November 15, 2019
Due to coverage of the public impeachment hearings, �The View� was nationally preempted Friday and there was no new episode. Monday, join us as we talk to Helena Bonham Carter to discuss the highly anticipated new season of �The Crown.�
November 14, 2019
�The View� celebrates Whoopi Goldberg�s birthday with a performance from Broadway�s �Ain�t Too Proud� cast, Whoopi�s favorite things, and more. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts look at the top moments from the first day of impeachment hearings, and more.
November 13, 2019
�The View� was nationally preempted Wednesday and there was no new episode due to ABC News coverage of the public impeachment hearings. �The View� returns live Thursday as we celebrate Whoopi Goldberg�s birthday, including a special performance from the cast of broadway�s �Ain�t Too Proud.�
November 12, 2019
Actress Kristen Bell, who voices the character Anna, on �Frozen 2� discusses breaking the mold of romantic love in the film and her new Disney+ show, �Encore.� Then, actor Jeff Goldblum shares about his family, social media presence and new show, �The World according to Jeff Goldblum� on Disney+. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts send former Pres. Jimmy Carter best wishes for a speedy recovery after being hospitalized, and more.
November 11, 2019
Director and author of �It�s Garry Shandling�s Book� Judd Apatow weighs in on the 2020 race, discusses his marriage to Leslie Mann and daughter Maude Apatow�s acting career. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss allegations from President Donald Trump�s former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley�s upcoming memoir. Plus, �The View� salutes the dedicated men and women who served in the U.S. armed forces and remember those they knew who served.
November 8, 2019
Actress Kaley Cuoco shares about becoming a New Yorker, her marriage, and what it was like to be the voice behind Harley Quinn in the new adult animated �Harley Quinn� series. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on how former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could change the crowded Democratic field in 2020, and more.
November 7, 2019
�The View� makes history as they celebrate their 5,000th show! Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle discussed his father�s call with Ukraine�s president, as well as his decision to tweet an article with the alleged whistleblower�s name, Trump Jr.�s new book �Triggered,� and more. Plus, the co-hosts get a surprise visit from former executive producer, Bill Geddie.
November 6, 2019
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard pushes back on those she says insinuated she�s a �Russian asset� after Hillary Clinton implied, without naming names, that a female 2020 candidate is a �favorite of the Russians.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on the close race between Democrat Andy Beshear and GOP Matt Bevin for governor of Kentucky, and more.
November 5, 2019
Actress and activist Jane Fonda defends her environmental activism arrests and discusses what inspired her to take part in climate change demonstrations on Capitol Hill. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on why former Vice President Joe Biden�s campaign strategy is being called into question with just 90 days to go until the Iowa caucuses, and more.
November 4, 2019
In a full day of Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss how Beto O�Rourke dropping out of the 2020 race will change the Democratic field, Mayor Pete Buttigieg�s comment about the election ultimately being between himself and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and more. Plus, the co-hosts weigh in on whether it�s appropriate to tell a stranger about a wardrobe malfunction!
November 1, 2019
Country singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert discusses her marriage, and performs �Bluebird� from her new �Wildcard� album. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts react to to Don Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle�s �Witch Hunt� costume, Katie Porter dressing up as Batman during impeachment inquiry vote, and more.
October 31, 2019
The co-hosts slay Halloween this year with an homage to Stephen King�s thrilling novels. Then, the talented Jordin Sparks joins to discuss her starring role in the musical �Waitress,� and Dr. Oz dishes on why we love scary movies. Plus, we hear a performance from �Beetlejuice� the musical!
October 30, 2019
Sen. Cory Booker explains the key differences between himself and former Vice President Joe Biden, his stance on gun control, and his girlfriend Rasario Dawson�s plans to hit the campaign trail with him. Then, founding member of the iconic Supremes Mary Wilson shares how it felt to make history and break the glass ceiling in music. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman�s testimony, question if freshman Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is an outlier in the Democratic Party, and more.
October 29, 2019
Kristene Chapa opens up about the attack that killed her girlfriend and shares what to expect in her interview on Sunny Hostin�s new show �Truth About Murder.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on an Army officer�s testimony to House impeachment investigators on the Ukraine call and the idea of a school instituting assigned lunchroom seating.
October 28, 2019
The co-hosts discuss President Trump�s announcement of the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a U.S. special operations raid in Syria, the resignation of Katie Hill amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with staffers, and more.
October 25, 2019
Rapper and judge of �Rhythm and Flow� T.I. discusses his new show, and shares his thoughts about the 2020 election and Jay-Z�s NFL deal. In Hot Topics: the co-hosts weigh in on Kellyanne Conway confronting a reporter for mentioning her husband in an article, women calling out Harvey Weinstein at an event for emerging artists in New York City, and more.
October 24, 2019
�Kominsky Method� star Michael Douglas opens up about his son Cameron Douglas� struggle with addiction. Then, Disney on Broadway�s leading ladies of the original �Beauty and the Beast,� �The Lion King,� �Tarzan,� �Marry Poppins,� and �Frozen� reunite in special medley. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts react to a group of House Republicans storming a secure hearing room Wednesday, delaying a witness deposition in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Plus, Whoopi Goldberg discusses her return to �Sister Act� in London!
October 23, 2019
Cameron Douglas opens up about his recovery and addiction, and more from his memoir �Long Way Home.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss Bill Taylor�s explosive testimony, and more. Plus, Meghan McCain celebrates her 35th birthday with Shooter Jennings, Nina West, Mon�t X Change, and a surprise message from Paul Ryan.
October 22, 2019
Former House speaker Newt Gingrich addresses the president�s controversial tweet as guest co-host, and discusses his new book "Trump Vs. China." Plus, actor Edward Norton discusses his new film "Motherless Brooklyn" and explains why his character is a tough underdog.
October 21, 2019
Leading actors of �The Current War� discuss the epic rivalry their characters have in the film, and explain why they are strong climate change activists. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard�s response to Hillary Clinton�s �Russians� comment, Meghan Markle�s stress of motherhood, and more.
October 18, 2019
Fashion icon Victoria Beckham discusses her relationship, family, and new clean beauty line. Then, Common helps Sunny Hostin celebrate her birthday with a special performance just for her. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts Mike Mulvaney�s stunning admission, and plans to host next year�s G-7 summit at Pres. Trump�s Miami resort.
October 17, 2019
Actor James Spader dishes on his role in 'The Blacklist' and if viewers will learn of his true identity. Plus, one mom opens up on �The View� about her diagnosis and finding strength to fight back, and gets a surprise that brings her to tears. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts remember Rep. Elijah Cummings after he passed away at 68, and more.
October 16, 2019
Actress, #MeToo activist, and author of �Hope: Project Middle School� Alyssa Milano shares the reason behind her decision to tell her Hollywood sexual assault story. In Hot Topics, Chelsea Clinton guest co-hosts to weigh in on the Democratic debate in Ohio, and more. Plus, Clinton debunks rumors of running for New York Rep. Nita Lowey�s seat in Congress.
October 15, 2019
Celebrity chef and cookbook author Rachael Ray opens up about what her mini memoir, �Rachael Ray 50,� means to her, and gives career advice to women who want to create their own brand. In Hot Topics, the react to Hunter Biden speaking out, the Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot a woman in her home being arrested on murder charges, and more.
October 14, 2019
Journalist and author of �Catch and Kill� Ronan Farrow discusses allegations made against the former �Today Show� host Matt Lauer, and the great lengths Harvey Weinstein went to in an effort to prevent his reporting. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts react to a Fort Worth police officer�s fatal error that killed a woman watching her nephew, and more.
October 11, 2019
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul explains why he backs Pres. Trump�s decision to withdraw forces from Syria, and discusses his new book �The Case Against Socialism.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss the NFL�s treatment of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and more.
October 10, 2019
�Power� star La La Anthony discusses her activism and call for young people to help make change, her career and why she spied on her son. Then, former band leader of �Late Show with David Letterman� Paul Shaffer shares about what he�s up to now and his new show, �Paul Shaffer Plus One.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts the co-hosts react to the latest developments with Syria after Turkey launched an attack, Ellen DeGeneres controversial hangout with George W. Bush at a football game, and more.
October 9, 2019
Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice explains why she believes Pres. Trump�s call to pull U.S. troops from Syria is �super dangerous,� and discusses her new book �Tough Love.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts respond to the activists that rallied outside the Supreme Court as justices discussed employment discrimination against LGBTQ Americans, and more.
October 8, 2019
Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas opens up about how she healed from father�s death through her new Bollywood film �The Sky is Pink,� and life with husband Nick Jonas. Then, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson addresses his handling of sexual misconduct allegations last year and talks about his new book �Letters from an Astrophysicist.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on Pres. Trump sparking bipartisan backlash for his decision to have U.S. forces in Syria pull back and make way for Turkish troops, and more.
October 7, 2019
Our Joy Behar celebrates her birthday with a surprise visit from her longtime friend Mario Cantone with a song made especially for her. In Hot Topics, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin share details on their weekend celebrating the opening of Perry�s new studio, Meghan McCain weighs in on U.S. troops being withdrawn from northeast Syria as Turkey moves in, and more.
October 4, 2019
Actress and photographer Jessica Lange talks ageism in media, her photo book �Highway 61,� and her role in �The Politician.� Then, friend and lifestyle expert of �The View� Gretta Monohan opens up for the first time about her breast cancer diagnosis. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts react to the president publicly urging China to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son while facing an impeachment inquiry, and more.
October 3, 2019
Rachel Maddow gives her views on the latest political topics, and discusses her new book �Blowout.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts question if the Ukraine call will be more damaging to Pres. Trump or former Vice Pres. Biden, the power of forgiveness after Botham Jean�s brother hugged Amber Guyger following her sentence for murdering his brother, and more.
October 2, 2019
Hillary and Chelsea Clinton join the table to discuss their new book �The Book of Gutsy Women." Hillary reacts to the impeachment inquiry of Pres. Trump, 2020 election, and more. Plus, actor Ben Platt of �The Politician� discusses his role in the series, why he thinks it�s a forward-thinking show, and his thoughts on presidential candidates.
October 1, 2019
�Strahan, Sara, & Keke� hosts catch up with the co-hosts and discuss their show. Plus, Emmy-nominated actress Allison Tolman discusses her role in ABC�s �Emergence� series. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on Rudy Giuliani being subpoenaed and sources saying Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on the controversial call with President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, co-worker romances, and more.
September 30, 2019
Actor Rob Lowe opens up about how Demi Moore inspired his sobriety, and discusses his role in the new series �911: Lone Star,� and live stage show �Stories I Only Tell My Friends.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss the GOP�s struggle to defend Pres. Trump, and more.
September 27, 2019
Celebrity chef Bobby Flay talks about his new cookbook �Bobby At Home,� his trip to Italy, and whether Giada De Laurentiis is a better cook than him. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in after Thursday�s Congressional hearing with acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire over the handling of the whistleblower complaint, and more.
September 25, 2019
Retired NASA astronaut and Navy captain Mark Kelly discusses vying to fill former Arizona Sen. John McCain�s seat and weighs in on Trump�s impeachment inquiry and Ukraine call. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts question if the House�s impeachment inquiry could hurt Democrats more than Republicans, and breakdown how they think Trump�s Ukraine transcript will impact it.
September 24, 2019
Grammy-award winning singer Gwen Stefani shares the meaning behind her 1995 hit �Just A Girl,� dishes on her Las Vegas residency, and relationship with Blake Shelton. Then, author Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about his new book �The Water Dancer� and his reporting on reparations. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss the young climate activists at the U.N, and more.
September 23, 2019
Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company Robert Iger discusses his new book �The Ride of a Lifetime� and opens up about why he continues to take risks in his career. Plus, Iger talks about the success of the record-breaking �Black Panther� film and his 2021 retirement plans. In Hot Topics, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl breaks down the latest details on Pres. Trump�s call with Ukraine. Then, the co-hosts discuss their favorite moments from the Emmys, and more.
September 20, 2019
The �Handmaids Tale� author compares the events in the book to what happens in real life and discusses her sequel �The Testaments.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss Rudy Giuliani�s flip-flop on the Ukraine investigation, a controversial Halloween costume of a �sexy Mr. Rogers,� and more.
September 19, 2019
Actors Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, and Allen Leech discuss their �Downton Abbey� film and what it was like to meet the royal family. Then, Washington Post reporter Shane Harris breaks down their reporting of a whistleblower�s complaint regarding the president�s communication with a foreign leader. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on Rep. Ilhan Omar saying Pres. Trump�s false tweet about her was life endangering.
September 18, 2019
Comedian Chelsea Handler opens up about her documentary �Hello, Privilege. It�s Me, Chelsea� and what she hopes people will learn from it. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts react to Corey Lewandowski�s refusal to answer questions on his conversations with the president, bulldozer parenting, and more. Plus, Whoopi Goldberg explains the reason behind her new platinum hair!
September 17, 2019
Authors of �The Education of Brett Kavanaugh� Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly discuss the missing fact in The New York Times and the FBI�s Kavanaugh investigation. Plus, Pogrebin addresses the tweet she drafted for NYT that was removed after receiving blowback. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts remember legendary journalist Cokie Roberts who passed away at 75, weigh in on �Saturday Night Live� cast member dismissal, and more.
September 16, 2019
Original co-host of �The View� Meredith Vieira returns to the table and opens up about her husband�s MS, plus she discusses her new game show �25 Words or Less.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on a new book that reveals more allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, James Corden�s response to Bill Maher�s call to bring back �fat-shaming,� and more.
September 13, 2019
Reality show star-turned-activist Kim Kardashian West discusses her work on criminal justice reform, why she wasn�t worried abut her �reputation� when working with Pres. Trump, and becoming a lawyer. Plus, The entrepreneur addresses her the original naming of her shapewear line, and opens up about the upcoming �Keeping Up With the Kardashians� episode on her health. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts share their takeaways of the third Democratic debate, and question if Julian Castro�s confrontation with Joe Biden will backfire during the 2020 presidential campaign.
September 12, 2019
International superstar J. Lo shares what she�s learned since starting out in Hollywood 25 years ago, and talks about her new film �Hustlers� that was directed, produced and edited by women. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss their expectations for the 10 Democratic presidential candidates who will debate in Houston later today, the Dixie Chicks comeback, and more.
September 11, 2019
Legendary author Stephen King explains how his new book �The Institute� about imprisoned children inadvertently �imitates� the US border crisis and real life current events. Plus, co-host Sunny Hostin gets another surprise from his infamous �It� character Pennywise. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts commemorate 9/11 and discuss how it should be remembered, John Bolton�s response to Trump about leaving his national security adviser post, and more.
September 10, 2019
Five-time New York Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell shares how Sandra Bland�s case compelled him to write his new book �Talking to Strangers,� and discusses Amanda Knox�s conviction. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts react to the president�s comments on Bahamian refugees from Hurricane Dorian, handle the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump�s sibling rivalry, Billy Bush�s return to TV, and more.
September 9, 2019
After the Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy announced his retirement, the he and his wife Rachel Campos Duffy explain the reason behind their decision and the future of the GOP. Then, 19-year-old US Open champion Bianca Andreescu describes what it was like defeating her idol Serena Williams and becoming the first Canadian to win a major Tennis title. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on Sen. Kamala Harris� apology for laughing when an audience member used an anti-disability slur to refer to Pres. Trump, Felicity Huffman�s cheating defense, and more.
September 6, 2019
The actress and model discusses WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in her first TV interview since visiting him in May, and opens up about her public breakup with a French soccer star after accusing him of abuse and leading a "double life." In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weighed in on controversial comments Sen. Bernie Sanders made about population control while discussing his climate-change agenda, and more.
September 5, 2019
During her first television interview since filing for divorce, Wendy Williams opens up about her high-profile divorce, sober living, and dating. Plus, she dishes about the 11th season of �The Wendy Williams Show� and addresses rumors about going �The Real Housewives of New York.� In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on the president doubling down on his claim that Alabama could have been hit by Hurricane Dorian after government meteorologists disputed that was the case, and more.
September 4, 2019
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders doubles down on his criticism of the president, discusses his progressive agenda for 2020, how his vision differs from former VP Joe Biden, and gun violence. Hip-hop legend Rick Ross talks his new memoir �Hurricanes,� Jay-Z�s NFL partnership, health scares, celebrity beef. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts weigh in on Joe Biden�s comment on his story details being �irrelevant,� Anthony Scaramucci�s prediction of Trump in 2020, and more.
September 3, 2019
The View is back and the co-hosts return at the Hot Topics table! They weighed in on gun legislation following the fatal mass shootings in August, Debra Messing�s feud with Trump, a school�s ban on Harry Potter books, and more. Then, the co-hosts share about their summer break, plus Abby Huntsman returns from maternity leave and debuts her twins Ruby and William.
July 9, 2019
Actress Vivica A. Fox shares why she decided to look for a different kind of partner with her new dating strategy, who stands out to her in the crowded 2020 Democratic field, and her new film series �Wrong� on Lifetime network. In Hot Topics, the co-hosts discuss the growing calls from top Democrats for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to resign over his role in authorizing a plea deal for accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, Pelosi�s reaction to Trump�s census citizenship question, and more. Plus, Joy Behar shares her two must-read books for this summer for �The Ladies Get Lit� series.
July 1, 2019
The co-hosts return to the Hot Topics table LIVE on Monday, July 8th. Happy 4th of July!
June 20, 2019
Sunny Hostin sits down with The View executive producers Brian Teta and Candi Carter for a bonus episode of our podcast! Sunny shares about her headline-making Hot Topic where she discussed the Catholic church and its position on Pride Month. Plus, we look back at our interviews with 15 of the Democratic presidential candidates to get her thoughts on them all. Watch Sunny on Pride month and the Catholic church from June 3�s show: Tweet us a question:
May 31, 2019
�The View� executive producers give their take on our interviews this week and share what happened behind the scenes. Did you miss Wednesday�s episode of �The View�? They share why and how it all went down. Watch our interviews mentioned in today�s podcast: Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Lamar Odom: David Letterman: Tweet us a question:
May 23, 2019
Get a behind-the-scenes take on our interviews with presidential candidates Beto O�Rourke and Sen. Amy Klobochar, Howard Stern and Whoopi Goldberg�s doctors from two of �The View� executive producers Candi Carter and Brian Teta. Plus, hear how Whoopi�s EPIC surprise return to �The View� came to be! Plus, we call our co-host Abby Huntsman while she�s on maternity leave as she rests up to give birth to twins. She shares how she�s doing and takes a look back on her first season on �The View�.
November 29, 2018
The one and only Joy Behar sits down with two of "The View" executive producers Candi Carter and Brian Teta to discuss her milestone anniversary at the Hot Topics table. What did she think of her original co-hosts? What advice did Barbara Walters give her? She shares it all in a candid conversation. Plus, hear her take on her departure from the show in 2013, what brought her back to the table, and her memory of election night 2016. Follow Joy Behar on Twitter: Follow Candi Carter on Twitter: Follow Brian Teta on Twitter:
November 2, 2018
Executive producers Brian Teta and Candi Carter sit down with senior producer Jamie Hammer to take you behind the scenes of this year's "A Very Fierce View" Halloween show! From how the costumes were chosen for each co-host to what happened backstage on shoot day -- they share all the stories of how it came to be. Plus, we look back at over 22 years of Halloween shows on "The View!" Follow Candi Carter on Twitter: Follow Brian Teta on Twitter:
October 12, 2018
Yvette Nicole Brown sits down with "The View" executive producers Candi Carter and Brian Teta to discuss guest co-hosting at the table! Brown, who filled in for Joy Behar this week, discusses how she prepares for Hot Topics in this chaotic news cycle, her friendship with co-host Meghan McCain and how she wants kindness to prevail. Plus, hear how she went from Ohio to LA to pursue her dream -- and how she "never doubted that it was going to work out." Follow Yvette Nicole Brown on Twitter: Follow Candi Carter on Twitter: Follow Brian Teta on Twitter:
October 5, 2018
In our first bonus edition of The View's podcast, our co-host Abby Huntsman sits down with "The View" executive producers Candi Carter and Brian Teta to discuss her first month as co-host on the show! She shares the relationships she's built with her fellow co-hosts, her dad's advice to her before joining as a co-host and some of her favorite moments on the show so far! - Follow Abby Huntsman: - Follow Candi Carter: - Follow Brian Teta:
September 9, 2018
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