This week we're talking about simplifying in a busy season. We know that the back to school season brings a much busier pace for many families, so we are discussing how you can keep things simple during a season like this. 

This doesn't just apply to back to school, but any busy season.

Minimalism isn't just about decluttering- it's something you can adapt into your entire life. That includes your schedule, your mindset, and the way you intentionally live out your life. 

PS: Sorry about any background noise. We’re not professional podcasters. We’re a couple just wanting to share our heart! Give us some grace, We’re doing our best!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Things we've learned this week
  • 5 Ways to simplify in a busy season including...
  • Learning to say no to things
  • Simplifying Dinnertime
  • Simplifying your work life
  • Taking time for Self Care
  • Pressing pause and putting away your work and your phone
  • Listener Question: What do you do with the question/ thought of "I might need it someday" when decluttering?

Things we mentioned/ other places to find us:

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