promote happiness even when life isn’t handing out grins. SHOW NOTES:
February 28, 2019
Jennifer shares candidly about her experience with depression and answers your questions ranging from “Is it unspiritual to take medicine?” to “How do I help someone struggling with depression?” It's unplanned and unplugged and unpredictable, so join us! SHOW NOTES:
February 21, 2019
The Bible can guide your steps, make you wise, and bring you peace, which is why you need to know how to study it on your own. On this episode, learn the Four C Bible Study Method so you’ll know how to get the most out of your time in God's Word. SHOW NOTES:
February 14, 2019
You can’t always eliminate friction, but you can keep it from escalating. Learn 4 practical and biblical ways to deal with conflict when sandpaper people rub you the wrong way so conflict won’t ruin your day or your relationships. SHOW NOTES:
February 7, 2019
New seasons are transitions in our lives and often, they’re disorienting. You may find yourself asking big questions like, "Who am I?" or "What do I do now?" Pull up a chair and get honest with Jennifer and Caroline about embracing new seasons with purpose. And, you’ll get four practical strategies for navigating a new season of life—no matter what it is. SHOW NOTES:
January 31, 2019
If you’re shaky in the confidence department, you are in good company. In this episode, you'll discover how four spiritual superstars lacked confidence and acted with courage anyway. Plus, you'll learn biblical strategies to help you disagree with your fear and depend on God to make you brave. Because confidence is a feeling; courage is a choice. SHOW NOTES:
January 24, 2019
You can't always avoid the wait, but you can avoid wasting the wait. Singer-songwriter Meredith Andrews joins Jennifer and shares how she learned to wait well when God gives a yellow light. You'll hear Meredith's personal story as you discover 4 things you can do to find purpose during the pause. SHOW NOTES:
January 17, 2019
When our need to please gets out of whack we do all the right things for all the wrong reasons. On this episode, determine whether your need to please enslaves you or serves God. Plus, you'll learn 3 biblical motivations that will help you ditch your people pleasing ways. SHOW NOTES:
January 10, 2019
Her husband survived a brain tumor but her life has never been the same. Is it really a blessing in disguise? We all experience hard things we didn’t plan but God can use them to give us even deeper and broader blessings if we open our hearts and our hands to receive. Hear Laura Story’s story and learn 3 practical ways you can live with open hands instead of hands balled in fists of anger or control. SHOW NOTES:
January 3, 2019
We don’t want to just love Philippians 4:13, we want to live the verse! The same power that raised Christ from the dead is the same power that is in you. So, how do you access that power? How do you live the “I can” life when you’re faced with so many “wish I could’s?” Learn the 2 ways you can respond to whatever you face and experience the power of Christ in you every day of the year. SHOW NOTES:
December 27, 2018
Listen in as KC asks Jennifer unrehearsed, unexpected, and unplanned audience questions. “Did you really propose to your husband?” “Do you ever ask God why?” “How do you speak with no notes?” and ”Where do I start if I want to be a writer?” are just a few topics you’ll hear. Plus, Jennifer and KC compare their pet dogs and even talk some theology. Wherever you are in life, there is something in this episode that will speak right to you. SHOW NOTES:
December 20, 2018
Karen Kingsbury and Michael O'Brien join us for Christmas Cheer at the 4:13 Podcast! You'll hear a precious poem read by New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury plus musician Michael O'Brien is singing two beautiful songs from his album of Christmas music. So, get your favorite holiday mug filled with cocoa and let's celebrate Christmas! SHOW NOTES:
December 13, 2018
You are not the “be-tolerated,” you are the “be-loved!” Today you’ll celebrate that your acceptance has nothing to do with your status, behavior, or performance and everything to do with the God who loves you. Discover practical ways to embrace your redeemed identity so you don’t stray from your source of self and lose your sense of self. SHOW NOTES:
December 6, 2018
Constantly seeking control will wear you out! Angie Smith should know. Join her conversation with Jennifer and hear how God taught Angie to seek Him more than seeking control when she lost her baby, Audrey. You’ll learn how to set aside your agenda and stop settling for less. Today is your day to find the freedom to depend on God rather than demand control! SHOW NOTES:
November 29, 2018
Life comes with all sorts of stuff like joy, laughter, and stress. But, it does not come with a rewind button! We can’t rewind and redo what we regret. But, we can do something to prevent some of the regrets. You can get free from the guilt that chains you to regret and learn how to avoid it in the future by rethinking, reframing, and redeeming. No matter what you’ve done, you can live with less regret by asking yourself these simple questions. SHOW NOTES:
November 22, 2018
You can be thankful in all things, even if you’re not thankful for all things. Learn 4 habits of thankful people that can improve your health and relationships. Plus, see how God hard-wired you to be thankful so you can be blessed! SHOW NOTES:
November 15, 2018
If God’s ways are right, why do they feel so wrong? God can be just even when He doesn’t seem fair. On this episode, Jennifer candidly explains how she accepts God’s ways when it comes to her blindness and equips you with 4 choices you can make when life feels unfair. You ’ll receive the courage and comfort to trust God even when you don’t like or understand His ways. BONUS! Stay until the end to hear Jennifer sing her song "Take Me to the Cross." SHOW NOTES:
November 8, 2018
You’ve heard of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. This is more like women on wheels with water bottles! On this episode, Jennifer talks with Liz Curtis Higgs about how our ability to laugh is tied to our willingness to trust God. Hop in the back seat with Jennifer and Liz, and get ready to learn why you can trust God and experience joy, no matter what. SHOW NOTES:
November 1, 2018
Not every situation is good, but you can experience good when you 4:8 your thoughts. You will learn practical techniques for grabbing the good from life’s not-so-good moments and find out how a 4:8 filter will help you focus your thoughts when you’re tempted to think with your feelings. BONUS! Get a peek into one of Jennifer's favorite talking tools in "Stuff I Love" at the end of the episode! SHOW NOTES:
October 25, 2018
Worry is just lethal meditation. When you worry, you’re focusing on the problem. You’re fixating on what might happen. You’re mulling over your fears or constantly pondering the worst-case scenario. But, you can strip worry of its power by turning your worry meditation into a truth meditation. You’ll learn how to eliminate worry words from your vocabulary and turn the impulse to worry into an invitation to let go. BONUS! Another installment of Jennifer's "Stuff I Love" SHOW NOTES:
October 18, 2018
Disappointment does not have to color your days, dictate your moods, or determine your future. When life hands you a big disappointment, it’s easy to lose hope. No matter what loss you’ve experienced, disappointment is not the boss of you. Gain inspiration from a woman who lived with disappointment for over 80 years. Plus, learn 3 things to tell yourself when you feel disappointed so you, like her, never lose hope. BONUS! Our first installment of Jennifer's "Stuff I Love" SHOW NOTES:
October 11, 2018
We all feel the impulse to quit from time to time. You know, you’re just not up for one more task, one more smile, or one more issue. You’re tired and barely hanging on. Learn how to R.E.S.T and uncover a formula for mental toughness that will help you persevere when you feel like calling it quits.
October 4, 2018
You can’t always keep from getting angry, but you can keep anger from getting the best of you. When you’re mad, you may be sparky or you may simmer. Either way, you can make good choices when you're angry so it doesn’t mess with your joy. Discover how to develop 5 practical skills to keep a spark of anger from becoming an explosion you regret.
August 31, 2018
What do you say when you talk to yourself? Your words matter because you matter. You will learn the three R’s of truthful self-talk and start replacing the lies that shackle you with the truth that sets you free.
August 31, 2018
When your to-do list is big and your stamina is small, you need a practical “not-to-do"! Jennifer will show you how to live less overwhelmed as she unpacks Psalm 61:2. So, get out your to-do list and a pen because you’re about to mark some things off the list and live less overwhelmed.
August 31, 2018
Fear is a feeling, faith is a choice. Learn how to get free from the worry that fear creates and discover three ways to respond with faith when fear tries to get the best of you.
August 30, 2018
Why the 4:13 Podcast? On this introduction episode, you will discover how 4:13 has helped blind author and speaker Jennifer Rothschild navigate the inevitable "can't" of blindness—and how it can help you be and do more than you feel capable of. On the 4:13 Podcast, we will get real about life's not so simple moments and learn to apply 4:13 to whatever we face!
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