Tangible, Simple, and Attainable Advice
I am super glad to have found this podcast when I did. I have LOVED listening to simple and achievable ways to simplify my life as a Stay At Home Military Spouse Mom of two toddlers with another on the way. I have always liked aspects of minimalism but never knew where to begin or if I could actually achieve it. Minimal-ish speaks to my soul and tells me that by trying, I am doing enough and doing it well.
Grounded and Supportive
Inspired Witch Mama
I love these podcasts! Desiree is real, easy to listen to and her topics are helpful!
So Real!💓
I love listening to this podcast. I am nowhere near being a minimalist but Desirae provides so much support and encouragement through her talks and interviews. It is very motivating to know that the meaning of minimalism has not been lost in the “picture perfect, staged photo with an all white background.” Desirae, I really hope you continue being this real. I look forward to hearing more from you!
Relatable & uplifting ❤️
Ebeth Ireland
I’ve considered myself a minimalist for quite a few years and I’ve been searching for content like this for a long time but haven’t found it until now; Desire really helps you dive into the deeper aspects of minimalism beyond just decluttering and I love it! I can relate sooooo much to her message about moving past perfectionism and anxiety-ridden minimalism. Listening each week feels like I’ve found someone who gets me where I’m at on this motherhood journey! She’s so down to earth and I finish each episode feeling seriously uplifted and inspired. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
If you like to 1) read about a podcast episode to determine what sounds relevant, helpful, and interesting and 2) start to listen to the episode only to find out that the topics in the podcast description are only very BRIEFLY addressed before the big push comes for the PAID SEPARATE TRAINING that REALLY addresses what the podcast description was about and will change your life if you just enroll … then this podcast is for you!
Minimalism & Mommyhood
This is the first minimalism podcast I’ve actually liked! I can relate so much to Desirae’s story. I also used to be a teacher, and finished my last year back in May so I can stay home with our almost 2 year old son. It’s great to hear actual stories from visitors on the podcast who are moms and striving to make things more simple. I also love how Desirae thinks about minimalism regarding her time, and making things simpler, rather than just talking about getting rid of things only. I think I’ve found my podcast!! ❤️
My New FAVORITE Podcast!!!!
Hoolahoop Hips
This podcast is my new all time favorite and I am beyond grateful that I trusted my gut and gave it a listen. At first glance I thought it would be a boring podcast cause I just couldn't understand how many episodes one could make talking about "minimalism"... But I was pleasantly surpised when I found that it was SO much more than just minimalism, which makes total sense why the "-ish" is in the title (so clever). I find Desirae SO relatable and raw and real. She is a creative genius the way she relates minimalism to motherhood and living in general. I love all of her interviews and will definitely re-listen to all of her episodes. Also, I will totally have a fan girl moment if I hear her reading this on her podcast (Desirae! If you're reading this on your podcast, I just want you to know that your podcast is the BEST and listening to it is part of my morning routine! You're an inspiration! Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your intellect with the world!)!!!
Such a sweet podcast
Really enjoying listening to this very approachable podcast!
Fantastic find!
I have been on my minimalist journey for many years &I absolutely love how Minimalish talks about pursing minimalism in a GRACE filled way! Amen! Tune in, you will find great content spoken with a kind and delightful spirit. Thank you for bringing a community of people together to encourage each other through simple living!
Love her!
Down to earth, upbeat, and full of information you can relate to.
Love this podcast!
Listening to this podcast has inspired me to un-clutter my schedule, house, and my life. Living with simplicity has opened my eyes and made me so much more content with my life. Everyone needs to give this a listen! It’s truly life changing.
Boring and rambling. So much “like” and “uh” and other distracting word whiskers. She’s not alone, so many podcaster do this- but I think she’s much better playing off someone else. Less so when she’s alone. Not a great monologger. I wish this was billed as Christian- I would have avoided it. There are tons of hipster Christian buzz words like “season of life” “grace” and “intentional.” If you’ve listened to any other hipster Christian podcasts- you’re very familiar. They all sound the same.
Love this podcast!
I have recently discovered this podcast and could not be more thankful for it already! Grace-filled minimalism is my jam, and this is the perfect place to find encouragement to keep on that path!
5 STARS! ⭐️
This podcast completely transformed my journey to minimalism. It helped me realize that I was, in fact, “minimalish”, and the grace and peace that came with that was freeing. Desirae’s approach on motherhood, life, homeschooling, and homemaking is refreshing and relatable. I look forward to each new episode.
I just love Desirae and this podcast!
I am a working full time out of the home in the business world mama, and although I’m not a a SAHM, or a work from home mom, or a teacher... I get TONS out of the minimalish message and home making message on this podcast! The variety this podcast offers, the touches of what we can do to simplify is amazing! Love hearing from the guests!
Enjoying slow
I enjoy the Minimalish podcast and that it encourages me to slow down and focus on one important thing at a time. Make one change. Do the next thing. Nobody had a perfect home but doing one small thing after another and another can make big ch ages over time. The nightly reset is amazing! Thanks for all you share.
Feels like your listening to advice from a friend!
I love that the topics on minimalism are all covered in a realistic way to simplify your life! Desirea wants you to give yourself grace while on this journey and it makes it feel like you are getting a pep talk from your friend! Thank you for speaking to my soul and making my dream of a minimalish life feel within my grasp!
I just started a minimal”ish” and slower living journey this year. Desirae is so relatable that I feel like I’m just having girltalk with a good friend. Her content is relevant to the life I am living and always leaves me feeling positive after listening. Her IG is super inspirational as well. Thanks Desirae!
This podcast has truest changed my life! The tips Desirae shares work. My chronic anxiety has honestly gotten better as I have pursued a minimal(ish) lifestyle. Thank you, Desirae. I look forward to new episodes every week!
Relatable and Inspiring
As a first time mom, I truly appreciate how realistic and relatable Desirae is. She has encouraged me to lead a more minimalist life without feeling like I have to completely change who I am as a person and compete against all of those Instagram posts with perfectly clean, white spaces. When I listen to her podcast, I feel like I’m sitting across from her drinking coffee. She has the sweetest messages for her listeners and does a fantastic job at interviewing. I have noticed since listening how much her podcast has helped me with any negative thoughts and with my anxiety. She has encouraged me to live with less and be more intentional in the day to day. 5 stars for Desirae!
Simple and Pratical
This podcast has so many timely tips and tricks to live your best life. I just discovered it about a month ago and I am thoroughly enjoying the podcasts. So relatable and realistic.
Motivational podcast!
Jessica Bernard
Minimal-ish is a great podcast for those just starting their journey with minimalism and also for those of us who have been gradually incorporating the ideals associated with a slower and simpler way of living. Whenever I feel like I have hit a rut in my journey I listen to this podcast for motivation and encouragement!
Annie M Adams
I’m so glad i found this podcast!! I’m a SAHM and am all about minimal living and *trying* to budget!
Just the Encouragement I Need
Love listening and being inspired! With 4 kids, it’s not easy but I love the idea of minimalISH because it gives you grace. I’ve been taking steps and already gotten rid of lots of unused things and have made systems that make my life easier. The guest interviews are great and help me find like minded people to follow too!
Giving hope
nicole j. davis
My husband and I have been listening to this podcast for two months and have been so inspired by it! Both of us are naturally more disorganized than organized and everyday looks different in our home as opposed to following a set schedule. Almost daily I feel a sense of being overwhelmed or that my life is running me. The minimal-ish podcast has given so much clarity and advice on not trying to be perfect but trying to create an environment that requires less decision-making and more time for the things that truly matter. I recommend this to honestly anyone who knows that aren’t perfect at “keeping it all together “ on a daily basis... whether you’re a mom/ dad... have kids/don’t have kids. This podcast will add value to anyone’s life. Thank you for all the work you do Desirae!!
Happy medium
I just discovered your podcast last month, and I love listening to you. When I first heard of minimalism I went so hard but then the clutter always seems to come back. My mind doesn’t work when there is clutter around. I love how you take an easier approach on minimalism! Thank you for sharing!!!!!
Simple and Relatable
This podcast is perfect to listen to in the busy mundane moments of motherhood (you know, the doing the laundry, the never ending dishes, the moments you are caught under your napping child). It is full of inspiring guests, the sweetest host, and lots of practical well though out ideas on how to move more towards a minimalist approach. I would recommend all mamas to listen to this podcast, even if you aren’t sure that minimalism is for you!
Realistic Minimalism
I just love listening to Desirae’s take on minimalism! She keeps it real and practical. So many of her practices are easily incorporated into every day life. And her thoughts on life in general have really impacted my attitude on motherhood in such a good way!
Great Podcast For Overwhelmed Mamas
As a mama to three littles ones and pregnant with number 4 I started to get so overwhelmed and stressed out. I had frequent mental “breakdowns” if you will and I noticed not only my mental health but my physical health was suffering as well. I sat down and listened to one of her podcast episodes and it just spoke to me. THAT day I decided enough was enough and started purging my entire house. I listen in the car, while cleaning, any chance I get! She gives realistic advice and I love that it comes from another mama who understands the struggles of being a mom but wanting to live a simple life. This podcast has really helped me shift my mindset and I can honestly say I am SO much happier after getting rid of all the clutter. I’m still working on it and I’m not quite where I want to be yet but I’ve learned from this podcast that it’s about progress not perfection. ♥️
Attainable simplicity
I love love love this podcast! The episodes are helpful and inspiring, but don’t get wrapped up in the perfect way to “do minimalism”. I’m less of a minimalist and more into simple, gentle, international living and this podcast makes me feel like the journey is just as, if not more, important than the end goal. I’m inspired to find the joy and peace in the everyday moments I share with my son. Thanks for this podcast!
I love this show! Her ideas and thoughts are applicable to people in all walks of life. She challenges me, in a respectful, loving and grace-filled way, to make changes and own my life. She has practical tips and advice and also gets to the heart of the matter. I love her authenticity!
Love her message!
Get ready to binge this and soak it all up.
Love it!
I’ve been doing the minimalism thing for awhile but interested to hear a perspective that involves kids. This is a great place to start!
Relatable minimalism
Refreshing approach to minimalism, especially as a parent of a young one! Love her voice
So manageable and realistic
Manageable minimalism. Really glad to be starting a new school year with less stuff. Will continue to listen!
Relatable and real
Just discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and listening daily to try and catch up on all the episodes! Desirea is breath of fresh air. She is relatable and calming and non judge-mental. She provides real useable tips to incorporate minimalism into your life and to be more present. I have started a morning routine and cleaning more regularly since listening to this podcast. Most importantly I have started viewing house keeping not as a chore but as a way to better love my family. Thank you Desirea, I love this podcast and all the goodness it has brought to my life already!
So relatable! Inspiring ! Genuine!
I love this podcast and I’ve only heard 3 episodes so far. My fave so far is episode 42 “Find purpose right where you’re at” - it spoke to me sooo clearly. I can’t wait to tune into the others!
Real life minimalism
jenna in ky
LOVE your down to earth style and how you make a simpler lifestyle attainable and real, not just some far off trendy concept! Thanks for what you do!
Thanks a million!
Desirae, you’re saving my life! Thank you for sharing your passions! Your words are building on the kind of life I have been reaching for and I am truly grateful for your hard work and dedication in talking to the world. 🙏🏻
fig mom
Love your podcast girl. Keep doing your thing. You are so inspiring.
Exactly what I needed...
I’m a new SAHM of a 9 month old little guy, and a stepmom to a 16 year old daughter. Until I had Jude I was always in a hurry. I made so many rules for myself and our family, made so many lists, so many plans... way too much for my own sanity (and I’m sure everyone else). Having a baby has forced me to slow down and enjoy all the little moments in my day. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now, and recently went back and started from the top because I didn’t want to miss anything. I love how she keeps it real, gives us grace, and encourages us to slow down and just do what we can. I threw out the way I’m “supposed” to simplify my life and minimize, and just started taking my time and doing it in a way that keeps me inspired and motivated, and I thank this podcast for the “permission” to be minimal-ish! ❤️
This podcast is just... beautiful. Desirae is so inspiring and so calming, I feel at peace as I listen and grow with her. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your journey with us. Stay beautiful, friend!
The best decluttering mentor a mom could ask for
As I declutter our entire home in preparation for a large scale renovation, listening to the Minimalish Podcast has provided me with a lot of great strategies, and also (and most importantly), a rational mindset. Desiree has become my unofficial decluttering mentor as I pass from closet to pantry each day as our deadline looms. She’s relatable, unintimidating and real- The fact that this is a learned skill for her is a comfort and I love joining her on this journey each week. As a declutter my podcast list, this will be one of the valuable keeps! Her success is so well earned. 😘 Sharon @themomrenovation
Very inspiring
Heather A. Lauf
Love listening to her ideas.
So far I’ve only listened to three episodes, and I have laughed, cried, and felt so inspired. I’m so excited to listen to more episodes and learn and grow along the way!
Love it!
Just found this podcast— I’m loving it.
Calming Daily Stress
Even though I’m not a mother, this podcast helps me clear my head space, organize my life and declutter in my home. Thank you for all of your helpful tips on living minimally and focusing on what matters most.
Super helpful
I am an “experienced” mom with years of organization under my belt yet I continue to learn something from this podcast from every episode!
Love her!
Toni Urban
Love the content, love the host. She is an excellent presenter and the guests and topics are varied and interesting. Only wish I didn’t have to wait until minute 7 or 8 to get to the actual content.
Inspiring and relatable
madison sierra n
I discovered the minimal-ish podcast just last week and I’ve been binge listening and recommending to friends ever since! I love hearing about Desirae’s journey to minimalism and find her experiences as a mom and a teacher extremely relatable. I love the different stories and interviews she shares as well as her own practical tips and advice. She might even be the one to finally motivate me to wake up before my two toddler sons. Thanks for all you do desirae!
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