Felt like I was set up to waste my time
The series starts off interesting and somewhat captivating, then just at the point I'm half way through it takes a turn that has almost nothing to do what was setup in the first few episodes and goes downhill fast without any brakes.
Truly dreadful
If I was going to give a satirical one star review as suggested in the description it would be "This series is a joy to listen to, well written, and not at frustrating to the point that you'll want to throw your phone against a wall." This is terrible, absolutely, completely, terrible.
Bizarre and awful
This is awful. At episode 5 it takes the oddest turn that makes no sense and everything falls apart. Don't bother starting it, those first four episodes will be time you'll never get back with zero pay off.
Why does the old lady from New Jersey have a southern accent? The accents and voices don’t match the characters. It takes me out of the story.
War of the Worlds - love it!
The production quality of this is like a top BBC radio drama. Orson Welles would have been proud.
Actual acting!
I’m confused by the negative reviews. I really appreciate the voices and the accents. Yes, they’re a little over the top but the main character stays grounded. Listening to The Black Tapes and Tanis all I can envision is a bunch of people standing around a microphone reading a script. At least here the actors are trying to create a mental image for the listener. I think it’s great! Keep it up!
This is one of the worst attempts at storytelling ever. Its incredibly boring and the “satire” is pathetic. I’d love to know who described this as Serial meets anything. More like dog crap meets horse crap. Any 5 star reviews must be pity ones from friends or family.
Am I missing something?
This is neither funny nor compelling. Acting is horrendous as are the voice actors.
This podcast is not funny nor is it interesting.
Loved it
Rich, funny, thought provoking and well acted. I loved it and wish there was more.
It’s fiction
Uh, this is fiction. The old lady in episode 1 is obviously a guy disguising his voice. This should be postured a a fictional podcast. People don’t like being mislead.
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