12: What to do when you're overwhelmed in a new season of motherhood (and when there are always bananas on your pants)
Published November 13, 2018
24 min
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    This is the first episode in my "Motherhood Memoirs" series which will be released once a month on the show. I share my own memoirs that I write about motherhood- memoirs that are written from a place where I'm often feeling overwhelmed, or after a realization I've had about my own motherhood.

    I believe in sharing stories, and I always personally learn from reading others' memoirs, so I'm excited to share my essay-style memoirs with you, "audio book" style. 

    The memoir in today's podcast deals with my entry into mothering a toddler- and how I felt when I realized Gemma was going through some big changes and I was entering a difficult season of motherhood.

    I also include a "debrief" of the memoir where I talk about more practical ideas on what to do when you're feeling overwhelmed by entering a new season of motherhood (or just overwhelmed by any season of motherhood in general.)

    I also talk about a free journaling resource for you (because I believe in the power of writing!)


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