I love it.
Lil Hopi Girl
This show has been so amazing. My husband and I are completely reorganizing our home and this has helped me in so many ways. It’s helped me acquire the mindset needed before starting minimal living. It’s also given me the tools/mechanisms to help me stay on track. If I fail, I don’t feel like I need to quit. It’s all baby steps, we’re all human. It takes practice with practical actions. 😁
Skip first 20 min
The first 20 min has nothing to do with organizing photos- she is virtue signaling about her kids not having screen time. But 1/2 way through she gets back on track and gives a few good ideas for organizing photos on your phone and computer.
I absolutely love this podcast and can not get enough of it! The topics, conversation, and points discussed are amazing and so relatable! I’m so thankful I found Minimal-ish, and always get excited when I have the opportunity to tune in to another episode!
I’m minimal-ish and love this podcast!
This is one of the few podcasts on minimalism I listen to and one that has really helped me on my journey to reduce my clutter and become more intentional about my purchases. It is heavily focused on the experience as a mom, but even though I am not a mom, I still enjoy listening to it. There have been some episodes that I didn’t find very relevant because of this, however. I like that she stresses the minimal-ish- you don’t have to be perfect about minimalism. It’s more about starting the process and the intention behind it. It’s a lifestyle of wanting less stuff, focusing less on stuff, and instead finding happiness and contentment with what you have. I’m grateful Desiree has been able to share her journey though this podcast.
Breath of fresh air
jennie gumption
I’m so thankful for this podcast. I appreciate that she doesn’t make a big deal about anything but is also humble enough to get into the small and big things that life throws at us. Her desire for inquiry and intentionality make my heart sing! Thank you for being down to earth, eloquent, and lighthearted!
Musgrove_ Momma
I’m loving listening to minimal-ish! Desirae does a remarkable job of honing in on the heart behind minimalism. It’s more than just decluttering...it’s a way of thinking. I’m inspired to finally let go of some things and at the same time to do some soul-work to change my mindset! Thanks Desirae!
Always uplifting and genuine
Hoping to be pregnant soon
I started listening to this podcast when another podcaster was interviewed on the show, and I was immediately drawn to Desirae and her show. It fits the season of my life perfectly. I'm a stay-at-home mom. My firstborn just turned one, and moved into the home we're in now when she was just two weeks old... Desirae's simple statement during get intro about "less stuff (in our home or on our schedule) making room for more of what matters" is exactly the encouragement I needed in this season. I am not a minimalist, nor do I necessarily aspire to be one, but I do believe in purposeful living and that's what she brings to to table (or the headphones) in every episode. I always leave feeling like I can do this sahm thing with excellence, even on the messy and chaotic days 🙌🏼 😄
Not much on decluttering
I binge listened to the 4 episodes about clutter. Minus the episode with Joshua, the other three episodes spent most of the time talking about the guest’s life story and their kids. There was very little meat in a 45 minute episode on actual tips for the listener. I discovered she’s in a minimalist community and feel this podcast is a chance for her to chat with others living the same lifestyle. I thought I could find practical tips to declutter paper but the episodes weren’t about actual steps. Just getting to know others in the community and talking about their business and kids.
Totally reformed my views on discipline!
I have never thought of it this way. I have been in tears the entire time as Ive struggled greatly in this matter. Thank you for sharing!
I am really enjoying this podcast. Interviews from new women each episode who practice minimalism and slow living in different ways! Very inspiring, encouraging and non judgmental. If you are interested in slow living and minimizing your life I recommend giving this podcast a shot!
Reccomending her to everybody!
I cannot get enough of this podcast. I stumbled upon it and this is freaking gold. I have binged all of the episodes. And even cried in a couple because it’s just like listening to friend who understands what I’m feeling and going through. Thank you so much and I’m definitely recommending this to my friends and family. ❤️
My go to
Duluth mama
I’m devouring all these episodes! I love how relatable Desirae is and how honest she is about motherhood and life. Thank you for this podcast.
Love It!!!
As a teenager this has really encouraged me that even though I don’t live in a minimalist family, I can still be a minimalist and enjoy my family in the process.
Great Podcast
LOVE LOVE LOVE Desirae’s insight into living a minimalist lifestyle. However, Catherine makes it a little difficult to listen to these podcasts. I enjoy both of their comments but Catherine is a tad bit over baring in the episodes she’s featured it. It’s Desirae’s podcast so let her lead please.
Love it!
I love this podcast! Great advice , and encouragement! Judgement free zone !
So so good!
I’m so glad a friend referred me to this podcast! It’s so encouraging to feel less alone with all of these thoughts!!
Like having a chat with a wise BFF🤗
Desirae’s podcast makes my long commute to work a joy! She is always insightful, kind, and funny as well. I’m an empty-nester with kids that are grown, yet I still find something that resonates with me in her podcasts.
Great podcast
I love this podcast! I’m making changes toward a more intentional and minimalistic life, and this podcast is very inspirational. I do have just one gripe about it. The host consistently refers to the listeners as “moms”. I don’t understand the implication that the only ones who would be interested are moms..on the last episode that I just listened to, she actually referenced “women & moms”. Um..moms are still women. Maybe I’m being over sensitive but this just REALLY irks me every single time i hear it. Other than that, I’d give it a thumbs up 😊
Desiree, can you be my BFF? I’ve been listening for awhile now and you embody everything I am and want to be. As a teacher, momma and someone working slowly to live with less (stuff, appointments, all the things), I relate on so many levels! I especially love that awhile back she did interviews with many types of moms, whether working full time, part time from home or stay at home. I feel like she hears the vast array of people in her audience and caters well to it. I tune in every Saturday as I catch up on housework.
Great content, but repetitive guests (often Christian suburban moms)
I love Desirae’s content and I feel she has a very kind, giving heart and soothing demeanor. I love her approach to minimalism which is practical, as well as her actionable tips. However, I find the guests she has on are so similar. It is often Christian, suburban, middle to upper middle class moms (usually white) and they often talk about their faith extensively. I’m guessing these are the types of woman she follows on social media and thats how she finds her guests, but I wish she would diversify a bit.
I feel much better after listening.
Thank you! Thank you!! Not only have I benefited from the minimal-ish portion of your podcast, but also from the other parts. I’m a new sahm, that left her career behind to raise my daughter. It’s what I’ve always wanted but I’ve been struggling with my identity. This podcast has been helping me navigate. Thank you so much for your work.
My favorite podcast
Easily my favorite podcast. The focus on realistic opportunities and inspiration to live more intentionally draws me in and keeps me coming for more. I tell all my friends about it!
Love love love!
This podcast is so inspiring! Makes the whole minimalist movement look more achievable. She makes me feel like I’m just sitting at the table listening to my friend talk.
Eye opening!
I found this podcast a few months ago at the same time I found other minimalism podcasts. This is the only one to which I still listen! There is no preaching and no judgment...just understanding. Every bit of this show doesn’t relate to my life, and that’s okay. There is honestly something here for everyone!
Listen NOW
Found this podcast just a few weeks ago after watching the Netflix documentary on minimalism and CANNOT stop listening. So motivating and uplifting in many many areas of life.
Binge listened!
Ry E-reader
I started listening to your podcast, from the beginning, a couple months ago and I can say that I’ve now listened to every episode and I love it! You do such a great job of making minimalism realistic and an easily approachable lifestyle. We are about 7 months into our minimal-ish journey and we’ve gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF. Now that we’ve gone through a phase 1 declutter of everything we own, we’re tackling finances! Next step: debt freedom! Thank you for the great content!
Love this girl’s stuff!
I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this podcast! Desirae has a pleasant and fun voice and way of talking. She makes it feel like you’re chatting with her as a friend. I love that her ideas and thoughts are SO real and also realistic. She doesn’t fake things and the help that she offers, is actually very helpful. I always look forward to her content and I can’t wait to recommend her to my friends! Thank you for existing Desirae! 😄❤️
I have loved listening to this podcast. I don’t consider myself a minimalist, but I have loved hearing the freedom that comes with having less clutter. One of the first things I decluttered was my kitchen (while listening to the podcast!).
Great podcast!
I have really enjoyed listening to Desirae’s podcast! It’s been very encouraging to me on my journey to living more intentionally!
Keeps it simple
I just started listening to the podcast. I appreciate how simple her processes are - it makes me think I can actually sit down for 20 minutes in the morning and complete the simple morning list. She breaks things down in small manageable chunks.
Motivating and minimilizing
I love listening to this. I think we’ve all had times where we’ve struggled or felt like we were failing as parents, spouses, housekeepers and at life in general. I listened to this for the first time the day after Christmas while drowning in the aftermath. To be honest, I was stressed and overwhelmed by the stuff and while listening, I realized I can change it, the tips and motivation really resonated with me. Thank you for the pointers and encouragement!!!
Down to Earth and Honest
As a mom of toddlers in the stay at home mom grind just trying to tackle the minimalish life as well I greatly appreciate the honesty you speak into this lifestyle. We aren’t always perfect in our endeavors. It is the effort and the intentionality in our live that matters! I am here to love my life and love people, not things.
Must for Moms or Anyone who needs to simply
Love love love! Thank you for the inspiration and allowing me to reflect how I can simplify!
Love each episode!
Sarah Allard
Love this podcast! Desirae’s approach to minimalism is inspiring without being legalistic or unapproachable. Love her down to earth, practical wisdom.
Weekly listener!
Traveling Trauma Therapist
I really enjoy this podcast and have recommended it to many. The sound quality is really good! I enjoy the variety of topics. Desirae seems like a friend I get to have coffee with, while driving for work each week.
Real. Life.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now and my favorite thing about it is that Desirae is real. She doesn’t promote ideas that are completely unrealistic, or create pressure on moms to do everything “perfectly.” It’s so refreshing to hear that other moms who are in the same season of life as me are going through the same things, and that no one does it exactly the same way, and that no one is wrong for doing it differently. Throwing soiled onesies in the garbage because they are beyond saving?? ME TOO MAMA...me too! Thanks for being so transparent and honest with us Desirae! 💜
I look forward to my long, early morning commutes because I get to listen + learn from Desire! I love everything about it! Thank you! ✨
The best decluttering mentor a mom could ask for
Desiree approaches minimalism and it’s ties to motherhood in a way that is fiercely honest, and I look forward to her podcasts popping up in my feed. Great strategies with a rational, approachable mindset. She feels like a friend in the Insta world land of decluttering that can easily feel overwhelming. The fact that this a learned skill for her is a comfort and something she is remarkably candid about. As a declutter my podcast list, this will be one of the valuable keeps! Her success is so well earned. 😘 Sharon @themomrenovation
Minimal ish?
Is this a joke? December 18 podcast was about a mom that threw away soiled onsies in the trash... how is that even trying to care about the planet or minimalism and not even ish!
Great episodes
I'm excited to have found a podcast that addresses realistic demands of life but in a practical way. I listened to one of the coffee date episodes and so many things hit home. Great conversations!
New listener, great content!
Inspiring me to keep life simple and enjoyable!
Such a relief!
Mary Carver
Minimalism feels impossible to me most the time, but this podcast has convinced me I can be minimal-ish instead. What a relief! Desirae is practical and gracious and gives practical tips for taking one step at a time toward a more streamlined and less stressful life.
Love it!
I love desirae’s podcast. She shares how to realistically live minimalism and how we as listeners can too. I love the new series where Catherine @theminimalcolonial and desirae answer Q and A’s monthly. My favorite episode was about making friends where you already are. And how those will be the most meaningful.
Realistic Minimal-ish-ism
I enjoy listening to get ideas and inspiration for living more simply. I love how Desirae and her guests give a variety of ideas of how to ease into decluttering, then routines and rituals to keep it up.
So insightful & practical!
I love the mix of insight & practicality around simplifying our lives - something we could all benefit from more. Also Desirae has a great podcasting voice - so soothing.
Great! Love it!
This is my new favorite podcast! Down to earth and inspiring! Thank you!
Down to Earth & so much application!!!!
This is my favorite podcast!! I’ve followed Desirae for a while on Instagram & watching her podcast grow in following has delighted me. She’s so down to earth & every episode has so much useful information ❤️ I look forward to it so much everytime
Love this podcast and how simple yet inspiring EVERY episode is!!! Such great content!
Great content, less ads
Lacia A
Let me start off by saying that the content and perspective delivered on this podcast is absolutely awesome. She makes it very relatable and applicable to every day life, which I sincerely appreciate. I wish there were more out there with her perspective. Unfortunately though, some of this gets lost amidst the amount of announcements. I’ll be listening and all of a sudden I’ll realize I’m in the middle of a sponsorship announcement rather than topic discussion and it disrupts my attention. Also, the Intro (not the jingle, but the actual episode explanation) is also very wordy and overdone. For someone doing a podcast on applying minimalistic principles to life, that is certainly missed in the overshadowing messages of introductions and ads. Since I’ve realized this is within all episodes, I have made the decision to unsubscribe because it’s frankly irritating. I would recommend condensing the show intro as well as sponsorship ads/announcements. I hope to one day come back to this stream, but for now I’ll be taking a break.
A New Favorite Podcast
Michelle Diercks
I recently discovered this podcast and I love it. It is very helpful and insightful.
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