I binge listened to this. I couldn’t wait for the next episode to begin. Melissa thank you for sharing your story, you’re so strong. Dan thank you for sharing your side of the story too, your words are so inspirational. Thank you!
So good
I loved her voice and the way the story was told. I was disappointed when it was over. I could picture it all.
What about the victims
You claim in your series that you wanted to identify his victims as real people. And all you did was give him more notoriety you let him speak for the victims in episode 8! Like how gross! You had an opportunity to take that narrative back to this victims and you gave him a voice instead. I’ve never written a review of a podcast but this was just too disgusting...
Over Produced
Sooo much moody music, they obviously didn’t have enough content for the number of episodes. Next time just give us the content, a little music is ok, but this is ridiculous. Could not get through the series because of this, which is too bad, because it is a compelling story. The production make this podcast a fail for me.
Too much music
There are odd, long music breaks in the beginning, but those don’t last after the first few episodes. Ends up being a very cathartic journey for all involved. The biggest impact being when Don/Leroy meets Melissa. You can absolutely feel the heartbreak and the healing that seems to result. Very well done.
Really. Really. Really. Boring
I appreciate what they’re trying to do here, but it just droned on and on.
The music ugh
I can’t get over how the weird music plays at certain times. I just cannot get past it. I’m so annoyed I cannot finish this one so I’m giving it a 3. The content isn’t horrible but I find it all so annoying.
Compelling story
Loved this podcast, the production is great. I love the music that was used, it pulls everything together. It’s a heartbreaking story and my hope is Melissa and her family find peace as well as the victims families!
Big Props to Melissa
Katie Putnam
This was really well done. They do a good job of explaining really hard details. Melissa comes from a place of innocence and a genuine desire to understand what happened.
Heads up about brutal animal torture?
Hey, a little trigger warning would be nice before you go into detail about the horrific killing of a cat. I stopped listening after this.
Unique Perspectives, Some Issues
I would suggest this if you are a fan of True Crime; it has the unique perspectives of several people who were touched by The Happy Face killer in one way or another in their lives. Melissa, obviously, but also Don/Leroy the son of one of the victims, and interviewers who had closer than normal contact with the killer. It’s not perfect as many have pointed out the music choices and ads, but my two main issues have to do with some of the pacing and focus. I feel the podcast could have been done in either less episodes or shorter episodes as there is some unnecessary repetition and dragging out for suspense; the subject matter is compelling enough that I don’t feel it need try to force suspense. As for the focus; it’s supposed to be about the people effected by the killings but a lot of time gets spent listening to the killer puffing himself up and telling his story. I know most listeners are there for the gory details but since it is so clear that the killer wants and thrives on the attention I prefer when they do not get quite so much of the spotlight. I still say it’s worth at least giving it a try.
All about her
This woman should stop making all this things about her. She is sorry for something her dad did without her knowing, why? And what about the victims family? They don’t get anything from you apologizing. Stop making money from you father’s crimes. Music is terrible too, I had to fast forward most of the episodes.
Interesting story
Interesting story. The music is horrible and annoying. I had to fast forward anytime the music would play.
Boring and self indulgent.
Comes across like the daughter is just trying to draw out as much notoriety as she can from what her father did. I can imagine it makes the victims families a little uncomfortable. And then there’s also just not much of a story here. Just her looking at her past through the lens of having a serial killer for a father and drawing meaning from things he did during her childhood. Also the music breaks are awful. Music should add to what you’re doing, not distract and detract from the story.
Interesting content but poor execution
I tried to like this podcast, the story is interesting but it just didn’t connect. The way the narrative is organized wasn’t very compelling for me.
Like it but...
Koch Brothers sponsorship? Really?
5 stars
Well done podcast. Super sad story and so interesting. Could not stop listening.
Can Don/Leroy Findley get his own podcast?
I would 100% listen to that guy talk about life.
Enough with the music
It’s an interesting story but the music is just ridiculous. It’s a true crime story not a movie. Also, the reporter rarely talks and the daughter speaks the entire time. It’s more like a conversation not an interview. Trying to get through to the last episode but it’s the most annoying true crime podcast I’ve listened to. Also, they talk about ghost.. a lot.
Solid narrative about a unique topic. The music was a detriment.
Sad and tragic
Story is tragic. Music is terrible! Melissa does a great job telling her story. Reminds us all that evil does exist in this world and we have to live carefully. I also got from it the message that all children need a loving, nurturing home. What if Keith had been raised by loving parents?
Don’t bother
Extremely slow storytelling about wretched people.
Music is so obnoxious
I want to hear the story. Not constant indie music trying to be dramatic. Keep it simple.
Great story telling from a unique point of view.
Great story, awful music
Super compelling story. Really easy to get into. Absolutely hate the music choices and how prominent it is at times. Super distracting and worth the 15 second ffs to get back to the story.
The music is played too often, and at times is just unbearable. The premise is fascinating, but not a lot of substance is really there. It served its purpose, but man, removing the music would undoubtedly help.
Good story
I enjoyed the story but the background music was just obnoxious at times.
Annoying music
Vera Logan
Very good story but the music was so annoying. I had to fast forward because it was just way too much. But good story!
Riddled with ads and terrible music
Ads every few minutes pushing the same annoying ads, some times they even repeat in the same episode! Be prepared to want to pull your hair out and throw your phone.
A bit self indulgent
Sam from Dallas
There’s a fine line between doing whatever it takes to recover from such an event and extending the trauma for whatever reason. While not a psychopath, she may have other personality disorders. She pretty much repeats her thoughts and neurosis over it in every episode. And, she has told and retold her story many times.
Love the content hate the theme music
I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, it’s well-told and sincere coming from Melissa’s POV. Only complaint is to change out the theme music!
Music is terrible
The Marty Hub
i love this story but the music is almost unbearable. i found myself skipping forward every time the music would come on. overall compelling and a good listen
Not good
As others have commented, the music is truly terrible and plays for long painful stretches. The daughter is not very insightful, and she starts off with telling a story about how her dad’s victim’s ghost caressed her one night. It’s super weird at times, pretty boring at others, and not very compelling at all. Don’t waste your time on this one.
More Killer less Melissa..
Bored Leon
Happy Face is the title not Neurotic Melissa... This chick is making some dough though.
Summer glitter
I think the podcast is great! Just way too many breaks & music.
Very boring
So boring!
Love and hate.
Love the content but hate the constant ads. And thankfully to this podcast I will NEVER shop any product advertised on the show.
Pretty decent podcast
I liked the storyline, but some episodes seem to be repetitive. Lots of “last time on the show.” The music is pretty awful. I couldn’t tell why it was picked for the podcast...maybe to sound creepy? Either way - I wouldn’t listen if I didn’t like it, but not thrilled with it either.
Don’t listen
It’s all music, ads, and frustrating.
Horrible music
Great Podcast! ... but that music!? Horrible too many breaks with this long, droning, folky, just bad music. Amazing story really well done otherwise.
An interesting story told in the worst way imaginable
The first few episodes detailing Keith’s life and his crimes are a good listen. Over produced for sure, especially with the music, but interesting nonetheless. The vantage point of his own daughter promised for a fascinating look into the life of a monster. And then it’s all down hill from there. After that, it’s just episode after episode of Melissa crying and begging people to tell her she’s a good person. It’s really just a nauseating pity party at that point, with no real purpose or integrity.
You couldn’t get that many stupid people together. Not even vaguely believably as truth.
Not worth listening too. There was some interesting dialogue but most is unnecessary. Just wasn’t content that needed a whole podcast series. The music and sound design were just bad. Too many long snippets of drawling music and bits of conversations that went on and on.
Too much laughing
I know the laughter was explained in an early episode as being a nervous reaction, but I still found it to be disturbing. Some of it could have been edited out. It is jarring in juxtaposition to the story of this heinous monster
Love the point of view in this podcast
Riveting, but music is horrendous
I’m not one too write reviews. This is a very interesting podcast, but the music is horrible.
Just plain tacky
As many others have written... started off good, could have been great but turns into irritating garbage. 10 times longer than it needed to be. Stretched on and on, so they could fit in as many horrible and tasteless ads as possible, or drive listeners insane by playing that stupid song over and over. Self-absorbed, attention seeking, ...etc etc.
pete dunzo
Very little actual content. Feels disjointed. Hard to follow. Way too much music. Easily half of every show.
Excellent podcast!
Love all the details and insight into Keith....fascinating!
Great storyline, mediocre production
I love the healing that this podcast provides for the daughter that is attempting to address her trauma. She is a strong woman, and I really admire her putting herself out there with her story. The actual production has a lot of unnecessary repetition. It sometimes feels like they are just reusing clips as fillers, rather than helping the storyline.
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